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FOX: Martin 'flipped out,' leaves team

Jonathan Martin is doubtful for Thursday night's game with the Cincinnati Bengals because the Dolphins say he's dealing with an "illness."

Well, he's apparently dealing with more than that, according to FOX Sports 1, which just reported that Martin "kind of flipped out," and smashed a food tray on the floor of the team lunch room on Monday when a practical joke perpertrated by teammates didn't sit well with him.

Teammates apparently walked away from an ill Martin when he sat down near them in the lunch room. And not appreciating the joke, Martin went off ... like into the sunset.

And he hasn't returned to the team since.

The Herald has confirmed from two sources the story is accurate.

Martin is said to be getting "treatment" at a hospital for an unknown emotional issue, a Dolphins source confirmed for the Miami Herald. Martin checked himself into that hospital. The source declined further comment.

Martin, it must be noted, started the first six games of the season at left tackle and last week was abruptly moved to right tackle when the Dolphins traded for Bryant McKinnie.

At that time, Martin had hinted he was not thrilled with the move and said he faced a choice how to deal with it.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said last week. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

But one source told The Herald he doesn't believe the move from one position to another is the reason Martin apparently "snapped." The source said the behavior is probably evidence of deeper issues.

The "treatment" Martin is seeking is apparently emotional treatment/counseling.

[Update 1: Martin has seemed "more aloof" in recent days prior to the incident Monday, a teammate just texted. This teammate said he's reached out to Martin and has been told the player is spending time with his family.]

Amazingly, the Dolphins listed a player who left the team, hasn't returned for two days and is in treatment as "doubtful" on today's injury report.

[Update 2: The Dolphins have released a statement on the matter: "Jonathan's Martin's status was addressed on the injury report as an illness." That is all the team has to say.]


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy




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The real issue is Martin isn't very good to begin with and is another Ireland pick. Everything goes back to Ireland. I dont want to rebuild or retool again but its the only way to get rid of this guy.

Phins78 | October 30, 2013 at 10:01 PM

I buy this as well Martin is a kid who probably never met with a great deal of adversity being one of the best scholar/athletes at every stop and while he gave the good Company man speech the demotion (it's a BIGGY Financially) didn't sit well and I'd bet some of the razzing has been about it.

In my day we pulled some pranks that would make alot squeamish a right of passage of sorts that goes with the territory. All that aside it does go back to Ireland with another man down in an already weak group at OL, a group mind you that has been retooled every Yr. since before the Trifecta lets be honest Saban couldn't field one either.

The guy has emotional issues. There's no "bullying" going on imo ,I completely disagree there.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 30, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Let's face it. You have no freaking idea what exactly happened and why.

Another Ireland 2nd rd pick bites the dust. Next up:

Jamar Taylor?

I really am amazed out how many of you sissies are still talking about the Dez interview. Who gives a flyin fkkk? Big fn deal. You are offering some non-educated ghetto by millions you get to ask how he wipes his butt if you want.

Meanwhile, Bryant has blossomed into a superstar.

Orlando Dolphan | October 30, 2013 at 10:12 PM

And had a Terrell Owens sized Meltdown on the sideline last Sunday. This after basically borrowing against the money he was due in his 2nd Yr. to pay off some jewelry. No doubt one of the Top-3 at WR today but you wonder what was said that had D.Ware grabbing him by the Jersey in his ear after going/jawing at it pretty good with half the O starters.

Many of you have been too easily brain washed by societies relatively new standard of being 'politically corret'. Oh doesn't that sound nice. In reality it is 100% contrary to freedom of speech...you know, what all those soldiers died for.

It is true though, the vast majority of sports fans are as dumb and ignorant as a box of frosted flakes.

Philbin losing the locker room? He lost it long time ago, he isn't even close to a potential good coach! Doesn't have the balls to over turn the stupid play calling from his butt buddy Sheman! Philbin is a clown consider the source who hire these clowns, on Martin who cares the OL needs a overhaul only keep pouncy and I'm not even sure if pouncy is going to turn out to a great player here in Miami....maybe somewhere else but not here, especially if this Irescum and his scummies still here for another year! I hope the phins win tomorrow but I just don't have hope anymore..


I am not saying that Ireland should have drafted him. My contention is that Ireland went so far with Bryant in that interview but meanwhile head case like Martin slips right by. Just another point against Ireland. If you are going to take a nut case at least make it someone that can play. At least Bryant is a great player and you can put up with some of his antics.

Ray shouldn't you be in bible study with a condom on?

Tron, with your self-proclaimed intellectual superiority, you are really slumming on this board. Taking some time off from your academic journals?

Ross needs to open up his wallet and offer Bill Cowart all the money he wants. You need to bring in a coach with credibility. Philbin is lame duck right now. This ship is sinking fast. Once you lose your veterans, it is over. At this point I would not expect more than 6 wins this season. It looks like we will have another high draft pick this year. Let's bring someone in that knows how to use it.

