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FOX: Martin 'flipped out,' leaves team

Jonathan Martin is doubtful for Thursday night's game with the Cincinnati Bengals because the Dolphins say he's dealing with an "illness."

Well, he's apparently dealing with more than that, according to FOX Sports 1, which just reported that Martin "kind of flipped out," and smashed a food tray on the floor of the team lunch room on Monday when a practical joke perpertrated by teammates didn't sit well with him.

Teammates apparently walked away from an ill Martin when he sat down near them in the lunch room. And not appreciating the joke, Martin went off ... like into the sunset.

And he hasn't returned to the team since.

The Herald has confirmed from two sources the story is accurate.

Martin is said to be getting "treatment" at a hospital for an unknown emotional issue, a Dolphins source confirmed for the Miami Herald. Martin checked himself into that hospital. The source declined further comment.

Martin, it must be noted, started the first six games of the season at left tackle and last week was abruptly moved to right tackle when the Dolphins traded for Bryant McKinnie.

At that time, Martin had hinted he was not thrilled with the move and said he faced a choice how to deal with it.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said last week. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

But one source told The Herald he doesn't believe the move from one position to another is the reason Martin apparently "snapped." The source said the behavior is probably evidence of deeper issues.

The "treatment" Martin is seeking is apparently emotional treatment/counseling.

[Update 1: Martin has seemed "more aloof" in recent days prior to the incident Monday, a teammate just texted. This teammate said he's reached out to Martin and has been told the player is spending time with his family.]

Amazingly, the Dolphins listed a player who left the team, hasn't returned for two days and is in treatment as "doubtful" on today's injury report.

[Update 2: The Dolphins have released a statement on the matter: "Jonathan's Martin's status was addressed on the injury report as an illness." That is all the team has to say.]


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy




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At least we can all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland.

You know what an existential choice is, f4l? A choice between something, usually $, and your Self. Apparently you didn't read my post well. This guy doesn't need any $, contrary to Most others.

oscar canosa | October 30, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Then we agree 100% but that wasn't the way you worded it either Oscar, I can read between the lines at what they refer to in your line of work as Passive Aggression.

Yikes, I doubt he ever plays for the Dolphins ever again.

If I were Tannehill, I would be having a serious talk with the Mrs. about going to medical school rather than play for this organization.

But that's exactly what you are, f4l. Take it from me.(drop it or you will be totally annihilated psychologically)

At least we can all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army
You are kidding right! Who recruited Martin, the Easter Bunny

Four games later, how things have changed. Reality has come home to the Dolphins.

Sigh | October 30, 2013 at 07:51 PM

All of a sudden seems like ages ago but if you were to be honest with yourself after that game you hoped the Falcons (playing a ton of back ups) were that good because if not we weren't really all that great.

By the way yeah we seem to keep grabbing players (F.O.) that end up not meeting what the Coaches want, somethings definitely amiss!

Again here we go again another bust for Jeff Irescum. Martin turning out to be a bust, irescum can't draft worth a
$hit just look at this years draft picks! Probably 5 busts alone not including the last 4 years! Ross its time to just stop with the medocrity and bring in a Real GM? JEFF Irescum only can get this team 6 or 7 wins per year...that says it all the proof is in the pudding sort of speak. Can we as all sign a petition to get him fired? Can someone get all the phins fan together to pitch in on a bill board on the turn pike right next to the stadium please I'm willing to give $100 dallors. Hit me back I live in Crystal river area.

Worst franchise in nfl. Would.love to hear an interview with ross on what it will take to make changes

Yaaarrr! Me one eye sees a loss in the Dolphins future. Me thinks the Bengals are going to keel-haul me Dolphins! Yaaarrr!

Count me in ray. I know only about 567 fans go to games now but they should all stay home also. We have to force ross to fire ireland

He'll put it back together and go on to become a successful Professional as most in his family are. Guaranteed.

Oscar Canosa,

I read your post and all kidding aside he is motivated differently. We may not see this guy on the football field again. He may end up back in college.....

sadness has fallen over me,...

He FINISHED College, promichael. Perhaps you meant Graduate School?

Bring in Jon Gruden! Or Matt Patricia from the Pats.

btw, I'm not kidding. This is totally serious.


That's exactly what I was alluding to, going for a doctorate in something...I feel sorry for Ireland LOL

I expect Martin will not play another down in the NFL. He doesn't fit in; he's an intellectual surrounded by meat-heads:)

Why in the hell did it take this long for the story to get out??? Are the local reporters that clueless, it had to be broken by fox. I guess the media has the same success record as the Dolphins, so maybe they should shut the F up themselves.

Existential choice Oscar? Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Martin is weak, that's all there is to it. Weak phys, weak mentally. Don't assume that everybody hasn't had a college ed.

