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Joe Philbin: 'We will fix it'

Joe Philbin is not, shall we say, a relationship builder when it comes to his dealings with the media. That's what I've been told by those within the Dolphins organization. And the imperical evidence of the past 21 months would seem to back that up.

He operates more at arms length with people like me -- unlike Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Nick Saban and Tony Sparano. And unlike those gentlemen, he doesn't necessarily read or listen to everything that is written or said about him.

One more thing: He's not a fan of one-on-one interviews.

But this week, in the face of a three-game losing skid, Philbin decided it was in the best interest of the franchise to get closer to the enemy, I suppose. He decided to go against his own grain and do a one-on-one.

And he decided to do that with me.

Philbin had me brought up to his office and I asked questions and he gave, what I believe, were thoughtful, complete answers. (That, by the way, is not typical as he often and purposefully does not provide insight during his press conferences.)

So here is that interview.

In it, Philbin discusses what he's doing to address the current losing skid, what his and his staff's culpability is for that skid, what his message to the team is heading to today's New England game, and he promises this:

"We will fix it."

So please check out my column.


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Oscar is the only one who gets it

Did somebody actually say armado should've told the coach " so you're ignoring what your fan base thinks????". Well that's what makes him a smart coach!! After reading most of these threads on what you'd do differently? And fire etc? Thank god he doesn't go by how the fans think!

Just what exactly are our beliefs as a team ,I for one have no clue ,we don't run we don't pass,we don't defend the pass and we play poor special teams

Hello Mac fly hello


Hey editors: it's empirical evidence, not imperical--that's not even a word. And something can be kept at arm's length, not arms length. Our paper will never be taken seriously if you publish silly mistakes like that, even website-only.

How is it the fans and media think they know more about how Davis and Smith should be used? Four years here and they didn't get it done. Good talents but the results were never there.

Posted by: Craig M | October 27, 2013 at 09:36 AM

Well we drafted those guys and at present Dimitri Patterson can't stay healthy and Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson aren't setting the world on fire. It also doesn't appear new guys Jamar Taylor or Will Davis will be up for rookie of the year honors at this point either.

Until we start getting some more of these things right you can't blame the media for negative stories.

I am in agreement with several posters today. Philbin of course is not going to throw any of his coaching staff or players under the bus, that is a given, and a very smart move as well strategically. Not taking responsibility for a lack luster performance in the Bills game was a mistake and was taken note of by several on this blog including myself.

I agree that Ireland could not get all of his ducks in order this last draft is a valid point. There are only so many positions that can be filled in one offseason, especially with a new system installed. I do believe the OL will be attended to this offseason, that I have no doubt about.

Starting THill behind this line was the biggest blunder this season by far in my opinion. The constant hits, sacks, and harassment he has endured this season has got to have a negative effect on his psyche and it has shown in several of the our losing efforts. He looks hurried, indecisive, and his confidence level has dropped. Not a good combination for a second, uh, well , first year rookie.

Maybe this change in the OL lineup may spark something, but I doubt it. The losing streak we have been on lately has had a very negative effect on the team as a whole. I am not sure they are "all in" and may be even having seconds thoughts about their leadership.

We lose this game today as badly as we lost the NO game, then the season is a wash. I am not expecting much improvement for the remainder of the season, if anything I expecting a major regression due to the coaches inability to fix what is broken. We as fans know what the issues are and I am sure the team knows as well. Don't think for one moment that the players are not looking at ProFootballTalk.

truth whats it matter how many we have to play. not hard to see this isnt a playoff year. fix the oline next year, fire ireland and comeback strong for 2014. no more rooting to win a couple meaningless games down the stretch only to ruin our draft and schedule next year id much rather go 3-13 than 7-9, how bout u?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 27, 2013 at 08:19 AM


Gotta disagree on this one dusty.

We're 3-3 and with a win today we'd be right in the hunt for the division.

It's a tall order but not impossible. We have the talent, if we put together a good game plan and execute it could happen.

The year we started 0-7 is when we should have "sucked for luck". Tony Sparano's failed attempt to save his job fouled that up.

The Buffalo game is one you cannot lose. Inferior team, inferior QB, new coaching staff, on the road, Miami coming off a bye, and on and on. Inexcusable! However, an upset win over NE today sort of evens the score and opens the division back up.

