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Dolphins starting to string embarrassments together

How has this Dolphins season, only seven games old, already been something of an embarrassment?


We start with Mike Pouncey pictured wearing a cap requesting the release of suspected murderer Aaron Hernandez. The picture hits the Internet and causes a public outrage. When Pouncey wants to apologize for photo to quell the public indignation, as his brother Maurkice immediately did on the advice of his team the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dolphins forbid the center from saying anything. They apparently think saying nothing will make those offended feel better.

They also forbid Pouncey from saying anything after is subpoenaed to testify in front of a Grand Jury in relation to the Hernandez trial. Glad to see the team learned a lesson. Not really.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin on Monday then goes AWOL from the team when he gets upset over a lunchroom prank by teammates. He hasn't been around for three days. But the Dolphins, who refuse to acknowlege the national story, list Martin as doubtful for tonight's game against Cincinnati.

Defensive tackle Randy Starks, upset he is demoted from his starting job after going to the Pro Bowl last year, celebrates a sack by shooting his bench a one-fingered salute. The player denies it publicly, but the gesture was aimed at the coaching staff.

It took receiver Mike Wallace one game to show his unhappiness with the Dolphins game plan when he wasn't targetted at all in the first half of the season opener and only five times all game. Wallace, by the way, has toned down his distaste for how he's being used publicly but not so much privately.

Other players are also questioning the approach of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. Guard Richie Incognito is unhappy Sherman stopped calling running plays in the second half of the New England loss and has been public about the Dolphins abandoning that which was working.

"I think we should just keep running the football 30, 40 times a game," Incognito says. "That's our blueprint for success. We have to run the football for four quarters."

The dislike for Sherman's play-calling can be found throughout the Dolphins organization. One high-ranking person within the team is dumbfounded by Sherman's approach in some situations, saying the coach misses "101 stuff" -- meaning fundamental things.

Coach Joe Philbin's relationship with the media has grown tense and, earlier this week, even combative. It wasn't that way last year even during a 7-9 season. The difference this year is the increased influence of Executive Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte, a member of the New York State bar and a Bill Parcells disciple. Aponte, originally hired to manage the salary cap underJeff Ireland, got from under the general manager's umbrella when the two clashed. She has become a close Philbin ally.

Aponte shadows Philbin during television interviews, radio interviews and press conferences. During one recent taping of Philbin's coaches' show, she stopped the taping to straighten the coach's tie.

The second-year coach meets with Aponte before every press conference and accepts advice on what to say to the media. Can you ever imagine Don Shula doing this? Aponte's typical advice is for Philbin to say as little as possible even though the mission statement from team owner Stephen Ross, Philbin's and Aponte's boss, was to have the Dolphins become a more transparent and fan-friendly organization after the Parcells departure.

Bottom line?

The Dolphins are trying to be just as insulated since the Parcells departure as before because Aponte believes in the approach. Except these Dolphins should probably concentrate more on improving their play than they do at honing their message. Except neither Aponte nor Philbin have any of Bill Parcells' credibility for winning anything, much less multiple Super Bowls. 

And it doesn't look like that will change this season.


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wrong craig, fairweather fan just picks teams who are winning, changes teams all the time. if u still cant understand how it helps us then not worth trying anymore. id much rather go 3-13 than 7-9, yes i know u love the 7-9 mark cause it sure helps us the next season so much

Philbin is banging Aponte!

Philbin has just lost his man card...

Phins 78....

I'm not gonna get into again....I posted enough on the subject yesterday....I posted directly to you last night....

in any case...JACK 10.6 has the best post on the subject...

I just don't understand why you find it so funny...

imo opinion its not in good taste...and I didn't see it that being you...to attempt to rag on Martin is the equivelent of these blog Trolls doing it here...its pointless to me....


DD's done a much better job than me explaining things at 12:05 pm. I'll leave it at that.

