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Highlights from the Mike Sherman weekly media session (yes, sacks were brought up)

Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman's job the past eight days since the Dolphins last played was partly to correct the Dolphins pass protection. So I asked him today if he thinks that happened during the bye week.

"I don't think you can tell until you get into the game," the Dolphins offensive coordinator said. "You have to understand, when you go against the Saints and their two rushers and I thought their inside guys are two of the better ones and they've caused people some problems, they certainly caused us problems. And this week we have the same thing and we have to be able to hold up. We have been in a situation where we've gone against some pretty dang good rushers and we have to keep our quarterback erect and we didn't do that. And that lies on me as much as anybody else."

So, we'll find out starting Sunday.

I asked Sherman about right tackle Tyson Clabo. Although Sherman likes to focus the pass protection problem on the entire group, I'm interested to see what the Dolphins do to get the right tackle spot right because Clabo has given up five sacks in five games and that is a pace for giving up 16 sacks this year and ...

"I hate it when you guys do that math because it normally doesn't work out," Sherman said, interrupting my question. "I say normally because I don't anticipate that will happen ... It's going to even out."

That's good. But my question was whether the Dolphins have put Clabo on notice that he needs to clean up his performance or lose his job?

Sherman, good guy by the way, joked that he was hoping I would forget my question and it would go away so that's why he interrupted and went a different direction. (Perhaps on most days it might've worked. But as the bye has refreshed me, I was sort of on my question-asking game today, so I remembered my thought.)

And the answer?

"He understands the situation," Sherman said. "It's easy to say, 'Let's put this guy in or that guy in.' There's a reason he's our starting tackle going all the way back to when he got here and the body of work he was doing previous to that, and other have done. We've gone into this thing with him and we're hoping he can iron some things out. And we can iron some things out as an offense as well and help the situation. No one cares more about it than he does. He's working hard. And I know that's not the answer people want to hear but it is the bottom line and because of the way he works, he'll work through this thing. I think he'll work through it and we'll be fine."

Sherman dismissed the idea that perhap the Dolphins should go to a more quick passing game with more three-step drops. He said Miami is primarily a five-step drop team. The Dolphins, Sherman said, run between seven and eight three-step drop pass plays per game and doing more than that would allow opponents to begin jumping those routes.

"People can sit on those pretty quickly," Sherman said.

So what about running a few and them going with a double move?

How about bubble screens? The Dolphins had success with that play against Indianapolis, scoring a touchdown, but didn't run another that I recall until the Baltmore game. Hopefully those become more a staple for Miami.

Sherman offered a statistic bathed in optimism about the amount of punishment quarterback Ryan Tannehill has taken. He said that although the number of sacks Tannehill is taking this year, 24 so far, is up, the number of actual hits on the quarterback are down.

"Hits on quarterbacks are down, it's just that sacks are up," Sherman said. "At the end of the game you ask Ryan how he's doing and he says, 'I feel fine.' The less hits you have on your quarterback that he doesn't see are as damaging in relationship to his health. And it hasn't been an inordinate number, ironically. We don't count sacks as hits because it's a sack and we obviously have to clean it up because sacks change field position and in the last game we were minus-35 yards on offense. We certainly cannot afford to do that."

So, basically the number of hits on Tannehill are down although sacks are up and sacks don't count as hits. I'm sure that makes Tannehill feel better.


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no greg your wrong, they just dont have anyone better. its really simple actually

Maybe you cannot read I played professional Football after 4 years playing for the "U" as well as coached in college. However I don't see your point Dusty?

The oline again? C'mon. There are other things they can do. Watch New England. If they are blitzing everything is off key and short. If they are sitting back playing prevent, then long ball.
Baltimore teed off on Tanne and so did New Orleans. Instead of calling shorter routes and screens we are calling 3 second 20 yard passing plays. You have to throw short to beat the rush.
And the line is creating holes. Don't expect an elite pass rusher to be stopped. Let him run at the qb, knock a little left or right and then pass or run through the now gaping hole. How hard is that?

Tannehill isn't the one missing Blocks.

Sherman said it best a couple weeks ago. The problem with the O-Line is "Consistency". Sometimes they block, Sometimes they don't.

Heck, if the O-line was consistently Bad, at least T-Hill will know to get the ball out quicker. But it is a guessing game. And it isn't only 1 player the whole Line has played Inconsistent.