Have to agree with spit... Marino has never said an interesting thing in his life.

At least he was interesting on te field unlike T-Henne-hill...

Does Irescum research these guys before he drafts them? WTF?

This "team" is just disintegrating before our eyes.
The coaching has been abysmal. Personnel development and evaluation has been putrid for years How do both Jamar Taylor and Will Davis remain inactive for 8 WEEKS and Nolan Carroll is ahead of them on the active roster? Carroll is HORRIBLE. He can't cover a corpse!!
Now, who knows what's going to happen with Pouncey?
The defense which was ranked 3rd last season is 20th right now.
They trade up to the 3rd pick in the draft, take a very talented player in Dion Jordan and they use him sparingly.
They're ahead by 2 TDs against the Patroits, are tearing off chunks of yardage running the ball yet they abandon the run.
The team is $200MM poorer as a result of their offseason spending spree and have a worse record than last year at this time.
The QB alone has 14 turnovers; that's FOURTEEN turnovers. I realize they're not all his fault but many are.

If you are going to take a nut case at least make it someone that can play. At least Bryant is a great player and you can put up with some of his antics.

Orlando Dolphan | October 30, 2013 at 10:37 PM

Tough to argue with you here! I always liked the JJ way, when asked about the antics of his Hurricanes while in Miami and later with Dallas he said he'd draft the devil himself if he thought he could play. For some reason he always seemed to have a team of nut cases but they walked a straight line with him, go figure??

Ireland should've drafted Dez Bryant instead of insulting him.

Philbin has lost the team a la Cam Cameron.

Fans are flipping out and leaving the team too. Well played Martin.

Just when I thought it couldn't be any worse. The only benefit to all of this imploding is the house cleaning that should take place at the end of the season.

Martin should be happy to go to RT. He has no future at LT. If he is your LT your team will suck because your QB's will get killed.

I've never seen a guy hit the ground so consistently.

Amazingly he was the best OT that they started the season with. An old, fat, tired, drunk, McKinnie is a huge upgrade.

This prank stuff pisses me. You have a bunch of 'adults' sucking big time at their jobs and still find it amusing to behave like freaking teenagers.
I read on ESPN that it was actually some guys from the O Line that carried the prank. WTF? So the same guys that are performing at a historically terrible level seem to think that pulling stuff like this is 'funny'? And to do it to one of their own?
I've always been on Martin camp and can only wish him the best in whatever ails him today. to the rest, screw them and i hope i see real men that actually care for their team and their jobs play soon for the Fins

Jonathan Martin = Another Irescum bust

Real men don't cry. Martin needs to butch-up!

Ireland's 1st 3 picks(Tannehill/Martin/Egnew) of 2012 disintegrating before our very eyes.

Now the top 2013 pick's a part time player while the 2013 2nd rd pick is even more of a part time player. Have we seen enough of Ireland yet, Mr. Ross?

Ross was too cheap to pay Jake Long. hehe

Agree with 10:22....

Again Phins 78....I will remind you that there is probably a good many people who have played organized sports on so e level....and while you may not consider it bullying.....in my opinion it is....

I mean c'mon....you say you are a "locker room guy"....do you really think this was the first "prank" that was pulled om Martin.....we may never know....but would you agree that many locker rooms have a guy who gets picked on more than others....could it be that Martin was that guy.....

Who knows....Maybe it comes out soon....my guess is it will.....good or bad.....

But to think that bullying doesn't go on in a locker room is just being either NAIVE OR IGNORANT,,,,and I don't consider you ignorant in the realm of sports talk.....so I have to believe it's the former....

Locker rooms are a hierarchy....a cast system....primitive man @ it's finest.....the strong survive....those that perform @ the highest level get the most respect.....the stronger man gets the last word.....that is a locker room...

While those under-performing....well...they get ignored @ best....ridiculed on days that aren't going so well....

That's what it is......

And bullying doesn't just happen in a nfl locker room....grown men get bullied every day @ normal every day jobs....

Some of you that post here get bullied @ work....and then come here in an attempt to cyber-bully others....

Bullying happens......and IMO,,,,it happened to Martin.....

I mean seriously.....dude is walking away from THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.....because some douche bags walked away from him @ lunch....,


That's what you really believe.???? A one time prank????


Jake Long has got to be laughing!

The pranks are nothing, these guys are men. Remember when that player drafted by Saban was injured, got yelled at and then started crying. JT and ZT put kleenex in his locker to man him up. The unfortunate part of this is the team is imploding and its getting worse by the week.

Wallace is terrible, T-Henne-hill is trying to get him the ball but the guy can't catch and he too weak. Speed is great but you have to fight for the ball.

Its just a garbage franchise. I feel sorry for the suckers who bought tickets to this circus.

Couldn't agree more.

