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Jordan a situational player making most of situation

Among the greatest points of interest on the Dolphins this season has been watching the use (and by that I mean the relatively little use) of defensive end Dion Jordan.

Jordan, the Dolphins first-round selection and the draft's No. 3 overall pick, is a part-time player. He has participated in only 28.3 percent of the Dolphins defensive snaps this year. And that would be more than acceptable to the fan base if Jordan was a third-rounder instead of the third player picked. It would be acceptable if he didn't show so much promise. It would be fine if he didn't make plays.

But the fact is when Jordan has gotten his chances, he's shown up.

That was him hitting Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco's arm to cause the ball to fly harmlessly like a punt and be intercepted by Reshad Jones, who returned it for a touchdown.

That was Jordan running stride for stride with New England tight end Rob Gronkowski down the left sideline Sunday and picking up a pass defensed -- an eye popping example of the defensive end's speed and athleticism.

"I watched film on the guy and I understood that (Tom) Brady was going to try to get the ball to him," Jordan said of that match with Gronk. "That's not my first time playing in coverage. I understood what I had to do. I felt like I was going to be able to run with him. That wasn't a problem at all. I just had to brush up on the little things. It's been a minute since I covered a guy that far down the field so I was up for the challenge."


Yet Jordan, for all his ability, is a situational player so far his rookie year. He has 145 total snaps. Derrick Shelby, by comparison, has 262 snaps so far this year. Olivier Vernon leads all Miami defensive ends with 415 snaps. Even Cameron Wake, who missed multiple games with a knee injury and has been limited in his snaps the past two games, has 196 snaps.

So the question that lingers is if the Dolphins have this resource of talent on their roster, why don't they use him more? 

Well, the Dolphins coaching staff doesn't think Jordan has earned more.

"I think I’ve said before, players earn playing time based on their performance and what they do in the building, in the weight room, in the training room, on the practice field, on the game field so beyond that everybody has to earn their playing time on the field," coach Joe Philbin said.

Indeed, Jordan said he's gotten the message from coaches that if he wants to play more, he has to show better in practice.

"Yeah, and I recognize that," he said. "You just have to prove to your coach that you're able to play in certain situations. I just have to be more progressive every day, I have to find a way to make myself that much better as far as fitting into a role on the defense and understanding our opponents week to week.

"That's my goal every time I take the field, no matter what it is. To get better and compete. I understand those are the things that make the great players great. I'm trying to find a way to challenge myself. That's what I've been doing, trying to progress and do the little things right."

The perception to this point has been that the Dolphins have limited Jordan's role to manage his health. He had shoulder surgery early in the year and missed much of training camp after re-injuring the shoulder in a preseason game.

So there's an idea that coaches simply don't want to get Jordan hurt.

Not accurate.

"Not really," Jordan said. "Pretty much it's me just having to prove to my coaches what the deal is in practice. Philbin and my position coach and the guys in the training room understand I'm getting much better as far as my shoulder but at the same time, you know, you have to prove on the field you are able to go out there and do the job. I just have to progress and get better every day.

"I'm good with the shoulder. I just have to get over the (practice) hump. That's all it is. I missed a lot coming into the season and so I just have to find a way to progress. We're about halfway through this thing and I feel like I'm getting more comfortable as I take the field and the more snaps that I get."

That's obviously the way the Dolphins coaching staff is approaching this and it is not wrong. But there is the alternate idea that because Jordan has shown promise in limited game day snaps, maybe he'd make more plays with more game day snaps.

Is that wrong?

"No, not at all," Jordan said. "With me as the more comfortable I get, the more snaps I take, that's the way it is. Me personally, I feel like I have to maximize the opportunities that I get. That's the deal."

There is also a perception publicly and even in the Dolphins building that Jordan is a liability against the run so he must be limited to pass plays. That's the reason 95 of his 145 snaps have been pass-rush snaps. And it is fair to note, Jordan is not a finished product. He is learning to protect the edge of the defense. He has to learn to be a technically better run defender. He could probably use a bit more strength, too. 

But according to ProFootballFocus.com, Jordan isn't nearly as bad against the run as people might think. Yes, he has a minus-1.0 run defense grade so far this season. But guess what? Derrick Shelby has a minus-1.6 run defense grade. So Jordan has been better against the run than the Dolphins' designated run-stopping defensive end.

And while Jordan's pass rush grade is a gaudy 3.1 (second behind only Wake's 4.8) he simply makes more of an impact per snaps in the pass rush than either Shelby or Vernon.