Now to all the play call Guru's we have on this Blog. Please explain how many of you have coached a Top 5 Passing Attack or a Top 5 Run game in the NFL. Not even Philbin can claim that. Sherman Can.

Same thing with the claim the Offense is predictable. A team that runs 30+ Different Pass formations a game isn't predictable. But let's nitpick the 1 or 2 bad plays a game. Not the other 60+ Offensive plays a game that are called right.

Was it really only one guy covering that WR that Brady threw the TD to, dusty? I thought I saw another defender in the picture although not near enough to make a play. In any case, the ball went thru the defenders arms and into the target's ones. Lady Luck? Brady? Hmm...

This is a Game of inches, but I guess there are some People that have more important inches than others do.

oscar one defender and it went over his head not through arms. he played the ball awfully bad greg congrats on whatever

Oh Lord.....

first "Greg" tells the blog about his UNPARRELLED qualifications to comment on this blog...his 4 years of College @ the "U" nonetheless.....

and NOT to be out done... Dashi says we shoudn't have an opinion unless we have (negative i'm sure) unless we have coached a top 5 run game or pass game....



You might as well shut this blog down FOREVER....cause its gonna be hard to find a poster who has enough NFL experince to give his binding opinion on this blog....

Greg, most of the knowledgeable fans on this board are aware of multiple blame regarding QB hits/sacks, running game. It has been discussed ad nauseam. But it is the O-line's fault more times than not. You might want to check out (which was linked right here on this board a couple of blogs ago) Chris Early's breakdown of game vs. Balt. Please try to keep up.

Well, ok, dusty. I'm a one take man, then forget it.



How many times/years must Dashi repeat this?


On top of that you don't draft an OK TE in the 1st Round. The TE needs to be Supremely Talented. Once in a generation talent to be a 1st rd Pick. A la V.Davis or K.Winslow before the injuries.

And NOBODY DRAFTS A FB WITH THEIR FIRST 4 PICKS. The Earliest you draft a FB in the Modern NFL is the 5th. And he better be the best FB in college football. And the Fins Scheme doesn't use a FB they use a H-Back. That FB better know how to play TE like C.Clay.

We are the Miami Dolphins. No one else. We run a hybrid WCO. Or as I like to call it a "4Wide-WCO-with some Spread Option". Not some 2 TE Power Run Offense.

Yes, we don't have 4 legit WRs or an O-line capable of blocking with only 5 guys. But again this is only the 2nd year in the system. We signed 3 WRs this off season. Next year we will sign the other WR and fix the O-line.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Even JJ took at least 2 seasons before he had most of his nucleus on the roster.

I don't know, but when Sherman referred to the 2 great rushers and tough inside guys, I think he was not referring to the Saints but rather to Suggs, Dummervill and Ngata from the Ravens. Armando, did you get this right that you wrote at the top of your column here? If right, this might be a sign of senility from Sherman.


Low Blow. Dashi has never stated you shouldn't share your opinion even if it is negative. Then why post?

What I am saying is don't say something that isn't true (the Offense is predictable) and that Sherman isn't qualified to be an OC.

I know some of us say why didn't he run this play on certain situation. I get that. What I am saying is don't judge Sherman on 1 play when the majority of the game was called correct.

I have never heard of a Test that you need to score 100% to pass. That if you get a 95% you fail.

With that said, I never Denigrate someone else's opinion because they didn't play the game.

To the Pro Athlete that said that question. Answer Dashi this, HOW MANY COACHES IN THE NFL NEVER PLAYED A DOWN OF PRO OR COLLEGE BALL?

Did Belichick play in the NFL?

How about all the Journalist that cover the game that never played the game.

You learn as much by watching as you do by playing. Else players wouldn't study game film.

And some would say playing football at a high level affects the brain's ability to retain information.

Sherman should say it as it is;the o line is shite!!!!!

Most fans never played in college or professionally. The bottom line is that PFF states the Clabo has given up 5 sacks and is on pace to give up 16; that is worse than Mark Colombo the year he played for the fins and was a turns stile. Analysts who have played the game on TV are constantly highlighting the shortcomings of the Miami OL. It is not just the fans, the media, or us on the blog. Ex-Pro-players are constantly putting down Martin and Clabo as OL. I agree that it is not the OL only and that RBs, and TEs also play a part in blocking but to say that it is not the OL's fault is ridiculous. Keith Simms who played OL in the pros for 10 years is pointing out how bad this OL is. Even Incognito is talking about the whole OL should be fired if they give up 77 sacks. The bottom line is that Clabo, Jerri, and Martin have been awful this year. And yes the TEs and RBs have also been bad in pass protection but that does not excuse the poor line play.

