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Joe Philbin: 'We will fix it'

Joe Philbin is not, shall we say, a relationship builder when it comes to his dealings with the media. That's what I've been told by those within the Dolphins organization. And the imperical evidence of the past 21 months would seem to back that up.

He operates more at arms length with people like me -- unlike Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Nick Saban and Tony Sparano. And unlike those gentlemen, he doesn't necessarily read or listen to everything that is written or said about him.

One more thing: He's not a fan of one-on-one interviews.

But this week, in the face of a three-game losing skid, Philbin decided it was in the best interest of the franchise to get closer to the enemy, I suppose. He decided to go against his own grain and do a one-on-one.

And he decided to do that with me.

Philbin had me brought up to his office and I asked questions and he gave, what I believe, were thoughtful, complete answers. (That, by the way, is not typical as he often and purposefully does not provide insight during his press conferences.)

So here is that interview.

In it, Philbin discusses what he's doing to address the current losing skid, what his and his staff's culpability is for that skid, what his message to the team is heading to today's New England game, and he promises this:

"We will fix it."

So please check out my column.


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Ross wasnt happy after the Bills game we let slip away. I'm sure Ireland and Philbin got an earful. Philbin was no doubt instructed/ordered to give you the interview.

We'll see.

Again, Armando, good interview. How's the weather up there?

coaches like sparano and philbin can be very set in their ways. often times fans can recognize issues and possible solutions before coaches. fans knew we had oline issues when jake long walked. our tackles are turnstiles.

Haven't we seen enough to know that Joe Philbin and staff aren't good enough to coach a team into championship status? They don't have schemes that produce success from average players; too often overlook, ignore or misuse above average talent; and seem to have poor formulation for developing young guys. Week-in, week-out this coaching staff is rated lower than the opposition group it faces, in both pre and post game analyses.

Further, this is year 4 with Jeff Ireland holding the reins (ever since the Brandon Marshall acquisition) and he has yet to make the kind of moves that indicate the Dolphins will ever return to glory in the NFL.

If you just want a local team to root for on Sunday, this group is for you. For those wanting more, time to look beyond Philbin-Ireland.

Don't believe it, Talib will be there. Much too important a Game for both Teams.

We have played Belichick and his Team countless times and know him pretty well. However, Patriots do not know Philbin that well. Small, but an advantage for us.

It seems there will be nice Football weather, in the 50s.

I do not see this coaching staff with rose-colored glasses. Too much questionable clock-management, failure to shake up the O-Line with a benching (or 2) and most of all, waffling and leadership (lack of). Your HC benches your BEST PLAYMAKER and HARDEST-WORKER last year for a fumble, yet refuses to do so for a turnstile at right tackle. Then, he preaches that the Dolphins only keep, draft, pick, hire, etc. players that buy into the "system", then brings party-man McKinnie on board for "need". I say that Garner and Yeatman should have been given some reps while he "rested" Clabo and Martin a series, or 2. Won't even get into Mr. Magoo's fabulous sweep calls on 3rd and inches. (Has tjis fu.king guy ever heard of a QB sneak!!) I wad on board all last year and early this year. I knew we got lucky as sh.t on more than 1 occasion the 1st 3 games, but coaching has been questionable too many times. I agree with Philbin, I "like our guys", but am sorry to say I do 't like the 4 most important ones anymore (Ireland, Philbin, Shetman and Coyle). Will say 3 things: Keep our D-Line coach, get on the phone to Pennington for QB coach before the best QB we have had in years is ruined, then call Marino and tell Ireland his check is in the mail!

