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Jordan a situational player making most of situation

Among the greatest points of interest on the Dolphins this season has been watching the use (and by that I mean the relatively little use) of defensive end Dion Jordan.

Jordan, the Dolphins first-round selection and the draft's No. 3 overall pick, is a part-time player. He has participated in only 28.3 percent of the Dolphins defensive snaps this year. And that would be more than acceptable to the fan base if Jordan was a third-rounder instead of the third player picked. It would be acceptable if he didn't show so much promise. It would be fine if he didn't make plays.

But the fact is when Jordan has gotten his chances, he's shown up.

That was him hitting Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco's arm to cause the ball to fly harmlessly like a punt and be intercepted by Reshad Jones, who returned it for a touchdown.

That was Jordan running stride for stride with New England tight end Rob Gronkowski down the left sideline Sunday and picking up a pass defensed -- an eye popping example of the defensive end's speed and athleticism.

"I watched film on the guy and I understood that (Tom) Brady was going to try to get the ball to him," Jordan said of that match with Gronk. "That's not my first time playing in coverage. I understood what I had to do. I felt like I was going to be able to run with him. That wasn't a problem at all. I just had to brush up on the little things. It's been a minute since I covered a guy that far down the field so I was up for the challenge."


Yet Jordan, for all his ability, is a situational player so far his rookie year. He has 145 total snaps. Derrick Shelby, by comparison, has 262 snaps so far this year. Olivier Vernon leads all Miami defensive ends with 415 snaps. Even Cameron Wake, who missed multiple games with a knee injury and has been limited in his snaps the past two games, has 196 snaps.

So the question that lingers is if the Dolphins have this resource of talent on their roster, why don't they use him more? 

Well, the Dolphins coaching staff doesn't think Jordan has earned more.

"I think I’ve said before, players earn playing time based on their performance and what they do in the building, in the weight room, in the training room, on the practice field, on the game field so beyond that everybody has to earn their playing time on the field," coach Joe Philbin said.

Indeed, Jordan said he's gotten the message from coaches that if he wants to play more, he has to show better in practice.

"Yeah, and I recognize that," he said. "You just have to prove to your coach that you're able to play in certain situations. I just have to be more progressive every day, I have to find a way to make myself that much better as far as fitting into a role on the defense and understanding our opponents week to week.

"That's my goal every time I take the field, no matter what it is. To get better and compete. I understand those are the things that make the great players great. I'm trying to find a way to challenge myself. That's what I've been doing, trying to progress and do the little things right."

The perception to this point has been that the Dolphins have limited Jordan's role to manage his health. He had shoulder surgery early in the year and missed much of training camp after re-injuring the shoulder in a preseason game.

So there's an idea that coaches simply don't want to get Jordan hurt.

Not accurate.

"Not really," Jordan said. "Pretty much it's me just having to prove to my coaches what the deal is in practice. Philbin and my position coach and the guys in the training room understand I'm getting much better as far as my shoulder but at the same time, you know, you have to prove on the field you are able to go out there and do the job. I just have to progress and get better every day.

"I'm good with the shoulder. I just have to get over the (practice) hump. That's all it is. I missed a lot coming into the season and so I just have to find a way to progress. We're about halfway through this thing and I feel like I'm getting more comfortable as I take the field and the more snaps that I get."

That's obviously the way the Dolphins coaching staff is approaching this and it is not wrong. But there is the alternate idea that because Jordan has shown promise in limited game day snaps, maybe he'd make more plays with more game day snaps.

Is that wrong?

"No, not at all," Jordan said. "With me as the more comfortable I get, the more snaps I take, that's the way it is. Me personally, I feel like I have to maximize the opportunities that I get. That's the deal."

There is also a perception publicly and even in the Dolphins building that Jordan is a liability against the run so he must be limited to pass plays. That's the reason 95 of his 145 snaps have been pass-rush snaps. And it is fair to note, Jordan is not a finished product. He is learning to protect the edge of the defense. He has to learn to be a technically better run defender. He could probably use a bit more strength, too. 

