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Keys to the game: Raven

I believe Sunday's game with the Ravens is truly a toss up. That speaks to how much respect the Dolphins have gained from a year ago ... and how weakened the Ravens are (particularly on offense) from a season ago when they won the Super Bowl.

Here's how I break it down:

When the Dolphins pass the football: The Dolphins have won four consecutive home games and it’s no coincidence Ryan Tannehill likes the venue because in his last three home games, the quarterback has completed 67 percent of his throws and has six TD passes against only one interception. All three Miami wide outs – Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson have enjoyed past success against the Ravens. The Baltimore secondary is without Ed Reed, but the Ravens haven’t suffered in their third-down efficiency, ranking sixth in the NFL on that key passing down. The Dolphins are tied for worst in the NFL protecting their quarterback, yielding 18 sacks. Terrell Suggs is on a tear with four sacks and 10 QB hits. Oh boy. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: Lamar Miller is averaging 5.8 yards per carry the last three games and has a touchdown in two of the past three games. The Dolphins running game has enjoyed slow but steady improvement since the season-opener. But the Dolphins simply don’t run that often. The Dolphins are rushing the football 33 percent of the time not factoring the scramble runs by Tannehill. The Ravens rush defense is statistically mediocre – 16th in the NFL. With nose tackle Haloti Ngata, defensive end Chris Canty and linebacker Daryl Smith all playing well the Ravens should be better against the run. Obviously, they’re not maximizing in this department. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Ravens run the football:  The Ravens offensive line is not playing as well as it did last year during their Super Bowl run despite being mostly intact from that time. Perhaps the team really misses center Matt Birk. There’s no doubt left tackle Bryant McKinnie, overweight and getting older, is not playing well and is getting replaced by recently acquired Eugene Monroe. Running back Ray Rice, a three-time Pro Bowl player and the second-leading rusher in club history, is suddenly ineffective. Rice is averaging only 3.0 yards per carry and getting fewer touches than Bernard Pierce. The Ravens have promised to get Rice more involved and as his abilities somewhat resemble those of Darren Sproles, who gashed the Dolphins last week, that may is not good news for Miami. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Ravens pass the football: Joe Flacco had a terrible day last week against Buffalo, throwing five interceptions against a secondary missing three of four starters. That has not been Flacco’s history against the Dolphins, however, because in two previous meetings he’s thrown three TD passes without an interception and posted a 125.3 quarterback rating. If he has a similar game this time, history says the Dolphins lose because the Ravens are 28-3 when Flacco’s rating is over 100. The Ravens are diminished on the outside with the loss of Anquan Bolden. Torrey Smith is their only consistent weapon. The Miami secondary is still smarting from last week’s toasting at the hands of Drew Brees and help is not on the way because starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson is going to miss his fourth consecutive game. Watch out for the Ray Rice vs. Phillip Wheeler match up. ADVANTAGE: Ravens.

Special teams: The Ravens were outstanding on special teams last season and if you don’t think so, recall that kickoff return touchdown by Jacoby Jones in the Super Bowl. Jones has been injured much of this year and the special teams play was a nightmare in the season-opener, but the Ravens are still pretty good. Tandon Doss has a Week 3 punt return TD. These two teams also cover pretty well, with the Ravens holding a slight edge on punts and the Dolphins holding a slight edge on kickoffs. In a game that may come down to a field goal, Caleb Sturgis has so far been more accurate on long-range kicks than Justin Tucker. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: This is a study of differing approaches. Last week both teams suffered painful losses. Baltimore coach Jim Harbaugh publicly challenged his offensive line, vowed to make changes concerning the use of his running back and basically sent the message that things were not right and needed fixing. Miami coach Joe Philbin kept calm, isn’t making any big lineup changes and certainly has not challenged anyone publicly, not even an offensive line that has allowed 18 sacks. No idea which approach is better. We’ll see. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Intangibles: Which team is less tolerant of tough times? Both had a tough week following bad losses. The pride of both teams is being measured now. Who responds? OVERALL ADVANTAGE: Even.


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Only defer if you have a dominating D, or weather (wind/rain/snow)conditions. Attack! Football 101

Miller is good and I know the FO was thinking here is a cheaper alternative to Bush, but let's face it: Millerr needs to pass protect better. Bush could do that. If anyone out there thinks Tanne makes it through the season w/out missing time with the # of sacks and hits he's taking is delusional.

Have you looked it up yet ETF?


Still hardcore, You talking about Reggie or Ricky. I'm a little lost with your post..

CoCo, You Ole SOB, How they hanging??

Was I supposed to look up who called the plays for GB when they won SB? If so I will just take your word for it that he didn't call the plays, butg he did witness from the sideline which plays worked and which didn't.
He is calling the plays that worked in GB to win the bowl even if he did not call the plays when he was in GB.

