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Joe Philbin address issues that are not sustainable

Joe Philbin met with his players today and he had an agenda about issues that need to be addressed, "starting immediately," in his words.

The first thing he told the team was that turnovers have to stop. The Dolphins had four against New Orleans on Monday night. They lost the turnover battle. They got blown out.

Philbin told the players Miami is the only team at the quarter pole of this NFLseason that has a negative turnover margin (minus-1) and a winning record. That is not sustainable.

"That's something we have to get corrected," Philbin said. "I reminded them the last time the Dolphins won the division (2008) they had a plus-17 turnover margin for the season. That's something we need to start headed toward."

Philbin said he talked about the team's sack differential. The Dolphins have allowed the most sacks in the NFL (18) and that is tied with winless Jacksonville. The defense has sacked the opposing quarterback 11 times, which is tied for 14th in the NFL.

"These are not sustainable things," Philbin said. "We're 3-1 at the present time but these things are not going to lead to continued consistent success ... It's not going to fly the next quarter or the quarter after that and the quarter after that."

Philbin said he wants the team to play better at the beginning of games on defense -- Miami's given up points on the opening drive the past two games. And he wants better play at the beginning of the second half on offense. The Dolphins went three-and-out against the Saints Monday night.

This is important because Philbin likes to defer if he wins the coin toss. But giving up points immediately and not converting any points to start the second half defeats the point of deferring.

Overall, at the quarter mark Philbin says the Dolphins are "not unlike a lot of other teams in the National Football League in that we don't have a big margin for error."

"I think it showed up last night," he said. "When we're playing a good team, we have to play better. We have a lot of things we have to work on. That's common place for four games into a season."

As an aside, the Dolphins today waived fullback Tyler Clutts and safety Kelcie McCray.


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Should have re-sign Jake and Bush. Should never have signed Ted Ginn Jr.....I mean Mike Wallace as a free agent.

Still can't cover a Tight End
playing calling sucks - ie 3rd and inches swing left with shitty OLine? drive killer
no adjustments for Sproles - blame coaches
Tanny need to roll out if he is getting sacked
do we even have a screen pass play to slow down rush?
we didnt sign long why?
ireland is a glorified ball boy from Parcells era.

Y'know, if it were possible to filter this blog to hide all comments with the word "Ireland," its average IQ would jump way up.

I am disappointed that RT makes the same mistakes the 4th week in. "Throw the damn ball out of bounds" is not rocket science, surely.

We are 3 & 1, and know we are not at the top yet. However, we made some nice strides. I say keep moving forward in experience and get to the playoffs anyway you can. Next season, we add a few more key players, and maybe get deeper in the playoffs.

Forget Jake Long. He is a shell of his old self.

geez, what a bunch of hysterical Nancys.....lets summarize....the New Orleans Saints are better than us...ok, alot better at this point....but is that really surprising?--and if it is, you are clueless--did you really need to see last nights game to know that the Fins are improved but still have a long way to go?....but thats not the end of the world.

on a positive note....our cheerleaders are smokin'....so we got that going for us....which aint shabby

We will bounce back against Baltimore. We just ran into a Giant last night and being in New Orleans on a Monday Night; always a tough place to get a win. Seemed like we weren't in sink last night. New Orleans is talking smack though; Galette espesially:

“We got some turnovers and got the offense going and just fueled off each other,” Galette told Saints reporters Monday night. “Up front we just kept taking advantage of their weak tackles and their inside guys. I wish we could play them again so we could tee off on them again.”

“It was a nice win, but I don’t think that team was as good as everybody was saying,” he said. “We just abused their offensive line all game.”


That O-line needs to sustain their blocks longer. Seems like they only block for three seconds and let the D-Line player go. J. Jerry/Martin/Clabo/Incognito... Tannehill is holding it for five seconds; O-line needs to step up and give Tannehill time to throw. Go Phins!!

Ireland doesn't play. we have player just need make it happen better coaching. the dolphins are heading in right direction. next year should be better make playoff first.