Lately, you've made some good football observations but your mental evaluations need work

We have to force ross to fire ireland

dusty bottoms | October 30, 2013 at 08:21 PM

Attendance for both the Ravens game and Bills was horrid! The Stadium was half empty (those weren't alot of orange jersey's you saw) Half the attending crowd is cheering for the opposition! We may have the only neutral site in the NFL, it's really bothersome to go to home games with all the opposing jersey's mocking our team!

Ross is a saavy business man who made his fortune in N.Y. real estate. He may look like the biggest geek you ever saw but doubt he's anything but! At this point with the City burning from the Marlins deal he must have known there would be no concessions of any kind from State Legislation. If NO changes are made going into 2014 you have to ask yourself if the next time he goes crying to the Commissioners office it won't be for relocation?

When people talk about the organization. Don't forget they went ahead and changed or logo and the Dolphin uniforms without any fan input. All the Dolphins ever wear are there white shirts and white pants. The new uniforms are truly terrible.

Predictions for tomorrow night? Here's mine:

Same as last four games. Sherman will abandon the run, Wallace will drop passes. Tannehill- 1 TD, 2 INT, 2 fumbles, 6 sacks, and this will be the week he hits IR. Wallace will melt down after. Sh$t is starting to hit the fan.

$ doesn't mean strong, coco. As a matter of fact, many People that I know that have $$$, eventually have to go see a Professional in the same field that I am. Self will forever supersede $.

Ahh fin4, you hit the nail on the head. The powers that be in Miami feel like fools over the Marlin deal.
Weatherington? He's a podunk real estate crook from podunk central Fla. town that seems to have a ax to grind

Bullying? Is this middle school? These are grown men who as a result of their chosen profession are supposed to be tough men able to defend themselves. He may have legitimate issues with which he has to deal, but to say that other players were "bullying" him is ridiculous. sounds like a little bit of political correctness has Crept into this blog.

I wish T-hill would walk out and not return.

Can it get any worse!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so tired of being a laughing stock!!!

I would take Jimmy Johnson back in a second!!!

Existential choice Oscar? Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Martin is weak, that's all there is to it.

cocoajoe | October 30, 2013 at 08:30 PM

Maybe the kid did ask himself if it was worth it or not and came to an Earth shattering personal choice/decision, who knows? Me I found Dr. Canosa's evaluation more of a reflection on his view of my intellect, NO WORRIES!

I'm just waiting for James Walker's report. He's the only media guy I trust to be unbiased around here. Bullying? JMartin said that? Show me.

Oscar...huh? Thought you were talking about 'existential choice'. Martin made a choice to be a pro football player. That's a 'existential choice'.

But lets be clear...he was weak at bench press at combine. Very important to have upper body strength for O-line.

Now, we find he doesn't have the 'inner strength' to be a football player. What was that lineman that cried a few years ago?

cocoajoe | October 30, 2013 at 08:38 PM

The reason the new CBA mandated spending 90% of each teams TV revenue was to avoid what some teams like the Bills chiefly were doing (sitting on a pile of it) Today you have to sell seats given there's even a rule about sharing in NFL APPAREL! There's a group led by Jerry Jones (Cowboys World Wide are still the biggest seller in apparel)to get this removed from the CBA signed by the Owners. You take all of it into account and Ross has to be bleeding money on this team?

What was that lineman that cried a few years ago?

cocoajoe | October 30, 2013 at 08:49 PM

USC Supplamental pick Manny Wright who cried when he went on the field without pads and was told by H.C. Saban to get his big butt back in the Locker Room and get them.

There were a lot of us who were trying to be optimistic and give Jeff Ireland some credit for what was supposed to be a promising offseason.

While you can't totally blame him for Martin's mental state or what goes on in the locker room. You can certainly blame him for the atmosphere and as some describe it, the "no fun" approach to running this team.

It surely doesn't appear that there is any camaraderie on this team.

Philbin's statement "we only discuss players that are at practice" smacks of Jeff Ireland and his control freak rules.

How he managed to survive after Sparano was fired and retain so much control is beyond me.

as someone who has dealt with depression, mental illness is a serious health defeft and career & $ etc doesn't help

Martin has been bullied plain and simple.

Ireland, passed on Albert for this poor guy. He also traded up to get a tweener DE who hasn't been too great so far. With the picks we have a DB that can't even get on the field ahead of the inept Jimmy Wilson.

Earth to Ross, you GM is useless !!!

Wow we could have had. Brandon Albert and Lane Johnson as our tackles this year. Thats not to difficult to do, we we're in a string position doing into the draft.

Yet another Ireland farce.

Oscar, watch Hardknocks again. Pouncey crosses the line with the 'Big Weirdo stuff'. Pouncey is a class act, him and his old Gator buddy Hernadez, he is a child.