But let me just add I didn't think Wilson played a great game Monday night. Like us, his offence line is a mess. What he didn't do, and this is my point with Tannehill, is cost his teamthe game. Tannehill has made big mistakes in each of the last 4 games. Three of those games could have been won and those mistakes directly or indirectly cost us the game.

now I'm all for solidarity but I blame the coaches and I blame the FO for the coaches. They all need to go now! There are way better candidates out there. Hell Rizzi or Campbell or Rogers would be better as a HC than that wet rag

Again, food for thought here, Andrew Luck ranks 25th in the NFL in pass attempts per game. So even Indy, with the best young QB of them all doesn't ask him to take the team on his shoulders as much as our coaches do.


If anything the guy has to take on way more than he should and the entire team is hanging him out to dry because so few other people top to bottom are doing THEIR jobs!

Gotta run fellas.....good chatting.

GO BENGALS!!!.......right dusty?

Some kids in the cafeteria wouldn't sit next to him. Waawaawaa. Mean girls!!!

bringing in mckinnie and moving martin after you told him all offseason he was your guy at the most important position on the line and also knowing through the first part of the year he wasn't really the problem on the line, it was clabo, and then you bring mckinnie with some kinda two-character weird issue going on and your head ball coach says he wants a certain type of guys on the team, and you also know mckinnie is 34 year old and you might be renting the guy out for a season... so are you saying you're gonna move martin back to LT or are you admiting you made a mistake and now gotta draft another LT in the 1st/2nd round?

if i'm ross these are my questions

the whole things stinks to high heavens and i think martin is totally justified and i'd be pizzed off to the point of mental issues if i were in his shoes

"Ireland didn't lose 3 close games."

Ireland drafts the players that win or lose the game.

J"ury's still out on Tannehill."

Maybe yours is.

Craig, again don't act like Wilson does a great job protecting the ball. He fumbles as much as our Qb does and with 56 fewer pass attempts i might add. it's not Wilson doing a great job, it's the coaching staff not exposing this guy and having a defense that has generated 21 takeaways (one short of twice as many as us) certainly helps too.

Mark good point, but let me take that one step further if I may. The defense feeds off of the offense and visa versa. We can't have a great defense if they are continually being placed in bad field position by the offense giving the ball up in our own territory, either by 3 and outs or by turnovers. The blame is put squarely on the coaching staff who run the offense, not THIll, not Wallace, and certainly not on the offensive line (as bad as they are). I mean how would you feel if you continually get tossed back out on the field after giving the ball back to the offense only to have to come back out and do it all over again three plays later? Sooner or later you are going to run out of gas or the frustration will take over which leads to no one trying if the end result ends up being the same.

This is a team sport and both sides of the ball expect each other to produce for the end result and that is a win. These guys are professionals, not college scrubs playing a pickup game at the local YMCA. Hold your players responsible and if the coaching staff doesn't do it then it is up to the players to hold their counterparts responsible.

Dawn Aponte could become the league’s first female General Manager.

Currently Miami’s V.P. of football administration, Aponte has significant influence over the team’s contractual negotiations. And she works more closely with G.M. Jeff Ireland than most realize.

“Dawn will say ‘no’ when Jeff won’t,” a league source with knowledge of the team’s front office told Volin. “She doesn’t really have extemporaneous conversations. And she’s very ‘by the book’ with whatever stance the team has. But she’s done a fantastic job with making sure they’re one of the cap-healthiest teams in the NFL.”

ok let speculation run rampant, its just possible that MS Aponte could be eyed as the new GM should Ireland fail to retain the position

Craig that's where our disconnect is. I'm not one of those guys and never will be. I played QB for a little bit, yes I never made it and was never looked at, but I know the sport from the inside.

I know how much hard work is put in by the entire team. I understand that every person on that offense is important to the qbs game. No one piece is more important than another and that includes kickers.

I NEVER credit the QB with the win, that's for uneducated fans who are new to the sport or watch from the back of a bar with the sound turned off. So I never blame him for a loss either. I mean sure, five interceptions two for tds, there are always exceptions (?) to the rule but the Buffalo game was lost on a bad effort all around. Not just one guy.