Jon gruden dolphins coach 2014 please make it happen.

gruden is a complete idiot

Thanks once again Mando. You asked some great questions,but the answers were predictable. This coaching staff can not fall back on the "lack of talent"debate anymore. The only weak spots are OL tackles,and shame on them for not correcting the problem. Going back to Aprils draft,OTA's,training camp,and five pre-season games,and they still can't get it right? WTF

The pats will feast on us

We are screwed glued and tatooed

My hopes where so high for this season , they are not so much now we have a real bad football team we need to tear this thing down starting will coyle I hate his defense ,i can't watch it anymore it's a high school defense

And not to mention that we have also had six regular season games,and still the same crap,pitiful! That Bills game took all of the wind out of my sails. They were flat,unprepared,and deserved to lose. And this same bunch is in New England today and expect to win?

pats suck, but we suck also. pats win 23-13

By the end of this week we will be 3-5 great job with the team guys!!!!!!!!!!!!c

We need a maniac coach someone like chuckie maybe!

Grudge can transform this bunch of under performers

I have never seen a team so unprepared in my life ,well maye rich kotites jets, maybe we can hire herm Edwards at least he plays to win the game

Oscar what do you think my friend

LOL...it's way way too early to start talking about next year 6 games into the season. But's that our fair weather fan base...amusingly enough happens every year. Every season people start calling for us to clean house, the team sucks, sell the team, draft a QB and start all over again. Let me save you all from the chicken little syndrome. The sky is not falling we have 10 games to play.

truth whats it matter how many we have to play. not hard to see this isnt a playoff year. fix the oline next year, fire ireland and comeback strong for 2014. no more rooting to win a couple meaningless games down the stretch only to ruin our draft and schedule next year id much rather go 3-13 than 7-9, how bout u?

I'm with you dusty

We ignored the oline the whole offseason what the hell where they waiting for Brandon Albert should be our left tackle that's when the wheels fell off we did nothing

We are going to be embarrassed today I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!


The first 3 games have proved we can play better and we could be a playoff team. The last 3 games the team has slumped no doubt about it. Mistakes have been made and the coaching has not been great. But I see no upside to quitting on these guys and this team. Get a new GM so we can have a GM without his coach? Then it'll be the new GM needs to hire his coach then the coach may want his QB. Yeah I'll wait to get to all that.

Good questions Mando but the answers were generic as expected. You can only hide from the real answers for so long and todays game should give us some of the real answers.

If we win today. I truely hope you sll throw your Doplhins gear out.You're all retarded.

But Mando...

Although you had very good questions about making changes and fan anger, you allowed him to skirt them. Why!! You have the media right and the power of the pen to get him to give you straight answers. IE...

Q: A knee-jerk approach is bad, but fundamentally, do you reject the idea that you have to do something different to get a different result?
(Great question!!)

A: “No, I try to stay true to the film. I watch the film or look at the film and say...(blah, blah, blah)
(So your plan is to continually live in denial and not change several problems that are painfully obvious??)

Q: Are you aware that some fans have started to grow dissatisfied with the work of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman...??
(Great question but you should have included Coyle, The OL coach, including Ireland's OL, and himself!!)

A: “Yeah, I don’t do much on the Internet. I don’t look at ProFootballTalk. However, I can imagine … as coaches we want to be better.
(You should have pinned him down there again with...
Oh really, so you don't respect the fans opinions and many great player moves and scheming suggestions???)

Bottom line is you had him at your advantage. You held the cards. You know from experiance how they duck and weave and you should have forced meaningful answers. You've seen this movie before!

Allowing the coaches and GM to not be culpable is the type of huge problem that allows them to continue to be arrogant and stubbornly pig headed. Ultimately leading to no change and ultimate ruin.

So my ask is that you please use your skillful questioning and bold character (which I know you have) and just let it rip. Don't let him off the hook Mando!

After all, this isn't exactly Vince Lombardi or Don Shula you are questioning. If I were taking bets he probably won't be around long enough to worry about his repoire with you. But us long time fans will be!!

The answers Philbin gave were predictable. Stay the course. Get back to fundamentals. The "team" wins and loses as a group. And, he's not gonna throw his coaching staff under the bus in the media. Anyone that has paid attention will know that he presents a smokescreen to the public and the media. But, that's not a bad thing either. Football in the NFL is like chess; sometimes you have to minimize the look of your tactics to prevent the opponent from seeing what is really going on. Never show your hand. Never give the enemy something they can use against you as a weakness. Philbin isn't stupid. He sees the same things everyone else sees. But, don't expect him to admit it to the media or give the Pats a heads up. Maybe he is right. Maybe sticking to his guns and following the plan to the letter will smooth itself out. He, and Ireland, better hope so...

