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Dolphins starting to string embarrassments together

How has this Dolphins season, only seven games old, already been something of an embarrassment?


We start with Mike Pouncey pictured wearing a cap requesting the release of suspected murderer Aaron Hernandez. The picture hits the Internet and causes a public outrage. When Pouncey wants to apologize for photo to quell the public indignation, as his brother Maurkice immediately did on the advice of his team the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dolphins forbid the center from saying anything. They apparently think saying nothing will make those offended feel better.

They also forbid Pouncey from saying anything after is subpoenaed to testify in front of a Grand Jury in relation to the Hernandez trial. Glad to see the team learned a lesson. Not really.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin on Monday then goes AWOL from the team when he gets upset over a lunchroom prank by teammates. He hasn't been around for three days. But the Dolphins, who refuse to acknowlege the national story, list Martin as doubtful for tonight's game against Cincinnati.

Defensive tackle Randy Starks, upset he is demoted from his starting job after going to the Pro Bowl last year, celebrates a sack by shooting his bench a one-fingered salute. The player denies it publicly, but the gesture was aimed at the coaching staff.

It took receiver Mike Wallace one game to show his unhappiness with the Dolphins game plan when he wasn't targetted at all in the first half of the season opener and only five times all game. Wallace, by the way, has toned down his distaste for how he's being used publicly but not so much privately.

Other players are also questioning the approach of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. Guard Richie Incognito is unhappy Sherman stopped calling running plays in the second half of the New England loss and has been public about the Dolphins abandoning that which was working.

"I think we should just keep running the football 30, 40 times a game," Incognito says. "That's our blueprint for success. We have to run the football for four quarters."

The dislike for Sherman's play-calling can be found throughout the Dolphins organization. One high-ranking person within the team is dumbfounded by Sherman's approach in some situations, saying the coach misses "101 stuff" -- meaning fundamental things.

Coach Joe Philbin's relationship with the media has grown tense and, earlier this week, even combative. It wasn't that way last year even during a 7-9 season. The difference this year is the increased influence of Executive Vice President of Football Administration Dawn Aponte, a member of the New York State bar and a Bill Parcells disciple. Aponte, originally hired to manage the salary cap underJeff Ireland, got from under the general manager's umbrella when the two clashed. She has become a close Philbin ally.

Aponte shadows Philbin during television interviews, radio interviews and press conferences. During one recent taping of Philbin's coaches' show, she stopped the taping to straighten the coach's tie.

The second-year coach meets with Aponte before every press conference and accepts advice on what to say to the media. Can you ever imagine Don Shula doing this? Aponte's typical advice is for Philbin to say as little as possible even though the mission statement from team owner Stephen Ross, Philbin's and Aponte's boss, was to have the Dolphins become a more transparent and fan-friendly organization after the Parcells departure.

Bottom line?

The Dolphins are trying to be just as insulated since the Parcells departure as before because Aponte believes in the approach. Except these Dolphins should probably concentrate more on improving their play than they do at honing their message. Except neither Aponte nor Philbin have any of Bill Parcells' credibility for winning anything, much less multiple Super Bowls. 

And it doesn't look like that will change this season.


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In Ireland's defense, this is Floriduh. It must be in the water.

DD, i agree that it is not good enough, I disagree that you say the defense hasn't been horrible, for the talent, they have. And I could make a good case that they loaded up the defense as much or more than the defense and the offense had a lot further back to come from.

And for what it's worth, the 2nd half of the season on paper looks a lot easier than the first. So there will be an opportunity to improve the #s on both units and let's see where we end up...

Yeah, but Craig be realistic here. You don't promote an unknown to a position he didn't deserve to have. He didn't show his former boss he was capable and for some reason that fact simply just slipped by Ireland? Really?? Now please explain to me how he got the job in the first place.

