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Dolphins starting to string embarrassments together

How has this Dolphins season, only seven games old, already been something of an embarrassment?


We start with Mike Pouncey pictured wearing a cap requesting the release of suspected murderer Aaron Hernandez. The picture hits the Internet and causes a public outrage. When Pouncey wants to apologize for photo to quell the public indignation, as his brother Maurkice immediately did on the advice of his team the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dolphins forbid the center from saying anything. They apparently think saying nothing will make those offended feel better.

They also forbid Pouncey from saying anything after is subpoenaed to testify in front of a Grand Jury in relation to the Hernandez trial. Glad to see the team learned a lesson. Not really.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin on Monday then goes AWOL from the team when he gets upset over a lunchroom prank by teammates. He hasn't been around for three days. But the Dolphins, who refuse to acknowlege the national story, list Martin as doubtful for tonight's game against Cincinnati.

Defensive tackle Randy Starks, upset he is demoted from his starting job after going to the Pro Bowl last year, celebrates a sack by shooting his bench a one-fingered salute. The player denies it publicly, but the gesture was aimed at the coaching staff.

It took receiver Mike Wallace one game to show his unhappiness with the Dolphins game plan when he wasn't targetted at all in the first half of the season opener and only five times all game. Wallace, by the way, has toned down his distaste for how he's being used publicly but not so much privately.

Other players are also questioning the approach of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. Guard Richie Incognito is unhappy Sherman stopped calling running plays in the second half of the New England loss and has been public about the Dolphins abandoning that which was working.

"I think we should just keep running the football 30, 40 times a game," Incognito says. "That's our blueprint for success. We have to run the football for four quarters."

The dislike for Sherman's play-calling can be found throughout the Dolphins organization. One high-ranking person within the team is dumbfounded by Sherman's approach in some situations, saying the coach misses "101 stuff" -- meaning fundamental things.

Coach Joe Philbin's relationship with the media has grown tense and, earlier this week, even combative. It wasn't that way last year even during a 7-9 season. The difference this year is the increased influence of Executive Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte, a member of the New York State bar and a Bill Parcells disciple. Aponte, originally hired to manage the salary cap underJeff Ireland, got from under the general manager's umbrella when the two clashed. She has become a close Philbin ally.

Aponte shadows Philbin during television interviews, radio interviews and press conferences. During one recent taping of Philbin's coaches' show, she stopped the taping to straighten the coach's tie.

The second-year coach meets with Aponte before every press conference and accepts advice on what to say to the media. Can you ever imagine Don Shula doing this? Aponte's typical advice is for Philbin to say as little as possible even though the mission statement from team owner Stephen Ross, Philbin's and Aponte's boss, was to have the Dolphins become a more transparent and fan-friendly organization after the Parcells departure.

Bottom line?

The Dolphins are trying to be just as insulated since the Parcells departure as before because Aponte believes in the approach. Except these Dolphins should probably concentrate more on improving their play than they do at honing their message. Except neither Aponte nor Philbin have any of Bill Parcells' credibility for winning anything, much less multiple Super Bowls. 

And it doesn't look like that will change this season.


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After reviewing all of the film we have discovered that CHAD HENNE, and not you, is to blame for much of the OL problems and by extension Tanne's turnover problems. Since those things lead to the defense being on the field too long we can lay all of that off on Henne also.

Please come back, everything makes sense now.

Why was Irelands contract extended. The best move he has made was grabbing Wake from the CFL. His drafts, with the exception of maybe a handful of players, have been awful. Great teams are built from players drafted between rounds 2 and 5. The jury is still out on some(Tannehill, Jordan, Taylor, Davis). And now we are being outcoached every single week. This is just depressing.

Washington does have a bit of a soft schedule coming down teh rest of the way but they have a big hole to dig out of too..

2 watt where did you read that? I don't get it, she has absolutely no experience in evaluating football players so it's kind of going to be tough for her to do that job.

UNLESS they bring in a Cowher or someone with experience who is in charge of player evaluations and leave the contracts and other details to Dawn.

I'm not seeing it though.