I know he's still fairly new but come on Tannehill, let's stop with the good game, bad game crap. Let's see more of the Indy Tannehill and much less of the Buffalo Tannehill.

This coaching staff SUCKS PERIOD !! This MEDIOCRE lack of talent team BLOWS PERIOD !! The fanbase Is PATHETIC period and ignorant as well, we are talking S.Florida here. The media in S.Florida blows except O.Kelly and C.Perkins Salguero is a little bit too homerish for me !!

The season will be what it will be. I don't see much more than 9-7 (best case scenario). Ok....I am a long time Fin Fan so I am willing to live with that and HOPE for next year.

But I do have to say I am optimistic. More so than I have been the past 10 years.

Players I see as the nucleus: THILL, Wake, Odrick, Solai, Miller, Pouncey, Wallace, Gibson, Hartline, Clay, Marin, Ellerbe, Misi, Sturgis, Vernon and Grimes.

Players I hope we can keep at least 2 more years (assuming players above are kept): Starks and Incognito.

Players I'd like to see make big improvements throughout this season to give me more confidence in keeping them: Wheeler, Patterson, Jones, Taylor, Simms, Martin, Davis, Thigpen.

Players I'd like to see leave so that we can move on: Clabo, Clemmons, Thomas, Jerry, Egnew, Wilson, Carroll, Yeatman, Watkins, Dallas Thomas, Gillislee.

C'mon Fins make this the biggest day in recent Dolphins history!!

A win today and we're right back in it. I'm pulling for Tanny, Miller, Thomas, and Wallace, and of course the o-line.

I'm pulling for Jordan,Misi,Wake, and Carroll, and Clemmoms.

I'm pulling for Ireland, Philbin, Coyle, and even Sherman.

I've come a long way since my negative ranting post just 7 days ago lol. Not ready to give up on the season just yet.

Go Fins!!!


So you're done with Dallas Thomas after one season? Really? Why so quick? Kid hasn't even had a chance yet.

An all those guys you are getting rid of. How are you planning on replacing them and who do you suggest they get?

Philbin seems pretty clueless concerning strategy. He has underused Wallace and the RBs. He has not exploited T-hill atleticism. And of coorse he has completed messed up the OL. The only thing he has correctly adapted is the game of C. Clay.
The game plan so far sucks. It seems that he hasn't analysed the opponents properly and simply improvises duribg the game.
T-hill has lost confidence in himself, which is the worst thing for a young QB.
I don't see actual leaders in this team.
All in all, I see the team almost the same as in Sparanus time, except that the actors are just different. No attitude change, no strategy change, no talented players for a future, etc.
And of course the common denominators in the equation are Ross and Ireland. The eternal infamous characters that have led the team to the worst spot in the fans mind that any other staff or owner has done in the past.
We'll see if some kind of miracle happens today that gives us some hope for the remaining 9 games, or insted, we simply consider the season over one more time.

Craig Moron,

If a player can't get on the field and contribute in his first year then he likely never will. Ireland's draft produced nothing...again.

Phins lose today, hello losing record 3-4.

3-0 = 3-4 lmao.

New logo, new era.

I love how the Lamar Miller 1200 yard season, he's better than Bush nonsense has disappeared. After 3-5, most of the fans will disappear as well.

This is a Heat town now.

Move the Dolphins to Sea World.

No one cares anymore.

Fifth losing season in a row.

Joe Philbin: 'We will fix it'??


Cameron said the SAME thing!

Impirical evidence.

Mando is a running joke.

We have arguably the worst starting QB and arguably the best backup QB so why not switch?

..I want to trust Philbin...Hopefully, and more importantly is that the team does. We will see if his message, if his ability to lead under crisis is different then past regimes. Or is this the same old hornblowing cliché riddled coach speak the players and fans are forced to buy into? The evidence will be on display today..Do we play an inspired game? I know there are no trophies for effort. But another game where we fall flat on our faces may be the sign that What ever Philbin is trying to sell...May be a bottle of snake oil.

It can't be "fixed". The problems stem from a lack of talent. Fix the front office first.

Period, end of story.