Fireland, Sherman, Philbin, NA NA NA NA , HEY HEY HEY , GOOD BY!!!

Man we are dead today and by Friday morning we will be in total crisis mode the wheels are coming off folks sorry guys but we are done its reality

Best case we maybe go 6-10 for the year if we are lucky

Coaching staff is a joke,,,very disappointed in there lack of ability to make in game changes.

ooops, their

Haven't we seen enough to know that Joe Philbin and staff aren't good enough to coach a team into championship status?

Posted by: billcale | October 27, 2013 at 06:39 AM

The Cleveland fans asked this very same question about Billy Belicheck.

PS: How can Philbin quote "Fix it" when he won't even admit the truth about the problems!!???

Ditto to the staff and Jeff Fireland.

My suggestion to Ross for next year...
Hire Mike Mayock as GM and possibly Mike Shula as HC. Spread the word, fans!!!!!!

Jackoff1 sure is a depressing person.
100% pure depression in his posts.
He should pick another team to follow.

So, fans want to fire the GM and Coach so we start over again.Then you'll be bitching about the new GM and Coach. I for one don't feel like pressing the reset button yet again! They need continuity in coaching and Ireland can't buy all the groceries in two years that Philbin wants. They will go with what they have and next year the oline will be addressed. It is what it is! The season is not lost we still have 10 games left. The sky is not falling

The TRUTH of it all....it's pretty simple.

Entering this year MOST fans and media recognized the team was not good last year. There were many existing free agents that were in question...are they really worth keeping for big money? There were many new free agents brought in and MOST said the talent was an upgrade but it takes time in the NFL for that many new players to come together and play well....many teams in the past have tried but few have seen results year one. There was the issue that THILL was entering his second year and would he show improvement.

Simply....there were a lot of questions and MOST people viewed the Fins as an 8-8, 9-7 or maybe 10-6 team. Entering the year MOST people viewed the Patriots as the division winner with the Fins or Jets coming in second place and hopefully have a shot at the wildcard.

The Fins haven't beat the Patriots at home since 2005 and that is when Brady only played one quarter. So, MOST people see this as a likely win for the Pats and that would take the Fins to 3-4.

So, if they end up 3-4 the media and fan base will go crazy and whine and moan. But the reality is they are NOT a super bowl team. They are not a division winning team. YET.

MOST people knew all of this entering the year and MOST fans (including me) got their hopes up when they started 3-0. But in the end this team will likely finish 8-8.

Haven't read the interview yet. But "Bob the Builder" also believes he can fix it...

If you really want to get depressed,read Barry Jackson's column this morning. You will want to throw yourself under a bus for sure. ie;Sean Smith was ranked 37th last year with us and now with the Cheifs he is ranked 12th. The list goes on and on of how ex-Dolphins are thriving with other teams and coachs. Oh,and check out Jake Longs status this year vs last year. Pitiful!

I think they have improved with Grimes, Gibson, Wallace, Ellerbe and Wheeler.

I think the move for Keller was a good one and it sucks he got hurt the way he did.

I think letting Bush go was a mistake.

I think letting Long go was the right thing as he continues to get hurt and moving on was the right call. We had to see if Martin could rise up. He hasn't been horrible and he actually is showing signs of improvement. Needs to grow more for sure.

I think not getting Albert in a trade or getting McKinnie in the offseason was a mistake.

I think letting Vontae Davis go was a mistake.

I think letting Smith go was a good move.

I think Clabo was a clear mistake.

I think moving up for Jordan will prove to be a good move.

I think the other draft picks were highly questionable.

