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Live blog: Season on the brink

The Dolphins' season is on the brink and it pretty much all hangs in the balance tonight. On national television. Against a good opponent.

Obviously, the Dolphins are an underdog because they're 3-4 and losers of four consecutive games while the Bengals are 6-2 and have won four in a row.

But there is no NFL bylaw that states the Dolphins must lose tonight. There is no understanding that the team in freefall must continue its dive to irrelevance.

The Dolphins can save their season tonight with a victory. They have to get good games out of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, their secondary and defensive line and, of course their offensive line -- particularly Tyson Clabo.

But all those things are possible.

Will it happen? We'll find out in a few hours.

And we can find out together on the live blog. Join me there.

[Update: The Dolphins inactive tonight are Mike Gillislee, Pat Devlin, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Danny Watkins, Jonathan Martin, and Dion Sims.]

[Update 2: A club source tells me the team is giving Jonathan Martin wide latitude in deciding when he wants to return to the team and that there has been no return date set. The source tells me the club is concerned about the relationship between Martin and some teammates.]



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I hate Philbin

Time to put this kicker on the IR. I bet he is 'injured' this week in practice.

This Caleb Sturgis guy just isn't an NFL kicker.

How do we not go for it in a must win game? Fukko, FGs mean NOTHING!!!


Carpenter? Lol same clown that list 3-4 games last year

Who's idea was it to get rid of Carpenter.

Time to bring in a kicker

It just keeps getting better and better week to week.

Keep Thomas off the field. Keep Sturgis off the field (except for extra points). Offense, give the defense a break…unbelievable!

Here we go...

What the f*** is going on with Sturgis????

This Sturgis kid is in quite a slump been going for a few weeks now.

Why does everything on this team turn bad. All of the sudden Sturgis sucks!

Sturgis is getting 300k in take home money this year. Don't feel bad for him.

I hate Philbin sooo much

Patterson looks solid. Yes the WR makes 8 yards but Patterson is right there and trying to make a play on the ball.

This O line sucks!!! Ireland should be fired for not drafting ANY promising offensive lineman.

watch the bengals go down and score now...deja VU

attention ryan tannehill! attention Ryan tannehill!!!! there's a thing called an audible!!!!!!!! if u see ur $60 million dollar WR on a one and one coverage u AUDIBLE u piece of S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FG's have cost two games if not three.

smh he moved wheeler

Sturgis, another FIRELAND acorn.

This front seven sucks against the run...

I don't how long the D will keep playing if we continue to inept on offense and special tams.

Nice play by Ellerbe!!

C. Sturgis got the virus of mediocrity. One of the best players is turning sudenly into one of the worsts.
Philbin had to have gone for the 1st down. He's becoming anothers Sparanus.
It's sad to watch this team.

Patterson is amazing...when he's not hurt

Philbin is way to conservative. Old man

It just keeps getting better and better week to week.

Keep Thomas off the field. Keep Sturgis off the field (except for extra points). Offense, give the defense a break…unbelievable!

Here we go...

I Hope | October 31, 2013 at 08:54 PM


Offense is about as bad as you get. The kicker has to go if he misses another this game 1 of 6. the NFL is full of kickers.

Other than Hartline our entire offense is suspect.

OK...dial it UP!!!

Is Jordan playing?

Now we cannot count on the FG kicker. As Jimmy Johnson says, once a kicker's head gets screwed up, it is time to get rid of him.

defense has to do all the scoring...plain and simple!!!

Both Sturgis and Tannehill show some promise. Why are Dolphins fans so impatient?

Grimes falls down.

bend but dont break defense

Losing is contagious...kicker is feeling it. How many 3rd and longs do the Dolphins give up?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I have a feeling this drive is going to end up in a TD???

Grimes on green ...no help ....r u fkn serious!!!

Green pushed off on Grimes no flag !!!

I was ready to fist pump for that field goal. So disappointing.

Dalton sucks. He doesn't use GO!... GO! GO!

hey the D says ...don't forget we can F up too!!!

I feel a TD coming.....


pssssh smh ajs bout to tear us up

3rd and long against Miami defense...no problem!!!

What kind of Defense are they playing? Gave up two 3rd and 10's.

I know......it's THILL's fault!!!!!!!!


How do u give up 2 3rd and 10's? Funking LOSERS

Two third and 10 situations Green wide open. WTF.

It's much more fun to watch the people's desguises in the stadium that the match itself.

Time to get rid of Sturgis, Sherman and Philbin

Can we all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland?

IRA, Me too.

How does AJ Green get that open on an obvious passing down?

Now Grimes is regressing.

Guys the Dolphins are destined to lose. Smh

This you see that?? We blitz and we don't even get NEAR Dalton...This Defense is so overrated it's not even funny...I think our defense is in worse shape than our offense...Swear to God...

It's Croyle and the amazing zone defense.

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