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Dolphins starting to string embarrassments together

How has this Dolphins season, only seven games old, already been something of an embarrassment?


We start with Mike Pouncey pictured wearing a cap requesting the release of suspected murderer Aaron Hernandez. The picture hits the Internet and causes a public outrage. When Pouncey wants to apologize for photo to quell the public indignation, as his brother Maurkice immediately did on the advice of his team the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dolphins forbid the center from saying anything. They apparently think saying nothing will make those offended feel better.

They also forbid Pouncey from saying anything after is subpoenaed to testify in front of a Grand Jury in relation to the Hernandez trial. Glad to see the team learned a lesson. Not really.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin on Monday then goes AWOL from the team when he gets upset over a lunchroom prank by teammates. He hasn't been around for three days. But the Dolphins, who refuse to acknowlege the national story, list Martin as doubtful for tonight's game against Cincinnati.

Defensive tackle Randy Starks, upset he is demoted from his starting job after going to the Pro Bowl last year, celebrates a sack by shooting his bench a one-fingered salute. The player denies it publicly, but the gesture was aimed at the coaching staff.

It took receiver Mike Wallace one game to show his unhappiness with the Dolphins game plan when he wasn't targetted at all in the first half of the season opener and only five times all game. Wallace, by the way, has toned down his distaste for how he's being used publicly but not so much privately.

Other players are also questioning the approach of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. Guard Richie Incognito is unhappy Sherman stopped calling running plays in the second half of the New England loss and has been public about the Dolphins abandoning that which was working.

"I think we should just keep running the football 30, 40 times a game," Incognito says. "That's our blueprint for success. We have to run the football for four quarters."

The dislike for Sherman's play-calling can be found throughout the Dolphins organization. One high-ranking person within the team is dumbfounded by Sherman's approach in some situations, saying the coach misses "101 stuff" -- meaning fundamental things.

Coach Joe Philbin's relationship with the media has grown tense and, earlier this week, even combative. It wasn't that way last year even during a 7-9 season. The difference this year is the increased influence of Executive Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte, a member of the New York State bar and a Bill Parcells disciple. Aponte, originally hired to manage the salary cap underJeff Ireland, got from under the general manager's umbrella when the two clashed. She has become a close Philbin ally.

Aponte shadows Philbin during television interviews, radio interviews and press conferences. During one recent taping of Philbin's coaches' show, she stopped the taping to straighten the coach's tie.

The second-year coach meets with Aponte before every press conference and accepts advice on what to say to the media. Can you ever imagine Don Shula doing this? Aponte's typical advice is for Philbin to say as little as possible even though the mission statement from team owner Stephen Ross, Philbin's and Aponte's boss, was to have the Dolphins become a more transparent and fan-friendly organization after the Parcells departure.

Bottom line?

The Dolphins are trying to be just as insulated since the Parcells departure as before because Aponte believes in the approach. Except these Dolphins should probably concentrate more on improving their play than they do at honing their message. Except neither Aponte nor Philbin have any of Bill Parcells' credibility for winning anything, much less multiple Super Bowls. 

And it doesn't look like that will change this season.


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Philbin is NOT A LEADER, fire him!!! This guy is a mess and can not right this dolphins ship. Lesson learn: Do not hire someone who does not call the plays. Miami needs a leader and some one who can communicate with the media and let them know he is in charge. This clown is not that guy.

You don't have to beat someone up everyday for it to be bullying. Verbal bullying is big nowadays. I would've got suspended even more in school with these new rules. What we called rank sessions are now banned. Kids can no longer get in a circle and make fun of each other. You don't want to hurt another persons feelings.

I believe Incognito found his punk. And every good bully will ride a punk until he breaks. That is what happened.

Dashi | October 31, 2013 at 06:42 PM

I got kids and follow your point and yeah these kids now days are raised soft as hell! If that's the case though I'll steal an old movie line, "There's no crying in Football!!" Wrong Sport but you get the point seems a bit soft to me and for what it's worth @6:52 I put up a post about what 560 was selling on this issue all day.

A.J GREEN/................ 4 MILLION A YEAR ......

WALLACE ............. 40 MILLION A YEAR,,,,,,


Whether you think he's a cupcake or not, you don't just take off and leave your team hanging.
Mental problem? I don't think so, he was just pissed and threw a hissy fit.

So now because a guy has some personal emotional problems hes getting help for, we now should cut him to send a message. The fan base really ceases to amaze me. Lets say the team does what some of you want and cut Martin. He goes to New England where the coaching is far superior and Martin becomes a pro bowl tackle. All of you saying cut him will be the same ones crushing management for cutting him due to the fact teammates razzed him for having issues emtionally. Cutting Martin is not the solution. Let the man work out his life and come back a stronger man and player.