But according to ProFootballFocus.com, Jordan isn't nearly as bad against the run as people might think. Yes, he has a minus-1.0 run defense grade so far this season. But guess what? Derrick Shelby has a minus-1.6 run defense grade. So Jordan has been better against the run than the Dolphins' designated run-stopping defensive end.

And while Jordan's pass rush grade is a gaudy 3.1 (second behind only Wake's 4.8) he simply makes more of an impact per snaps in the pass rush than either Shelby or Vernon.

Understand that Jordan has 10 quarterback hurries and three quarterback hits so far. Vernon has 16 quarterback hurries and two quarterback hits -- but also has 2 1/2 times more pass rush snaps than Jordan. 

Regardless of the metrics, however, don't expect the Dolphins coaching staff to be moved. They trust their eyes. They're going to manage Jordan until he pops in practice first. Until then he'll be a situational player.


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no hard feelings. thought you were trying to make a point that we should have these QBs not that you're admitting your mistakes. respect that. my fault for misreading it

no hard feelings. That's my fault for misreading it. thought you were arguing why we should have gotten those QBs rather than admitting mistakes. I respect that. My apologies for the comment.

..Phins78..Maybe so. I don't know how long Okung has been out. I do know the Seattle line has been bad all year.

What all this tells me..It is a conglomerated effort. What I mean is we blame the line, easy to do. They have a part in this. We blame Tannehill for holding the ball, or give him a pass because the line is so bad..The truth is that Tannehill could be better at recognition, using his athletic ability to make plays. The line could do better blocking..It means that we pass to much, but it also means that the coaches see that we have opportunities on 74 percent of the times we pass(the leaders..the best pass line is Denver and they are 84 percent)..So they see opportunity..I get it. So it comes down to the group..it isn't 1 person, it isn't that simple..There is room for improvement in all phases of this offense. Especially if they are determined to be a chuck it chuck it chuck it offense.

ziggy, nice post.

I was additting mistakes....

Sometimes things don't come thru clearly...

its all good...

Gotta go for real...

it also means our team isn't that great. Seattle finds ways to win games regardless if they one unit is not playing well. The offense played like crap on Monday. The defense found a way to win the game for them. And like the phins the rams found a way to lose that game. Same thing started with the missed field goal. Good TEAMS find a way to win bad teams find a way to lose.

look at the heat right here in our own backyard. Looked like the finals was a done deal...ray allen hits a big 3 and its over. Good teams overcome in any situation. They have that confidence that everything is always going to work out. Losers or losing teams always feel like something is going to go wrong. So when 1 bad thing happens(missed field go) they all start thinking o here we go again. And it happens.

WHOTH knows what's going to happen tomorrow? LV is betting that even if we are ahead in the 4th Qt we will manage to lose the Game by 2.5. We'll see.

move Jordan out to WR to replace Wallace.....I bet he catches more balls than Wallace.

ok...it's a stretch but worth thinking about! :-)

just sayin

We're not a bad Team, slam. Up to now, we have shown we are a Mediocre Team.

You mean to tell me the coaching staff cannot coach up a # 3 pick? Well another piece of evidence that this is a project and the GM and owner are OK w/ it taking a year+. I am starting to realize more and more JI and SR fully intended this to be a bridge year. Nothing else explains the lack of urgency around the OL and Jordans development or people keeping their jobs over this 0-4 run...ehh 0-5 run cinci??

Anyways, one play that got me out of my seat wacthing the game up North with a bunch of NE fans was DJ pacing Gronk on the pass coverage. Thing of beauty.......... Made it look easy.

y not move tfumble out 2 wr?

pardon me Oscar that is so much better. Lets make that judgement after the season is over. Lets just say the raiders have the same record as us. That's pretty bad if you ask me.

and that fact that the fins have waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more talent than the raiders is even worse. The JETS have a better record than us and they have clyde gates starting at receiver. Are you kidding me?