I agree with Joe we shouldn't panic. It's only one game. As far as the four turnovers. The only one that I see is Tannhill's fault is the fumble. The 3 interception were all on the receivers and offensive line. Hartline got beat to the ball on one(Hartline should have hit the CB before the ball came). Wallace didn't finish his route on the second interception and the third interception his arm was hit as he released the ball. Wallace needs to keep his mouth shut and caught the football. He missed atleast 4 balls last night. This team aside from the defensive line needs to play with more anger. We are soft. The first TD pass to Jimmy Graham should have been knockout. Our secondary needs to start hitting. Somebody needs to tell Reshard Jones the games have started and he needs to start playing. Just because he received his money doesn't mean he should be hitting anyone. Also our linebackers are running around and are tackling anyone until the are 7 yeards down the field. I am still waiting for someone to hit Darren Sproul. Please stop waiting for someone else to make the play and hit someone. GO PHINS!!

I hope Philbin let the coaches have it too!!!! A lot of coaching mistakes! Belicheat would of had that def in the right packages.

To start, I had a feeling we would get our doors blown off. The Saints are a good team. The Dolphins had their chances and just did not capitalize. It was a few plays that made this look like a landslide. This game was over after the half when the offense went 3 and out on the opening drive and the Saints scored on the next possession. It was done.

Tannehill has got to stop turning the ball over. When he doesn't turn it over, we win games or at least have a chance to win them.

Coaching staff has got to do a better job. 3rd and inches that opening drive and you call a SWEEP? Man that is just plain STUPID! They also need to find a way to get Wallace more involved in the offense. Although he did have his fair share of drops, as he often does. On a few occasions Tannehill missed him. It appears as if there is no chemistry between the two of them. What gives? At this point of the season with 4 games behind them and a training camp, they should be on the same page.

At the beginning of the season if you told me this team was going to be 3-1 at this point, I would have said no way. I thought they would at best be 2-2 or possibly 1-3. That win against the Falcons does not look so good after what I saw NE do to them on Sunday night.

Hopefully they turn it around against the Ravens.

It was like David vs Goliath. When they play elite teams like that, the game MUST be played mistake free. Against elite QBs like Brees, Manning, Brady, the offense has to keep up with scoring points. If they fall behind, its over. What I can't understand amongst many things that went wrong is, can't this defense adjust to covering several good players at the same time? Why did Graham and Sproles literally kill this defense? Is it lack of talent, still? Lack of energy? Vitamins?
And I can't believe this O-line. What a bunch of weakdicks! How many years is it gonna take Ireland to correct it? Daniel Thomas- trade him. Should've kept Reggie, with Miller would have been a nice package. Today I really feel both sad and pissed off. Come on Philbin don't just stand there, put some character into these guys!!!

It seems as if this game was lost even before it started. I guess the fact of being undefeated got to their heads and thought it was going to be a breeze. Instead they got a dose of reality from Drew Breeze! Oh yes, and whats up with this deferring situation. Damn it you win the coin toss, get on the field first, when fresh, and put 7 on the scoreboard. Who, I wonder, is the idiot???

One last thing. My recommendation to these players is the morning before game time, drink/eat double your weight in protein. Protein, Protein, Protein! Before the game and during-REDBULL!
Follow what Cam Wake does he is ripped.

Good offensive teams have a great rhythm to them. Especially when you run the ball well. The def looks one step behind. I thought we really looked this way in the first half.

We simple don't have the pass blocking rift now to throw every down working from behind. I just don't like Sherman's play calling!!

Can he call a boot leg just once on 3rd and 1. Different wrinkles every week.

We also need more crossing patterns. Just not enough!!!

The Saints are a championship caliber team playing a Monday night game at home, their system and core are well established. As far as T-Hill, pleas go back and look at Payton Manning's first couple of years, Rodgers and a few others. How about Eli, without a strong running game, no line a and weak defense this year? This team was due for a huge reality check and this game was ripe. Terrible match up and needed to match them early TD for TD force turn overs 3 and outs, rattle Brees and commit none. Phins are a team in rebuild mode with new players everywhere you look. You can't fix years of crap in one or two drafts. R. Jones has been a real let down where there was expected improvement from rising to dominant star? D. Thomas was already here when Philbin took over and isn't good. Runs way to straight up, doesn't make anybody miss or deliver any punishment. Keller would have really made a huge difference with Clay as a role player. This team is headed in the right direction and has played a long pre-season with a 3 out of 4 road games against tough teams. Lots of injuries on defense etc. Both last years Superbowl teams have had embarrassing losses already along with a couple of other supposed contenders. There are the Pats, Saints, Broncos and after that teams a little more established but with holes just like the Phins. I like where this team is headed from a coaching and vision standpoint. The next game will determine a lot about the talent and character of this team.

Go Phins!

The Dolphins are what we thought they were!! They are a few O-Line studs, a REAL TE, a REAL #2 WR and a vicious safety away from being a Super Bowl contender.
Would keeping Long and Bush have helped? I'm sure it would but we would still need all the above to be SPECIAL. Ireland and Philbin have taken us this far in 2 seasons next draft and free agency should do the trick!!

First of all, automatically deferring everytime we win the coin toss may not be a good thing. How about having opportunity to get first score every now and then.

2ndly, what's so bad about the other team's offense getting 1st 2nd half possession? Our defense should have a better feel for the opposing offense after 2qrs, and 2nd half defensive adjustments are made if need be.

Finally, oline issues weren't fully addressed during offseason. How much better would Albert(LT) and Martin(RT) lok now. A shotty pass block oline is invitation for turnovers. Picks and fumbles.

100% blame on the team, for lack of offseason execution, isn't going to solve present issues either. Like ordering a blind man to see. We all know that doesn't work Mr. Philbin.

I won't even mention the coordinator issues Monday Night. We're speaking both sides of the ball. It's like bringing in Obama-care without first fixing the economy. How is anything AFFORDABLE CARE when the ECONOMY IS STILL BROKEN?

4 turnovers on the road....don't convert a 3rd and les than an inch... give up several 3rd and 10+... you don't win PERIOD

Go Phins!!!

I understand it is one game, but this game should of been a lot closer.

The saints had 2 packages going in and out. They should of keyed the fastest player we have on sproles and the best big cover guy we have. Regardless of what formation they used with these guys.

They learned a huge lesson with this!!!!

Granted no other team has a guy as fast as Sproles with Graham on turf.

This defense needs a de-cleater like Palamalu,R. Harrison, Ronnie Lott etc. at safety. They have to fear the middle as receivers and backs coming out. Lay the wood and see how many balls Sproles catches? etc.

Go Phins !!!

The team won't ascend above mediocrity until Ireland is gone. Anyone who doesn't understand as much has no clue. Ireland's draft was mediocre to poor again. What world are Ireland's idiotic supporters actually living in ?
It's year number six...and many serious problems still remain. The fact that Nolan Caroll is still on the field alone proves Ireland's incompetence. Chris Clemons hasn't made a single play since joining the team four years ago. Misi, Hartline and Jones are being paid as if they're among the best in the league, same as Wallace...and they're mediocre players. Mediocre players are all Ireland has brought here. He doesn't even look for playmakers. He doesn't look for players who have made plays in the past. He likes potential, calls it upside. He believes everyone will develop into playmakers once they have a flying whale on the side of their USFL helmets. This has never happened...not even once in six years. Ireland's supporters are clueless morons. Name a single player who has developed into a star with the Dolphins over the last six years. You can't...because no one has. Then look in the mirror and say FIRE ROSS is right, as an Ireland supporter I really am a moron...and the Dolphins are mediocre again.

Once again the Dolphins had a chance to shut the ney sayers up and what do they do same thing this franchise is known for, they blew it big time. I read all the post and agree with them. this team will never be anything more than a mediocre team at best until an offensive line shows up. We were supposed to have a decent defense but even that is suspect. this team is no different than any other team this franchise has put on the field for the past 15 or so years, and you know how I know? I live and breath Miami Dolphins football since 71, and we are the ghost of what this franchise used to be. Don't be surprised if this team goes from 3-1 to 3-3 real quick. But my god what could of been, I want this team to be on of the power house teams ESPN always talks about not the joke we are now.

Philbin can preach until he's blue in the face. Bottom line is-----the team is not ready from a personnel standpoint. Defensively we cannot stop the pass and until we can--the top tier teams in the NFL will continue to blow us out.

Mike Wallace is a cancer to the team.

I said it once and going to say it again, that game did not mean a thing, should have rested his injured players, got ready Baltimore, go into the bye 4 and 1, and win the division, New England is not the Saints.

On to the Next week.

OK so we lost to the Best the Team in the NFC.

So we aren't an Elite team just yet. Who would've thought.

Funny that the ones complaining were the same one saying the Fins will go 1-4 to start the season.

By your own guesstimation the Fins have Over Achieved Already.

Dashi had the Fins going 4-1. So I still feel that they can reach their potential. And don't look like a Hypocrite when I do complain from what I See.

Time to see how the Team adjust and prepares for this game. They need to play better. And it needs to start now. The Ravens are definitely beatable.

a lot of fair weather and chicken little fans of the dolphins.

yes, losing always sucks. but this team is much better than last years team. are they a Super Bowl contender right now? highly doubtful but they are a playoff contender and even a possible division contender if the improve by the time the division games start.

i think even the most optimistic fans predicted 12 wins. that would mean 9-3 the rest o the way. pretty tough. but for 10 wins we would only need to go 7-5. certainly not out of the range of possible if not likely!! i think that would be pretty great. but based on the schedule i believe we could go to 11 or 12. most of the toughest teams left we have at home. and some of those tough teams aren't looking so tough. ravens? bungals? steelers? i don't think so.

yep, the saints doubled us up, partly based off turnovers, partly based on some questionable play calls. but honestly overall i'm happy with the fins. they have some issue. some can be fixed during the season, others are gonna need another solid draft.

Yes, The Saints are the Best team in the NFC not the Seahawks.

The Saints have D.Brees. D.Brees and Payton have actually won a Superbowl.

Wilson doesn't win games. The team win games. The defense and the run game win games for Seattle. Wilson is just a game manager.

Who here thinks Seattle will beat the Saints in a Shootout.

Not Happening.

I surely hope our players are watching the NFL channel right now, cause they would be steaming like I am. That big eared commentator, forgot his name, said it looked as if Sean Payton and Drew Breeze "toyed with the Dolphins last night". Now the Saints are like the best team in the league thanks to that atrocious game last night. Ben Watson also said "Our defense just played with their tackles weaknesses". All I can say is EMBARRASSING! Once again the laughing dtock of the league.

With that said we are Battling for 3rd Best team in the AFC right now. Who would've thought that was possible before the Season.

Even Dashi, The Most Optimistic Fin Fan. Believed we were maybe the 5th or 6th Best team in the AFC. But this team is developing nicely in its First Year of the Rebuild.

Last Season was the Evaluation Season, Philbin had to see what he needed and who he was going to keep last season. He also had to deal with the Bad cap situation from last season. This is the first season the Team is built the way Philbin wanted. He still needs to get more players, but he already has fixed many questions this team had last season. Without destroying the Future Cap or Future Drafts.

Phins 31 Raylessvens 17!

Miller 120 on the ground
Wallace 100 plus on 5 catches
3 sacks on Flacco Jimenez and his accordion
2 picks by our D
340 yds with 2 tds, no picks or fumbles for T-Hill
Several Gloria Estafan songs for your enjoyment

Go Phins!!!

Is phillip wheeler still chasing sproles? That guy scks the big one. He is rated worse lb in nfl.
and reshard jones is pathetic this yr. If last year they let him roam around and he played great why stick him in coverages that are his weakness? These coordinators blow.


Hilarious how many people over-react to every single game in a sports season. The team is 3-1 and the very first post on here claims the team should have signed Bush and Long and not Wallace. That's hysterical. I read these comments from time to time to get a good laugh.

Well, clearly they should've signed Bush and Long. Tannehill is getting beat up without them.

J. Wilson S 10/01 Prob.
P. Wheeler LB 10/01 Prob.
D. Watkins G 10/01 INACTIVE
M. Pouncey C 10/01 Prob.
I. Olshansky DT 10/01 Ques.??????????????

Question? I and many others prior to this game have been wondering why they had such a short leash on T-Hill and insist on him staying in the pocket. I wonder if his ball security issue is a reason they keep him in and also why they have stayed away from QB sneaks in short yardage situations?

Go Phins!!!

AS for Gloria Estafan songs, I like :

the rhythm is gonna get you and the words get in the way, oh almost forgot " turn the beat around " ..love that one..


Hilarious how many people over-react to every single game in a sports season. The team is 3-1 and the very first post on here claims the team should have signed Bush and Long and not Wallace. That's hysterical. I read these comments from time to time to get a good laugh.

Posted by: Lefty | October 01, 2013 at 07:11 PM

The thing is they had enough cap room to sign all 3 with room to spare. Thats disheartening.

always love it when on tv they refer to a qb coming close or coming near a Marino/Clayton/Duper record..makes me proud that I saw Marino play in the 80's..He would have smoked them last night with our '84 team...

Igor Olshansky was signed by Ireland and immediately moved to the top of the depth chart; this of course after he had been released by 3 other teams.

It was the same with Columbus: he was signed and immediately became our #2 OL behind Long.



That's an average of 4 rec/ 53 yds/ 0 TDs every time he plays B'more; and that's with Rothe throwig the ball.

All I mean is that it is standard practice and more or less allowed by the League for a Team to occasionally not be prepared fully if they have a lot of injuries to mend and more so for inter conference Games. Do you really believe NE, without any receivers, was that much better than Atl last week? NO so supremely huge over Miami? Hmm... Naïve People here.

Bush will miss games and be a question mark for every game's injury report. You see one highlight in 4 weeksof play. What they don't show is all the dancing in the backfield stuff. Long is done, body betrayed him. Look up all the so-called O-line studs from the draft and see how bad they are panning out. Clay is ok but too bad they whiffed so hard on Egnew and the other youngster ain't showing anything. Onward and upward with what we got.

Go Phins!!!

Wallace was the 31st ranked WR last year. He's worse so far this year. He has a case of the dropsies and the diva. He is a poor mans Brandon Marshall... worse in every way.

We are favored by 3 over the Ravens.

We are soft now. This is what happens when you abondon being a running a team and want to go from the sotgun on every freakin down. Bah to the "modern NFL". Football is still a game of trenches. Should have drafted Warmack.

Keeping D Thomas and not Reggie Bush was MORONIC!!

For the record as a 5'8" man of smaller stature. I was quite proud of the Lil' fellers Brees and Sproles. Got our asses beat by 2 dudes that can't reach the top shelf at the grocery store. Bitchen!

Go Phins!!!

You Bush and Long guys need to get over your man crushes. Long was benched by the hapless Rams and Bush isn't doing much better than Miller. They had attitude issues and are better off gone. So get over it.

Long bush is out! Went out years ago!

Go Phins!

You Bush and Long guys need to get over your man crushes. Long was benched by the hapless Rams and Bush isn't doing much better than Miller. They had attitude issues and are better off gone. So get over it.

Posted by: PhinsForever | October 01, 2013 at 07:44


Philbin should start with his poor coaching. Dion Jordan is effective when he plays, but they don't let him play when wake is out. Lamar miller doesn't play in the 3rd quarter in a 2 possession game at the half when he has 5.6 per carry. Zero carries in the second half. Olivier Vernon and Shelby start over Jordan?


He missed one play in the game when that player rolled up his ankle.

Looks like the same old dolphins to me.

Long was really on the downside when he left and I felt that Bush was a bit overrated (injury prone and danced around to much). I would have rather seen them sign another OL (Andy Levitre from Buffalo) and Wes Welker instead of Wallace. For the money they paid for Wallace they could have signed Levitre and Welker.

I told everyone on this blog before the season started. Wallace is not a true elite #1 receiver. He is getting paid elite money and he is a #2 receiver at best. He is certainly not as good as the elite, Calvin and Andre Johnson, Fitzegerald, or Marshall. Those guys are dominators, guys who take over a game. Wallace is a guy that can run go routes and who drops a ton of passes.

I agree Monte.

I said during the off season that Brian Hartline was a much better receiver last year. He had more receptions and more yards by a lot. In fact his numbers were closer to Davon Bess who missed the last 4 games of the season than Hartline. IMO the best receiver on this team right now is Brian Hartline.

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