Dudes, would bang. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=VUs8pY9F8RIWuM&tbnid=A5G6SMsSo23QpM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sun-sentinel.com%2Fsports%2Fmiami-dolphins%2Fsfl-photos-inside-the-bubble-at-dolphins-train-002%2C0%2C7163815.photo&ei=4o5yUsCtBIq-kQfk_4GQDA&bvm=bv.55819444,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNFH0I7g0FXc6Y5J3s1JiPLT5mWG2Q&ust=1383325774073099

Phins78 I couldn't agree more. I like Tannehill and I believe he can grow into a mich better qb than people think. I too want a championship TEAM, and I have to say and I've said it before this team has a lot of talent on it, some of it young and underdeveloped but talent yes. We need better play on OL ,no doubt, but Tannehill has the tools to be a very very good and potentially great qb in this league. His size and arm strength and ability to move around are assets. Problem is coaching, this team is underachieving on many many levels. The fact that we cannot, hold that, DO NOT get the ball in the hands of our playmakers is just a testament to how bad this staff is at game planning. Sherman must go after tonight if there are not big changes in offensive scheme, and Philbin is a dead duck if he continues to sign off on and support his OC who is single handedly suffocating the successes of this offense. I am happy on the defensive side of the ball sans the inability to get Jordan more involved as well as Our Rookie cb's on a regular basis. Jordan showed us in New England, on one play mind you, that he can cover GRONKOWSKI who has murdered us in games past. So yes we need our #3 overall pick to be in the game all the time. This goes on Philbin, I believe, and his philosophy that the guys who play well in practice will get the reps in games. Apparently he's never heard of a GAMER?!?!? Jordan is a gamer, he can make things happen and create space for others, problem is he can't do that unless given a chance. I can care less how a guy does in non contact practice drills for Christs sake.

Philbin: "We got a helluva team in the making"


"Would you agree that many locker rooms have a guy who gets picked on more than others....could it be that Martin was that guy".

Absolutely. I've been in locker rooms my entire life. I'm still in a locker room every Wed and Sunday night with a bunch of hockey players. The guys who get picked on are the guys that show it bothers them. It's human nature, take a gander at the posts, same thing in here. You want to talk about pranks? Getting up and leaving the table is pu$#y crap compared to what goes on in hockey. One of my teammates put a playgirl in my hockey bag, right on the top, so when I opened it to get dressed it fell out on the floor in front of everyone. I was shocked but immediately started laughing. The guys still haven't let me live it down even after knowing who put it in there. They pick on me all of the time and I laugh about it, it's what guys do. Guys I know at least. Maybe the people who are talking about bullying don't have this kind of relationship with their male friends. That might be why we disagree on this subject. It could be that we are from different areas and people just act differently. I am from NY state after all. But I'm an adult and realize it's all in good fun. And I don't believe that Jonathin Martins teammates were PURPOSELY TRYING TO HURT HIM IN A DEEP EMOTIONAL WAY. I think they were having a little fun and Martin handled it wrong. And I believe that he has been part of other pranks against other players because I have never been in a TEAM locker room where everyone hates one guy and tries to hurt him emotionally.

That's what you are describing Kris. A high school girls bathroom where the other girls try and make the new girl cry.

More to come


I think we can all agree Ireland is gone. I can't imagine even an ass clown like Ross bringing him back. Ross is a business man. He knows there is no way possible he can sell tickets again next year with Ireland in charge.

MassD, you may be right on the pass defense improving because the run d regressed. That's plausible but overlal the unit is much worse.

On Wilson, again, he gets sacked more often than Tannehill (13% of his attempts v 12% of his attempts for Tannehill). He also fumbles more often per sack (30% for Wilson, 25% for Tannehill). Both turnover the ball more than they should 6.5% of Tannehill's attempts result in turnovers, 5.9% for Wilson (league average is 4.2%). Looking at all this, i don't see how one qb has pocket prescence and the other doesn't. they are both mistake prone. Just one team can lean on their defense and running game, the other can't. I think that's the major diffs between the results in these two guys this year. One gets exposed way more than the other.

"Locker rooms are a hierarchy....a cast system....primitive man @ it's finest.....the strong survive....those that perform @ the highest level get the most respect.....the stronger man gets the last word.....that is a locker room."..

(LOL Dude you are watching too many movies!) A locker room on a real team, not in high school, is a room full of family members. You go through camp together and form a bond. You make fun of eachother but you will die for your brother. These are the locker rooms I have been a part of. I have NEVER seen the locker room that you describe here. Lucky me I guess.

"While those under-performing....well...they get ignored @ best....ridiculed on days that aren't going so well."

Not once, not one time or one team I have ever been on do I see a player get ridiculed by his teammates for a bad performance. It's an unwritten rule, everyone is going to play a bad game, it's your teammates who will have your back and help you through it because no one else will. The fans and media will be merciless, the coaches will get on your a@# about it, but your teammates will try to lift you up. I have no idea where you are getting these ideas from. Seriously Kris, if you were a member of an organized sport and this is how your locker room was I am sorry for you. You missed out on being part of a real team.