He could be a premier pass rusher in a passing league but not w/these retards as coaches

Could be worse, slam.

slam, greg olson has done a great job with a borderline NFL qb in my opinion in Terrelle Pryor. This guys gets it...

And the saddest pasrt is that Oakland has a better defense than ours. Better pass defense, better rush defense, just better. Not that would be the saddest part.

Could very well be also, Granite, very well could be.

The take I get on this is Jordan is not practicing very well, he's either making mistakes or does not put forth enough effort during practice. Regardless, he should still be starting and playing all 3 downs - players learn best by playing. Practice is important but playing is much more so.

I have to agree with coaching on this one (one of the few areas I do agree with them right now)... Setting a sound edge is one of the few talents that the NCAA cannot teach. And it can't teach it because the NCAA cannot duplicate the size and speed of the linemen pulling or TE & RB lead blockers who attack the edges.
As soon as an O-co recognizes that a Defense is vulnerable at the edges they will start running off tackle until they pull the safety up then burn you over the middle and deep.
There is no doubt to anyone with NFL eyes that Jordan is going to star in this league. But players MUST develop, players leaving the NCAA and being dominant in the NFL are much rarer then most think. A perfect example of a 1st round pick who is just now starting to command attention and get a name for himself is Jared Odrick. I can remember all the Miami fans whining and moaning about him being taken in the first round. Then lost for the year in game #1 of his rookie season. Idiot Miami fans called him "Powder Bones" and said he'd be a bust... It all boils down to development... and Miami fans simply don't understand that and lack the patients to allow it to happen... Everything you see this team going through is the fire all good teams must endure to be great... I dare you to find a championship team that did not first have serious adversity for 2 or 3 years with the core players intact. But not here.... Fans will want a complete overhaul... then we are back to square one.

Again with the its all Tannehill's fault......C'MON MANNNNNNNN. The following FACT says it all.....

2013 spending $109million
Offense less than $38million
Defense More than $70million

In todays NFL you do not win with Defense....hence all the rule changes slanted towards the Offense. That being said Mark is 100% correct. Get talent around TH and the sky is the limit. Also place blame on the coaching and Defense where we spend over 72% of our cap BTW!! This is just common sense fellas!

if the dolphins had a clue they would obviously field this lineup:

nb-will davis/jamar taylor

Posted by: slam | October 30, 2013 at 01:07 PM

This looks like our most ideal defensive lineup to me but Coyle, just like Sherman, is fixated on running his scheme and not utilizing the talent that we have to its fullest.

I believe this team as flawed as it is would be no worse than 5-2 if the coaching staff had done a better job against Buffalo, Baltimore & NE. Enough with these "nice guy" coaches I guess. I think Philbins biggest mistake is his loyalty to Sherman.

Oscar the only thing worse in my opinion is jags with henne. Atleast they will get the best qb available.

Turd.....I have been espousing this fact for 3 days.....with any semblance of coaching this team is 5-2 today....warts and all!!

Its not his loyalty to Sherman its his stubbornness and feeling that its his way or the highway. See where that almost got coughlin. He didn't get over the hump until he changed.

Slam great point on Philbin and the correlation to the Coughlin situation. he was days from being fired in NY many times.

Occum, nice post but wouldn't alternative to be to stand Jordan up? Have him play some OLB, blitz from the slot in obvious pass scenatios ... not that our coach beleives in pressuring offenses in 3rd and longs ever ...

this team has way to much talent to lose 4 games in a row. And the thing is they shoulda won 3 of the 4. I want ross to do everything in his power to get a proven winner here next year. And by that I mean a guy that's shown that he knows how to win games in the nfl. The only assistant that I would consider is Jay Gruden due to the excellent job he's done with Dalton and cincinattis offense. Those guys play above their talent level.