Never understood the mentality of a 'fan' cheering against his own team, so that they can a higher pick. Do you know how LUDICROUS that sounds? Where is it written that getting a top pick guarantees success? How many times have Tampa, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Minnesota picked top 5 and they continue to lose year after year.

It's truly one of the dumbest things i've read on here. Teams in any sport, that do poorly,seem to continue to do poorly, despite drafting op 5 every year. There's nothing to support your argument, dusty. How many of the top ten picks from last yeAr have really made a difference to their teams fortunes this year.


To add to what Craig M said...

On the drive home yesterday... I was listening to 94.3...they have to former players turned radio heads on this broadcast...one is Brian Mitchel (RB/returner) and a dam good one...and another guy named "doc" Waller...a former TE for the redskins (not sure on how good he was=)...but if you get a nick name...you have to be good right....


These FORMER PLAYERS are playing RG3 for his turn overs (INTS and FUMBLES)...even on sacks/strip sacks)...

according to the PLAYERS (former)...the ball is in the QBs hands....it is HIS JOB to take care of it....if the line is porus...then that is KNOW proir to the start of the game...and most definely by half time...as the QB...you need to get to your HOT READ...or change the protection @ the line...or BRACE FOR IMPACT....

but fumbles...according to these former players...are on the BALL CARRIER...wether that is the QB...the RB...or the WR....

and I agree....

Maybe some other old fossils on the board remember the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. What happened was every competent employee of the TV station was fired. Ted Baxter, the blithering idiot anchor was the only one retained. Perhaps that is the fate of the Dolphins, with Jeff Ireland the last survivor of the coming purge.

So the story is Martin was sick, and when he went to sit with his teammates they all got up and went to a different table as a joke, "we're not sitting with your sick a#@ hahahahaha" kind of thing. And Martin flips out like a baby and leaves the team!? Hahahaha you can't make this stuff up.

The thing I love is there was a guy in here yesterday screaming about bullies. LMAO, what a putz

Kris...sorry dude, but sometimes harsh reality is a sobering truth indeed....the jury is out on this entire "system"; I think we have the nucleus of players, but without a sound plan, I question whether we can expect much more success than we are seeing....

...I am a fan, of the game and of the team...when they play...I agonize the mistakes, and the downturns, and cheer the successes, both with the same intensity..

...I've been in the stands and on the sidelines for games...and it hurts to look around and see the empty seats....we need continuity, we need a HC we can believe in...we need a GM with experience and a plan...we deserve it..we spend our disposable cash to see it happen..

..we don't expect Super Bowl every year..no fan does...but we at least want competitiveness, sound decisions and cohesiveness from our team leadership,

...the fans expect it and the players respond to it, and without the man at the top recognizing that, we have little hope for achievement...

....Mr Ross....please..take a look at some of the other successful franchises and learn....you can't drill oil if you don't kniow where to look, you can't be a rancher if you don't know livestock,..and you can't own a Super Bowl champion if you don't know football...so please...go out and hire someone who does, beat a path to his office every day, and like a sponge, soak up every ounce of information that you can..

..yes, it's a harsh reality, but nonetheless real !!!!!

Craig, again in my opinion you have that totally azzbackwards. Does Russell Wilson put too much pressure on Seattle's defense? No, a true great defense or even a good one does the job. Even last week, offense built up a huge time of possession lead. yet when the offense started to skid, the defense gave it up at every opportunity (although mind you the refs fukked us there large too) but still the idea that a 2nd year QB is supposed to shelter the defense is totally retarded and we will never see eye to eye there. the vet defense gets no excuses.

You may argue Wake was out but Vernon is on pace for 11 sacks, he has Dion Jordan he could use in passing down but refuses ... there are no excuses for a showing this poor.

