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Joe Philbin: 'We will fix it'

Joe Philbin is not, shall we say, a relationship builder when it comes to his dealings with the media. That's what I've been told by those within the Dolphins organization. And the imperical evidence of the past 21 months would seem to back that up.

He operates more at arms length with people like me -- unlike Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Nick Saban and Tony Sparano. And unlike those gentlemen, he doesn't necessarily read or listen to everything that is written or said about him.

One more thing: He's not a fan of one-on-one interviews.

But this week, in the face of a three-game losing skid, Philbin decided it was in the best interest of the franchise to get closer to the enemy, I suppose. He decided to go against his own grain and do a one-on-one.

And he decided to do that with me.

Philbin had me brought up to his office and I asked questions and he gave, what I believe, were thoughtful, complete answers. (That, by the way, is not typical as he often and purposefully does not provide insight during his press conferences.)

So here is that interview.

In it, Philbin discusses what he's doing to address the current losing skid, what his and his staff's culpability is for that skid, what his message to the team is heading to today's New England game, and he promises this:

"We will fix it."

So please check out my column.


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I simply have no feeling on this game!!

No gut feeling, nothing!!

All I have is hope!!!

Very SAD!!

Pouncey was injured during warm ups...it's being reported by various outlets. He may not play today...


Go FFF Yourself!!!

Way to go Armando. I found this funny.

"You know, in tough times you got to stick together and you got to believe in what you’re doing. You have to believe in your players, you have to believe in your staff. If you don’t have faith in one another you have no chance. We have to stick together and we have to work through this.”

Not some of the fans in here. Adversity sends them running for the hills whining and crying the whole way there. The last week of blogs certainly proved that.

Watching the pre-game today and saw something that made me respect the hated Jets players: The offense meets after practice every day on their own time (NO COACHES PRESENT!). Mangold was quoted as saying Geno doesn't run the meetings, but asks a lot of questions. Imagine! If Miami players did the same, maybe our tackles could lay it all out and discuss their problems and limitations. You know, I could almost envision our players doing this with a guy like (leader by example) Bush still on the team. He used to practice on his own for an hour after most practices, catching off the jug machine, windsprints, etc. I guess when leadership at the top (Ireland) leads by example (not rewarding hard workers), this is what you get. It all starts at the top for ANY business, organization, or TEAM!

OK, here we go. Show me something Dolphins!

Here we go. We will see if the fins can protect Tannehill today.

Incognito whiffs.

Great start. "28, gogo!" Wonder if NE knew we were going to run? Yes, I thinkso. 2 yd.loss. Now 3 and out. Starting off well, as usual!

They showed u how a team can get the ball 1st and punt it in 25 seconds. This team has such a chitty offense its hard to watch.

Yes, Patterson is back!

Patterson INT! I like this DB!

Do some thing with it besides a fg now. Fg's won't beat NE.

2nd and 2 and u lose yardage. U can't hide your qb in the NFL.

Unreal,same snap count

28 GO GO! They will never change it.

U just feel every time the Fins have the football it's such a struggle to get yards. FG coming

awesome start! Go Dolphins!!

I hope Gibson's injury is not serious. He had a very good game last week. One of only a couple guys on the team that can actually CATCH the ball.


I can't understand an OC that refuses to change a snap-count that telegraphs what your offense is going to do! Fu.king Sherman is the real Mr. Magoo!

We should have at least 17 pts on the board. Just can't move the ball when it matters. Gotta take advantage of field position.

Just read,Gibson injury season ending

I hope that isn't the case, but probably is. That sucks. Gibson is an important piece.


Just glad we are up 14-3, I expected it to be the other way around.

The patriots game clearly shows Philbin being out-coached...sad but true,,,,once again its time for us to move on....

These coaches are consistently out-schemed. IMO, worst in the league @ 2nd half adjustments. Cincy next up in less than 96 hrs. Sherman and Philbin are absolutely lost @clock-management. We ran well today, but in the 2nd half focused on passing the ball, which is a huge weakness for us =another loss. I pray Ross watched the Showtime episode this past week where Marimo is showing interest in the Dolphins front office. You think he may be thinking like the rest of us regarding his beloved team? Absolutely!

Too late Philbin you'll figure it out at the next home game when you see all the orange in the stands(seats that is). Oh and thanks for the memories this is last season as phin fan for me I'm a free agent in January anyone want to come with me.

Newsflash...it can't be fixed with the players Ireland gave you to work with. Until Ireland is gone this team will never have a winning season and we will keep going through coaches every couple years. I think Ireland has some blackmail photos of the owner he pulls out every time he is about to get fired.

As a Dolphins fan I think people miss what is the biggest problem with this team. Ireland is bad, but it goes beyond that. The Miami Dolphins organization as a whole doesn't understand 'creating a spark'. For too long the team has wallowed in mediocrity and irrelevance... always being just good enough to not be considered one of the worst 4 or 5 in the league. The one year they were and had the chance to finally draft Marino's heir apparent, what did they do? Drafted an offensive tackle. Management has a chance to catch lightning in a bottle with a coaching staff and what do they do? They go out and hire three old farts that couldn't hold a Harbaugh's jock.

'Creating a spark' is what it takes to generate fan attention, media attention, quality free agents who care about winning's attention. There are many exciting quarterbacks coming out in this year's draft that could turn this tide quickly but are we going to draft one? Nope. We are stuck with 'Ireland's guy' now and the cycle will continue.

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