Understand that Jordan has 10 quarterback hurries and three quarterback hits so far. Vernon has 16 quarterback hurries and two quarterback hits -- but also has 2 1/2 times more pass rush snaps than Jordan. 

Regardless of the metrics, however, don't expect the Dolphins coaching staff to be moved. They trust their eyes. They're going to manage Jordan until he pops in practice first. Until then he'll be a situational player.


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And Lionel, most of you guys bicched at those players when they were here too and cheered when they left.

Beerphin that cannot happen because Slam wants Rex Ryan as Head Coach????

Mark in all fairness I only remember bicching about Dansby and most if not all of that was Dashi?? I think general consensus was to keep those players? Please correct me if my memory is failing me.

lol and it cant happen cause again its another unrealistic situation. Like jay gruden is gonna leave a team as oc to another team as an oc. Like philbin is going to go from hc to oline coach. Get outta fantasy land

Guess what Bill? Unicorns are real and there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I went to high school with bigfoot.

Slam I owe you a bit of an apology....Im acting like Craig M and thats not me.
We have a differing opinion in regards to Rex Ryan. I live in NYC so I see and hear this fool everyday. He is constantly saying he is the best coach in the NFL. He has predicted numerous Super Bowl wins and has put down coaches that have won it all. So, personally, I just don't like the guy. He has never won anything as a head coach and I believe he never will. However he is a great defensive mind and I would take him as DC anyday of the week.

Bill, I was one who advocated for Sean Smith a lot and I don't remember anyone else to be honest...

Long, a couple of guys were with me but almost as many against.

Bush, yeah, more wanted him than not.

Dansby, I don't think even the most ardent Dansby fans cared. Understood that he wasn't earning his cap #

Vontae, I think some were surprised but he also came across as very immature and unprofessional and the Dolphins were faced with either paying him or having him walk for nothing. I mean who shows up in their contract year out of shape???

Anyways, I digress, I always thought the team should pay their own guys first then bring others from the outisde to fill the cracks. This idea of swapping like for like players I always thought was a risky proposition. I mean better the devil you know...

But regardless with Sean Smith ... when Patterson is healthy, he and Grimes give them way better corner play than Smith or Davis ever did. The problem with this defense has been in that vaunted front 7 in my opinion.

...I will say that I was wrong about Jake Long...I was in the front seat of the bandwagon to let him ride...What a mistake that was...

Reggie Bush..I still think we made the right choice. Now it doesn't help that Lamar Miller is averaging 4.7 ypc and he isn't force fed the ball. It doesn't help that Miller is asked to pass block in the second half of games instead of being used as a weapon. So I'm not sure by the nature of how we use our RB's what good Reggie Bush would have done for this team, that Lamar Miller hasn't done.

Dansby and Burnett. We aren't any better, or any worse. Sort of a wash. Actually probably a loss considering both LB's were supposed to bring a dymanic to this team that Dansby and Burnett lacked..Hasn't happened yet..

The best signing has to be Hartline(of guys we retained) The guy looks like he could have been in the Village People, he does stupid stuff after good plays..But he is nothing but solid...

No reason for apology. All im saying and this is hard for me too because he is the jets head coach is the guy can coach football. And with the fins talent on defense they would be awesome. DJordan and Wake would be unstoppable. I love physical man to man coverage too.

Mark ok. As I said I wasn't sure if my memory was right. I think Vontae is just dumb....after playing a full game against Payton Manning last week he went on NFL network and said he game planned real hard and watched a lot of tape on Tom Brady... Sanders, Irvin and Mooch were so embarrassed for Vontae they didn't even correct him!!
However all your other points are well taken. I agree on Patterson and Grimes.....lets pray Ireland does the right thing with them.

I think davis and smith are better for man to man bump and run scheme and Patterson and grimes are better for all the zone the phins run. I do miss vontaes physicality though. The guy would come up and hit like a safety. Like bill said it is obvious he isn't the smartest guy in the room.

Yeah DD, I always had a caveat when it came to Bush. I always said, they have to use him as Detroit is closer to doing - really using his receiving skills. This offense for being 1,000,000,000 pages along as it supposedly is must be printed using size 78 font because I don't see many passes to the RBs or using your faster players in shorter routes crossing the middle of the field.

Anyway re: Bush, I thought his best usage was going to be 20 touches a game split between rushes and passes almost evenly.