Well, like any young man, like all here were at one time, he had to try different things in order to decide which he liked best. Besides, the $$$ is Big and most would not have walked away from It as he has done. That perhaps shows some character that Most People in the present will never attain. btw, many People in my office assume we are talking about them while we are not, really.

I'm so tired to hear the payer is not playing well because of the scheme or the coaches, when are we going to hold the players accountable? This is the 2nd set of coaches most of them have and for some I haven't seen any progress.

The Game has Changed.

This coaching staff is about to canned. Reports are that there is major division in the locker room and that Philbin yelled at a coach in front of players. Once the coach loses the locker room his days are numbered. I hate to say this but it is all down hill from here.

This guy flipping out isn't because of coaching or anything like that. Martin was ranked right where he was drafted, he has been developing well... This is a problem ON MARTIN.... Blaming the coaches because some dude flips out when a few guys yank his chain is just plain stupid... and as far as the report goes about Philbin berating a coach in front of players... Listen up... This team is on a 4 game slide... Philbin and everyone around him need to be ON POINT... I don't pretend to know or even care... but I'll say this much... Before I let some assistant or coordinator take me down in an NFL coaching job... I'm gonna have someth'in to say... Don't like it? Lace um up and we'll talk outside... but GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER...

Well, Occum, you say JMartin couldn't take it, neither is Philbin apparently so.

IRA @ 8:27,,,Lol

Well this is the 3rd week in a row that I've said this is a must win game lol.

This one also looks like its going to be a tough assignment. Especially with this latest distraction.

Hopefully Jonathan has some good people around him that can get him back on track. He is a very young man.

Winning cures everything though and this entire organization and fan base is in dire need of it.

Typical antics of losers on a football team that can't win a game. It's nice to see how the Dolphins have prepared for the Bengals after making the fans want to get up and leave after 4 weeks of shameful losing. I'm sure it was the offensive line Martin was trying to sit with. By halftime Karma is going to creep into Sun Life Stadium and bite! For Halloween Tannehill will be dressed up as Road Kill, , Wallace will be a drag queen, the line will be collectively a revolving door Sherman a Pats ref, Philbin the scarecrow, Ireland the Devil himself, and Ross will go as regret!

Correction, 8:07, good stuff

Karry | October 30, 2013 at 09:30 PM

I needed a good laugh! ROTFF!

Still, I have to wait for more credible reports of all the crap that has been published Today before I dare to come to any conclusion. GN, Pleasant Dreams, and anxiously looking towards Tomorrow.

Which Dolphins official ran over a gypsy? Is there some kind of curse on this team or what? Joe Philbin's responses remind me of the kind of Pinochio stuff coming out of the White House.

Is it too late to bring Don Shula back? You couldn't make this stuff up. Every week is a new episode of "As The Dolphins Turn". Are you kidding me? What else is going to happen during this twilight zone season?

I have no confidence this bunch will ever turn this mess around. U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!!

You can't make this stuff up!

I feel like a HS girl who's boyfriend treats her poorly, breaks up with her just to ask her out agin then cheats on her and breaks up with her yet again. However I still love these Phins and all they do is treat me poorly every time I expect more.

Honestly, after 4 losses in a row, why is anyone in the mood for practical jokes?

At least we won 3 games

It is time to start looking at potential head coaching candidates.

I don't want any other inexperienced coordinators. My choice would be Jimmy Johnson. At some point Jimmy is going to have that itch to coach one more time. We need a master motivator that can handle a locker room and turn this ship around.

If not Jimmy then Bill Cowart or Jon Gruden. Bring someone that has done this before and has been successful at it. Right now Philbin is proably wetting his pants because he does not know what to do about a divided locker room.

Bullying? What a joke. The guys played a prank on him just like they've probably done to others and others have done to them and it's okay because, it's a team full of men and not a highschool cafeteria. If you have ever been part of a team you know how it goes when you're off the field. You play pranks on eachother all the time, it's not personal. You laugh it off, throw some food at them jokingly,or get them back by pretending not to notice and eating by yourself. You don't throw a hissy fit and run away like a hurt child.

The guy has emotional issues. There's no "bullying" going on imo ,I completely disagree there. The real issue is Martin isn't very good to begin with and is another Ireland pick. Everything goes back to Ireland. I dont want to rebuild or retool again but its the only way to get rid of this guy.

I see the Fins in the playoffs sometime after 2020. Some fin fans maybe dead by that time.

This whole Martin issue is disturbing. What is ironic is that Ireland does these real intensive interviews to identify possible character flaws. He went over the top with Dez Bryant and decided that he was a risk to draft. Instead he drafts Martin who has an emotional disorder and sucks as a football player. Meanwhile, Bryant has blossomed into a superstar.

Was it bullying when they cut Jordan's hair and colored it 5 different colors? Again, Martin may have 99 problems but bullying ain't one! ( see what I did there?)

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