Lol! Look at NFL.com's midseason playoff predictions. 3 predict jets will be the second wild card winner. You can't seriously convince me that the jets are better than the dolphins. (Point in this: public perception is down which leads everyone to believe dolphins are worse than they really are. Especially when 3 people pick the jets.

On hour until the massacre begins.

The story after this game will be how many points the Dolphins have given up in their last six quarters...and how many sacks.

If the Dolphins get down in this game, and it's likely they will, when they have to throw they simply can't protect Tannehill.

We may see Matt Moore tonight. Tannehill will likely take a beating.

When the right circumstances present themselves.

Rematches favor the team that lost the prior meeting.

Dolphins beat the Bengals last season.

Dolphins have regressed.

Bengals have progressed.

Someone said The Jets aren't better than the Dolphins.

Yes they certainly are.

Jets have a defense.

Jets are well coached, say what you will about Rex Ryan, like Nick Saban, the guy knows defense.

What does Philbin know ?

Can anyone answer that question ?

The Jets are the second best team in the division.

The Dolphins will be fighting it out with The Bills for the cellar.

It's Our Time.


I guess if you're a "True Fan" you believed that nonsense right ?

They didn't tape his butt cheeks together or beat him with soap balled up in their towels! This is something a grown man deals with in another way. I get what your saying Dashi but don't see why he didn't handle it by inviting Cogs outside for a minute or nipping it in Training Camp when fights are invited on the field, JMO!

Posted by: fin4life | October 31, 2013 at 06:22 PM

I couldn't agree more........? Or could I.........LOL?

At my house, even my Mother laid down the gauntlet. The FIRST and LAST time I came home whimpering because of a fight, she THREATENED to tell my Dad and sent me back out!

She said that if I didn't "Man Up" my Dad would whip my ass worse. I got the message and got me some BULLY-LOL!

Question of the day: How do you Bully a 6-6 315 pound so-called MAN?

This crap they call bullying now days pertains mostly to school kids. It's a joke, especially when one tries to apply it to a 6-6 315 pound man.

Mark my words, Martin did irreparable damage to any NFL career he might have hoped for. Whose going to count on the guy and pay him millions of dollars when he can't take a joke? Whose going to put their career on the line for this kind of individual?

Regardless of the details, I think Martin's career is pretty much toast. I hope he got a good education at Stanford, he's going to need it.

Bench Tannehill before the season is lost.

Back to Martin,

Agreed. I don't think the team will cut him due to the negative public perception. Does he deserve it? probably so, but I don't think Ross will be letting the team take heat from the 151, or so mental health organizations out there. Can you imagine?! LMFAO!! I believe a team leader on the Dolphins (Is there a true team leader? Used to be Marino) should call a players-only meeting for ALL PLAYERS, defense and offense. This leader should address this situation. He should call out all the O-Lineman who perpetrated the prank as ones who should talk. This group can't blame all their woes on Martin and the coaches. This leader (if he exists) could point out some of us do some things better than others, but we all need each other. That is what a "TEAM" is. Only guy on the team who I think would be one they might listen to would be Wake. Maybe he just doesn't have it in him. I just wish the Dolphins had a fiery SOB on the team, don't care if he the fu.king kicker!

Well, Jj Martin is not a man. And he's not much of a football player either. He was rated the worst LT in the league. And no one was going to pay him millions of dollars.

Regardless of the details, I think Martin's career is pretty much toast. I hope he got a good education at Stanford, he's going to need it.

odinseye | October 31, 2013 at 07:11 PM

He was accepted to Grad School at Harvard and maybe his thought process was to go back to the books in any event your right this kid took a dump on his NFL Shelf-Life.

We may see an entirely different OL from all five starters right now next year.

please mr. ross...move out of miami. it gets no respect and the market absolutely sucks. all this other stuff will be much easier to deal with once you do.

may i suggest San Antonio? Big city who love their football. See if you can talk to the city if they can build a stadium.

Miami is no longer a football team and has no respect from rest of league. officiating would be better. no getting screwed. no whiny fans complaining about cost. would prob rather have their free obamacare at someoneelses cost.

Yes, saying Incognito did it, is speculation. But seriously who else would you blame using common sense.

Pounce is still young and doesn't look like he pranks a lot. Jerry is to busy with food to want to get up and leave. McKinnie and Clabo are veterans but they are new to the team. That leaves the good ol' bully incognito.

The Fins did have a Leader on the O-line that everyone respected and feared. His name was Jake Long. Jake kept incognito in check.

Incognito has been known to be a bit cancerous to the team until he had Jake next to him for 4 years.

