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FOX: Martin 'flipped out,' leaves team

Jonathan Martin is doubtful for Thursday night's game with the Cincinnati Bengals because the Dolphins say he's dealing with an "illness."

Well, he's apparently dealing with more than that, according to FOX Sports 1, which just reported that Martin "kind of flipped out," and smashed a food tray on the floor of the team lunch room on Monday when a practical joke perpertrated by teammates didn't sit well with him.

Teammates apparently walked away from an ill Martin when he sat down near them in the lunch room. And not appreciating the joke, Martin went off ... like into the sunset.

And he hasn't returned to the team since.

The Herald has confirmed from two sources the story is accurate.

Martin is said to be getting "treatment" at a hospital for an unknown emotional issue, a Dolphins source confirmed for the Miami Herald. Martin checked himself into that hospital. The source declined further comment.

Martin, it must be noted, started the first six games of the season at left tackle and last week was abruptly moved to right tackle when the Dolphins traded for Bryant McKinnie.

At that time, Martin had hinted he was not thrilled with the move and said he faced a choice how to deal with it.

“You can approach this two different ways," Martin said last week. “You can go in the tank and be one of those guys who bitches and moans and is a cancer in the locker room, or you can be a guy who goes out there and can be a professional and plays as hard as I can."

But one source told The Herald he doesn't believe the move from one position to another is the reason Martin apparently "snapped." The source said the behavior is probably evidence of deeper issues.

The "treatment" Martin is seeking is apparently emotional treatment/counseling.

[Update 1: Martin has seemed "more aloof" in recent days prior to the incident Monday, a teammate just texted. This teammate said he's reached out to Martin and has been told the player is spending time with his family.]

Amazingly, the Dolphins listed a player who left the team, hasn't returned for two days and is in treatment as "doubtful" on today's injury report.

[Update 2: The Dolphins have released a statement on the matter: "Jonathan's Martin's status was addressed on the injury report as an illness." That is all the team has to say.]


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy




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Wrong tony,

From PFT By thacover2
Say what you want about the Miami Dolphins, but they are 2-0.

The Dolphins turned some heads when they defeated the Colts on Sunday, and according to Pro Football Talk, Philbin believes the Dolphins “have one helluva team in the making.”

Dashi it's obvious. The dude ragged on Martin soooo much in Hard Knocks.. I'm really starting to hate Joe Philbin there's a reason he's never been a coach on any level. What exactly did he do for Green Bay?

Words can't describe how bad Sherman play calling and Philbin overall coaching have been.

Moron saying "We have one helluva team" is like George Bush saying "Mission Accomplished" 6 years before the Iraq war ended. LOL

Words can't describe how bad TanneBust stinks.

Pouncey is a total JACKASS.

You guys have to stop making jokes about Jonathan. He needs all your Love. Then he will go back to school to advance his education and figure out who he really is.....There is life after being a bad offensive tackle. Jonathan knows by leaving the team the Dolphins will be one step closer to living up to Philbin's statement, "One helluva team in the making".

It is simple.

You can prank all you want before the season starts. Once the season starts you are a team and you behave as such.

For the Clown saying that is what guys do. Apparently you don't have any adult friends. People grow up. There is a limit to the BS when you get older. Apparently Kids like Incognito and said Clown don't get that. They probably think that hitting a girl is still a way to show them you like them.

Again, pranking is left for the off season. And usually it is for the people that are at the bottom. Or guys that are usually about to be cut. The Grunts. Once a guy is a starter he should've earned enough respect not to be clowned or pranked like a Replaceable.

I Blame one person. Incognito. He thinks everyone is a caveman like him and that it is still high school.

Incognito found his punk and he rode him until the guy had a breakdown.

Bring Parcells back no matter what the cost!!

Looks like Jake Long was the glue to that made this OL stick,

Looks like Jake Long was the glue to that made this OL stick,

Posted by: Truth | October 30, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Jake has to be cracking up.

So Pouncey going to jail
Martin quitting football
McKinney is fat AF and love strippers
Clabo is a turnstile
Incognito too stupid to zone block

And Tannegarbage can't hit the side of of barn yard..

Dolphins will lose tomm. Hope no one have there hopes up

Have you ever seen a bigger mess?