Miller is doing what he was supposed to do, he is running well, just not fed enough. And if you passed to him, i'm sure there would be some yardage gained there too. Especially with all this blitzing, slide the rb behind the blitzer and pass it to him ...

Hahaha, oh Vontae.....

bush was miamis best offensive player last year but he did have way to many negative runs. The thing that concerns me about miller is he doesn't look like he takes hits too well. He gets hit flush to often. I don't know if he can carry the load.

thankfully they let smith go. kc fans already trying to run him out of town. guy is burnt toast

BillArnsparger, just to let you know, I emailed Armando a copy of your post threatning to kick my ass.

Not that I'm afraid of you or any other man that walks on 2 legs. Internet bullyism and threats of violence against anyone is totally unacceptable behavior. You should be receiving a response from Armando or the Herald in the very near future.

Just because another posters does not agree with you, there's no reason to resort to violence or violent retort.

And Lionel, most of you guys bicched at those players when they were here too and cheered when they left.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 30, 2013 at 03:11 PM
.that sounds like texas a+m when tfumble and sherman split

sam the snitch

The NFL has changed to an offensive passing league. We just need a run game to keep the defense honest. The rules have been changed to open up passing. The NFL wants high scoring games to garner interest from outside the US. The days of 9-6 wins with 15 passes are gone forever.

Thanks Sam for the heads up.....Armando has been trying to Daytona and all his handles off here so you fell into the trap. I am a member of law enforcement I know the boundaries!!

ey Billy Boy,

Yeah, I know who I am, but apparently you don't know jack sh*t. You think I'm five other names lmao. I can't help but be amused by your idiocy. Also, it's hilarious that in the same post where you claim to want to fight me, you're attempting to call me an internet tough guy. Who's the one attempting to act tough on this blog ? You're 53 and you're in here ? By itself itself that's roflmao. Telling someone else to get a life too. You're so dumb you don't even know that you're contradicting yourself. I know I told you off the other day...and I'm not sorry. You're just going to have to get over it...or seek therapy (if you can afford it). Lmao @ meet me, I'm 53, bald with man boobs, SWM. Makes you sound gay. I think you're on the wrong website.

I'm a vile troll according to someone else...and I've gotten to you :)

3-0 = 3-5 on Thursday.

Let the blow out begin.

Cincy 74 Sea World 2

Posted by: FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY | October 30, 2013 at 12:31 AM

Sam Im just a little confused because it was Daytona and his 5-10 aliases that I was speaking of last night? unless of course you are Daytona???

We need Marty Shottenheimer!

Arnsparger you're so delusional I'm sure you really believe your're a law enforcement member. I'm sure you were on the first moonwalk too.

All because YOU believe you were.

Sam your a fool...nobody has to prove themselves to you.....you will be ignored just like Daytona from here on out....this blog knows what you are!!

Arnsparger = Daytona

Who else here wans to fight because other posters don't agree with him.


I am willing to expose my IP is anybody else??? The only fool I fought with was Daytona and his 5-10-15 aliases...then I said wait this is foolish just ignore the retards and they go away. I learned that from guys like Mark, Dashi and Craig!!

Daytona, hmm-hmm..., Bill. Why don't you just crawl back over to your crib, hop in, and shake your rattle there.

Obviously, you've never outgrown your terrible two's.

We are all Daytona! I know I am! How 'bout you guys? Mark=Daytona! DarylDunphy=Daytona. Kris=Daytona. fin4life=Daytona. Phins78=Daytona. Dustybottoms=Daytona. FIREROSS=Daytona. Craig M = Daytona. Armando=Daytona.

Such power he wields! Well done, Daytona!

Daytona Arnsparger have you ever considered changing your screen name to KING BABY?

Jj lmao!

Who is kaizer Sauze?

Who is Daytona???

Seems the name Daytona will live in infamy here.

JJ the shame f it is that we are allowing this idiot to run the Dolphins blog. He is nothing but a PUNK that why I called him out last night. He is an internet bully that has no B*lls. He has no life so he is on here throughout the day/night at various times just picking on people. Mark said to ignore him and Mark is right. If we all ignore him he will go away!

Marty Shottenheimer should have been hired after Wannstedt. This franchise would still be considered one of the greatest franchises in sports if that had happened. The guy won everywhere he ever coached...

Schottenheimer coached Brees, he would have brought Brees here and the Phins might have a Super Bowl win.