Enjoy this team falling on it's face.

That's the entertainment factor with this clusterf$ck of an organization at this point.

Ross, Ireland, Philbin they're all a bunch of clowns.

I dont want to admit it but I'm hanging on to the idea that Philbin/staff are fine, knowledgeable, and just need time to build a team/install the players and system they want, etc.....because the alternative is very depressing, again....if we let Philbin go after the season or next, or if he simply isnt a very good HC, the Fins start all over again with a new HC/staff, likely a new system, which means plenty of turnover in personnel.....and another 3-5 years of waiting/hoping to see the progress.....whether Ireland is in the picture or not, etc, etc---but my patience is wearing thin and I'm less impressed by the week of the coaches/players......how prepared (or unprepared) they look.....the fact that it looks like the players are mostly tuning out Philbin and his message (whatever it is)--trying to be optimistic, but the signs arent good......

it's empirical, not imperical

When the Dolphins hit the field they should play "Send In The Clowns" at the stadium.

Giving Tannehill one week off to observe the offense from the sideline and another week of rest might help him.

Mando has a degree in Physics from M.I.T..

...and he's Cuban, so you know he's brilliant.

He thinks the U.S. actually lost in Vietnam.

...All the wrongs from last week can be righted today. Last week was a total team fail..From the video scoreboard guy, to the trainers wives, all the way to the staff and players. The whole franchise got a big F.

The Indy game was an example of what this team can do when it plays a well rounded well executed 60 minutes. Last week also shows how poor we can play when the table is not set to succeed. How we came off a bye week so unprepared is inexcusable. So lets see if Philbin, and co. Have a rabbit they can pull out of their backsides, that has this team ready and prepared to play this week.

Indy overlooked us. We were lucky to catch them napping.


You dont have to bench THill. Sooner or later the offensive line will get him concussed or worse and then Moore steps in. After he's knocked senseless, we will finally get to see Pat Devlin. The they will resign Pat White and Tim Tebow to be 2nd stringer. LOL LOL LOL

Caddy.....doubtful, and who cares if so.....same applies to plenty matchups every week, happens to every team at times and nobody "gives back a win" because they were overlooked--irrelevant......and I dont think Luck overlooks anybody, ever

The interesting thing about the interview was Philbin actually doing the interview. Was he told to do it? Who knows but I wonder if he's honest (with himself) enough to admit he's facing some real trouble with his career if he doesn't "fix it".

The Indy team that beat the Broncos was a totallly different effort than the Indy team we beat. Anyone that watches saw that.

coco.....geez, do you really think Philbin doesnt realize that?--seriously?-so whats the point of the comment?

...We beat Indy because we ran the ball. We beat Indy because we played better that week. We beat Indy because they had no clue as to what our tendencies were offensively. We beat Indy because we did not lose the turnover battle, we were 100 percent in the redzone(TD's)..They didn't overlook anyone. We were prepared, we exectuted, and won. We haven't seen that team since week 2. Where is that team?

..Aqib Talib out today.

A game shy of mid-season and things are right on schedule.

There is only one pundit worth listening to, the one that is most often correct.

Also we didn't sneak up on Indy. We played them down to the wire last year. They knew who we were.

And they "let us off the hook" lol.

We are lost

and yet the win still counts, Caddy.....go figure!--again, couldnt we say that about several games/teams, every single week?---you play the teams when they're scheduled, sometimes they're sharp and sometimes they're not (were the Fins at their best against the Bills?), injuries and other things are factors.....teams play better/worse at different points of the year, all the time, every team....whats your point?

Analysts study maybe 10 to 50 data points at most. Trivial compared to the billions of rows of data the Super Computers can analyze, matching up every facet of each team and player against the opponent under every type of condition, considering all injury factors and field conditions and travel etc. Averages are then smoothed exponentially.

No single brain given a whole year of time could do that much analysis for one game.

Ross has the cheapest 3 QB's in football. Its no wonder they stink.

Vegas 7.5 is correct. Anybody with a half a brain can see the Dolphins will win 8 games at most 9. What's the point even watching the games? No playoffs, no Super Bowl and Jeff Ireland gets an extension. Smh. On to Heat season

BTW Pats win today 24 to 17. 4 game losing streak here we come!