Wallace is asking to be traded.

This incident speaks absolute volumes about this coaching staff. Jeff Ireland needs to go "moneyball" on Philbin and demand answers from questions such as "why r u playing DJ on just 18 snaps?"

I never thought in my wildest nightmares that I'd say this but Sparano was a better coach than Philbin, at least his players did not quit on him. This is a sad but fitting outcome to a season that will fully unravel once they get embarrassed at home on Thursday in frontnof the 500 souls that will foolishly spend their hard earned dollars to see the same putrid product year in and year out.

The only positive out of this is that maybe, MAYBE Ross finally realizes that this team is due a major do over and he cleans house. If i was him I'd fire Ireland AND Philbin (with Sherman) and appoint an interim GM and coach and "tank" the season by trying he hell out of every single rookie and start talking of potential deals that could bring much needed draft picks.

Ladies and gentlemen you have yet another Ireland bust.

In order to sell Sea World, this franchise betrayed its tradition and its loyal fan base. It deserves every ounce of misfortune.

Hey there's still penguins at the stadium.

Bring the kids, oh that's right, they hate the Dolphins because "They suck".

3-4 is not the time to mess with or play jokes on anyone. Philbin is losing the team.
They should be in bunker mode not Joker mode

Nice 2nd rnd pick by our beloved Ireland. Bravo Ireland, Bravo ! You're the best.
Next time it will be Wallace who will suffer a nervous breakdown.
What else ? This team is a circus.

Martin's NFL career is basically over. Opposing d-linemen will use this situation as ammunition against Martin now.

When it happens will Martin breakdown and cry? Guys, I'm not being funny here, this is a real concern. Opposing d-linemen will use it in game as ammunition to exploit Martin's weakness.

This just maybe worse than the Teo incident.

Tanne-fail will be Ireland's next greatest bust. Please stay tuned!

Not at all surprising considering that Joe Phibin condones rape.

Tron is correct, political correctness is for hypersensitive anti-american morons. If Martin really had a problem with someone he should have broken the tray over their head.

Ectoplasm wins the Post of the Night award @ 12:24!

Martin will not play again. He's an intellectual, surrounded by meat-heads, and doesn't fit in.

Philbin has lost the team, not even halfway thru year 2. Thanks, Jeff Ireland! I'm gonna root for Detroit & Denver until Miami cleans house.

Sam I Am. DL didn't need any thing else except brute strength to abuse him all season

Man we are so screwed. Watch Wallace play tomorrow just watch him then you'll know what's up.

Upon dawn I will rise...


R Williams, u ain't the real Ricky.




This is a trip.


Or, (Home, FIRE ROSS, etc.,). I think on this blog your Marino opinions are in the bottom 1/2 of 1%. I also think you are a douchebag, Momma's teat-sucking, sickly, limp-wristed gay boy. What a fu.king worthless POS! Goes on a Dolphins' fan blog to disrespect one of the most popular players in team history. Go back to your Jets team, you circle-jerking piece of human dung!

Martin's NFL career is basically over. Opposing d-linemen will use this situation as ammunition against Martin now.

When it happens will Martin breakdown and cry? Guys, I'm not being funny here, this is a real concern. Opposing d-linemen will use it in game as ammunition to exploit Martin's weakness.

This just maybe worse than the Teo incident.

Posted by: Sam I Am | October 31, 2013 at 12:36 AM

Oh RIGHT! This is whats going to do it. He's DONE now because they're going to make fun of him being pranked.

OMG YG, are you REALLY this Fvcking stoopid? Do you have any idea of the kinds of stuff that gets bandied about in the trenches?

If Martin is this soft, then he has NO place in the NFL-PERIOD! I say that KNOWING that Clabo will be be the replacement.

Nonetheless, YG, this ranks right up there with all of your idiotic, telltale posts. What's more, whether you can deal with it or not, this is how you get busted 99.9% of the time. It's the abundance of idiotic ignorance that only YOU know how to use-LOL!

Peace Out!!!!

Not at all surprising considering that Joe Phibin condones rape.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY | October 31, 2013 at 12:39 AM

See what I mean..........? You cannot hide this type of idiocy.