I sat in on a Giants game last year and there are still some fnas upset at Coughlin ... two super bowls later and all ... tough to figure that one out ...

the same people that are crying now cried last year and said we would go 0-16. This team is better than you think, you all just insist on being miserable. Is that so when they win you can get really happy and when they lose you don't get too upset lol pity

this team is what its record says they are! (The great bill parcells) LoL

Is Philbin too stupid to realize that Jordan is a gamer? C'mon man were taking about practice? Said a la Allen Iverson

as a fins fan as bad is this is to admit I hoped the jets would have fired rex ryan so we could hire him. He would have this defense balling!!!

I would never hire any Ryan, Rex or Rob as HC...they are very good DC though. A few days back I posted that we need to get back to the Shula coaching tree. It still has success today.

Steven Ross its your job to get this right my man! You like us want a winner but you are coming up short. You swang for harbaugh, you missed! You swung for the stadium, you came up short! You swung for manning, you missed! Its time for you to hit one outta the park. If you need some help with common sense, because some of these so called football experts don't use it, hit me up. I'll help you identify what you need in the next coach. Its not rocket science.

Rex is a great head coach bill. He runs the defense and he is a master motivator. All you need with him is a good oc and you will compete.

A lot of it comes down to locker room too I think...can you give a guy the majority of the snaps if he is a rookie and missed most of the off-season and isn't really showing it in practice but has made some nice plays on the field...over the more verteran player(s) that are showing up in consistantly in practice and is playing well Sundays??? Isn't that a way to get folks upset??? Can we afford to have people revoting against a coaching staff whos arrow is currently pointing down???

man f the locker room. If the guy is out there balling the locker room will take care of itself. Guys want to win.

..Slam..So I see we are moving back to a 3-4.. Funny 2 years ago when that wasn't working that we were "better suited for a 4-3 team" Maybe we are(better suited for a 3-4) But you said I the coaches had a clue..This is the way it would be.

I'm going to disagree....99 percent of the bloggers here believed the defense was going to be the strong suit of this club. It hasn't worked out that way. I'm not sure the lineup that you suggest would be much better..For 1 Soliai has never played many downs. He has always been a run defender, only to be replaced in pass downs. I think Soliai is great and in a 3-4 where he is supposed to eat up blocks...Great..He just doesn't play enough downs, since we are in nickel so much anyway..I think his contribution is limited to times when we must stop the run..And this year..When we have had to stop the run? Where has Soliai been?

The other thing that I read that makes me go hmmnn..Is the idea that Jamar Taylor, or Will Davis could play any secondary position better then the guys we have out there right now? It is a PIPE DREAM..We will just trot those guys out there and because they are high draft picks..They will automatically be better then Jimmy Wilson..Everyone thinks Wilson is such a liability. Is he perfect? Is he a Pro Bowl guy?? No..not close. But he isn't awful. He isn't the reason we are losing games. He is a nickel corner..Name me 3 nickel guys that are blanket cover guys, 3 guys that play nickel that never give up catches..It is the nature of the position..Do any of you understand how difficult it is to cover both verticaly, and lateraly with no help from the boundary? Why do you think teams attack the middle of the field? Why has the slot receiver become such a mandatory piece to good passing offenses? I would bet Taylor, or Davis would get smoked out there..They would be playing if the coaches thought either were capapble.

Stunning how they have Dion Jordan warming the bench for about 75% of the game.

yeah...ask Schiano how it works out when you say "F" the locker room....

What?? are defense has been declining ever since we switched to a 4-3. What im saying is a 3-4 defense gets our best players on the field at the same time. Adjust to your personel. Thats what good coaches do. You can try to switch things up but when you see they are not working you have to be able to change again. You just don't give up and say we're a 4-3 team and that's the way it is. If you don't innovate and evolve you become predictable.

