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FOX: Martin 'flipped out,' leaves team

Jonathan Martin is doubtful for Thursday night's game with the Cincinnati Bengals because the Dolphins say he's dealing with an "illness."

Well, he's apparently dealing with more than that, according to FOX Sports 1, which just reported that Martin "kind of flipped out," and smashed a food tray on the floor of the team lunch room on Monday when a practical joke perpertrated by teammates didn't sit well with him.

Teammates apparently walked away from an ill Martin when he sat down near them in the lunch room. And not appreciating the joke, Martin went off ... like into the sunset.

And he hasn't returned to the team since.

The Herald has confirmed from two sources the story is accurate.

Martin is said to be getting "treatment" at a hospital for an unknown emotional issue, a Dolphins source confirmed for the Miami Herald. Martin checked himself into that hospital. The source declined further comment.

Martin, it must be noted, started the first six games of the season at left tackle and last week was abruptly moved to right tackle when the Dolphins traded for Bryant McKinnie.

At that time, Martin had hinted he was not thrilled with the move and said he faced a choice how to deal with it.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said last week. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

But one source told The Herald he doesn't believe the move from one position to another is the reason Martin apparently "snapped." The source said the behavior is probably evidence of deeper issues.

The "treatment" Martin is seeking is apparently emotional treatment/counseling.

[Update 1: Martin has seemed "more aloof" in recent days prior to the incident Monday, a teammate just texted. This teammate said he's reached out to Martin and has been told the player is spending time with his family.]

Amazingly, the Dolphins listed a player who left the team, hasn't returned for two days and is in treatment as "doubtful" on today's injury report.

[Update 2: The Dolphins have released a statement on the matter: "Jonathan's Martin's status was addressed on the injury report as an illness." That is all the team has to say.]


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy




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The way this is all going, it's going to end with Pouncey being arrested.

The team is playing bad defense, especially in the fourth quarter. The offense is Jacksonville-like.

The OL stinks. There are doubts about Tannehill, Philbin, and the coaching staff.

Why, why, why did Ireland (who picks the players and coaches) get an extension after four losing seasons in a row?

Buh Bye Season.

Why, why, why did Ireland (who picks the players and coaches) get an extension after four losing seasons in a row?

Posted by: Sigh | October 30, 2013 at 06:25 PM

Ireland is a good businessman.

This team has become a soap opera of management failure.

Amazingly, the Dolphins listed a player who left the team and hasn't returned for two days as "doubtful" on today's injury report.

Armando, that is so funny!

How many teams have a good OL? 5 at most. It is not Irelands fault. It's a lack of talent available. Plenty of first round lineman have not been impressive the last 5 years.

Hey TY put down the blunt bro..


I should have contacted Ireland a few years ago to help me get a better professional services contract. He must be a great businessman! Lol.

A great GM...well, you know my feelings about that. ;)

How many teams have a good OL? 5 at most. It is not Irelands fault. It's a lack of talent available. Plenty of first round lineman have not been impressive the last 5 years.


Philbin to Ireland
Honey the baby is crying.
Ireland oh sh""t is Vonte?
No is Martin

Why blame Ireland? The guy made his way to be the youngest GM in the NFL. It's the American way. Can't knock success. He has the dream job we would all die for.

Understandably many of you are jealous.

Our next GM?

Marino the quitter?

Or Marino the crying QB?

Ireland has done well to get such a high paying position. That is very different than performing well in that job if producing a winning team is a performance measure.

Talent does not always rise to the top and plenty of organizations have top positions filled by individuals who are not good at what they do.

But Ireland has done well to get (and somehow, keep) the job. He is what his record says he is.

Or Marino the dumbest, most boring analyst in all of sports?


What success ? 6 seasons one playoff game and we lost that.

41-46 record is crap. He gets rid of talent and treats players with no respect, /re Dez Bryant.

Regarding Martin, I hope the mental issues are not serious. Regardless of his play, I hope he gets the help he needs if he's struggling with anything.