Forget the psych meds this morning 78??? I don't enjoy the losing just like anyone else but the sky is not falling...and it certainly isn't falling because Armando says it is...with his "mad at the organization" because they don't give him the tidbits he wants for his lame stories...did anyone really expect to see Miami in the AFC championship game this year??? It has without a doubt been a horrendus month for this team...no doubt...but they should just scrap everything and start over??? AGAIN??? No effin' way man...I agree with Mark the BIGGEST disappointment has been the D...but Patterson has been a huge hole for a month...see last weeks game as he gets a pick his first game back...gets a tweek...then Carroll gives up 7...The officials played a bigger role in the L last week more so than ANY player on that field...Clabo and Sherman blew the Baltimore and Buffalo games singe-handedly...The losing SUCKS...and it sucks to be a Miami Dolphins FAN and have to constantly look past the losing to try to find the good...but there is good and more good than has been seen in a while...Sherman has to go in the offseason and we need to see what RT can do away from Sherman and unchained...They EXCEEDED expectations last year...and they EXCEEDED expectations the first few weeks of the season...it's just been a really bad month...really bad...if they can repair the hull and get a little wind in their sail...I think they will be all the beter for it...


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 31, 2013 at 11:32 AM


craig u have continued to say that dumb stuff every year, getting excited about a meaningless win here or there after season is lost. doesnt help one bit, what does help is getting higher up in draft, a last place schedule, and ross being forced to make changes. just ask kc how that worked out for them. no clue why u continue to root for a 7-9 season instead of a 3-13. those 4 more wins mean not a thing and nobody even remembers those pointless wins come next year, time u woke up man. u have been spewing this for years

Craig @ 11:35

Eventually the commissioner will strip the pick from teams that are purposely trying to lose.

MassD, the pass defense is actually the unit that has improved in this defense from 27th or whatever last year to 20th this year but anyone have an explanation as to why the run defense has gone from elite to 19th??

And I don't want to hear it's the offenses fault because we had a worse offense last year and the years ebfore under Henne.. If anything the offense this year has made it a bit easier on the defense with the amount of points they've scored compared to year's passed.

Phins 78...

you will NEVER know the story....

so the joke is on you for even being naive enough to belive that you understand it....lol....

When feeling are involved...EVERYONE involved will a tell a softer version of the story to put thmesleves in a better light...and protect the TEAMMATE that they shunned...

funny how that goes over your head....

Craig, the offense ranks in a similar position in giveaways as the defense is in takeaways league wide. That excuse doesn't wash... and they are certianly scoring a lot more too..

Word from Dolphins HQ is that the offices have been decorated with black cats, witches, ghosts and goblins! A very festive Halloween! No panic at all from Jeff Ireland. The firm hand of the chess master has it under control.

Posted by: Buster | October 31, 2013 at 11:11 AM

Thank you Buster for some real insight as to what is really going on. I regret to inform all of you that this team knows they are being out coached and are being misused because the schemes don't fit their style of play. THill could be the second coming, but we will never know because we have a bone headed coaching staff that continue to try to force a scheme down their throats that simply does not fit the personnel on the field.

The defense is an even bigger problem and will continue to get worse as long as the offense does not hold up their end of the deal. I played the damn game and I know for a fact that pretty soon if not already the players are starting to point fingers at each other when they should be having a team meeting with the coaching staff, owner, and GM to vent their frustration mono a mono. Sure I can see the point of keeping it in house, but when you already have fans screaming, players flaking out, and the media feasting off of our misery you have already lost the house.

Don't expect things to get better just because we "may" win tonight, the problems will still exists, but will only be covered up till the next loss.

Anyone who expects an overnight change in attitude with this staff and ownership is sadly mistaken. I for one can see the writing on the wall and it doesn't give me any confidence that this derailment is going to get fixed until the end of the season. No owner in their right mind would allow this to continue unless they simply do not care and I am not to that point in my opinion of Ross, but I am getting very close.


That's EXACTLY my point. 2:30 left in the game against Buffalo, Tannehil has ONE job....don't turn it over. What does he do? He coughs it up. I don't want to. Hear any f his crap, 'he was blindsided'....'wasn't his fault'....'lineman didn't do his job.' Feel the pressure,protect the ball. When a running back fumbles at a key point in the game we don't say, 'the defender made a great play', we say 'the running back f-ed up'. This is no different. Most important guy on the team has to hang onto that ball at all costs.it may not be fair to blame him but it comes with the territory. Its why the QBs get paid the $100 million contracts.when theyf-up its on them.