My bad Dashi...

I guess I mis-understood....

I stand corrected....and I agree with your thoughts @6:34..

but Sherman is in the cross-hairs for a reason...To be honest...I would much rather have an OC on the feild....getting a feel for the game...energy...emotion...so on....just my perception...

I believe that Sherman is getting his fair share of the blame....and the best way to come out from under it is to perform better....

Ireland has given Philbin and Sherman some pieces to work with...now its their/SHERMAN's job to make the pieces fit....



Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 14, 2013 at 07:33 PM

This is a subconscious love letter to Chad Henne by ETF.
His love affair with Chaddy burns red hot.
ETF would rather have Chaddy as the quarterback of this team.
ETF - Your precious Chaddy was a failure.
You continue to live in denial.

Armando, thx for being a journalist who asks the necessary questions instead of giving the coaches a fluff job. Already saw another outlet report "Clabo told must improve, or else" without attribution to the guy asking the question.

Sherman said, "...we have to keep our quarterback erect and we didn't do that. And that lies on me as much as anybody else."

Hmmmm thought that was Lauren's job.

Its the QB stupifd.

Sherman is the primary cause of our problems right now. O-line is his responsibility. The fact they ran the same damn sweep on 3rd an inch in back to back weeks.........argh!!!


Agreed. Sherman deserves Some if not most of the blame because it is his offense. I just feel some people still think D.Henning is ruining this offense which isn't true. Henning was predictable. We ran about 2 formations. The I-formation and the Shotgun. 3, if you count the Wildcat. And the play calling was really predictable then. Run on 1st and 2nd, pass on 3rd. Sherman mixes it up enough. He just can't get real creative because we don't have the talent to pull it off. You need Guards that can move to run Screens. We don't have that.

Dashi will judge Sherman by how this offense ranks at the end of the Season and by the progress of T-Hill and L.Miller. I expect us to have a Top 15 Offense this year. Top 10 next season. And Top 5 the Season after that. Those are my expectations for Sherman and this Offense.


I would like to thank you for giving the Dashi his first win (I was getting scared for a minute there). And for starting Henne over D.Brees. That was a Manly decision by you. As an E.Lacy fan, I understand.

With that said Sherman has accepted some of the blame for the Offense deficiencies. He isn't blaming only the players. Which is refreshing in Sfla were coaches don't accept blame for their team performances. Even though their team is supremely talented.

What did I tell everyone of you stupid idiots about the success rate of the flea flicker in the NFL?

Dashi, Sherm is garbage.

"Hit's on QB are down, it's just that sacks are up". What!! are you F$%%^^ KIDDING ME

I said what did I tell every single one of you stupid idiots about the success rate of the flea flicker in the NFL? The all-time success rate of the flea flicker in the NFL was 85% and that is for all teams ever played including the 80s Bucs. In fact, the flea flicker is so successful but it should not even be considered a trick play. Rather, it should be used regularly in the game so that the defense never knows whether the running back will keep the ball or flick it back to the quarterback for a long past.

Ronnie Brown still making plays in the NFL. Dude has had a long, successful career for a running back in the NFL

I thought OLD FART DAN HENNING WAS COOCOO!! But Sherman takes the whole cake! LMAO! So sacks on the QB isn't the same as hits on the QB? Boy JI really knows how to pick these coaches he is just as bad picking coaches as picking draft picks.
These staff should be call Barnum and Bailey
Circus!! and Philbin and Sherman with leading the row on the clown act with JI dress as a monkey. What bunch of losers. But I love my PHINS team I will be a fan till I die. But the fact of the matter is this coaching staff are not top notch head coaches. They are all assistant coaches not in the row they are in..
And philbin will go down with his buddy Sherman because he doesn't have the balls to fire him, so Ross just get rid of all of them.