Parcells and Aponte don't understand that the media needs information to write about. It's their way of making a living. Parcells called the media commies, he called them subversive from within. While I can see his point to some degree. It's counterproductive for The Dolphins not to release information to the media. Left with nothing to write about and a bitter taste, it's human nature for the media to turn to negativity. In addition, the media are the fans link to the team. Ross appears to understands this, it's shocking to me that there are others within the organization who have different ideas, and the power to see them through. If The Dolphins hope to compete with their cross county rivals The Heat, the fans need to receive information to generate interest. It's insulting for the fans to learn of a trade involving the Dolphins in recent years, and then find out it concerned, "An undisclosed draft pick." Why the need for classified information ? Vladimir Putin stopped being a fan after The Dolphins changed their logo. Part of the reason why the Dolphins season ticket sales have been so poor in recent years is due to the fact that the media has been given very little to write about, so every article, every radio show etc... seemed to have a negative tone. It's getting back to that point, and not only because the team is losing. Spending another 100 million in the off season and bombarding people with ignorant propaganda slogans such as "It's Our Time" won't be enough to turn the media or the fans back in favor.

We would have two more wins if we had Moore in instead of Ryan. I don't understand why we keep such a smart quarterback on the sidelines when the coaches are so slow.

Chad Ocho Cinco at the game. Give him a uniform Phil.

gman, the city of Miami has ALWAYS been a front runner town. When the Fins were winning, the O-Bowl was packed, which was pretty much all the time. The Canes, not so much, even during the 50+ win streak in the bowl.

Many say it's the "many varied activities" the city offers. I believe it's the fact that many in Miami aren't FROM Miami, including those who emigrated from other countries. Those younger than 30 have no experience with Dolphin teams that were talent laded, perennial playoff teams, like us old guys.

You KNOW, if the Fins record was reversed, sans these issues, the former Joe Robbie would be a happening place tonight. Atlanta has been a bad sports town as well. Lost their NHL hockey team.

As for the Fins, just hope Tanny is hurt badly. I believe someone on the Fins, out of frustration is going to clock one of the Bengals.
Nothing like a little catharsis. Oscar would understand this, I'm sure.

Sorry, meant I hope Tanny ISN'T hurt badly.

Martin was accepted to Grad School at Harvard because his daddy is a Harvard Professor. People shouldn't assume that just because someone has a college degree from a respected institution of higher learning that by itself this indicates that they're intelligent. Universities produce plenty of morons. Sarah Palin had a college degree from a respected University.

The only groups of people that can generally be considered intelligent are Scientists and Engineers.

Doctors and lawyers don't make the cut.

Someone on here the other day claimed that Tannehill is intelligent because he was pre-med. Even if he were a doctor (and pre-med is a long way from that title), this would not necessarily indicate a high level of intelligence. There's no shortage of women doctors...that should speak volumes.

In general, doctors interpret scientific information, yet they are not really scientists. Their education is largely rote learning.

Bill O'reilly went to Harvard Grad School.

Nuff said.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY | October 31, 2013 at 08:03 PM

Bill O'reilly went to Harvard Grad School.
Screw you and your liberal BS.
BTW, Musicians rank 2nd in intelligence behind nuclear physicists.
I guessing you're neither, and couldn't get elected dog catcher.

President Obama also went to College ??????

Hey guys, Hazing is for losers. Oh, that's right, you ARE a bunch of losers! You haven't won Jack in what, 20-30 years and you have time for hazing??? Jeff Ireland stinks worse than week old fish guts. If he had a brain I'd say he's an idiot but that would be giving him credit for actually having a lucid thought. Put down the crack pipe and put disciplines back in this disorganized frat house. You might actually get some respect in the league.

What a bunch of brainless babies!

They should all be made to watch master and commander together, even the coaches.

don't forget it wasn't that long ago that a new defensive player joined the Dolphins and said this is the best atmosphere he has had in a locker room. Four losses in a row can wear on you - now we have a win and that will be our new streak. Love my Phins!!

Phins come on let's hang in there together we can
Come anything the coach that we do need to replace
All of the stuff that's been put out there about this
Team we just got to hang in there it will get better cause
The gm will get tired of all the mess and get rid of
He know to be gone this is a good team that just needs
Some adjustment come on dolphins show what
It takes to succeed wake up and play some football
What you getting paid to do or you end looking for
A job like the coaching staff will be doing real soon

The stench of the Big Tuna is still on the team.

Looks like there are residual pieces of the "TUNA" remaining with the Phins. I saw a report on Aponte some time ago and it was very positive, considering the fact that she is a woman in a man dominated business.She is also an attorney and they believe everything that comes out of your mouth could at one time or another be used against you, specially if you are a public personna like Philbin or Ireland are. It would be nice to know a little more about the inner workings of the Phins and the nature of the injuries...but I understand sometimes you just can't discuss it!

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