Jack @ 2:15, when that vet who is getting most of his snaps a 2nd year undrafted free agent who hasn't done "jack" ... no, it won't upset the room.

Funny Slam cuz Rex is about to fired by Jets.....the fans, press, GM and owner have already turned and if this season produces ANOTHER losing season he is done!!

if they lose to cinn it's time to seriously consider coaching changes

DD, laughing that most of your post is defending Jimmy Wilson ... go BIG SKY COUNTRY!!!

Jack your comparing 2 totally different scenarios. Schiano lost the locker room due to his resume and dictator ways. Your talking about losing the locker room because your giving the number 3 overall pick more playing time than oliver Vernon. IF he goes out there and sucks you might lose the locker room but you can always play Vernon more again. But if he goes out there and balls, nobody will care.

Seriously though, they need to find a way to get Taylor out there. yes he will get eaten up early but he'll learn and get better. This is a guy with the skills to be a starter here...

here is what I would say to Philbin about not playing Jordan more, especially considering they threw Tanny in there from day 1


well bill if rex gets fired I will be begging ross to get him. BEGGING!

The difference between winning organizations and losing organizations.....Ravens on a buy....they cut 2 starters from the roster that just weren't getting it done.....what changes did the 3-3....3 losses in a row Dolphins make during the buy?? GM's manage, Coaches coach and players play

Vernon is on pace for 48 tackles and 11 sacks. That's very respectable. responsible run defender too. he's earned the right to start and play. BUt there are four places you can play Jordan in your front 7 ....

Slam then ALL Dolfans are ecstatic youre not making the decisions around here!!

I disagree Mark...these guys see what each other are doing in practice...if Shelby is showing more in practice and the coaches are being true to what they tell the players as far as earning playing time then they must stick to their guns...especially the same positions...the NFL is a players league and Shelby also has a different role out there than Jordan...I want to see Jordan out there more too...I'm just spit balling possibilities here...
But aside from all that...if our O could remove their collective heads from their bums then we would watch the defense improve a lot IMO...also what a difference Patterson can make...wow..Patterson goes out for a play...Carroll comes in and 7 points later...thanks for biting on the double move Carroll!!!

...Slam...I'm not saying don't run any 3-4. I'm just saying that we have heard the same complaints in the past with Mike Nolan..."Why aren't we running the 4-3" we would be so much better off(this is when we were running the 3-4)..

I thought we would see a mix of fronts. And we probably have. Perhaps someone could go check. I thought we would see a hybrid defense. Not the case. I'm saying it is easy to say we are better off running this or that..I'm not sure running the 3-4 would solve any problems. It sounds nice, we have the players that can be interchangeable. I just don't know if it is that simple.

Why would they want to put their best players on the field they might win a game for a change , just like they believe in the guys on the offense line

There is a disconnect between the coaching staff; Philbin and the General Manager Ireland. First off why would you draft a guy at #3 if he does not grade high against the run. This was the book on Jordon from the scouts. Moreover the book on T-hill was that he was not NFL ready and that he was not accurate. There has got to be coordination of a college players NFL talent potential between the coaching staff and the GM. So the result is that a huge position of need; the OL was not addressed. What's going on with DB Taylor, if he was good enough he would be playing more now after his early hernia recovery issues.

yea Vernon is ok but Jordan has the chance to be a star. He makes impact plays. He forced 2 interceptions on the season already with his pressure. One which was a pick six.

# 1....

What the heck are you talking about....why do you talk in generalities (the same people)....be specific....its a blog...

I believe you are Dashi...so I call you Dashi...its not far-fetched...you make the same post..and points that he does....right down to calling me arrogant...amn others miserable....

Good lord man....

Those of us who see a dog...and then call it a dog are not miserable....nor are we overly excited....we are just not homers....and YOU are.....and thats OK....

but you would do better just DEFENDING YOUR postion....as opposed to trying to define others place in life....or on this blog...

If your a HOMER...be a proud one....

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