"I mean seriously.....dude is walking away from THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.....because some douche bags walked away from him @ lunch"

No I don't believe that for a second. I believe that he has deep emotional issues he is dealing with and it manifested itself that day. Many mental disorders show up in people in their mid 20's.

So I believe Martin is dealing with some kind of personality disorder and will be diagnosed and treated.

I look forward to the story coming out. But if for some reason you are right, and he left because it was the final straw and he was sick of being bullied? Sorry, he's a pansy. Plain and simple and here's why.

Every Sunday he is called the worst names in the book. His wife is talked about, his kids, his mother, anything an opposing defender can do to get in your head. So having your teammates play a prank on you, fine, lets assume multiple pranks, isn't grounds for slamming your meal tray and walking away from everyone. Was it all 52 guys or just the guys sitting at that table? So because of five guys he's giving up and quitting on the other 47?

We will agree to disagree, THAT'S not cool to me. Like you said, people are bullied every day. Grow a pair and man up, it's life.

Craig, look again at the rate Tannehill turns over the ball v Wilson, not much different and both are bad at it. Both are in entirely different team scenarios though.

As much as he got bashed here, including me, Tony Sporano never lost his team. More than I can say for the current group.


Who's to say who deserves it an who doesn't. We're fans and on the outside. None of us know any of this stuff. We're too far away from all this stuff to have any real insight. Had you ever heard of Mike Tomlin before he was discussed for HCing jobs? How about John Harbaugh? Pretty sure he was a special teams coach before he was HC in Baltimore. Was he more deserving than others? Why? What is it us fan can measure from afar. We don't know that stuff. We're too far away. Did any of us know Bellichick or Pete Carroll would have success after their first tries in the NFL. Highly doubt it.

Myself, I wanted Jeff Fisher as HC. He's not dong any better with the Rams. It's all a bit of a crapshoot really. We heard none of this stuff when the team was 3-0. Now people think he's the worst coach in the league.

Anyone waving the flag for Russell Wilson is crazy. The kid mustered less than 150 yards TOTAL offense versus a mediocre Rams team. If Tannehill had done that his testicles would be hanging from the goal post at JRS.


We could argue about his stuff all day long. There were times Marino had no running game or a soft defence or Manning had no defence or Brady had no receivers and no running game but these guys kept winning. You and others were the ones who told me 'You have to have a QB', when I tried to defend Henne. Seems the argument has changed now that it's Tannehill.


Look again.....Wilson just keeps on winning. That's all that matters. Rightly or wrongly that's all that matters. Unfairly or not that is what a QB s judging on. All the stats in the world don't mean squat at the end of the day unless the team is winning, it means nothing.

We've told that for years on here, 'the QB' has the biggest impact on the team winning and losing and now its been changed out of convenience.

Problem is coaching, this team is underachieving on many many levels. The fact that we cannot, hold that, DO NOT get the ball in the hands of our playmakers is just a testament to how bad this staff is at game planning.

Posted by: Ziggy | October 31, 2013 at 01:11 PM

That's what amazes me about the people who just want to throw in the towel on Tannehill Ziggy. They know our coaching staff is failing with almost every unit on the team. EVERYONE has regressed. Yet Tannehills numbers have actually improved. So everyone is underachieving because of awful coaching and a bad gm but one guy on the team has actually improved instead of regressed and that's the guy they want gone. I don't get it.

Despite the fact that his coaches have proved their incompetence he is somehow supposed to rise above it all like Jesus and carry the team on his back behind the worst offensive line in the history of the Miami Dolphins, a crappy running game with two backs who can't block, not one competent blocking tight end, and that coaching staff, God love em, who can't coach themselves out of a paper bag.

And albert,

You obviously didn't watch the game Monday night.....

That was anything but a mediocre Rams defence.

It's too early to say weather Tannehill will be good or not. So much depends on the team around a QB and the system that he is in etc. The only QB from last years class living up to expectations is Andrew Luck. Wilson is so-so, RG3 has won 2 games only, Weeden is already benched and Tannehill is up and down. The only sure thing right now is Luck.

Craig why aren't you answering Marks questions? He asked you a question on the last page and it got passed over. It went along with what you two were discussing and brought up some interesting points. I was waiting for your rebuttal.


