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Live blog: Season on the brink

The Dolphins' season is on the brink and it pretty much all hangs in the balance tonight. On national television. Against a good opponent.

Obviously, the Dolphins are an underdog because they're 3-4 and losers of four consecutive games while the Bengals are 6-2 and have won four in a row.

But there is no NFL bylaw that states the Dolphins must lose tonight. There is no understanding that the team in freefall must continue its dive to irrelevance.

The Dolphins can save their season tonight with a victory. They have to get good games out of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, their secondary and defensive line and, of course their offensive line -- particularly Tyson Clabo.

But all those things are possible.

Will it happen? We'll find out in a few hours.

And we can find out together on the live blog. Join me there.

[Update: The Dolphins inactive tonight are Mike Gillislee, Pat Devlin, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Danny Watkins, Jonathan Martin, and Dion Sims.]

[Update 2: A club source tells me the team is giving Jonathan Martin wide latitude in deciding when he wants to return to the team and that there has been no return date set. The source tells me the club is concerned about the relationship between Martin and some teammates.]



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It's amazing..do some of you watch the game..or know what's going on. Pita boras, di you see the 3qtr? They had maore plays because we had a pick 6... Wow..our d was on the field the entire 3rd qtr because of the... Let's look at the positives, if miller runs to the pilots it's a easy td, calib misses a easy fg, we still win


The same ones who repeat what the writers and analyst say are the same ones telling people that they don't have their own opinion.

Good Night All!!

I think Miller is more of a big play threat than Thomas and runs with a little better vision...takes better angles...but Thomas has some moves man...he can make a guy miss and finishes hard...short yardage he is not producing though...no doubt...but with 3rd and a foot why take the ball 3 yards deep to start a play...sneak the GD ball...spead it out a little... Worst case scenario its 4th and a foot...not 4 and a long yard...HELLO!!!

Excuse me, but Brent Grimes should be signed to a 5 year extension tonight!

As an offense you can't put up a goose egg in the 2nd half and not share a large amount of responsibility...

Hilarious how giddy the homers are with this result. Anyway you slice it The Dolphins are still a bad team. When a team gets four turnovers and still needs overtime to win at home that truly is pathetic. The Dolphins have nothing to build around. Patterson, Grimes and Wake plus the punter are the players on the team. In the NFL it's all about the coaching and the quarterback, and the Dolphins have neither.

Phins lose to Tampa Bay on MNF.

NOPE...no more extensions in the secondary...cuz Jones play has fallin way off...I'd argue Clemmons is playing much better...Grimes is a warrior...how huge is it to have Patterson on the field and Carroll off it??? I like Carroll on my 53...but not starting at DB!!!

Little credit for the offensive lineman that didn't abandon their post.

Gardner filled in admirably for Incognito who will be back for Bucs game.

Clabo played above his pay grade tonight and I give him credit.

GD pansies...

We win, you dikhed losers don't.

More like Dolphins 4 Trolls 4, work on your math retard.

Come back at season end when The Phins are 7-9 again.

I actually want the Dolphins to win just enough for Ireland and Philbin to save their jobs.

7-9 will do it.

Then you can enjoy another useless draft and another wasted season.

"Hilarious how giddy the homers are with this result. Anyway you slice it The Dolphins are still a bad team. When a team gets four turnovers and still needs overtime to win at home that truly is pathetic."

Blah blah blah. Seriously F you. Troll.

Just go away.

..Dashi...You know that the 2 te personel is my favorite grouping. I have been keeping a mental count since we featured it in the Buff game...We have used this personel grouping, and the different formations from this grouping more the last 3 weeks then all season. We rarely saw anyone lined up as fullback from week 3-5.

Then I also paid close attention to the times(the last 3 weeks) that we were in the 11 personel or 10 or empty..What was clear. Especially in the 11 personel(1 rb 1 te 3 wr's) We struggled to protect, most of the sacks we gave up were out of this grouping and formations. Tonight we did a much better job running it out of the single back sets...Which is huge..

1 thing..Egnew has taken a lot of snaps at fullback..He has done admirably. What worries me is short yardage situations..When we need a yard, a foot.. Both times tonight..Egnew whiffed on his block in these situations. It may not seem like a big deal. But to me..Especially if we get this turned around.. It is crucial that we have plays in our pocket that we are comfortable with. It isn't so now..you know how I feel abou a fullback...I know we are going to go without..But In these important scenarios..It would be nice to have the better option.


Like the Dolphins, I'm going no where.

I will be here all season long.

Laughing all the way to the finish.

Blah blah blah is what it sounds like whenever anyone tries to actually talk about The Dolphins having any kind of future.

Where's the franchise quarterback that was to be ?

The great defense ?

Phins can't get a yard to win the game in OT.

The frikken punter won the game when he pinned them back to the six.

That's The Dolphins MVP, the punter roflmao.

Hardin Drye,

Reality check...you've won nothing.

The Dolphins won a game that you had absolutely nothing to do with.

Lmao @ possessive terms "We win."

Some of you take this s waaay too seriously.

Getting bent about some commentator saying negative things about the team you watch play etc...

That s is hilarious.

Take a look at yourselves.

We suck

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