Dduck @ 11:00

Way to bring Henne into it.

T-Puke is too inacurate to hit Wallace. Irescum should've known a good WR is useless when you have a crap QB.

Jeff Ireland is catalyst for everything wrong with the Dolphins. Nothing enters or leaves Davie without Ireland's blessing or curse.

The Devil himself now sits the GM chair at Davie.


The guy flipped out and left the team?



How happy is Reggie Bush he's off this joke of a team?

That OL, what a bunch of pranksters. I've really enjoyed their hilarious impersonation of an NFL offensive line this year too.

F**k this team. F**k the FO, f*ck the staff, f*ck 90% of the roster. Year after year of the same sad stories, the same draft busts, the same bad FA signings, the same poor rosters. No exciting skill position players for over a decade, terrible boring coaching and a s**t tom of galling, annoying losses. I've had enough. I'll hop back on the bandwagon when and if they finally build one.

I wont buy another ticket while Ross owns the team. The team is a total joke.


That's how I see it.....


Great couple of lines.....got me cracking up.....I think I will go to bed on that note....

Im rooting for more dolphin loses, get Ireland out!!

Kris | October 30, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Like someone posted earlier we may never really know and I don't believe that an incident in a Lunch Room pushed him over the edge either, if you ask me it probably has more to do with being razzed about it (some here choose to refer to it as bullying)

The truth is that what you refer to as bullying in your post is part of every day life! I don't believe there is a single person who can honestly claim to have never been on both sides, mind you I didn't say either, I said both! Groups (clicks) get formed and always have a whipping boy the level of it depends alot on your thick skin (again been on both ends so now you've made the conversation about it in general terms)

I think he's been sick to his stomach since McKinnie walked through the door and got teased (I believe this more than bullying) and took it hard (in his mind a blow to his manhood) and walked. Again I don't know but your posting as if someone taped his butt cheeks together or something maybe that little girl teased by Kevin Bacon in Flatliners who haunted his dreams! My point is we all go through it at every age and every walk of life and it lessens with age and time.

Ireland's tally of draft busts continue to accumulate

This franchise tells the fans and media NOTHING. What azzholes.

Sherman has to go, if he's still calling plays by years end it better be because we righted the ship and are in the playoffs. This team is becoming a daytime soap opera. Tomorrow night will show us what if any moxy this team has. Tomorrow is the season, can't be 3-5, Philbin your job is on the line this year and all I've seen is regression with this team. Let's show the nation tomorrow night that this team is not dead yet. Fins up!

J Martin just realized he stinks.

How can anyone be a fan of this garbage? lol

"We have one hell of a team"......Joe Philbin last month.

Martin was throwing plates in the lunch room.

none of you joke around with your group of friends? That's the thing about guys, constantly phucking with each other but never taking it personally. He clearly didnt get those rules. Then again really smart people are never socially appealing. OL playing jokes on OL but bullying? LOL!!! that's the best

Yeah, bullying a LT? Thats hilarious!!!

Someone posted earlier that Pouncey had something to do with Martin losing it because of the whole "Big Weirdo" persona he labeled Martin. But I truley believe Richie Incognito is the ring leader of making fun and pranking Martin.

The other poster who wrote a smart nerd surrounded buy a bunch of meat heads also hit the nail on the head. Martin needed his family for emotional help because he doesn't view his OL as his brothers.

I guess Incognito will apologize to him and quit calling him names because he knows how it really affects Martin.

All in all the team is imploading and Philbin has no idea what he's doing. Did anybody read that article saying Philbin "talk down" to a coach in front of players. I hope it was Sherman I highly doubt it though.

I will be having emotional issues playing for this bunch and I treat mental pt. The comment " we have a hell of a team" came from Ross, not Philbin. Tomorrow the board should be talking about the incomming draft and FA.

Sparano > Philbin

I blame incognito.


I know Dashi is going to get hell for his comments. But which of the linemen is famous for pulling pranks. Plus, who is the most Scorned by Jake leaving. You can bet whatever you want Incognito never treated Martin fairly. I bet instead of ripping Clabo because McKinnie was signed, Incognito kept ragging Martin. Martin is still the rookie of the group.

After a while it gets old and annoying. I understand where a guy like martin might feel betrayed by his own teammates.

Also, how is that a guy that sees them practice everyday is just now getting that Info?

Oh, yeah cause when all you do is run your mouth talking negative about the team, the team will not disclose any information to you. Common Sense.

Andrew Luck sends J. Martin his Love but is also very happy that Martin is not protecting him with the Colts.

I can't wait to lose the rest of the games so Ross can finally get rid of Ireland and Crypt Keeper Philbin


I don't see eye to eye with you on a lot of things. But Incognito being the culprit I do.

"We have one hell of a team"......Joe Philbin last month.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille
Joe was just trying to make Jonathan Martin feel better about himself....

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