So, did Ireland upgrade this off season or go backward? I think he did well in Free Agency. I think the draft continues to be a mixed bag. I give him a B- this offseason. Is that worth firing him? I don't think so. I think this offseason will make or break this team. Should be interesting.

Fire Ireland Why? Clabo? I recall him being the 14th best tackle in football last year. And no one at that time no one was complaining when he signed.

Jake Long? He has been inconsistent for the rams and they are paying him a lot of money. He's struggled bad in some games this year. Let's see if he can play all year and not wind up on the IR. I'm not at all convinced he would be any better than Martin or McKinnie either.

Stats in 6 games....doesn't make Long and Smith the right or wrong thing. We saw these two play for several years.

Long was a stud early but the last two seasons he has shown real durability issues. He was offered a fair contract by the Fins to stay and he chose to move on. So, oh well...bye bye. He has missed time this year after injuries.

Smith was picked on constantly in the past few years while he was with the Fins. He is now playing on a top rated defense. He could never make INT's and his tackling was always suspect. I still am a huge HATER of this guy and will never see him as a top NFL CB. Never!!

Salguero did not pin Philbin down because he knew if he did he would not get one of these "exclusive" interviews in the future. And Salguero has his ego too, you know. In other words, Salguero wants to continue stirring the pot with readers while trying to get under the FO wings and get some exclusives, for his ego and his contributions to PFT. And with this push and shove, we don't get to challenge Ireland and Philbin to give us some honest answers to the failure we are looking at now. Because we read every day some other coaches in the NFL that tell it like it is, but our coaches are always talking double talk and always in the gray cloud.

Armando Salguero: Miami Dolphins’ Joe Philbin says drastic changes not the answer
By Armando Salguero The Miami Herald

Bullcrap answer!!!!

This is a play on words!! It's not necessarily about drastic changes we're in favor of. He has repeatedly and stubbornly said no to "ANY CHANGES!!"

Denial is not a river in Egypt! Make him be honest!!


They didn't 'let' Davis go. They 'traded' him for a second round pick. He had a good game against Manning last week but he was inconsistent in his effort and attitude. Not missed one bit. A waste!

I think Barry Jackson' article was spot on with V. Davis. Was he a bit immature during his time here? Yes. Was he the worst we have seen? No. This team allowed good talent to leave for minor personality conflict issues. That is no way to manage talent.

I also think Jackson is right to point out how the Fins used Smith. While I am a HATER I do recognize he was better in press coverage. He was HORRIBLE playing zone. The Chiefs have a better overall defense. They can afford to use Smith in more press. The Fins haven't been able to let Smith play mostly press. That is a big and fair issue to point out.

I think the contract for Wheeler was steep. But the reality was that Burnett was not getting it done and he is getting old. The move for Wheeler made sense. I just wish they took him the year prior for less money. That was a costly miss.

How is it the fans and media think they know more about how Davis and Smith should be used? Four years here and they didn't get it done. Good talents but the results were never there.

NO Marshal, Bush, Long, where are we now, After today 4 and 3, after thur 5 and 3, seasons over.

No way, no how, this teAm beats that team on the road. Look for 3 Gronk Tds. Pats 34 Fins 13.

Can't argue with hardcore at 7:22AM, and if so, neither with Jadkoff at 8:04AM

Haven't we seen enough to know that Joe Philbin and staff aren't good enough to coach a team into championship status?

Posted by: billcale | October 27, 2013 at 06:39 AM

I'll bet this wasn't his opinion only 3 weeks ago.

I'm not sure how many of you know that 1 + 1 = 2.

You can't just blindly bench a player that sucks, if his replacement will be worse. Now, who knows better about his replacement - the coaches that see practices day in and day out, or the fan that knows nothing beyond what two or three uniformed sports sites report?

Just to set the tone I have been a dolphin since 1970 and I still am more than ever I have seen it all with this team but this is getting hopeless with this group it keeps going from bad to worse talk is cheap as far as I'm concerned it's time for action ,this group just doesn't get it coach Shula would adapt to the talent he had and just go with it

C'mon, son, throw the damn ball.

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