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Live blog: Season on the brink

The Dolphins' season is on the brink and it pretty much all hangs in the balance tonight. On national television. Against a good opponent.

Obviously, the Dolphins are an underdog because they're 3-4 and losers of four consecutive games while the Bengals are 6-2 and have won four in a row.

But there is no NFL bylaw that states the Dolphins must lose tonight. There is no understanding that the team in freefall must continue its dive to irrelevance.

The Dolphins can save their season tonight with a victory. They have to get good games out of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, their secondary and defensive line and, of course their offensive line -- particularly Tyson Clabo.

But all those things are possible.

Will it happen? We'll find out in a few hours.

And we can find out together on the live blog. Join me there.

[Update: The Dolphins inactive tonight are Mike Gillislee, Pat Devlin, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Danny Watkins, Jonathan Martin, and Dion Sims.]

[Update 2: A club source tells me the team is giving Jonathan Martin wide latitude in deciding when he wants to return to the team and that there has been no return date set. The source tells me the club is concerned about the relationship between Martin and some teammates.]



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wow they are the bad news bears. A huge run and a big fumble.

What a horrible run by Miller....just run to the left corner of the end zone.


You're kidding right? Way to go Miller...


Dolphins fans can't catch a break.

This team is DOOOOOMED!!!!!!

Barnum and Bailey'sssssssssssssssssss!!!

We absolutely can't buy a break.


Do the Miami Dolphins, an NFL Pro Football Franchise know how to win?

It's THILL's fault!!!

Man thats just evil.

Well, tough break. No matter, good play.

What a year, I tell ya.


i wanna see jordan as RB

I do not know what we did to piss off the Football Gods but we did something SMH

Wow had wide open d if he just kept running to the left.. Why the hell he cut back up to the middle I have no idea. Pathetic...


Grimes needs new fleets!!!! Lucky there!

Lucky break

I dont think the Dolphins will score tonight. Ireland's spell will last thousend years.

I would still keep running Miller. I know he fumbled but they are dominating the ball on the ground. Please do not start throwing the ball or put in Thomas.

This team is cursed...No doubt about it...


How did miller not score on that. Sigh

Our best defense was AJ Green dropping that pass.

I was screaming dont fumble and he did. Thats just our season in a nutshell.

It was the refs fault Miller can't hold onto the ball and Sturgis can't kick.

If that idiot goes outside he scores instead of fumbling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because bad teams find ways to lose.

Please someone tell me he had the whole left side of the field. Can't believe it

What a time for L.Miller to have his First Fumble as a Pro. He Broke it loose. More to come though.

L.Miller is well on his way to 100yds this game. Just keep feeding him the ball.

That play sums up the season, when everything goes right it still ends up wrong.


Don't punish the kid, go back to him with the next play!

Dolphins are trying for crown as 3 Stooges of NFL apparently

The defense must want to smash Sherman in the mouth. Miller man come on !!!

Why the hell did he cut back into the D?

Is the Field wet? Seems there's lots of slipping there on both sides.

Should be 10-3 at least.

The Dolphins may be finding their identity on offense. I know that they still have not scored but they need to keep running the ball. Keep the ball from the other team and keep Tannehill from throwing the football.

SeRIOUSLY THIS TEAM JUST DOESNT WANT TO WIN.....two redzone opportunities and nothing....

Not sure why Miller cut it back in TOWARD traffic and defenders?!?!?!
Ruins what was one of the better plays this year.

I swear to God this team is now like rooting for the Red Sox pre-2004.
It's not that things go wrong, or that they don't win...It's think of the worst or most absurd scenarios, and they achieve those often topping them.

I said I wasn't going to bother commenting on this team anymore, but after moments like that I think I'll need somewhere to vent.


You can complain it is your right. The problem is after the 100th time of saying the same thing it loses its effect.

Seriously I don't know how miller didn't house that run. It was wide open to the left with a blocker!

Why is miller not in??

Somehow we are still in this game though. Our luck has to change at some point. It's got to. These guys are playing hard. They deserve better.

IWHo's ready for the return of ... Jim Bates!! Anyone?

And of course Philbin takes Miller out of the game for Thomas. Miller has 78 yards on 7 carries.

Soooo, can Wallace catch? How many drops does this guy have? What a waste of money.

Week to week quietly Koa Misi is the most improved player on the team.

How can a big back like Thomas not just bull forward for the extra yarde!!

Even Hulk Hogan is ashamed.

Miller decided to take on a 250 lb lineman instead of trying to cut outside...great choice miller....

Looks like a packed house.

Garner looks great so far

Thank goodness that ball was not given to Thomas! Go Clay and Miller!

Clay is a pretty good FB also. We don't need a FB when we have 2 TEs that can line up in the backfield.

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