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Live blog: Season on the brink

The Dolphins' season is on the brink and it pretty much all hangs in the balance tonight. On national television. Against a good opponent.

Obviously, the Dolphins are an underdog because they're 3-4 and losers of four consecutive games while the Bengals are 6-2 and have won four in a row.

But there is no NFL bylaw that states the Dolphins must lose tonight. There is no understanding that the team in freefall must continue its dive to irrelevance.

The Dolphins can save their season tonight with a victory. They have to get good games out of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, their secondary and defensive line and, of course their offensive line -- particularly Tyson Clabo.

But all those things are possible.

Will it happen? We'll find out in a few hours.

And we can find out together on the live blog. Join me there.

[Update: The Dolphins inactive tonight are Mike Gillislee, Pat Devlin, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Danny Watkins, Jonathan Martin, and Dion Sims.]

[Update 2: A club source tells me the team is giving Jonathan Martin wide latitude in deciding when he wants to return to the team and that there has been no return date set. The source tells me the club is concerned about the relationship between Martin and some teammates.]



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now questioning hartline's catch....seriously, this is too much.

f@&€ them all!

Total Access guys seem a bit sad that the Safety was just confirmed by officiating dude.


Please write the two things you need to do when play calling at the top of your play calling cheat sheet:

1) Our o-line is better at run blocking then pass blocking

2) When the running game doesn't seem to be working read the first line before calling your next play

NFL Network questioning Hartline sideline catch but not 2 PI penalties.

I hope so Oscar. It was a complete team win and they overcame the distractions, the bad calls and some bad luck.

Apparently most People accross the States want Us to lose. Well, We don't want to lose. uh?

FINALLY Michael Irvin the voice of reason

Thanks you Michael Irvin, was Cincinnatti playing themselves out there?

Glad we got the win...a game though I feel we could have won comfortably in regulation...I'm starting to become a conspiacy guy with these refs tho fo realz...offense PO...no defensive PO...just turrible...

I feel that the PHINS give the Bucs first win!
Not drinking the Kool-ade until Irescum is gone with those clowns. Just remember all those third downs this team gave up and THills poor throws at times. We got lucky but it's a win and that's part of the game!

Thank you Mike Irvin...preach brother!

C-Wake 3 sacks, ff, and game winning safety

B-Grimes 1 int 92yds

D-Patterson 1 int

Soliai 1 sack

Odrick/Shelby 1/2 sack each

Oline 156yds rushing

Tannehill was Tannehill. Does great things, does terrible things. You can not crown him anything after 1 semi decent game.

Have not you Tanne-singers learned anything yet? Remember, there's always next week and more turnovers to come.

So glad somw here got there rare Tannehill worship hour. He'll break your hearts far more than he'll mend your hearts. Truth be told!

If every week the Dolphins will play against the Zebras and the oponent, for sure the Dolphins will hardly get 6 wins.
NFL network are questioning all the Dolphins plays, but NONE of the awful calls against the us. What's going on ? What about the ugly calls against the Patriots ?
R. Isen is a jackass.

Montrel, agred on McKinnie, I wanted him out here in the offseason too. Not a star but he's a big bastid and won't get javellin'd.

Who cares about Martin, bullied out of the NFL, stay home ...

Happy for the win and wake is back everyone. However this team almost blew another big second half lead. Coaching still needs to get better along with short yardage execution. How many times do we need to see Thomas run forward and get stuffed. Still many concerns with the team moving forward but for tonight lets all enjoy a great win against a tough opponent

Sherman did better tonight. He used Wallace right. The running game did well. Tannehill with the huge drive. The D played great too.

Not perfect, still quite a few mistakes. A win is a win though. This year isn't over yet. See you all on Monday Night 11/11.

RAY GO FUKKK YOURSELF OK?? Im sick and tired of you jet loser fans being on this blog!!

OK, to the people wanting to say that it wasn't a safety. OK, then the ball should be on the Goal line. The Next Play would've been a safety.

And it wasn't even close. Wake sacked him in the End zone.

Tannehill sucks.

The locker room is in turmoil.

Nobody wants to play for these coaches.

Armando, you need to be fired. not Sherman

People just need to and let T-hill develop that guy has a cool confidence about him. He's got the physical tools to be great too.

Vegas never lies! Why are you idiots excited???

Bill calm down before you have a heart attack you old fart!

The Matthews cacth was called out and a discraceful call. No-ne in the media had a problem with that.

Miller played very well.

Geno Atkins gets the NFL Network teams concern , but Ritchie Incloggedsh1thole gets no mention.


Anyone notice our run game is only better when Lamar Miller can get to the edge?

We still suck with the inside blocking.

Sam, ur behind Daytona in the dikk sukking line, were you asleep during the 3 wins? He was the driving force in the firt three. here, he did his best Russell Wilson impersonation. Actually Miami in all did their best Seawhawk impersonation. Who was that defense???

Incognito sucks!!! Garner did a much better job

I handled John and his mother; you folks have to handle the other trolls...

What a dream finish. The walk of safety.