Good post Buster.

I wish Armando would do a blog asking us to write our feelings to Ross as fans and then bring it all to him.

First, leave out the posts by idiots. "You suck!",,,,"Ross Blowz!" Basically leave out all posts that lack substance.

Then take the best questions or advice straight to the top. Let him know how some of the loyal fans feel because it seems as if he hasn't a clue.

Time for lunch...later peeps...

I find it funny that Chad Henne still hangs out at this blog.

The scariest fact of all this is the regression. This team and young players were supposed to be on the rise. Where is the development? The D-line was projected to be one of the best in the game, yet we are getting worse against the run. And why does every decent TE in the game just shred us apart. Big play after big play. Im conflicted on Philbin's extremely detailed ultra serious approach. It doesn't seem to be working. However, Belichick is known or the same practices. Fact is, this team should have been 9-7 last year with things improving. This team is not improving. Our coaches are not able to turn average talent into great talent.


Especially after sacks.
There will be no taunting especially in the form of sobbing and/or weeping.

cincy could hit 10 sacks tonight, very good dline

Kris, I don't absolve Tannehill for him fumbles and factor that into any comment I make.

This offense sucks in retaining the ball and our defense is just as bad in taking it away. But really, considering how rich and experienced this defense is, and how they ahve players all over the field that excel at putting pressure on a QB and forcing turnovers, which is the bigger surprise?

How's it going buddy?
Pouncey subpeoned eh? He must be guilty, there is no other possible explanation is there?
I mean how can a person have knowledge of interstate firearms trafficking unless they are involved somehow?

So Kris, I'm reading the story, the words from the players and whomever was involved and commenting on that.

And you are asking me to assume something because it's obvious? He was obviously being "bullied"? Who said that? Did Martin say he was being bullied?

It's like I said yesterday, you laugh it off, you throw some food and say f$#k you hahahaha, you ignore them and sit by yourself pretending not to notice everyone left forcing them to then laugh and give you a back pat over the thing.

He chose to act like a child and leave a team who pays him VERY well to play a game. It was childish just like suggesting he is in the right because he was "being bullied" when no one was there to see that.

I'm confused, you said "YOU, will never know the story so the jokes on you" and then you go right ahead and tell what YOU BELIEVE happened ,,,,,,,,WITHOUT KNOWING THE STORY?! And you're telling me something went over MY head?

Craig, also keep in mind the following teams have turned the ball over more than us .. Denver, NY Jets.

They win, Denver's defense still generates more takeaways than ours. Are they tired?

NY Jets is 6th in the NFL, 15th against the pass, 1st against the run. Are they tired too???

The defense and offense are equally disappointing. The question –is it lack of talent, scheme or coaching. Obviously depth is an issue as anytime we get a backup in the get exposed.

IF T-hill starts thinking not to fumble his eyes will not be downfield. Not good for a young QB. That said he has to have better situational awareness.

DB Tyrann Mathieu was just named defensive rookie of the month. Meanhwile, the DBs Ireland drafted can't get on the field.

Dolphins starting to string embarrassments together?

This is 5 consecutive years of embarrasment. I feel sorry for th suckers that bought tickets to this circus.

Chad Henne, maybe he is guilty, who knows?

Also keep in mind that people get subpenoned for several reasons including being asked to testify. If he is guilty, then he can go to jail. But let's not jump to any conclusions here.

You're buddy Aaron though???


You kind of made my point for me. Did you notice what Wilson did the other night against a ferocious Rams defence. He got the ball out sometimes as soon as it hit his hands. He mixed the snap count up. He audibled more. He ran different plays. He ran with the ball more. But the key thing is he didn't give the ball up on the pass rushes. Tannehill would have. I'm convinced he would have lost that game the other night.

Posted by: Craig M | October 31, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Help me out because I can't be in here as much and might have missed the point.

Why are you guys still trying to place blame on one person for a team loss? Is there a reason for this? I don't want to comment if I have missed the point here that was in some other post.

I don't understand why we are still trying to blame one unit or person on a team full of mistakes from top to bottom.