We're going to run over our Gs, now, tomorrow and forever. You try to stop us.
"NOBODY can stop a well designed and perfectly executed play", Me.

Are you in Cocoa Beach by any chance? If so do you ever go to the Surfside Inn?
I took my kids to Fl 3 times and we always ate topside at the Surfside Inn, I always get the Cajun Shrimps.

Doin' great Cuban & you?

Was I supposed to look up who called the plays for GB when they won SB? If so I will just take your word for it that he didn't call the plays, butg he did witness from the sideline which plays worked and which didn't.
He is calling the plays that worked in GB to win the bowl even if he did not call the plays when he was in GB.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 05, 2013 at 08:43 PM

ETF, WTF???????

You still living in the islands?


And I love it when the blog goes nuclear which is usually the 3rd series of the game.

Yes My Friend, It's 82 Degrees and Sunny, You??

Have you looked it up yet ETF?
Posted by: cocoajoe | October 05, 2013 at 08:37 PM

I was replying to this post which I believe relates to something I posted on page 1.

Yep, still in Cocoa Beach. Surfside Inn? No, where's that near? I usually go to the port and get seasfood

Oh, you guys like the U. Maybe a few of you went there. I taught quite a few U of M Med students in their Psych rotations at Jackson Hospital. Nice People, but kinda nerdy.

Think I told you a couple of blogs ago....had two epic wreck dives 2 weeks ago. Didn't take camera tho...looking after dive buddy who was a little freaked out about 100' dives and breathing air instead of nitrox

CoCo, You Got to go "Pacific" My friend, The Dolphin and Tuna out here are incredible.........

I got kicked outta there Oscar. Does that count?

Don't you see why? Don't you see WHY? The Offense ALWAYS has the advantage. Even on Internet.

Very few of them got a good rim job done. Shame. But I'm sure you have(had, it), cocoa.

I'll try posting this again...........................
Coco, You gotta come over to the "PACIFIC", Dolphin so large(20 to 30lbs) That you'll freak(And in Schools) Where you drop a empty hook and you'll still land some)And the Tuna.....
Man "GO PACIFIC" my Amigo..

I tried once, but she smelled.

I guess the easiest way to get a pass complete to a receiver is to throw it where the defender ain't.

Odin, Daytona, where are you? These People know nothing about Football and only spear-fishing.

ETF the o-line and secondary are weaknesses I cant argue with those although I could include the running game which yes is a side effect of o-line weaknesses.I believe they can still win by winning In the takeaways and red zone scoring proficiency.Also the secondary will be a lot better when the pass rush gets to the QB.This is a team game if it were basketball with only 5 players on offense and defense individual stats would be more important.
After a 3-1 start It would be a waste if they didnt put up 10 wins this season.
One more thing I dont believe everyone that posts on here has only ONE SCREEN NAME.The sillyness that is a regular on here is infectious so many of us have our Dr
Jecklls and Mr Clowns.

we should be running a lot more pistol. it worked great monday night ( for the time that we used it, then we abandoned it for no reason). it was fast, tanne threw well out of it, miller ran well out of it, the line blocked well out of it. the pistol makes the defense pause for just a split second, i like the theory behind it. also, PLAY DION JORDAN! HE IS READY PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY! IF WAKE DOESNT PLAY AND DION DOESNT GET ON THE FIELD AGAIN IM GONNA SNAP!

Oscar canosa I saw you at the stadium remember

Btw, a colleague of mine, some crazy fukkk that happens to be a Psychiatrist also, showed me a picture where he was trying to spear a hammerhead shark from above. Immediately, who took this photo? C'monnnn, which studio was it? gooh, man.

Actually, I think last week's loss to the Saints may have been a good thing...
It was Miami's wake-up call.
Now, we're going to see what kind of team this really is. Were the 3 wins flukes? Is this a good team about to get better? Will they be the same old Dolphins?
I'm hearing that the locker room is responding differently after this loss; the players are angry and fired up to prove themselves better than they showed last week. Anger is a good thing! But, the Ravens may be a little angry too after their loss.

This may be a knock-down drag-out brawl between these two teams except for the fact that that's not the way Philbin wants his team to play. He wants smart mistake-free football.
Someone may have to put a shock collar on Incognito...

Unfortunately, can't go to Stadiums anymore. They don't allow smoking there anymore.

Oscar Canosa I saw you at the stadium remember you probably dont because they took you away.I remember you yelling my name is Oscar Canosa and I am a respected member of Salgueros Dolphin blog,all my collegues respect me there because I tell them I am a DR,the same line I use on the old ladies and the young ladies at SW 8 st bars and all the hotels there on SW 8 st where you can rent a room for an hour and you get more than a pillow and sheet.