Sam........I mean FIRE ROSS.........I mean........YG, tell us again how Jesus rode around in a Space Ship back in the day.

(What a Doofus ;)


Sorry to correct you, but Saban did not do a "masterful job" at anything while in Miami. You can gush all you want, but he had a losing record here. Here's a quote ftom another probable "Master" of yours (fat-boy, over-rated, dinosaur Parcells) : "You are what your record says you are." Now, please, let's put these 2 in the Dolphins trash heap of over-rated, non-producing coach/GM's where they belong. FOREVER! Jeeeeezzzzzz!

So I am reading it was Incognito? Too bad, even though he's FA next year and probably not re-signed, if he did prank Martin, probably bad timing. Here's the thing: None of us are there, we are teamamtes, buddies, etc. Time to stop acting as if we know all the details. We don't! Mostly, too bad for Martin. This did not help his fledgling career one bit. I personally don't care about the "team" issue this incident raised. What "team"?

It's obvious YG(as well as some others)thought we were going to make a run this year. Especially after the 3-0 start. That's why Him's really-REALLY Mad at the world. Well, that and the fact that he thinks Armando "Outed Him" as Daytona(LOL).

Facts is, Ross aint selling and Philbin's Job is safe(for the time being). And yes, this season is starting to look like a bad episode of candid camera.

Having said that, not much has changed in the big picture, except for Ireland and Sherman making themselves look bad. Possibly even crossing over to shakier grounds career-wise.

But this team will be stacked come the off season. With all the returnees, Free Agency and the draft. It's still Philbin's second year and a lot of these youngsters are getting some great experience.

All we have to do is fix the O-Line. Hopefully try and find a Big Possesion type of WR to compliment/challenge what we have and another Linebacker too.

We're going to be stacked across the board. Not just the D-Line, but Pass Rushers, Tight Ends, The Secondary(finally), you name it. Philbin's going to get a 3rd season, after all, it's a rebuild and it's almost complete.

I'm laughing at all you so-called realists that are whinning and crying because we didn't make a run this year-LMAO! You're SUPPOSEDLY realists, yet you expected nothing short of a Super Bowl Victory-ROTFLMAO!


It is not the first time Incognito pulls this prank. I remember the first regular Season Game ever last year for Tannehill him saying to Ryan, - Now, don't fukkk it up! Way to give confidence to your rookie teammate. It is obvious that Incognito resents well-Schooled People as he probably isn't.

Two deeply problematic People we have to get rid of, Incognito and Pouncey.

Coincidentally or not, those two deeply problematic People are not luminaries under any stretch of the imagination.

You people have your own Personal issues that needs to be dealt with. Most of You that comment, probably aren't even ticket holde's. What has this world become? Look around the league. Do you really think that Miami has the only problems? If you want to feel bad, do it for the Falcon's Fans. They wete SB contenders, We were just hoping for a winning season. I am Friends with a good Therapist, because God knows that You negative People need it.

I called it all from the very beginning. Ireland brought all these clowns here. Philbin is no head coach. Ireland has missed on so many top 3 round draft picks it's pathetic. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE ROSS!! Let this be a lesson to you!


Please, Shawdogg, try to improve your spelling and grammar. We might not be the Huffington Post here but we do appreciate good writing.

How much suffering can a Dolphins fan take this really takes the mick!!!

We want a team that can go out and play hard and win.

To be honest we might be 3-4 but in reality had we finished the games vs Ravens,Bills and Pats we would be 6-1 today!!

It's stupid coaching and team personnel.
Sort it out becasue if this carries on the Ireland, Philbin and Clowns deserve to go.

We want a winning team back in Miami no crappy old dolphins that's how it has been the past decade or so with only 2 playoff seasons since Marino retired.

Tonight is do or die vs the Bengals

If Ireland and Philbin do the right thing...

That is show compassion, respect and zero tolerance regarding this incident. They will dress down these bullies and tell them to apologize to Martin, immediately!!!

I love Pouncey as a player but considering they way he insulted Martin (and that was at least one time which we witnessed on Hard Knocks)I have a feeling he was part of this heartless prank. Plus alot of times positional players sit with each other at chow time.

This type of act is cruel and inexcusable, especially knowing that Martin may have some insecurity issues and just lost his position. I'm not saying he should be babied, just have some compassion for your teamates.