Instead the Phins have had a carousel of clowns and are no longer even the laughingstock of the league as the joke has gotten old. People know that the Phins are bad. They're irrelevant, and whenever they are relevant again, it will never be the same as it once was. Ireland dragged down the Dolphins brand name with four (soon five) losing seasons in a row...something even 1-15 didn't do. Then Ross "re-branded" and changed the logo to something with no history or tradition at all. Even the Heat are the most popular team in town now.
Gen Y could care less about the Dolphins. To them, the Phins have always been losers, save for when people talk about years past. That's one of the main reasons why Ross "re-branded".

You joke about Shottenheimer...he'd have saved this sinking franchise.

Well said King Baby Billy.

..Slam..I wish that we would go to more of a man coverage scheme in the secondary. Of course we prefer to play zone..But what sucks about this is that we are paying our 2 best corners 10 million a year to play in a zone scheme..I'm not doubting Grimes talent, and when healthy Patterson has been solid. But Patterson is due to make 5 mil next year. Wouldn't it be in our best interest to pay a guys that type of money who excel in man coverage? As good as Grimes has been. I think it is a bit of a waste to pay zone corners so much money(in combination with Patterson)

Lets Go Heat!

i know we have some fans who think we should not bash, but please losing sucks. YOU CAN NOT lose to a team like Buffalo at home. That is the difference between a good team and a bad team. Actually you should not lose to Baltimore at home either. The coaching is just real bad. The New Orleans game should have been much closer and could have gone our way.

Great post from another site:

Being a Dolphins fan has not been easy since 2000, however a true fan will stick with his team.

Having said that, yesterday’s game was the very first time that I’ve turned off a game before it was over (I live in a non-Dolphins market, and therefore must purchase the Sunday Ticket to watch the games). I’ve done so since the Sunday Ticket came out.

I turned it off because it became evident that this game was skewed towards New England, and it was clear that New England was destined to win the game. Not due to talent, but due to interference. By the officials.

Case in point: The game began with Miami dominating the field. By the end of the first half, Miami led in all aspects, including the score. Watching Tom Brady, both while on the field and while on the sidelines (the networks have a love affair with Brady and can’t keep their cameras away from him, just like Peyton Manning), it was clear that he seemed “bored”, and was waiting for the second half to begin. It was almost like he was phoning it it, waiting for the score to go up by a couple of TDs.

As a former sports official, I like to think that the integrity of the game comes before anything else. I’m saddened to think that game officials could actually take orders from “upstairs” as to determining the outcome of the game. Yesterday really left no doubt that the league want’s the Patriots to remain “the favorite”.

I’m not a Patriot “hater”. Quite the contrary. Up to yesterday, I respected the organization, the coach, the players. When it’s playoff time and Miami is out, I become a Patriots fan. Now I question all that. Now I wonder if it’s all just a great make-believe story. Now I wonder if my impression of Brady as being overrated might not be so farfetched after all.

Yesterday’s game between the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots was as real as a WWE SmackDown event. And I thought I saw Vince McMahon in one of the suites directing the action.

In the words of Denny Green “You want to crown their a**? Then crown them!” Don’t waste people’s money making them believe they are watching a fair contest.

Darryl I believe when playing zone you have to have lightning quick corners. If not, teams march right down the field completing pass after pass underneath.

Only part of the field I feel zone coverage can be effective is from the 10 yard line in. Because there is so little real estate to defend, zone pretty automatically becomes like man coverage.

So, unless your cb's are lightning quick enough to jump routes in zone coverage. It's a slow march of death defensively.

Zone is designed for defenses with lousy man coverage corners. It's to keep everything in front of you and eliminate the long yardage big passing play.

Sunday, while in zone coverage, Nolan Carroll bit on the double move and allowed the td play. Huge mistake by Carroll because in zone coverage you want the guy to catch the ball short then make the tackle.

Never bite on the double move in zone coverage. This is a huge no-no.

If I may make a point. Some of you will lie just to justify your position, but all I ask is you be truthful (at least to yourselves). Think back to Pre-Season. Go down the schedule and tell me where you thought (then) we'd be now. I guarantee most people were thinking 2-5 (with wins over Browns and Bills). And I guarantee most thought we'd lose to the Bengals, so we'd be 2-6 after this week.

Well guess what, if we win, we're at .500. Look at it that way and it's not all doom and gloom. Add to that we're only 2 games out of 1st place, with 4 division games left, and it's not time to throw in the towel.

Now, if we look like some trash tomorrow, well then, that time might be around the corner. But the Bengals have a pitiful record away from home. They are not the same team when away. Let's see what happens and judge our team accordingly after that.