Players have bad games, especially the guy with the ball in his hand on every snap. But that's when the other part of your team shows up and bails you out. This team doesn't do that, none of them do that and they are all to blame.

I don't agree that the qb is the most important position on a team. I am of the opinion that each position is just as important as the next. That's how I would coach my team, that's how I would get them to come together and play for each other. I would not put different expectations on different positions, they are all equal and everyone needs to do their job.

As average as the players on this team are, with the exception of maybe Brandon Fields, I'm still convinced that a great coaching staff would achieve better results. These guys are too old and set in their ways.

WPF, then how does that explain the NY Jets? If our Qb is a train wreck with turnovers - then what does that make theirs? They turn the ball over more and their defense is up there with the best of them and has them at 4 wins? Maybe our defense is not as mentally strong then?

I mean the jets have a Qb and offense that generates less offense and turns the ball over more? There are NO EXCUSES FOR THIS DEFENSE to be where they are - NONE.

The Dullfin circus goes on...

I didn't see your post last night Kris, I was in and out quick. I'll look for it when I get a chance.

...Mark in Toronto..A few things. Luck threw it 550 plus times last year..Insanity. SO perhaps INDY learned their lesson..

2..I agree that our defense is not playing up to the level I, and I'm sure many of you thought they would. The team included. That if we were playing at last years level..The 1.7 ppg game we are averaging more then last year would equal more wins..

But I don't think for a second that 1.7 ppg game was the goal of this offense. The defense hasn't been great. But it isn't terrible..We spent a ton of money this offseason to be better on offense..I'm sure they set goals as far as where they(offense) wanted to be..I would bet that nobody is satisfied with the state of this offense(scoring wise, at this point)...

Now there is a half a season left..Can they improve? Yes..Will it make the defense look better if we can say get to a +4 margin? Of course.. I think that is a reachable goal. a 24 ppg average for the second half.

Here is my beef with the D...other than the turnover thing...which have been discussed...other than the 3rd down conversions given up...which have been discussed...they NEVER give the offense an edge...It's like they do whatever the opposing defense just did...we hold 'em for a few series...our offense puts together a scoring drive and then WAMMO!!! The D gives one up...it's like they are TRYING to leave the opponent in the game...and for whatever reason it has been like that for YEARS...

Aponte is blowing Philbin everyday after practice! Philbin is tapping her head and saying " at a girl"

Jonathan (Bust) Martin is a girly man.

T-Pukes fumbles,turnovers and sacks put tremendous pressure on our great D.

I'm not trying to rag on Martin.

I'm trying to stand up for the 52 other men that actually care enough about their jobs to stay with the team.

I don't for one second think that Martin is the ONLY player on the team who has ever been pranked.

And there are people saying he's dealing with some sort of mental breakdown and the prank had little to do with his reaction.

So while you guys are standing up for the guy who walked away from his team you realize you're destroying the credibility of the other 52 guys in that locker room right? I mean if Martin is right they all have to be wrong correct?

Phins 78...

it was after 11 pm....maybe the last page...or the year before...

grammar fail on my part...have been...SMH...WOW!!!

Mark, I watched alot of the Seattle game the other nite. Believe me, Wilson is plenty exposed to the pass rush. He was harrassed more than Tanne has been all year. The differenence is he moves and eludes the rush most of the time.
In regards to the pass defence being better this year - once again you are getting caught up in rankings (cherry picking stats) and not looking at the whole picture. Teams are more successful running on us this year so the pass defence stats look better. Ya gotta look at the story behind the number, man.
As to why our run defense is worse this year, it's easy to see. Our DL last year of Odrick, Starks, Soliai, and Wake is a much better run stopping combo than Vernon, Odrick, Soliai, and Wake. Add in the fact that Wheeler is a horrible run defender and tackler (why did we sign this one demensional player) and that all adds up to the dropoff.

If T-Puke stinks again tonight he'll get booed off the field a la Chad Henne.