If winning is all that matters in determining greatness in a QB then Alex Smith is the best in the league right?
Wilson is winning because he has a GREAT defense a HORSE at RB and a very Good OL. All Wilson has to do is get out of the way.

Russell Wilson has 339 yards rushing this year.
Tannehill has 82.

If you're going to compare Wilson and Tannehill, then compare them in every phase of the game.

"Wilson just keeps on winning. That's all that matters."

No offnese but this is why I have a hard time talking to people who have never played the sport on an organized level.

Always crediting the qb with the hard work that he AND 52 other guys do.

Mark Sanchez just kept winning. Had nothing to do with the number one defense or #3 run game. It was all the qb and no one else helped. He won so much they made the playoffs. Thank God for the qb or the other guys wouldn't have been able to accomplish a thing.

And now were crediting Wilson with a win that he had very little to do with. He limited mistakes because his defense allowed him to play it safe for 3 quarters. That's how they won the game, not on the back of their qb alone.


The Rams defense prior to the Seahawks game was allowing an average of 26 points per game. That my friend is mediocre.


1. Reported Parcells/Ireland no longer speaking.
2. Now revealed Aponte Parcells protégé
3. Philbin now marching to Aponte's, not Ireland's tune.

This begs me to ask:

Is Ireland on the way out and Philbin being groomed to takeover football operations to go with his hc duties?

Extremely strange that Aponte would be allying herself with a lame duck hc. I'm believing there's more than meets the eye with this new-found Aponte/Philbin relationship.

So, if Philbin's fired, we could also see Aponte walking too. What a freaking mess this franchise is from top to bottom. It's very difficult to see us winning another game the rest of the season.

Hold on for a very bumpy ride!

Not everybody can be a Doctor, not everybody can be a Business man, not everybody can be a Football Player. How do you find out your vocation? Two ways. First, take an aptitude test. That's what they are there for. Second, let life teach you(much harder). Especially if there is a lot of $$$ involved in your Life's decision, Most will bend over backwards against their vocation and go for that $um; but most, then, will never be realized in their Life.

Did you watch the game albert?

What did you think of the OL of Seattles? Did you think they played well?

You guys love to get hung up on stats. I couldn't care less what the stats say. I know what i watched. That's a very good young aggressive defence. Agree or disagree, albert?

Ever think thy are ranked lower than they should be because their offence isn't that great?

An Aptitude test??? LOL!!! C'MON Oscar...now there is a good joke...a test that tells you who you are...good one...maybe dudes should just have girls fill out quizzes out of Cosmo to determine matchability instead of actually going out on dates...you know...since that would be harder...good one oscar...

"We've told that for years on here, 'the QB' has the biggest impact on the team winning and losing and now its been changed"

Armando told you that. Not everyone so I want to put it on record. I have NEVER agreed with that statement. I am a team guy, I like teams who win, not teams who rely on one guy because that rarely works.

The problem with Henne was that he was as dumb as a box of rocks and had no fire.

We all know Tannehill is smart. And that was our qb throwing Matthews off the field early this season when he was getting heated, that was OUR qb WHO got in the face of Incognito and split up a shoving match betweeen he and a defensive linemen.

Tannehill can do everything that Henne could do physically and more. And he's already a better leader and is light years ahead in the intelligence dept.

The comparisons of Henne and Tannehill are laughable. Not even close to being the same guy. The only thing they have in common is playing on the terrible Miami Dolphins.

Seems the internal revolt against Jeff Ireland has begun.

Aponte allying with Philbin. Suspicious Sherman playcalling. Ireland's 2013 draft class barely seeing the field or not at all. Even the #3 overall pick Jordan, seeing the field less than 25% of all defensive plays.

Is it all coincidence, or full blown anarchy against Jeff Ireland? Did I also mention how Wallace has been used by Sherman?


What questions? If Mark directed something to me then I missed it.

Jack Sparrow,

Yes Wilson has over 300 yards rushing. Does that make him better than Brady or Payton Manning or Drew Breese? The fact that he has over 300 yards rushing tells me the kid is that much closer to blowing out a knee. Once he does that and can't run Wison will be all but useless.

Craig the Rams d isn't that great. But they're always tough against the Seahawks so I'll give you that they played a great game Monday at home.