Alot of posts about how the team was addressed but OL ignored. I don't believe outside of all those BLASTING J.Martin at LT before Training Camp you would have had 1 person on here believe that per NFL.Com's (run by NFL Net) OL POWER RANKINGS that the Dolphins OL would be ranked dead last! I listen to alot of Sports Talk and from Coop & Coop to Colin and LeBatard/Stu Gatz NOBODY has any clue were Mando's PFF Guys get there #17 ranking. I've actually heard Leon Searcy (whose advice on OL I take given he was a very good Tackle in his day) that he would like to see the team take more Holding calls rather than let Tannehill take that beating and when asked point blank he said he would have held if he couldn't stop his Outside rusher!

That said unless everybody here has gone blind there is no pocket for Tannehill and his 5 to 7 step drop to slide up into with DE's/OLB's over pursuing out of the play. It truly is a collective effort from the OL with the inside being collapsed backwards making those speed outside rushes hit home more than if Tannehill had room to step up given his drop! I don't know how many of you record games then go back and watch them again but if you do you'll notice Jerry getting tossed backwards on 50% or more of pass plays and forget about him getting any push in the run game.

Cogs seems to do alright in pass protect but on some sacks you guys credit Martin for it's actually Cogs missing the inside rusher (on his left shoulder) with Martin looking to slow down the outside DE/OLB BUT! The KICKER is how Pouncey is getting knocked backward in run blocking were I think alot of the run tone is set and lost on him coasting! At 1st I felt he was maybe overcompensating trying to help with the inside rush but if you watch he's getting collapsed back along with the interior line. I suggest if you haven't then record one of these games or in the next one watch him because he Jerry and Cogs are getting abused! Again given the drop in pass protection the Tackles can afford to allow a wide rush with the DE over running the play over the top if Tannehill had a pocket to step into which he doesn't and someone explain why D.Thomas is in the pass protection because for what he's done keep taking your chances with Miller on the field at least if fed in a check down he can do something with the ball given what we get out of Thomas.

Fin4life AND? I guess you trying to say the OL sucks and the people coaching them suck too right!

Tanny's decision making is way too slow. He has to speed up if he wants to be continue to be a starter in the pros.

Obviously Philbin isnt the offensive guru everyone thought.

Dont look now but Reggie Bush has more total yds than Lamar Miller, D Thomas, and Mike Wallace COMBINED!!! And he didnt cost 4 draft choices or 70 million dollars!!

The OL is average but the skill players are poor. QB, RB, and TE all need upgrades. Our RB's are the worst in the NFL.

Dashi can't be more than 7 years old.

If these are really Sherman's answers, then he is a blind idiot. Clabo WAS a decent RT but the Falcons didn't resign him for a reason. His time is up. He's done. The other thing that really pisses me off about this team is, Ireland sucks at picking draft talent and then refuses to admit it by persistently keeping these sorry players on the team for years and years, i.e. Daniel Thomas and John Jerry.

Fin4life AND? I guess you trying to say the OL sucks and the people coaching them suck too right!

ray el heat phins fan | October 14, 2013 at 10:02 PM

NO! Not what I said! We have players as I said, if you'd posted or asked every single member of this blog if they felt our OL would be ranked DEAL LAST they would have said you were CARZY but that Martin was going to be a rutnstile, yadda, yadda, yadda!

Are you aware of what the zone blocking scheme is?? It requires on run plays that all 5 OL move together one way either left or right. It's why everybody mentions the one cut RB in this O. You want a guy moving with the line then cutting back into one of the lanes. If you watch what were doing it's about everything but the definition of what I just told you and that's just in the run game.

In the pass game were supposed to be a West Coast system you should see quicker Tackle play while some cut back blocking on the interior line (like the Broncos perfected if you remember this run blocking scheme in the late 90's) I'm not talking the illegal high-n-low block but to give you an example your LG releasing with your Center peeling back on the DT with your RB running through a truck sized lane like Terrell Davis did better than anyone in this scheme (an example out of plenty I could give)

NO I NEVER Coached a top-5 NFL O or at any level but played this game and have studied and watched it enough to tell you that the Zone blocking talk is for those with very little clue of what there actually looking at. We seem to try and give it a go then switch to POWER RUN BLOCKING ect.... It really seems a mess and the fundamental problem I see!

Cogs is to slow for the zone scheme but a mauler I'd just as soon cut him, Pouncey and Jerry lose in POWER BALL I get that the Coaches want to do something else but the personnel just isn't there. Same on D were former 3/4 MLB Wheeler maybe best served back inside with Ellerbee and Misi in his old role with DJ at WOLB.

