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Live blog: Season on the brink

The Dolphins' season is on the brink and it pretty much all hangs in the balance tonight. On national television. Against a good opponent.

Obviously, the Dolphins are an underdog because they're 3-4 and losers of four consecutive games while the Bengals are 6-2 and have won four in a row.

But there is no NFL bylaw that states the Dolphins must lose tonight. There is no understanding that the team in freefall must continue its dive to irrelevance.

The Dolphins can save their season tonight with a victory. They have to get good games out of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, their secondary and defensive line and, of course their offensive line -- particularly Tyson Clabo.

But all those things are possible.

Will it happen? We'll find out in a few hours.

And we can find out together on the live blog. Join me there.

[Update: The Dolphins inactive tonight are Mike Gillislee, Pat Devlin, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Danny Watkins, Jonathan Martin, and Dion Sims.]

[Update 2: A club source tells me the team is giving Jonathan Martin wide latitude in deciding when he wants to return to the team and that there has been no return date set. The source tells me the club is concerned about the relationship between Martin and some teammates.]



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First sack...This o-line is just horrible...The talent is not there...Chemistry not there either...Just a complete mess...

Seriously Sherman is an idiot. Two successful runs for a first down. Then he goes empty backfield for a pass. Then he passes again for sack. Third down screen for 5 yards and a punt.

Sherman needs to go!

Icognito matched up with atkins.....might as well take a knee....lol


Florida #1,

The time for calling miamis schedule easy is no longer valid nor does it have any meaning, right now im not positive if Miami can beat Tampy Bay right now and that looked like a lock three weeks ago....
Posted by: superPHIN | October 31, 2013 at 08:14 PM

Sorry but you're just being emotional. Realistically the schedule gets easier, you're just a product of your own frustration

You no wanna run the ball, you lose.

Sherman might actually be fired after this game lmao!!!!

Ryan TanneBust, the worst QB in the league?

I'd give up. We look scared and just want to crawl into a ball. What happened to this team?

Third and eighteen on the first possession.

If Philbin wants to save his job. He better get rid of Sherman quick.

31-10. Cincy! Could turn ugly. They will sack 10 sacks Tannehill!

7-0 Bengals right here.

Just run it all day. WTF. they have more of a chance to win that way. I'd throw on third of plays only.

I am going Sam Adams Octoberfest

Worst play calling after a first down. I hope Sherman gets fired at half!

That sack is not on THILL. Incognito wiffs and the DT is coming right up the middle. Clabo is having trouble and the DE is coming from the right. If he 'throws it away' its a penalty as he is in the pocket. There is NO WAY for THILL to succeed on that play.


Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 31, 2013 at 08:35 PM

I don't know what team ur watching play in south florida my friend, but u are a TRUE optimistic fan...tho a bit confused I must say!!!!

The Dolphins have to rebuild this o-line once again...We need 2 new guards and 2 new tackles...The only one I would keep is Pouncey but even him I would make him compete with someone...Bye bye Martin, Incognito, Clabo, Jerry...See ya!

You can't get on Tannehill, this play calling and blocking sucks

Great hit by Clemmons to stop that 3rd and 2.

Thanks Bengals. Love that play call on 3rd down.

yes good stop lets take it a drive at a time

TannePuke makes EVERYONE worse!

Funny how everyone was saying our front seven was one of the best in the NFL before the season...And we suck pretty bad against the run...Overrated?

Pouncey is going to have a new roommate before too long...Aaron Hernandez.

Matt Moore please.

I dressed up as Ross for Halloween and all I got was rocks.

Horrible field position to start.....not looking good for a fst start.....this is mistake territory!!!!

Wow Thill has come as a QB tonight.

Armando can you see Sherman from where u are? Can you maybe put some eye drops in his water bottle? Can't imagine he can call plays from the toilet, although that's where most of his plays belong

Caddy you're an idiot...if you see THILL as the core issue you really should start watching soccer because you know nothing about football.

Has anyone ever seen Thill throw it away to avoid a sack this year ?

Just keep running!!!!

Keep running this ball

I guess if Egnew can't play TE he can block.

Funny....No one complained about the OL or the offence when Moore plays.

Keep running the damn ball!!!!


Hernandez may get off on his charges. The state's case is largely circumstantial. If Hernandez gets out, any doubt about who one of his buddies would be ?

How could anybody like this j#rk off Pouncey ?

I don't give a pass to a guy just because he's good at blocking linebackers.

Run it again Sherman!!!

Exactly, no passes, all game

We can run the ball on the Bengals. This has been there all year. The coaches have lost games for the fins.

Keep it on the ground!!!

3rd and 1.....pass coming from Sherman.

3rd and 1, no backfield

Dont let TannePuke pass.

aggghh come on

Again...We can't gain a fukkin yard...Unreal...

Still can't pick up one lousy yard. All season it's been the same issue.

Phins won't beat anyone with their running game. If they had Bush they could...but not with this lame duo.

Bring back Samkon Gado.

Best play of the game...Fields' bad punt turns good....58 yards!

Go MIAMI!!!!

Why did they take Miller out? Sherman is awful but Philbin is also to blame for allowing him to run the offense this way. Sherman seems to out smart himself.

Is it me or do we ALWAYS run up the middle on 3rd and short? No creativity on offense whatsoever...So predictable...

So Miller is averaging 5yd / carry, sub Thomas for him. Brilliant!


The GO GO has to stop on running plays too!

Can't get a yard because Pouncey sux at the point of attack.

Well, alright, that happens. Keep at it. Don't forget the QB sneak.

Lmao @ The Dolphins MVP being their punter.

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