2Watt I could be wrong but I think the "she says no when Jeff wants to say yes" thing has to do with money being payed to players. She doesn't actually say, "No Jeff, you can't sign this guy because his hips aren't fluid enough when he's trying to turn out of a back pedal".

She says "No Jeff you can't sign him because the money doesn't make sense within the rebuild" or whatever the situation is. She's looking at years down the road, trying to save the team money, and Jeff is trying to save his job.

I don't see her being able to evaluate talent seeing how she's never played, coached, or been an assistant on any level.

mark will never look at the letter t the same

Wilson played a great game Monday night. Like us, his offence line is a mess.

apples and oranges.

But unlike us he has the #1 defense in the league that held their opponents to 3 points through three quarters and allowed Wilson to be patient. Tannehill doesn't have that luxury.

Apples and oranges.

WashPinFan, I am absolutely agreeing with you. This team does have talent. My point was the coaching staff does not seem to be able to develop good talent into even better talent. They also take the best deep threat in the game and turn him into a non-factor. I do still believe our recent drafts have been below average. I also believe the HC, OC and DC are not doing their job. The talent is there, the ability to build a good locker room with solid chemistry is not. If the players do not like Philbin, they have to at least respect him. I don't think they do. I could be wrong. I want to see players like Hartline take the next step or Misi start making more plays. I want to see Matthewsstart making an imopact now he will be getting a lot of playing time. DEVELOP SOME PLAYERS

78, could she be any worse than irecorn?

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

I must say, this has been a tough 4 weeks to be a fan. I've been reading a bit, but not posting for the most part. As sick as it is, a win here and we are still in the hunt.

I'm seriously questioning Philbin/Sherman/Coyle at this point. With better coaching we could have won the last 3. I have no idea how our defense has regressed so much. I thought this would be a top 5 or 10 team in the league with more turnovers. Why doesn't Jordan play more?

On offense, Sherman puzzles me. I have no idea why he stopped running last week. The O-line is weak, the run is working why not protect Tannehill. Wallace has not been used right either. Wallace and Tanny deserve some of the blame, but get the guy some easy touches on screens to get him in the groove. Don't just run it when the game is basically over.

As for Martin going AWOL, I have no idea. The whole O-line besides Pouncey needs to be rebuilt. I actually thought Martin would make a good RT some day, but he's looking like a bust. They guy was 41 overall, so I think he can be called a bust.

Ireland has had some hits and misses this offseason. Clabo was a big miss. McKinnie actually looked good/decent as the fill in. Wallace the way his now looks like a miss. Ellerbee/Wheeler have disappointed. Hartline, Grimes, Gibson and Starks have been the best moves imo. The draft does not look great so far, although it is early.

Now, here's the sick part. I'm still a dumb homer. The schedule gets easier after tonight. If they can win tonight, I still think they have a chance at 10-6 and the playoffs. If they lose tonight its damn close to over.

Should we give the coaches and Ireland another if theres another 7-9 season? I'm not sure right now, but I'm leaning towards no. I want at least 9-7 with some signs of improvement if not the playoffs.

Just my 2 cents and ramblings that have built up over the last few weeks.

The D is not great... The Dline hasnt gotten the pressure it did early on game in and game out.. due in large part to the injuries but alot of it has to do with the rotation. Cam Wake rotating in and out which doesnt have that constant pressure or presence...
If the Dline isnt getting pressure QBs have time to pick apart the CB's...
I agree the O doing their part helps the D.. abondoning the run too quickly doesnt eat the clock so that the D can rest and sets up alot of 3 and outs bc the other D knows whats coming in this bland O

nemo, u kno the bux will get their 1st w next mon.nite

I am gonna go ahead and say this, just because I havent seen it on this blog yet


Phins 27

Bungholes 16

Does anyone here want a lawyer c*nt running the Dolphins ?

A b i t c h who's drunk off power huh ?

Why not just give Hilary Clinton a call ?