I won't defend Irelands performance. But look around, born loser GM's like Spielman continue to get work. The league rehires loser coaches all the time.

Ireland will be a GM in this league for many years to come, whether here or somewhere else.

Martin is ok as a player. Very few tackles can play both sides.

Pouncy called him big weirdo during hardknocks. I thought that was classless then. Pouncy is a friend of Hernandez and has his back at all times.

didn't they call him the BIG Weirdo on Hard Knocks last year?

Remember the Long Ryan debate?

Ryan couldn't win it with the best receiving group in the NFL. Now that he doesn't have it, he is exposed as a pitiful QB. He would have been pitiful for us.

What kind of dikkkks do that that to a teammate.....

Which one of theses super studs on this 3-4 team feel they are better than the next man.....

Which one....on this team of pro bowlers....feel that there play is that much better than Martin's....

Which one of these @ss's are still pulling grade school pranks....

What's wrong.....martin's Stanford education and most lkely...command if the English language doesn't make him "cool" enough for the defacto tough guy of this 3-4 team.....

I can't Stand bullies....Martin should have hauled off...and bent that trey on one of those guys heads....

Way to be TEAM FIRST fins (first time ever in small letters.....smh...

Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rodgers..they make whoever their receivers are look great, because they are great. Ryan isn't even average.

On a personal note I wish Martin and his family well. On a professional note, it really makes you wonder about this entire organization and it's lack of competence.

What kind of dikkkks do that that to a teammate.....

Posted by: Kris | October 30, 2013 at 06:57 PM

What has our country come to when the average citizen can't express himself any better than this adolescent drivel?


You're right that Ireland will be a GM until he retires. He does seem good with the cap and he showed loyalty to Ross when they did the sneaking around trying to replace Sporano when he was still the head coach.

It seems like a lot of individuals continue to get the high profile jobs in sports, business and politics even when performance is not up to par.

Lane Kiffen comes to mind.

I still think Ireland is not doing good at building a winning team. He's probably better than Millen as a GM. That's faint praise, I know.

Scott pioli for gm, Eric mangini our next head coach

Martin's reputation is done.....

News of the above just hit local redskins radio 106.7 The Fan...

They got a real kick out of it....these guys are dikkks too....

The whole organization is a complete joke. This team will Never be good at anything until they have a owner who knows the game as well as a gm and hc.

Ty mate. Irelands record speaks for itself.

He has drafted 1 pro bowler in 5 years ??? That was the firsst overall pick in the draft, not that hard.

None of this years draft class looks to be probowl level, (I know its early), but thats 50 picks and only one probowl players.

Pathetic, 41-46.

Folks, make no mistake..Pouncey is in serious trouble. He isn't wanted only as a witness. We probably will need 5 new lineman next year.

Well I guess this is how the season officially ends, almost time to play some young players in the secondary

This is real bad

Stanford smart ... Football Physical/Mental midget.

and the plot thickens....what a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in year in and year out.

Ireland successful??? He was handed the job by his boyfriend Parcells (as was Sparano. Success did not get him where he is.

Just loose baby ,,,,,,,,,,our new mantra


It wasn't remotely reasonable to expect the young kid Ireland under the shadows of Monster Parcells to just come out and be an ace GM. GM's with far more experience than him have done worse.

How long do we stay with Ireland? I don't know. But if you think his replacement will automatically be better, I wouldn't count on it.

It's a position very few are consistently good at.

big weirdo!

Where is Thill in all this ?
Isn't he meant to be a leader, who can bring players together and reach out to them when their backs are against the wall.

Moore was voted the MVP by the players, they seem to respect him.

Thill has lost support, just as Philbin has. The majority of players on this roster don't really want to play for the team.

Gibson, Hartline and Clay look like they want to win.

On defense, Misi plays with passion and maybe Wake, but I don't see any emotion out there week in week out.

Gruden ? Sorry I'll wake up from the dream.