This locker room is starting to show some real cracks and alot of that comes from mismanagement and coaching.

Any other bad news?

Guess Philbin could replace the whole OL with Dolphin Cheerleaders that might delay the assault on Tannehill a bit longer because those charging Cincinatti DE's,DT's and LB's would be diverted from smashing him into the ground for a while longer!

After reading this it makes much more sense why this team looked so flat at home heading out to the first huddle against the Bills. I was thinking that the coaching staff had lost the team, I guess I was right. I hate it when I'm right.


Must be nice to be able to take both sides of the issue @ any given time.....you can't be wrong when you cover ALL the bases....

Before the season started....you were all like rebuild this....draft that.....

FINS get to 3-0....then your all like 11 or 12 wins.....

Now that it's after 4 straight losses.....it's back till....wait till next year...lol...the FINS mantra...

I'll stick to this year if that's ok with you.....the season isn't over.....we just need to play better....everyone included.....the season isn't even lost if we lose tonight....last I checked....it @ least 7 losses to put you out of the playoff race.....sometimes more....

Dashi @ 11:57.....

Excellent post....IMO..

Pranks (if that is what we are calling them)....are for training camp.....certainly NOT for week 8 of a 3-4 football team....

I got an idea....instead of alienating one of your brothers....why don't you learn how to pick up...or adjust to a blitz....especially when the other team is running it for the 20th time in a row....that wasn't Martins side....

I hope he gets things figured out. Really disappointed in the team mates that got up and left him at the table, that is high school stuff and NOT something you do to teammate and someone that you know is fighting through some issues.

The FINS are so late to the party....they didn't realize that the show "punk'd....was cancelled like 8 years ago.....

Let rename this group of OL who are on pace to give up more sacks than any other group in FINS history....

The FUN BUNCH......

Wait....that belongs at a different group a team that one championships....

Are you guys joking? You are making so much money and leave the team? Pouncey is to harsh? Show me on sunday that you can play tough. We need another 20 Pouncey.

Aponte....she destroyed the Brown too.

Ireland I do not mind him...yes he made few mistakes in the draft but who doesn't?
I think we can talk about for hours but he doesn't coach we have talent but we need to assemble does talent.

Philbin ...not my guy. He isn't a coach with balls.
Sherman...he just sucks.

My sister has emotional issues... but she has a vag..ina.
Martin get yous ass back to work. Please dont waist our time. We waist a 2nd round pick on you.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse ...

Ireland's big offseason:
Overpays for Wallace
Doesn't resign Long & gambles on Martin as LT
Trades Bess for nothing

How are those moves paying out Mr. Ross

Ty I have a feeling that you are being sarcastic....if not, you are so full of chit that its coming out of your mouth.

Come on man ! stop with this pampering chit ! these guys have been in a locker room since High School and have been doing pranks since then, if you cant man up and be one of the guys, take your degree and go get another job. Im sure he wont have a problem getting one. Good luck Martin. Maybe,just maybe, he feels upset and guilty that his quarterback is getting killed and there is nothing he can do about it.

Hey Mr. Ross , We have been asking for a removel of Ireland for years. Don't you think that might be the time , before every body decides to strike and you will have zero attendance at games.

Why don't you volunteer to be Martin's therapist? At least Icognito shows toughness on the field. I suppose in your world he should go because of irresponsible behavior for hurting pussycats Martin's feelings.

If they guys has issues, I feel for him. But losing it from a prank from one of your teammates to the degree that you leave your team? I think it goes deeper than that. Another collosal Ireland failure. The team is a joke if you haven't noticed yet

Hey does anyone know what prank they pulled on martin

No matter, another draft pick waste by our infamous GM Irescum.

I hope Martin looks into this negative situation like an interesting opportunity to become something unique: a solid OT with pro experience at both sides and able to change positions at will. Given all his RT playing downs last year we can't really say he has no experience at RT anymore, right? Besides his strongest points have always been his intelligence and his discipline. This should mean we can expect him to master 2 different play-books successfully if he is motivated to move into that direction by coaching staff. Such needed versatility could indeed be the base of a long and successful NFL career. Which would be very good for both his franchise and his own (pocket) pride.

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