Oscar Canosa I saw you at the stadium remember you probably dont because they took you away.I remember you yelling my name is Oscar Canosa and I am a respected member of Salgueros Dolphin blog,all my collegues respect me there because I tell them I am a DR,the same line I use on the old ladies and the young ladies at SW 8 st bars and all the hotels there on SW 8 st where you can rent a room for an hour and you get more than a pillow and sheet.

Again. The winner tomorrow is going to be the Team with the best Game plan and that executes it best. Overall, talent wise we are even. So, it's basically Harbaugh vs Philbin. Stern test for Joe. We'll see.

That's a troll that knows nothing about Miami. Hotels on 8th St.?

Oh right my bad Dr Oscar Canosa its motels and all the ones you are known at on SW 8 st and Flagler.You owe people money and the girls that work there know you too.You dont use the word troll when you are trying to get a discount for services.

Dr Canosa your played out in those streets time for you to move your game to the ones on Biscayne either south of 36st or theirs one right by busy see car wash across from the Jockey Club you might have game there.
Then of course you have played at the Hialeah motels but their aint many there ditto for the Springs.

So People don't care anymore here openly admitting they change user names. Well, let me tell you KingShula, Daytona was the first one here to openly admit he had changed from Dying Breed to Yesterdays Gone, then many more.

You know what I'm hearing now? Chicago and Peter Cetera.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Whatth are you youngsters doing talking chit in a Blog on a Saturday night?

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Posted by: Zonk | October 05, 2013 at 10:28 PM

Yes Zonk, he has. After a full year (or more) of posting the same one liner, you got the Dolphins Organization to fire Ireland. Now that you have do e your job, please report back to the Jets blog ASAP!







Posted by: POLLSTER | October 05, 2013 at 10:48 PM

All good moves so far. When did we ever start off 3-1 with Marshall or Bush on the team?

I Have 3 Things To Say About Sunday's Game:

1. Terrell Suggs
2. Elvis Dummerville
3. Very bad Dolphins pass protect oline

Oh, boy!

I hate deferring at home. Take the ball, even if you only make 2 first downs, you punt, get them back inside their 20, crowd (hopefully ROARS). Boom, false start. Boom, screen pass (no Sproles) we nail Ray Rice, etc.
Field position trade favors the Fins. At least, that's my HOPE.

I agree with ExposingTheFraud | October 05, 2013 at 08:04 PM.
Flacco is the best deep thrower in the league, and Carroll will be the beneficiary.
With Wake out, or at 75%, the odds are NOT in the Fins favor.
I, though not an expert agree with the 2 TE sets ya'll are speaking of. protect Tanny, and hold the ball as long as possible each drive.

Enjoy the game tomorrow, everyone.

If you stand with RonJon at your back and look to your 3 oclock then the Surfside is the last business standing between you and the sand.
My last last time there was about 2003, I went in '99, '00 and '03.
Had the cajun shrimps each time.


Sack on 3rd down
Penalty to wipe out a big play

All of those things are going to happen we both know, I'm just asking which will be first.

I'll say a pick will be first.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 05, 2013 at 11:37 PM

I think the sack on 3rd down happens first. Flacco will have a new LT so that's a given. The pressures will force an interception, then Flacco will get indecisive and fumble on a strip sack.

Ray Rice will have the big play wiped out by a penalty. Probably a screen pass where Monroe misses his assignment and gets caught holding.

Dolphins win 27-16

I hope that is what happens also ha ha ha.

Who was the last QB that had a fumbling problem, was it Ramsey?
Whoever it was the guy had a short career.

Tannehill fumbled a lot in college also..

The fumbling and lack of arm is what got him switched to wr in the first place. The one year he started in college Sherman got fired.

I honestly think Tannehill has just been unlucky with the fumbling issues so far. He should've took a feet first slide in the Saints game and the one vs the Browns was a bad call. Honestly, how can a ball go past the line of scrimmage in a spiral and still get called a fumble?

When a QB is on pace to get sacked 72 times, how can you blame him for some fumble issues?

Yeah and look how Texas A&M improved dramatically as soon as Tannehill left.

Tannehill was clutch vs Colts, Falcons and Browns. He makes great decisions when it counts, despite the lack of protection. IMO, we haven't seen his best work yet. When Sherman finally moves guys around and commits more to the running game, Tannehill will become extremely efficient.

Just remember the prophecy of Stephen Ross: "Chad Henne will be the greatest Dolphins QB ever".
He is an UFA after this season, if the fumbling continues you know what will be in play.

Who did Ross just donate $200mil to?



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