4-4 and the Bucs up next.

We can still do it. Big win.

Dolphins are capable of rattling off 4 in a row with upcoming schedule...at 8-4, no one would be laughing anymore

Old man Bill why are u up so late wrinkled old man?

When Garner plays more than 3 games per year he begins to royally suck. Hope Cogs is back soon.

Bright spots from this game in my opinion...Lamar Miller, Bryant McKinnie, Nate Garner, Tyson Clabo (let's give him credit, he played a pretty good game against a pretty good defense), Chris Clemons, Dimitri Patterson, Olivier Vernon (again) and Michael Egnew. On the downside, Daniel Thomas, Rashad Jones and Philip Wheeler all had a crappy game...

3rd time in HISTORY!!!

EK @12:23,

I agree with the last line.

I bet we will get 9 articles about Martin and everything negative going on about this team before we get one Objective Article on the growth this team is showing.

Ok back into retirement....just funny how Marco, Sam I AM, Kris, Craig M and the 20 names Daytona uses are not on here telling how Tannehill should be benched??
When the Offense gives him time to throw, The running game works and the WR actually catch the ball WE WIN!!!

D is still weak. Second week in a row they blow a 17-3 lead. Wheeler sucks bad Grimes missed about 5 tackles. Still pathetic.

Yeah Garner does an awesome job. Leave him in there.

...Sweet game..Awesome game.. Will this team ever start to get any calls?? That was brutal tonight..

Good job by the defense..I think Cinci ran something like 90 plays tonight...That is a long time to be out there. Perhaps it explains why we missed so many tackles? That game was a 6 mile pacer...Back and forth back and forth...Feels good to win again.

Anyway, good night Miami fans...Feels nice to win a game again...Cheers!

Posted by: Dashi | November 01, 2013 at 12:17 AM

I have complained about Sherman plenty...not so much creativity but more situational football...even tonight I disagree with several calls...but I did make the comment to put Yeatman in as an eligble 6th tackle a couple/few weeks ago...

Disclaimer to the blog...don't ask me to prove it...cuz I'm not going to...just thought I'd put that out there...don't care if I'm believed...

***Nice to not throw my Dolphins shirt off in disgust after a game this week...good win...

Night guys...stay classy Miami

Lol pretty good one Mark enjoy that old dried up bag p u z z y that beast u call a wife lmao

Goodnight dolfans I'm off to bed too.

One of the best victories I've ever seen.

..The other thing that is obvious watching this offense the last 3 weeks...The 2 tight end formation is here to stay..The coaches used it again this week. Since the Buff game first half, last week first half..And the entire game this week(even though we hardly had the ball in the second half) You can see how much better we are when we run more of this formation then the 11 personel, or the empty..

This cannot be debated...It works.

Our Run game is better when L.Miller is running and not D.Thomas.

L.Miller can run Inside and Outside better than D.Thomas.

On that 3rd and 1 that D.Thomas failed to get yet again. All he had to do was cut back to the middle. But NO he insisted on going to the pile.

D.Thomas is NO C.Clay.

On 3rd and Short I would use a Jumbo package. Clay at RB and Egnew at FB. With 6 O-linemen. And if it is 3rd and less than a Yard, RUN THE BRADY SPECIAL!! Quick QB Sneak.

Goodnight u sore losers.. Grown men happy over a stupid game. You guys need lives!

Dolphins are capable of rattling off 4 in a row with upcoming schedule...at 8-4, no one would be laughing anymore

Posted by: Ready to shoot myself | November 01, 2013 at 12:27 AM


Gotta take em one game at a time and the Bucs are a rivalry game.

The Bucs also have some talent and are probably better than their record aside from the QB position.

Doug Martin being out and Wake being back gives us the edge but we've got to keep playing hard.

Dolphins stay perfect on Halloween.

Nice win, Yes
But, 90 plays vs 45
Not nice
We need to find the way to keep the football
#52 it's a joke he can't tackle
#20 I can't remember a good play Clemons need to help you ( you're lost )

Vegas, your moms poo hole is better than johns mothers and she only follows me around for two weeks...

Dashi, it is amazing how some writer says something and everyone jumps on their bandwagon.

We had games stolen from us and everyone wants to beat on the coaches and The QB.


Good thing that Halloween streak continues. The one straw for hope worked out!

Guess Vegas has to get back to work workin at the truck stop... Keep slirpin that skeet...

Cameron Wake and Brent Grimes.


John=Vegas... skeet slerpin d o u c h e bags......


My bad. But I don't think even you would've used 6-linemen as much as they did tonight.


The whole Playbook (formation wise) is always used by Sherman. They use as much 2 TE as they use 4 and 5 wide. If you remember the Fins even ran some wildcat against NE last week. No not with a RB at QB but with T-Hill and Hartline in Motion.

I blame the 2nd half collapse on Coyle not Sherman. It isn't the Offense giving away the lead in the 3rd qtr. Offenses are figuring out our defense play calling in the 2nd half.

Dolphins 1... Trolls 0...

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