Sad, sad, sad.....I come here to talk Dolphins Football with Dolphin fans because I live in NYC.....all the guys at work in my Precint. are Jets and Giants fans so being an out of town fan we have no outlet, So I come on the Miami Herald Dolphins blog for enjoyment and get abused by Jets and Pats fans. Understand this I am in a high stress profession. Everyday my life is on the line. I don't need to come on here and get more stress. For this reason Bill Arnsparger is dead!! Mark, Dashi, Craig, F4L, DD, Jj, Slam, Kris and all the other Dolfans I wish you peace and GO DOLPHINS!!!

Just had the opportunity to read Armando's article.

I guess it means that what we see on Sundays' means nothing? That Jordan will have to become a better player from Monday thru Friday (excluding Thursdays) to see significant playing time?

You learn the most in games and the critiques that follow. Wondering how much talent Taylor has? Apparently not enough M-F to get a peek on Sundays.

I'm certainly not familiar with all the teams and HCs in the league. But I can't envision a player that is your 1st or 2nd choice never having the opportunity to learn, at the highest level, on Sunday's. Barring injuries or a total whiff on draft day. We know he's no longer injured so that leaves a total whiff in the draft process or he spoke rudely to or acted unprofessional to Philbin. So, I guess, that I'm the ignorant one along with the other 31 HCs.

Sam, that is unless Nolan Carroll is playing corner. he will bite on that double move although the help he has is inside... hahaha, not so smart for a man that decsends from smart people...

Sam I Am, that doesn't compute, because Carroll sits on Philbin's pedestal. He's always saying how great of a player he is and his intelligence and work ethic, etc. So how could he have been so dumb? You mean, being a stand-up guy isn't enough to win in the NFL? WOW, did anyone tell Philbin?

I was not joking about Shottenheimer. I wish he was hired. I'd be very happy with a perennial playoff team, Superbowl or not.

Why do so many delusional fans think that this franchise will ever be relevant again?

You do know the truth will set you free, right?

There is a 50/50 chance we could become relevant again within the next 100yrs. I'll give you guys that.

Posted by: Sam I Am | October 29, 2013 at 11:54 PM

Bill....well said!!!

Progolf, that's the stubbornness of Philbin. He's a "by-the-books", "my-way-or-the-highway" kind of guy. He's here to "change the culture". Not win games mind you, but bring quality men into the locker room. So basically we hired a priest looking for good alter boys.

If we REALLY had a HC worth his stones, at his first press conference he would have said, "I'd sell my soul to bring a championship to Miami. I don't care about ANYTHING but winning. And I will do ANYTHING to win." That's what we need in a HC, not someone who wants to pick up a Twix rapper in the middle of practice.

There goes IDIOT Sam spewing his anti Dolphin rant....he is no fan of this great franchise. He is Ape Tamer, Home, Fire Ross.....and all the other Daytona names. Really need to get professional help dude wasting all this time on a blog of a team you hate.....obsessed much???
I live in NYC punk. Meet me, Im 53 and I will show you an A SS whopping like you never seen boy!!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | October 30, 2013 at 12:05 AM

Jj it was in the cards when the Robbie kids sold to a Garbage Magnate Huizenga. Then Shula was forced out and we've been garbage since.

Now, we have property peddler Ross. There have been whispers of move ever since. Make the product bad enough and no one will contest the move.

Garbage Man and Property Peddler. That has become our fate. Will he even leave the Dolphin name behind is the question.

DC Fan....your right on the money! What we're getting from Philbin and his staff is hard to quantify. On one hand he's like a sixties coach which puts him behind the times or, in your words, a priest. He's like a caretaker at a cemetery. He has concern for the mourners but knows that the next burial begins in 20 minutes. He can't do anything so why get emotional about it.

A 1st and 2nd rd pick for a situational player. Ireland himself should step in and force the coaches to play him full time.

Right now, the DC is making Ireland look worse idiot than we were already aware.

Sam...are you serious with these recent rants? Are you sure you're a Dolphin fan? Sure don't sound like one?

the coaches trust their eyes and we are 3-4

Enlighten us oh great and powerful Sam with your bevy of football knowledge. Who would be your coach, Mr.GM?

sam..wtf r u tlkn bout

Perhaps it comes down to the fact that we have talent and the coaching staff can't figure out how too use it? The first three games were great, the last four seems like we had a coaching staff turnover and someone forgot to tell the media and the fans!


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