This is the earliest I ever started looking at draft eligable players

This team is an embarrasment instead of winning football games they bully a teammate. It shows how far this organization has fallen. Let's exhume Joe Robbie he can run the team better dead than these people alive.

I know hindsight is clearer than foresight, but I'm sure even Ireland wishes he could have a mulligan on the FA signings and the draft now.

And I bet Ross wish he had a mulligan in deciding to keep Ireland in 2010 and extend him in 2013.

Martin is o.k hes hanging out with Brandon marshall and they are going to see ricky and his stash.Come to think about it I think our whole oline has seen ricky just before every game.

hey kris, I appreciate you calling me out last blog. I guess my preface of "im not disagreeing I'm playing devil's advocate to make you prove your point". but clearly you couldn't. I made post after post of opinion backed up by something and all you had to say was "QB who wins more is better. End of story. Put a sock in it!" Yeah, sorry but if we were the lawyers debating in the court if law the jury would laugh their booty off at you and your "points" please engage me with something more than bs.

oh and I'm not dashi, but I appreciate it's if you can't tell by the way I word my posts then you're just as hopeless as the rest of these fools

Good day

Herm Edwards or mangini

Now its the GM's fault that a prank was pulled and a guy blew up? Really? Peoples fascination with Ireland being the blame for everything is a mental illness called polarization. The problem is there is no leader on this team, top to bottom and probably very little accountability. No leaser no direction. No direction, your lost.

Regarding the O-line, anyone read the bleacher report article about most our OL players not being suited at all for zone blocking schemes?

Clabo especially is much better in a man scheme. Hence his severe drop in play this year.

When will Miami ever have coaches who fit scheme to players and not players to scheme?

Spit, your blog name is so well named. Because that's what you are

Spit, your blog name is so well named. Because that's what you are
Posted by: Asogue | October 30, 2013 at 07:14 PM

Oh what an original prankster! just like people saying 2watt is as smart as his name. Classic guys, keep em coming

This can go one of two ways, Halloween will be the death knell of this team or they can unite and work together.

Ummm, I'm leaning towards the former! This "team" has issues and COACHING is screamingggggggggggg at everyone.


You are right that there is no way to know if making a change at GM will help or hurt the team.

Full disclosure: I felt Cameron, Saban, Parcells, and Philbin (to a lessor degree) were going to be successful. I was wrong in every case.

I liked Ireland until the Dez incident. Had that question been asked on television, Ireland would have been fired that same day. Ireland may be a nice guy, but the team seems mis-built and mis-coached.

I do feel a change is needed. The right head coach or GM can turn things around very quickly, but you are totally right that such individuals are hard to find.

Robert I agree.

Rather than focus on getting out of a 4 game slide, some players focussed on bullying another player.

Mando, who are the players ? I know Pouncey bullied him during Hardknocks. I would love to have seen Martin destroy him for that, but he looks like a shy, but cool dude. A bit like Ricky.

Who in their right mind would touch a job with this unstable team ,,,,,,,,,not many

See, I told you, I'm not a Mental Health professional for nothing. I know you guys are gloating on this news now and it's your job. But JMart's behavior, I'm sure, is part of an existential choice. Do I continue to drag half-assed thru this Season or do I stand my ground and send them all to hell? He comes from a highly Educated Family, as he is also, and which apparently supports him and he would have no problem sitting out the rest of the Year and then signing with another Team.

It's your world Dash.....I mean #1.....it's an anonymous blog....be who ever you want to be for the day....or for the week....doesn't matter.....anybody that has spent more than a month or so posting here knows what handle you normally go by.,...

Have fun....

And yes....

You sure put me in my place....

"Which one of the a** are still pulling grade school pranks"? Kris, its easy to see you know nothing about the locker room, go back to your knitting. Plus this incident is second or third had information.

Mondo when have you ever received a straight answer from Uncle Joe or auntie Sherman?

Does Rex Ryan have another brother or maybe a sister ?

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