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Highlights from the Mike Sherman weekly media session (yes, sacks were brought up)

Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman's job the past eight days since the Dolphins last played was partly to correct the Dolphins pass protection. So I asked him today if he thinks that happened during the bye week.

"I don't think you can tell until you get into the game," the Dolphins offensive coordinator said. "You have to understand, when you go against the Saints and their two rushers and I thought their inside guys are two of the better ones and they've caused people some problems, they certainly caused us problems. And this week we have the same thing and we have to be able to hold up. We have been in a situation where we've gone against some pretty dang good rushers and we have to keep our quarterback erect and we didn't do that. And that lies on me as much as anybody else."

So, we'll find out starting Sunday.

I asked Sherman about right tackle Tyson Clabo. Although Sherman likes to focus the pass protection problem on the entire group, I'm interested to see what the Dolphins do to get the right tackle spot right because Clabo has given up five sacks in five games and that is a pace for giving up 16 sacks this year and ...

"I hate it when you guys do that math because it normally doesn't work out," Sherman said, interrupting my question. "I say normally because I don't anticipate that will happen ... It's going to even out."

That's good. But my question was whether the Dolphins have put Clabo on notice that he needs to clean up his performance or lose his job?

Sherman, good guy by the way, joked that he was hoping I would forget my question and it would go away so that's why he interrupted and went a different direction. (Perhaps on most days it might've worked. But as the bye has refreshed me, I was sort of on my question-asking game today, so I remembered my thought.)

And the answer?

"He understands the situation," Sherman said. "It's easy to say, 'Let's put this guy in or that guy in.' There's a reason he's our starting tackle going all the way back to when he got here and the body of work he was doing previous to that, and other have done. We've gone into this thing with him and we're hoping he can iron some things out. And we can iron some things out as an offense as well and help the situation. No one cares more about it than he does. He's working hard. And I know that's not the answer people want to hear but it is the bottom line and because of the way he works, he'll work through this thing. I think he'll work through it and we'll be fine."

Sherman dismissed the idea that perhap the Dolphins should go to a more quick passing game with more three-step drops. He said Miami is primarily a five-step drop team. The Dolphins, Sherman said, run between seven and eight three-step drop pass plays per game and doing more than that would allow opponents to begin jumping those routes.

"People can sit on those pretty quickly," Sherman said.

So what about running a few and them going with a double move?

How about bubble screens? The Dolphins had success with that play against Indianapolis, scoring a touchdown, but didn't run another that I recall until the Baltmore game. Hopefully those become more a staple for Miami.

Sherman offered a statistic bathed in optimism about the amount of punishment quarterback Ryan Tannehill has taken. He said that although the number of sacks Tannehill is taking this year, 24 so far, is up, the number of actual hits on the quarterback are down.

"Hits on quarterbacks are down, it's just that sacks are up," Sherman said. "At the end of the game you ask Ryan how he's doing and he says, 'I feel fine.' The less hits you have on your quarterback that he doesn't see are as damaging in relationship to his health. And it hasn't been an inordinate number, ironically. We don't count sacks as hits because it's a sack and we obviously have to clean it up because sacks change field position and in the last game we were minus-35 yards on offense. We certainly cannot afford to do that."

So, basically the number of hits on Tannehill are down although sacks are up and sacks don't count as hits. I'm sure that makes Tannehill feel better.


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Bam! First

aaah, allrighty armando, keep poking sherman with the stick.

So, basically the number of hits on Tannehill are down although sacks are up and sacks don't count as hits. I'm sure that makes Tannehill feel better.

Now that's funny .....

Nice little Q&A.

Good questions by Señor Armando and Good answers by Mr. Sherman.

This week will be a great test for the line and the Offense.

Sherman never seems to make any sense.

Sacks aren't hits, they are love hugs
from the opposing defense !

NFL network ran a stat on Weeden vs. Hoyer. Weeden was sacked 1 in 9 pass attempts. Horrible, people were bashing the line. Will in comes Hoyer and he was 1 in 16 attempts. Bottom line Hoyer got the ball out quicker and had better anticipation. While the Fins O Line is not great, part of the blame is also on Tannehill. The Wallace under throws are a result of waiting to long and then trying to heave it, rather than throw the ball quickly and let Wallace run under it. Tannehill stares receivers down and waits to long. Need to fix that.