..Mark in Toronto..Actually after 7 games..The offense isn't much better then last year..21.8ppg Last year 20 ppg. So we have improved by almost 2 points per game so far...So it is true we have improved offensively. It isn't a huge margin.

Dave this team has a plethora of talent of both sides of the ball. The lack of talent is in the coaching staff that manages and develops the players.

What has Philbin done in his career? Who has he developed? What was his duties as an OC at Green Bay?

What has Sherman done lately? How many times did he get fired for producing the same product for two different organizations? What players did he develop if any?

I could go on and on down the line of the current coaching staff, but I hope you got my gist. We have talented players being developed by underachieving and inexperienced management, thus the finished product reflects it.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

..This year 21.8 ppg..Last year 20 ppg after 7 games..

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Posted by: Zonk | October 31, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Probably within a decade after Irescum is fired.


I didn't believe in this defense last year...nor the year before that...nor the year before that...and so on..and so forth...

I have never posted how good this D is....or can be...

the team wins about 7 games a season...why would I think one unit was better than the other...the Ravens D won when there offense didn't score a TD for like 5 straight weeks...I didn't see any type of domination like that from our average D....I just saw teams take the foot off the gas...in an effort to shorten the game...and out last us...

So I am not surprised....but I can understand how you might be....or some of these other people who bought into the mirage of this "top 10 defense on a 6-10 team...


that is the STAT that i look @ the most...


I'm a fan of this team. Always will be. What you're describing is a ''fairweather'' fan. Someone who only supports the team under those terms. That my friend is you.

So keep cheering against the team to win, dusty. That's our right. But again, there is nothing to suggest that simply getting higher draft picks is the answer to success. I may be dumb, dusty but i'll continue to support this team every single week.

Offense has been a trainwreck...almost forever. Since Marino left. Even when we won with Fiedler it was do to the defense. So that's why I give a little more leeway to the offense. Kris/Craig are right, last 4 games, Tannehill has been a trainwreck. First sign of trouble and he shakes like Michael J. Fox and sh*ts his pants. He's giving up WAY TOO MANY fumbles/INTs. But he's a 2nd year player. That's not an excuse, but it IS a reason to hope, just maybe, that there's room for improvement there. What's the excuse for the defense? How many defenders are 3, 4 + year vets?

Once apon a time, posters here wanted us to have a game-managing offense and a stellar defense (like Seattle/San Fran) and said we could win that way. What happened to that approach? Now the tables have turned. Those posters are saying we need the Patriots offense of '07, and I'm saying we need the San Fran defense of last year.

Our OL, awful! Our starting TE....OUT for the year! Our starting LT...SWITCHED to RT due to the crapola job of the RT, and now is AWOL because of some imbalance in his chemistry! Our starting slot receiver...OUT for the year! Guys, that's a lot of injuries. Sure, some guys are hurting on the defensive side, but that's nothing like what's happened on offense. OFFENSE NEEDS SOME HELP! WHEN will the defense step up?

Craig, first I don't agree that the fumble was Tannehill's fult since he had three guys including two teammates falling on him when he was in the action of passing the ball. A QB fumbles in that instance every time.

And what about the defnese there? 3rd and 4, chance to get off the field, give their offense a chance? Nope, a cripple RB goes down their throat. So much for that. Oh I forgot Thad Lewis and the incredible juggernaut Bills offense had them under intense pressure the whole game. Yeah ...


...Phins78.. I think it is a double standard. It happens everywhere not just here, and is obviously the nature of the position..

But rewind to weeks 1-3..It was all Tannehill on this blog..He was the bees knees. We had found our guy..He was the reason we won all of those games..Almost single handed. So it was Ok to prop him up as the main reason we won(QB's are always the reason teams win)

So it is fair for Tannehill to take his lumps when we lose.

Of course it is ridiculous to pin the loss on onje person. Just as it is as ridiculous to give the praise to 1 guy when we win..It is the nature of the beast. And there have been other factors. But simply put. Tannehill has not played well enough for this team to win. He is making mistakes that are killing this team...Yes other players, other units are not helping..But they aren't the freeking quarterback..It is a different standard..Fair or not.