Toward the middle of the third quarter Wilson had 2 yards passing right?

Is that a great game? If Tannehill had 2 yards passing into the third quarter and only 7 points on the board do you think our defense is holding the other team to 3 points?

If Wilson had our defense would he have won that game with 14 points? He didn't lose it because he wasn't forced to put the game on his shoulders.

The coach understands how to develop a young qb. Tannehill was awesome in the first half, second half the entire team said it even cogs today, why are we going away from the run when its working and protecting the qb?

Whatever, I'm done because we are never going to agree.

I want a championship TEAM.

You guys want a championship QB.

I don't believe the latter is the only way to get the former and some of you do. End of discussion on my part.

Dave...great first couple of lines...

we take the games BEST deep threat (or @ least we paid him like he was)....and then we do the league a favor...and render him a non-factor...

Wallace should be a perfect fit here...Tanne os a former (used loosely) wr...he should be able to extend plays with his legs...muh like BIG BEN....the deep threat...big play should live in Miami...instead...it came here to die....

to this point...

I just spent like 10 minutes typing up a post that was not only awesome but did not have any vulgar...offensive...or slandering items in it...and these Fkers at TMH didn't let it go through...so this is where I take the exit ramp...as soon as posts start disappearing...
GO FINS...lets get a WIN so I dont stay up past midnight on a THURSDAY for no GD reason!!!

BTW...TNF is such a crock of shyt!!! And this needsto be the last season of it!!!


2 watt, I got to talk when they won, you get to talk when the lose. Only fair lol

Anyone that thinks Dan Marino would right the ship is sadly uninformed. He might be good as a PR man, but what has he ever done to make anyone think he would make a good personnel guy or talent evaluator?

Personally I'd rather give Zach Thomas a crack at GM than Dan. Zach was known as a TOTAL film study guy, he could spot tendencies, cracks in a teams offense, and more importantly he could commit the entire league to memory. If anyone has the diagnostic skill set to determine if a player can play or not it would be Zach.

Our next GM must be a details oriented guy, one willing to look at not only the numbers but every aspect of what makes a player tick, short of asking them if their mothers are prostitutes.

Or if not at GM how about at defensive quality control? Or as a defensive assistant coach, I don't know of anyone more qualified to break down opposing offenses than him.

Posted by: dave | October 31, 2013 at 12:37 PM

I would never respect a manager that has done nothing in his career to prove he is worthy of that respect. None and I mean not one of the current coaching staff has done anything to deserve the respect of their subordinates. I mean really have you even read the resumes of any of the current coaches we have?

Losers produce losers, simple as that. Philbin was not even trusted to do anything short of taking up space on the sideline in Green Bay for his entire tenure. His own boss didn't trust him to move up to the next level, that speaks volumes as far as I am concerned.

Sherman has done nothing but lose, in college and in the NFL. At one time in his career he was relevant, but for the past 10 years he has produced squat.

Now I ask you, could you entrust your faith in these guys to manage your career?

I told you when Joe was hired that we would see nothing resembling Walsh's real WCO. The real WCO features a Roger Craig (name ring a bell?) RB who gets 40 touches a game running AND CATCHING. We don't throw to our RBs at all. Walsh also had quite a blocking and catching FB by the name of Rathbun. Remember?

And an alpha WR named.... Rice. And the other outside WR was not too shabby.

Hmmmm. Where did you idiots get the idea that this modern 3 WR, no TE, no FB is a "west coast offense."

Because most of society is sheep, that's why.

Google it or simply remember the 80s Niners. RB and FB were a HUGE part of the WCO, and we have NO FB and barely use our RBs and don't throw screens to them at all (yeah about twice).

Daboll's offense was 400% better and was clicking when Moore went 6-3 and earned a starting role.

it was after 11 pm....maybe the last page...or the year before...

Posted by: Kris | October 31, 2013 at 12:31 PM

Well I'm certainly not going back a year to find it!

Agree with Jack 10.6...

absolutely HATE Thursday night football....hate it...

I barely like Monday night football...

The only good thing about the FINS being garbage for so long...is that we rarely play night games....

than GOD for small favors.....

This team is a mess, top to bottom. The organization is rotten, starting from the executives, passing through coaches and finishing with players. This is the Ross legacy. A senile old man who bought this team as his Sunday toy; a man who couldnt care less about its tradition and fans. Look what we got now, a pitiful organization, lead by one of the most infamous characters in the NFL: Ireland. This is his mess and his magnus opus.

didn't mean a year...meant last night....



I just checked back in again for a couple of minutes.

I don'tthink you read my comments properly. I said, 'i don't think Wilson played great Monday night'. What he didn't do though wa made tht huge gaffe that Tannehill has madethe last 4 games. In three of those games he has either directly or indircetly cost his team the game. Guys can continue to blame the OL, therunninggame, the defence, the coachesor whoever else they want to blame but the fct are the QB is giving the ball up way too much and at key points in the game. That needs to stop immediately.

And now I will explain why my prior comment makes sense: 240 pound beasts are hard to tackle. Well, duh.

With the exception of a Barry Sanders greatest-of-all-time scenario, BIG RBs have success at playoff/superbowl time.

Teams should literally let their FBs run more, as they did in the 80s, and behind a blocker. Christian Akoye. These guys have success.

Brandon Jacobs is still playing well at age 53 after 30 years in the league as a RB.

Even our Daniel Thomas has shown flashes. Give him the ball (or Miller) 30 times! Give them both 20 carries.

Like our own players said: we should run the ball 40 times a game and throw it 25, not the other way around.


I'm serious. Ask them. O linemen LIKE to run block to gain some confidence in a game just like a basketball player sometimes needs a layup to get his shooting confidence going.

Then, as we have all noticed, in a game we are up 17-3 with 110 yards rushing at HALF TIME, Sherman STILL abandons the run. It's really inexcusable.

We were up 17-3 at half time by running the ball!!!!!

Mark at no time did I blame anyone on the offense for the defense's issues. All I said was the defense feeds off of the success of the offense. If the offense is not producing anything other than turnovers or 3 and outs that does not bode well with the attitude of the defense. I am sure the defense knows who to blame, but the end result is the same. They stop giving their all on every play knowing that Mr. Wonderful OC is going to change the game plan mid-stream and cause them to be out on the field for the entire second half of the game.

I blame the OC and the Head Coach, not THill or anyone else on offense. The game plan sucks, the scheme sucks, and the coaches suck. THill is a smart guy and will be a great player for years to come. I have nothing but faith in the guy, but as long as he has to deal with the idiots that are calling the shots and getting him killed every week he will not produce and will only regress.

Does anyone here want a lawyer c*nt running the Dolphins ?

A b i t c h who's drunk off power huh ?

Why not just give Hilary Clinton a call ?


Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/10/lets-see-how-has-this-season-only-seven-games-in-already-been-something-of-a-nightmare-we-start-with-mike-pounceypicture/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

this. I mean... wow. just unbelievable. the fact that this is even entertained let alone is happening is proof that feminism has won and society is doomed.


The Dolphins should change this season's slogan "It's Our Time" to "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest". In today's game they should play that song from the Titanic "Closer To Thee" at halftime as we have definitely hit the Ice burg and are sinking fast.

This franchise couldn't possibly be more embarrassing.
In fact, if Ross, Ireland, Aponte and Philbin show up at today's game and come out of a Volkswagen driven by a clown, it wouldn't tarnish anything anymore than it already is.

And let me just add, this 'first time HC' stuff is crap! Mike Tomlin was a first time HC and won a Super Bowl. John Harbaugh was a first time HC. Super Bowl. Guy in Indy has his team playing well. First time HC.

What are guys suggesting? We should continueto hire the Marty Schottenheimersand Brian Billicks of he world? Come on! You sound lame when you talk this stuff.

This team is falling apart under Ireland. He should be fired as soon as a hit post.

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