Let me find it Craig

Craig M.
Yes I watched the game. I saw a very erratic young QB. I saw a young QB that made no plays. And yes the Rams Defense "looked" good. But sometimes Craig, a QB that makes NO plays makes a defense look better than they are. I guess the seven other games where they allowed 26 points per game don't matter, right?

Craig it was at 10"31 and it was addressed to Kris. Sorry bout that.

But Mark it was an excellent few posts there. I know they got ignored but I wanted to let you know I read them and you made great points.

I apologize for any misunderstanding here today guys. I'm having trouble keeping up with the posts while I try to do my office work so I think I'm missing some things.

Here goes the media trying to paint a bad picture of the team over meaningless stuff. Who cares!? Is anyone on this team actually been in trouble like other teams? The media is always trying to get their hands on any little info they can find and blowing it up to 5 times more then it actually is while painting disarray among the team to the fan base. YOU guys are the ones who chased Peyton Manning out of town and gave us no chance to land him with your circus acts. Stick to reporting football and STOP distracting this coaching staff from their job and maybe this team will have a chance!


First of all I played high school football. Not sure why you have to be so condescending. You don't know me, so don't come this 'holier than thou' BS. I'm very well versed in how team sports work. I've argued on here for years that it takes 53 players to win. I was the one sticking up for Henne, saying it wasn't all his fault and the play calling and support players needed to be better. Ii was told by Mark and Kris n DC that nothing would change until we got the QB right, that he was the most important player on the field. I ought into that. Now I'm being told that it's everybody's fault EXCEPT the QB and I'm having. Tough tim believing that.

AGAIN.....i didn't say Wilson won the game or the Seahawks the other night. What I sad is, unlike Tannehill he's not losing games for his team. Argue that all you want, I believe there's enough evidence there to back that up.

Sam it's a conspiracy theory that I don't completely disagree with. The only thing that tells me it's probably not true is the fact that Sherman and Philbin's jobs are tied to Ireland. He goes, they go, and maybe Aponte too. New GM might want his own cap specialist.

Yes Wilson has over 300 yards rushing. Does that make him better than Brady or Payton Manning or Drew Breese?

Posted by: albert | October 31, 2013 at 01:53 PM

We were talking about Wilson and Tannehill. Not Tannehill and Superbowl MVP's.

Craig, brady or Manning were beating nobody in the first two years of their careers without good teams. As i posted earlier, Manning turned the ball over 45 times in his first two years, brady won the MVP of the Super Bowl with a mighty 145 yards passing in that game too. Defense carried the load and never complained they were tired once.

An aptitude teat is designed to help a Person find out his vocation, the area in Society where he should apply him/herself to obtain maximum success in their Life. Of course many People don't need it, like me. I was born a Doctor, of a Father Doctor whose Father was also a Doctor and my Mother a Nurse. But most People don't really know what they are or where to direct themselves to find out so. That case is where an aptitude test could help.

Anyway guys...work calls. Some of you see it one way, I see it another. Tannehill has to play a lot better and stop making so many dumb mistakes (and yes that's on him) or this team isn't going to win anything.

Hopefully we can all agree on that but if not....oh well.


Craig, I don't know what oyu don't get. See it everywhere the YOUNG, INEXPEERIENCED QBs that are asked to take on more than they should make mistakes. The ones that are insulated by dominant units on the other parts of their teams succeed early.

Rothelieberger, Brady, Flacco, Sanchez, Ryan, kaepernick, Wilson, etc, etc

The ones that are asked to pass more than the league average make mistakes early

Tannehill, RG3, Peyton, Eli, Brees, Aikman, etc etc

Jonathan Martin leaves team after joke.


Jonathan Martin leaves joke of a team.

Craig M.
I agree. Have a good day at work.

Mark In Toronto,

Well put.

Draft needs for Fins

1) QB
2) RB
3) LT

jack @ 1:44 i do compare everything and Tannehill does produce more yardage per game in all than Wilson.264.4 v 245.9 YPG. Also produces more TDs (rush included). They both produce 1.6TDS per game (rush and pass) which is a good # (league avg is 1.5)

Nat Moore,

How about this:


When Bledsoe went down, Brady took the team to the Super Bowl his first year. Bledsoe ever got his job back. Think Bledsoe would have played gain if BB thought he could Bledsoe do a better job?