That's all masticated BS. Hit=sack, don't they get hit anyway, break a pinky? Even, if you had asked him, Armando, Do you think the problem lies with the Players or the Scheme, which I wish you would have asked him, he would have said, I think is a combination of both. Then, of course, you would have followed with, What are you doing about it? Due to the nature of my work, I am an expert Confronter. Consult me sometime about this if you have the Time.

oline worst in nfl. hard to look good behind that


Sherman doesn't know how to taylor the offense to its talent. Can't continue to sweeep left/right with this line, Tanny is best when he rolls out and no screen plays to counter rush??? Coaching is horrible. Head coach still doesn't get time management. Bill Belichick would have this team undefeated thru 5.

Agree with some of that,dolfnman. Afraid to throw interceptions.

Mike Sherman needs to be given a pink slip, philbin and sherman are offensive minded coaches, with philbin working on offensive line for many years and our biggest weakness seems to be the line and protection... Sherman play calling is highly questionable and he seems to be in denial of how bad he is doing.. if there is no solution this season Sherman is out, and we should find an offensive college guru to play to Ryan strengths... And pick up the best offensive line coach out there available or steal him from a team...

gotta love that awful henne, going vs worst pass d in nfl and still cant throw a td and 2 ints with a fat 65 rating. guy is beyond awful

Some people need to spell their own last name right

sherman reminds me of chevy chase on spies like us when hes skating around the press questions , acting like his mic doesnt work.


Some QBs always believe that they can make the play and so they are willing to take chances and throw into coverage; therefore they make some big plays but also throw some big picks - Brett Favre, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Peyton, Eli, Romo fit this category.

Other QBs are the opposite and they see plays not working and so they don't take big risks, they do not reap big rewards but they also are not seen as reckless - Tanne, Gabbert, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan fit this category.

If the rest of the team is good either QB will win, if the rest of the team is not good then the conservative one will not win

@ dusty bottoms (03:48 PM)

people are quick to say we have the worst this or the worst that. That's because people live in their own little bubble never paying attention to anything outside their world. The Dolphins DO NOT have the worst O-line! Have you seen Arizona, Oakland or Pittsburgh play lately?? I have and although the Dolphins O-line will never be confused with the "Hogs", they make these teams look like pop warner O-lines.

Seriously dude?
He takes the worst team in football against the best and has them within 2, 21-19, in the 3rd qtr, on a day when all the experts predicted Peyton would sit out the 2nd half.

When it comes to Henne I'm the one person on earth that sees the glass as half full.

Some people literally lost thier homes, marriage, legs and lives betting against Henne yesterday and all you do is point out that he threw 2 picks both of which were tipped?

zonas line def better than ours. oaklands much better. pits is terrible, id say giants and pitt close to second to us


How much did you win or lose?


Ha! he said "keep our QB erect"

68 percent of money on that game was on jacksonville, so vegas lost there asses on it. henne was horrible. luckily the defense ran back a pick 6 to help. henne without any doubt is the worst starting qb in nfl. im starting to think u are henne

What do you want me to help you with? You already exposed your thinking, ETF.


38 Starts
10,100 yd
44 TDs

Playing for 2 of the shhtyist teams in history


Are there 2 distinct personality types?
And if so do you agree that all QBs fall into one category or the other?

i had jacksonville in a 4 team teaser jack +40, gb +10, sf +2, saints +16 easy money even though sf had me sweating a little

I'm starting think that you are Tanne.
Why else would you be trying so hard to deflect attention away from yourself?

I mean, in this League, you must have the confidence in your arm to put it into tight windows at times. If you don't, you might as well play 2nd string QB.

wish i was tanne. young rich, hot wife

27/42 for 303 is horrible?
The yds, yds/att and completion percentage were higher than Peyton.

And Jville lost both starting Tackles the week before (Monroe was traded and Joekel broke his leg).

SHERMAN SHOULD PUT his name in the ring to be Obama's new Chief of Staff. His motto could be "how to effectively defend stupidity in 500 words or more". Sorry for bashing your guy, Armando.

You can dish it out but remember what goes around comes around.
I want you to remember that whileMario is bodyslamming Tanne and Grimes is chasing Robert Woods hither and yon.

so your predicting a bills win?

...What Sherman is saying isn't complicated.

If you're concerned about Tannehill's health, then QB hits (meaning plays where the defender decks the QB after the ball is out) should count just as much as sacks. In both events, the QB is taking a hard hit and risking injury.

The Dolphins, per Mike Sherman and Pro Football Focus, are allowing fewer QB hits + sacks this year than last year. That means Tannehill is taking fewer hits, and therefore isn't getting as banged up as he was last year.

What's happening is that Tannehill is holding onto the ball longer, so more QB hits are turning into sacks because he hasn't thrown the ball yet.

Again - not complicated. Pass protection isn't great, but it isn't worse than last year. Tannehill isn't taking more of a beating than last year - the only difference is he's being caught with the ball more this year than last year.

