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Mike Sherman addresses the 'play call,' other things

The Bryant McKinnie trade sidetracked this blog from the pursuit of answers from Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman about his work and his unit's work in a loss to Buffalo on Sunday. Indeed, when Sherman entered the interview room Monday, I was on the phone with a source about McKinnie.

But, unlike Ryan Tannehill, I have time to gather myself and get back on plan.

So here now is Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman answering questions:

(On if he knows anything about a trade for Bryant McKinnie) -- “No, I don’t talk about personnel stuff. I leave that up to Jeff (Ireland) and Joe (Philbin)."

(On if Bryant McKinnie would bring if he did come to the team) -- “I’m not even going to comment on it right now because I don’t know the where ifs or what nots. