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Joe Philbin address issues that are not sustainable

Joe Philbin met with his players today and he had an agenda about issues that need to be addressed, "starting immediately," in his words.

The first thing he told the team was that turnovers have to stop. The Dolphins had four against New Orleans on Monday night. They lost the turnover battle. They got blown out.

Philbin told the players Miami is the only team at the quarter pole of this NFLseason that has a negative turnover margin (minus-1) and a winning record. That is not sustainable.

"That's something we have to get corrected," Philbin said. "I reminded them the last time the Dolphins won the division (2008) they had a plus-17 turnover margin for the season. That's something we need to start headed toward."

Philbin said he talked about the team's sack differential. The Dolphins have allowed the most sacks in the NFL (18) and that is tied with winless Jacksonville. The defense has sacked the opposing quarterback 11 times, which is tied for 14th in the NFL.

"These are not sustainable things," Philbin said. "We're 3-1 at the present time but these things are not going to lead to continued consistent success ... It's not going to fly the next quarter or the quarter after that and the quarter after that."

Philbin said he wants the team to play better at the beginning of games on defense -- Miami's given up points on the opening drive the past two games. And he wants better play at the beginning of the second half on offense. The Dolphins went three-and-out against the Saints Monday night.

This is important because Philbin likes to defer if he wins the coin toss. But giving up points immediately and not converting any points to start the second half defeats the point of deferring.

Overall, at the quarter mark Philbin says the Dolphins are "not unlike a lot of other teams in the National Football League in that we don't have a big margin for error."

"I think it showed up last night," he said. "When we're playing a good team, we have to play better. We have a lot of things we have to work on. That's common place for four games into a season."

As an aside, the Dolphins today waived fullback Tyler Clutts and safety Kelcie McCray.


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Complaints about the management, coaching, personnel and execution - that is the true blog of the Phins.


They would be Outback.
Not Ruth's Chris
Not Peter Luger
Not Sparks

Fools gold.

Who's the Fins o-line coach?

Who hired him?

Any QB behind that line probably won't make it thru the season.

Hire a new o-line coach.

Soprano is the O-line coach, no?
Oh wait I thought we were talking about the Raiders.

GF is watching 'Bad Girls Miami'.
I have not seen any grafitti or 5 gallon paint buckets filled with mismatched tools so I think they are really on a set in Burbank.

notsotiredfinfananymore I think they better try the Roberto Duran pre-fight meal steak and orange juice.BTW those powered proteins have a lot of milk fat in them I hope you didnt think you can get buff drinking what looks like chocolate milk.

Fraud, have you used enough names yet tonight? You ain't foolin nobody except of course idiot Kris.

Tp all of those who use IMO....

It's redundant. Obviously it's your opinion. Duh! When you write IMO people care even less!!!!

What the fcck are you talking about, this is the the only handle I have used for the past 6 months not just tonight.

Miller is NOT fast. He was caught from behind last week on a full throttle burst. Disappointing. Our poor running game is what is hurting us most.

Fraud, you burned out that excuse 2 months ago, and then you were saying its been 2 years! Now you are saying 6 months!

Mark Twain said if you never lie you never have to remember anything :)

Busted again!

Nahh, I only drink J&B. Somebody told me that it is the most popular brand of Scotch all over Europe. Anybody here can confirm that?

Sheesh if Armando threw a flag everytime sometime used an illegal screenname Ed Hocule would have a temper tantrum and have to head for the sideline for a powered protein shake(chocolate milk)

J&B is the McDonalds of scotch. In Europe they drink the single malts. I like Macallum but the GlenFiccich and Glenlivet's are very nice.

I did not refer to quality, Dunc, I referred to popularity of brand of Scotch. If many People here cannot afford single malts, imagine the People in Europe!


And Wallace doesnt get double teamed either like Marshall did.

Popularity by far is Johnny Walker - Black for the middle class, Red for the slugs.

Oh, J&B must be only popular is Spain.

Duncan probably eating KFC now. I will go prepare my 2" ribeye(we had less than that to go for that first down, less than that..)

So sick of these posters who jump the wagon as soon as things don't go their way. Was this Dolphin team ever going to go undefeated? No - They lost to one of the top five team in the league, on monday night, at the rivals crib. Reality check is in order. This Phin team has some holes. But they are capable of beating some good teams and on a given day, minus turnovers and sacks will give a great team a hard battle. The first half of last night game was competitive. Dolphins with 2 minutes to half-time were in a position to take the lead into half time. Turnovers, turnover, turnovers have to stop. Stay frosty Miami...lots of football left!

Hey, Dunc, you hold government contracts? Tighten your seatbelt.


Nice job shutting up Fraud the Fraud.

We ARE on to him.

It's just rubbing some sea salt on it and letting it stand for 25' at RT. No need to season a Ribeye.

I said it last night that this team that won 3 straight can also lose 3 straight, look not for nothing but saying wheeler Ellerbe is a more significant up grade than Dansby and Burnett is not, maybe
On run support but tthat's it, they can't cover no one, safety's suck what happen to Jones? Not the same player as last year, Clemons just sucks period he wouldn't start for no other team in the NFL just doesn't make plays!
Corners only Grimes the rest horrible but Smith playing pretty dam good in KC. Since Coyle has come on board this defense has regress
Time for a change there, OL horrible, THill still Raw! But has improve some what, JI draft picks this year all of them has contribute nothing, the OL going on 6 years with the same issues, in free agency he signs a WR that is not a route runner doesn't resign Reggie didn't have a replacement for Long trades a lot of those draft picks remember
All those draft picks? Than moves up picks a player that is hurt, check that three players hurt out of college which I just mention a minute ago have contribute nothing, sign Keller knowing he just came back from injury last year could of sign two free agent TE. Didn't sign a RB to replace bush, Jordan is going to be a bust mark my words, with all that said and still have a lot more to point out all you dolpfan still thinks he is a good GM has done a great job? I guarantee after he gets fire or when his time comes to a end here, no other team in the NFL will hire him period..six years still can't draft OL players
Its a joke enough already coming up with excuses for JI, yes 3-1 but just go look at the stats and rankings of this teamnot very good it will catch up with this team if it already has.

Oscar may I recommedn a nice Austrailian Shiraz with that Ribeye or maybe an Italian Brunello? A California Cabernet (above $20) will work nice too.

So sick of these posters who jump the wagon.

Posted by: pancanfinfan | October 01, 2013 at 09:04

After 4 consecutive losing seasons I'm not jumping on the bandwagon until AFTER they win a playoff game.

Ray, shouldn't you be in Bible study?


Didn't you say it's been six months? LOOOOOLLOOOOOL

What a dummy, hehe.

6 months?? for what?

Ok, I admit I was a fool for talking to Fraud. He Suckered me.

It happens.....for Better or Worse'.

With advanced ipv6, even with a change to their ip, you can still track their location.

I wil haunt FraudCadillacMasterSMF and ALL of his names forever here, or until he leaves. He is maybe starting to learn to believe me.

No its tomorrow Wednesday... You so funny hey you welcome to come, you just might learn something and give your life up to God all mighty. Do you believe?

Let's all CHILLAX...Come on now, admit it ya'll...when the schedule first came out, you are as guilty as I am and picked a big "L" for Phins at Saints on MNF.

Heck, even if the Phins were going to win 15 games, this is the one they were losing...Brees at his house, no Cam Wake, either ? Seriously ? Beat the Ravens and take a week off to prep for EJ rookie Manuel and the Bills, go 5-1, and all is forgiven.
OLine sucks...big problem. That's on Ireland right now. Should have gotten Brandon Albert for a darned pick when that trade was there, Eric Winston too for that matter. How does anyone expect Tanny to throw deep to Wallace when he has ZERO time to do so..??? Even with Wallace's speed...!! Tells you about that Oline..time to shop for some Oline acorns or Tanny gets hurt and Phins are done.

My Ribeye is being processed now(only by the salt). We grow exponentially more and more powerful over the trolls every moment that passes and they, more and more, also exponentially, impotent before Us. They should know that they must be highly Educated to compete in this New World. But it's too late for them now, perhaps their grandchildren...

I only drink Chilean wine now, perhaps sometimes a Rioja.

You haven't LIVED until a cute, young girl has given you a thorough Rim Job before the deed.

Believe me.

Chilean wine is way over rated. It is cheap so they are popular, but not that good. I suggest going over the border for the Argentine Malbecs. Of course Rioja is a fine choice too.

You remember that 7.2 earthquake of the coast of Chile about 4 yrs ago, Dunk? It created a small tsunami which affected the sub-soil of that Country. The wines that are coming from there now are top notch, Toro de Piedra, Toro Ping-n, etc. Check them out.

Yeah, I remember this guy in DR that received a rim job from some girl there and he said he was scratching the walls.

Not calling anybody a Hypocrite. But it was said this behavior was going to stop.

I as others have no problem with people having a difference of Opinion. Or that they aren't Real Fans and come on here to trash the team.

But when will some of us learn to act our age. Or at least act like grown ups. It sounds like a bunch of frustrated Teenagers here sometimes. Whining and complaining about the littlest things.

While a couple others sound like they are having an Elderly Crisis. Riding around in little red convertibles, talking about stuff they can't afford and ranting on and on about things they can't control.

Now I know I will get ostracized for my comments.

But it gets boring and redundant when every other comment is a repeat of the previous comment insulting the team and its players & coaches. Where all that changes is the persons sign in name.

With that said, Dashi isn't talking about everyone here. We have some Real Knowledgeable posters here, Whom I really respect. Just the Select Few who think they own the place and that by repeating their opinion 1001+ Times will manage to change others opinions.


Wallace not catching that bomb was the game changer. 60 million? If we paid him on performance he would be broke! As for our other free agent signings, they all are making some plays and in turn we have improved. N.O is a great team but there were many opportunities for us to win this game. If we play terrible then we deserve to get beat. Saints are tough and it was MNF and they were on the road.....etc...blah,blah. I'm not upset with the loss, just upset with the performance. On the wine subject, not a bottle alive can beat a half gallon of grey goose and a 2 liter of sprite.

eh....at least we are not on the other end of the spectrum..0-4, so with that said, relax and just take a deep breath. We were beaten by an elite team, look the Saints are a well established franchise and besides that it was a game we did not need to win. I agree the showing was terrible, especially in the second half, that was simply pitiful to say the least.
I myself am not worried about last night's outcome. I believe we got knocked down a few notches and being humbled on national television is a great motivator. I expect a very peeved team hitting the field this Sunday.
Oh yeah, before I forget, talking smack about our team by the victor's is simply poor sportsmanship in my opinion and should not be tolerated under any circumstances and should be dealt with accordingly. The Ravens should be telling the Saints players to chill out and shut their pie holes because they will be the benefactors of a major beat down by a very p*ssed off Dolphins squad come this Sunday, that I can promise you.

We can beat the Ravens... we're just not elite yet.

hello ppl it was one game.the team is 3-1 the first quarter of season technically on pace to b 12-4. yes horrible call to run to outside with d.thomas on third and 1 after saints scored. tannehill has to side on his fumble idk wat he was thinking.m.wallace dropped at least 3-4 balls especially when he got behind his friend lewis.everything doesnt have to deep pass one two of this drops on those drag or crossing routes if he catches the pigskin he could have a big gain.

Ok, wow true fans. We are 3-1 and beat some good teams. We lost to a good team on the road. Everone stop jumping off the ship. The team is young and still can get better. Yes we need the o-line needs to get better. It's hard to throw from your back. Tannehill is trying to run around and make plays sometimes you will fumble that way. Loook at Vick. Yes we got to get better but some of you guys are ridiculous over the first loss. How many of you actually thought we be 3-1 right now???

Tannehill is not a ProBowl Qb (yet), Clay is not Gonzalez, Wallace is not Duper, And our Oline is not even remotely capable... That being said, The Dolphins are still a playoff team and are a young team still in transition of youth, experience and Talent. That will all come in due time but Rome wasn't built in a day so in the next couple yrs I expect Miami to be considered on of the elite teams if their future offseasons go as good as the last couple have. No team in the league is ever fielding ProBowlers at every position and neither will Miami, but at least we do field a winning team that is onthe rise.

The problem coach is that you look clueless on the sideline and completely in the dark with game management; why would you defer the opener to the Saints? I guarantee you they wouldn’t have done that. 2 why were you clueless when the refs gave Miller a first down, but short? Don’t you have a play for a situation like that, or just scream snap the ball Tanni! The dude across from you threw the red flag and the drive was over! 3 On 3rd and millimeter? What call was that? Tani is 6’4 all he had to do is lay down and you got a 1st down; those are the unsustainable issues you and your coaches should also address!

If anybody were to tell me during the off season that we'd be 3-1 right now with our brutal schedule, I'd take it. Quit hating people.

We lost 1 damn game, the world is not over, you can say this guy or that guy sucked or the coaching staff sucks, but remember 1 very important thing... we have an extremely young football team. Take a good look at the roster and how many years each guy has for experience. When I saw that , I think these guys are playing very well for their experience levels.

No more weed 'til the season is over. It is not a performance enhancing drug.

Fire the defensive cordinator. The defense has regressed.

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