Did you see the pass from Drew Brees to Graham yesterday? The Game wining one from Brady to that receiver? Not an inch to spare. That's how successful QBs do it in this League.

oscar that was a joke, saints go to prevent winning d with 116 left. so dumb

Still, dusty, that receiver had 2 guys on him.

thompkins only had one on the td, guy played it so bad. that was our one shot to actually have a div race

What kind of money did you make on that Dusty? Atlanta KILLED me on four teaser bets from last week.

2.2 seconds is not enough time to get rid of ball, that the average tanne has to throw the ball there 's no way routes are done by then...if he can't go through his reads how do you expect him to make a play or go deep, it doesn't even give him enough time to Getty rid of the ball

Not predicting a Bills win but there will be some rough moments in the game.

Like i said this morning I can see us romping on them. I can also see a couple of phucced up plays that could turn the game against us.


yeah atl moneyline was my 4th team in a parlay and killed me that monday night. 945 to win 792 is what i had on yesterdays teaser. i hit a 3 team parlay last nigth with red sox, dal under, and dal moneyline. went to bed thinking i lost and woke up to a red sox win. who u like tonight, my site has colts now at -3. i think sd can win outright

well mia is favored by 7. thats to much i think. i think miami wins but it will be ugly

Some things never change. It was Sparano.....Colombo now it's Sherman.....Clabo. The time for change was during free agency and the draft. Now...Forget about it. Rolling T-Hill out more should help some.

Why not try and make it easier for Tanneyhill? Makes no sense with an athletic Qb like that that he is not rolled and moving more. Im not saying make him a read option Qb just keep him out of harms way a little!

cause that takes coaching, something miami hasnt seen in decades

Armando you should have asked Sherm if he's ever heard of a wheel route or a screen play. Or if the beat way to avoid a pass rush is to get the ball out to an easy outlet receiver like a HB. Or if Sherm realizes that he's the God damn problem right now.

I do not like Sherm.

ETF, I see your Boy Henne kinda flooped....
What happened?????LOL

Looking ahead to the offseason. I would bring all of our free agents back on defense except for Starks; I like Starks but they will only bring back one of the DTs (Soliai is a beast). On offense I would not bring Clabo or Jerri back and I would release Daniel Thomas (seen enough of him). I would sign Brandon Albert at LT and Maurice Jones Drew at RB.

My first four picks next year:

1. Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE- He is a beast at 278 pounds. He is the next Jimmy Graham.
2. Zach Martin G- Athletic and nasty guard that they need to replace John Jerri.
3. Dominique Easly- I am hoping that the ACL injury drops him in our laps in the third round. He would be a good replacement for Starks.
4. Trey Millard FB- Best FB in the draft. He does everything well and would be a great new weapon for Tannehill. We need a FB badly.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 14, 2013 at 04:26 PM

lol Yes Chad Henne is a sure fire first ballot hall of famer. If not for the other 52 guys he has played with throughout his career he would be a pro bowler, they have just dragged him down to their level. Before that he was such a great college qb, especially when it came to playing winning teams in big games, that's when he really shined. Everyone in the world is wrong and you are right, Henne is just as good as any qb in the league and just hasn't had a chance to prove himself in six years. Give him another six years and he will prove everyone wrong. SMH

Flat out. Everyone on the offense has to do better. It's on Philbin, Sherman and Turner then the players. By the way the defense could do better too!

Posted by: Phins78 | October 14, 2013 at 05:07 PM


It amazes me how all the experts on this blog are quick to blame all the sacks on the O-Line. Are you privy to the O-Line protection schemes? Do you know what area on the field that the QB is supposed to be? You do know that an O-Line protects a spot not the entire backfield? Do you know who the RB, FB or TE are supposed to block? Do you have a copy of the Dolphins playbook? I guess Tanny holding the balls doesn't mean anything?
All this tells me that NONE of you have EVER played a single down of College level ball in your lives. Most likely nothing since Pop Warner. STFU and Let the damn coaches coach.

I agree that we don't know if all of the sacks are on the QB. According to the coaches the RBs, TEs, and even Tannehill deserve some blame for the sacks. However, I have seen Clabo get bull rushed by DEs to often in on one situations. You don't need to be an expert to see Clabo and Martin get manhandled on their way to the QB.

Yet you still don't know if the RB, FB or TE are supposed to chip the DE on the way out? Again NONE of you know the protection scheme.
I played this game professionally I coached this game at college level. It is obvious that the coaches have more information than you or they would have made changes to the line during the buy week.

Greg, Yeah Brother, They've done a great job so far................

greg college ball, wtf does that have to do with the fins

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