Dudes Martin obviously had some sort of emotional breakdown...and no one except those close to him know the dealio behind it...it could be something we would consider weak and call him a p*ssy...it could be some seriously major that he is dealing with concerning family or a personal matter...maybe he has been dealing with it for a little while...and it all just boiled over...there is a thing called a tipping point and sometimes folks reach it...and maybe his teammates where just trying to lighten him up a little...break his obvious emotional drain a little...and he just broke..its not their fault...its not his fault...it just happens sometime...life can be a cruel muthafker...I am not saying this IS the case or what is happeneing but we shouldn't assume...no reaon to makes an ASS out of U or ME!!! I'm not overly happy with Marin either but for christs sake is it neccessary to get pitchforks and throw stones over something we have NO IDEA about???

Fire Sherman. Run the ball.

Daryl, sounds minute but an increaase of 1.7 points per game counts for about 4 placings in the overall standings. Also the passing offense (yards) and red zone offense are much improved over last year. That can't be disputed. Maybe if the rush offense hadn't regressed as much as it has, we might have even scored more points, who knows? I still contend if this defense was hovering about 10th in the league instead of 21st, we wouldn't have a losing record.

Jonathan Martin = Another Irescum bust

Doesnt Irescum research these guys BEFORE drafting them? WTF?

" Wilson did the other night against a ferocious Rams defence. He got the ball out sometimes as soon as it hit his hands. He mixed the snap count up. He audibled more. He ran different plays. He ran with the ball more."

So wouldn't this fall on the coaches more than the young qb?
Ran with the ball more> Coaches are trying to make Tannehill a pocket passer and Sherman has dictated that he not leave the pocket because, "that's how you get your qb hurt".

Got the ball out as soon as it hit his hands> Yes, to players that were running 3 yard slants or to running backs out of the back field. Forgive me but I didn't see many of these plays called for Tannehill.

He audibled more?> lol How do you know?! Do you have a copy of their playbook? Is it possible that Wilson goes to the line with two plays from the coaches and picks from those plays based on coverage? Like Tannehill last year? Before the coaches asked a 4th year lifetime qb to put an entire franchise on his shoulders and make everyone better?

Mixed up the snap count> Do you mean go and go go? Are you complaining about that because multiple players and coaches have said that isn't a factor, the defense already knows what play the are running and can
t audible out of it on a seconds notice. But once again, coaches call the cadence, they teach the qb how to call out THEIR cadence.


By no means am I trying to blame all this on one person. OL, QB, RB,WR, defence, coaches...they've all had a hand in it.

But if we all agree QB is the most. Important position on the team (and i think we all do),when the team is losing, shouldn't the QB be getting most of the blame? After all, don't we heap most of the praise on Manning, Luck, Rodgers, Brady, when things are going well?

If the was playing better we probably would have beat Baltimore and Buffalo and be sitting at 5-2 right now. Not all his fault but he's certainly got a hand in it.

Fire Philbin. He's supposed to be an offence guru but the offence is pathetic.

Said another way, last year we had a competent and used rushing attack. In some games it was stopped in others, it was ignored at wierd times. regardless if we could've maintained that 18th overall rush attack even it shaved a place or two off our pass numbers, this offense might have been a lot more effective.

And Armando and folks getting mad because the Organization won't come out at tell them why??? Well F that too...if I had to leave work for a personal/emotional issue and the boss came in the next day and had a meeting with everyone in the building divulging MY PERSONAL BIDNISS...well then my friends...someone would be digging my size 13 straight out of their ARSE...because it AINT NO ONE ELSES GD BUSINESS!!!

Sparano > Philbin

I know and I've said it before. Some of you are hoping that it is one persons fault because the turnaround will be quicker and 'gosh darnit I know we can get to the playoffs next season if we just replace this one guy'.

I'm tellin ya, good luck with that. This is WAY beyond Tannehill. Stop trying to protect yourself from the iceberg with a cocktail umbrella because the entire ship is flawed and most everyone is going down with it.

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