Start Pat Devlin...

Posted by: Truth | October 27, 2013 at 11:55 AM

If these scrubs win 8 games they'll throw a parade.

coco.....geez, do you really think Philbin doesnt realize that?--seriously?-so whats the point of the comment?

Posted by: benz | October 27, 2013 at 11:35 AM
Benz, I don't know that, do you? Yeah, seriously. That's the "point of the comment.
Let me put it another way. His checkpoint charlie, bunker mentality shows me he's pretty much narrowed his point of view.

Fact is Our Marque Players very seldom play like Marque Players (Wake excluded). I know we don't have 10 or 12 Marque guys but the ones we do have, whether through their play or bein thrown into the mix and expected to be more of a Marque player they don't show up on game day like Marque guys do. Tannehill IS OUR MARQUE QB (like it or not) Hartline & Wallace ARE OUR MARQUE WR's and only Hartline plays like it. Martin has been our Marque type LT/RT & has not handled his duties while POUNCEY Tries to handle all 3 interior spots at times with all the blocks he picks up sometimes. Miller was given the rolw.of our STARTING RB & he's played like a backup & Thomas as well. I find this disturbing and BLAME.THE COACHES. If they are going to put these guys in those positions every sunday then they as coaches need to accommodate those players abilities and play to those abilities. Players are to blame as well, Miller and the Oline need to get together and go over what they all do for each other that will allow all to show better on gameday. Wallace just needs to BELIEVE IN HIS QB & TANNEHILL the same, believe in WALLACE a lot more and LET THE BALL FLY. So what if yu turn it over 50 yrds Downfield (no dif than a long punt) but at least the two would be getting use to each other 50 yds downfield and what to expect next time given the situation.

The Fins by Friday morning might just be 3 and 5......
OHHHHH MY..........

Then again,They may be 5 and 3.......
Thoughts gentleman....

..or 4-4

We have arguably the worst starting QB and arguably the best backup QB so why not switch?

Posted by: CadillacDeVille
That's the most rational statement I have read today on this blog.

So with that interview
Armando had proves what? I know the same results a lost to a better coached prepared team plus with Brady on the other side they have the advantage, plus our defense is not very good right now due to poor coaching. Joe Philbin is a nice person but not a leader and not a HC material plus his buddy Sherman will get him fired! At the end of this regime all you homers will see that this staff is just mediocre, but again they will be around for another 3 years and than after they are all gone this team and the new gm vice President will blowup this team set us back another 5 years and I will be 10 years older by the time this team is irrelevant again. Its said to say guys but its true you see...
Just mark a lost on you football poll.

When T'hill walks on the field, we have lost another game. He has no idea of what's going on out there. Receivers are open and he holds the ball and gets sacked or fumbles. And when he does hold it to long and finally decides to throw, interception. Maybe an offensive coach and new QB should be Irelands next trade/move.

Some of the people here are suggesting 5-3.

Damn that's sad.

I know reality is often tough to accept but c'mon man.

Phins are lucky to even be 3-3.

This is a 2-4 team. Only better than the Bills and Browns.

Next win is Tampa Bay.

Next playoff win is in 2024.

Through 6 games Dion Jordan has done very little: 8 tackles, 1 sack which really did not count because he got a facemask penalty, and 2 passes defensed.
He needs to start, and he needs to start this game, and start for the rest of the year. Enough of this crap - 3rd overall pick in the draft with 8 freaking tackles?? Play him all the time, let's see what he can really do. I don't care if he can't set the edge, neither can Vernon.

Dion Jordan is a stud. Game breaker. Once in a lifetime talent.

Phins top ten picks.

Ronnie Brown
Jake Long
Ryan Tannehill
Dion Jordan

dolphin Ray, I'm afraid you're right. Philbin will never but never fire Sherman. Will it get the whole bunch fired? Probably not this year. I only wish Sherman was the only problem.
The real problem is, it's a no-win situation for the franchise and us fans. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Just heard on the pregame,Amendola is active.

Uber is none other then Dying Breed/Yg/YG4L/Daytona/LOL/ And more alias then I can remember, YG I thought Mando Banned you for life..WTF?

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