My reason is simple this Yr. with Wake out in N.O. and Starks and Solia back inside the switch to DE for Odrick shut down the Saints run game we lost that one on mistakes (and Wheeler/Jones losing Sproles in coverage) but up front man-handled the group that ran at will yesterday on the Pats. At the end of the day I LOVE the players but am IFFY on scheme?! JMO!

fin4life ,

Your posts are way too long to read. Shorten them up if you want people to read them. Thanks.

J Martin is the worst LT in football.

: The Blog | October 14, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Heat Ray,

Asked a question I couldn't answer without an explanation, if you find to long skip it given alot do the same (long posts) and I read them, so don't generalize on everybody's behalf.

Posted by: The Blog | October 14, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Take your Ritalin, it'll help with the attention span issues.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 14, 2013 at 04:26 PM

You're exposed. There aren't a handful of game winning drives in those 10k yards.
A horrid red zone QB.
Enough. Tanny has already provided more electrifying moments. If they can keep him upright, he'll do well.

The Republicans are the modern day terrorists shutting down the government....

Sherman is a good man and a wealth of football knowledge on a coaching staff. However, I do not think he is a good play caller. Philbin is detail oriented and intelligent. Hopefully he will make the changes necessary and not be blinded by the history he has with Sherman. ...on a side note in regards ro the turmoil in Houston. If Wade Phillips is available after the season do what it takes to get him as our DC. Coyles doesn't get the most out of the talents the D has and too often calls stunts and tries to get cute and creates the hole for the other team. I think both of our coordinators are below average.

Texas when you watch a game how often do you ever hear the commentators mention the Dolphins offense is taking advantage of a weakness on the defense? Ever?

If the defense has a defender with average speed wouldn't you want to maneuver an offensive player with speed up against him? Sherm doesn't do that. We never seem to have a game plan that exploits a defenses' weaknesses.


WTF Dusty?
Where were the passing records?
According to you any axxhole can throw for 300 yds in a game; so what happened?

That's right asxhole.
I'm waiting right up front, with the heavy bag and the gloves, anytime, anyplace.

T-hill is holding the ball to long and then protecting himself at first contact rather than scramble out of the pocket. This is the reason for less hits just trying to protect himself and soften the blow so he takes the sack . Not all of it is on the o- line. But he will adjust you'll see

T-Fumble is a poor excuse for an NFL QB,

I am a wanker.

IMA @ 11:15

You want some too huh? Imagine the front of your shirt is being held in place by a left hand while a freely moving right hand is pounding your stupid face.
Now imagine that the person holding you with the left and punching you with the right is Chad Henne's only fan on earth.

Phuc you dusty you imaginary mofo, I'm going to break your neck, spine, both arms and both legs.

ETF @ 12:33

I'm just kidding with dusty bottoms an individual that I've never met and probably never will meet.

I've never broken the neck, spine, arms, legs or any other human body part, that I know of, and I do not intend to break any body parts of anybody real or imagined. This blog is a forum for fans to say stuff that is outrageous and funny and to stay at home and drink without leaving the home or endangering our neighbors in any way shape or form.

Phuc you dusty you imaginary mofo, I'm going to break your neck, spine, both arms and both legs.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 15, 2013 at 12:33 AM

Armando please ban this moron

Sherman needs a lobotomy. I understand now the poor game plan. Stupidity is a virus that Ireland spreaded in this organization. More darkness at the end of the tunnel having coaches like this one.

... I see the damn coaches coach and it makes me vomit pal, whether I play or not college foot ball, pop warner or soccer, for that matter.

Armando please ask Sherman, why does Tannehill ALWAYS SNAP THE BALL ON THE SECOND, GO?????? just listen to every snap!!.... 80% on.
I'm not a defensive coordinator and I can pick that out at home..... PLEASE ASK!!!

He answered the question about screens,but you forgot to ask him the one about plays with a moving pocket such as rollouts,whats wrong did Sherman want to get out of there and purposely ran out the clock.

Last night we saw a terrific display of 'old fashion football'. Very hard to win when you have the ball half as long as your opponent. Something that we couldn't do even in our dreams. We couldn't come close. Not many teams could. But it was beautiful in it's simplicity.

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