And AGAIN with the stats. You guys can have your stats. Good luck with them. Cam Newton puts up great stats. All I care about is does the guy win. Wilson will never lead the league in stats but I'll take him at QB any day. he knows how to win.

I played Fantasy Football way back when Montana played (yeah I'm old). Guys like Jim Everett and Randall Cunningham consistently put up better numbers than him but would any of us rather have those guys QBing SF. Highly doubt it. Those guys just win. It's why Big Ben called Brady the best QB in the game today, earlier this week, despite guys like Rodgers, Brees and Manning having better numbers.

You played football and are listening to what Kris and whomever else are telling you about what a football team needs? Craig, why?

You know the game. You know there are all kinds of ways to build a winning team. So don't change your mind because someone else told you their opinion was correct. I believe your original opinion was right on the money. That doesn't matter either, stay true to you. If you really changed your mind and they helped you do that then fine.

You have to keep looking for that franchise qb. Sure. But in the meantime you don't give up on building an entire team while you wait. You work with what you got and you try to win as much as possible. The qb isn't the answer for everything. If you played football then you know this.

And why is this even being discussed so much. Ryan Tannehill is our qb. There is no one better on the team. Moore fans want him in because he has proved what (in practice and games)? That's he's just as flawed as Tannehill with less upside.

So what's the point in this debate. You draft a qb next year. Push Tannehill, he sinks or swims, or the new qb sinks, then you draft another, and another, and another, and another. But you always recognize your current qbs limitations and you build around it. Teams can win a Super Bowl with a decent QB. Eli is not Elite, sorry. Neither is Ryan and I have my questions with Flacco. All have either won or come close because of team play.

So forgive me Tannehill bashers, I see it a different way. Tannehill is not now nor will he ever be elite, I've accepted that and moved on. I just want to win again and I don't care how we do it.

Craig, which game besides Buffalo did Tannehill lose for Miami? And didn't Wilson's two turnovers v 0 for Indy prove the difference in that loss???


We'll never agree on his. You're going to keep giving me stats and defending Tannehill. That's very noble. I get it. You're a fan. You're hopeful. I took me a long time to see it with Henne. It just wasn't going to work out. I hope it does work out with Tannehill and you tell m I was wrong because that ill mean we're winning an that's what I want more than anything. But I'm just not confident that will be the case.

Ryan Tannehill, worst QB in the league?

The truth is...I'll be damned if I know amy more whos to blame or why we can't get out of the way of ourselves.

GM, Coaches, QB, O-line, CB's who knows who's to blame??. It baffles the mind year after we are on here arguing with each other about why we suck.

Geez its high time we stood up and be counted for!

Lets start with the Bengals. Go Fins!

Okay guys I get it. My opinion is not any better than the next guy and I admit at times I do go off on a tangent out of shear frustration. Bottom line is we have serious issues with this team and these problems have been ongoing and didn't just rear their ugly faces yesterday.

I read up on the coaches, the players, and anyone else who has anything to do with my team. I played the game myself and I do understand continuity leads to a winning attitude. Lack of consistency in all fazes of the organization from the owner, down to the players on the field has caused this franchise to falter on every level.

I just can't put a finger on it because I don't really have all of the answers because I am not a member of this organization. I can only go on what I see on the field and what I read in the papers and on the internet.

All of you for the most part are educated and well versed in the game, some are former players, and some are well, fans. Be as that may I feel obligated to vent my frustration when my team loses and bless them when they win and if I see a crisis arising I will be the first to point it out. Doesn't make me stupid or uninformed, it just makes me another concerned fan of a team that is in total chaos.

I don't know if Philbin has lost his team but he very well may be in the process of losing it. Quite frankly the work he has done over the past 2 years, in no way shape or form, can be considered 'pointing the team in the right direction'. Your right about Sherman, Philbin's going down with the ship with Sherman as captain. Additionally, Philbin has come in and instead of using the personnel that was available to their strengths he's put them into positions to fail. The right player in the wrong scheme is the wrong player. I think we've seen this over more then just Philbin's tenure, but the cycle keeps going round and round. Not using rookies in only spot situations, getting them used to the speed of the game borders on a crime. Not allowing Jordan to play standing up is another mystery. His athleticism is remarkable and when played doesn't look like a lost little boy as Philbin, at times, has looked. Losing your team early in the 2nd year isn't a record (see Schiano, TB) but he's proving by both his actions and inactions as to not understanding the source of the team's underperformance.

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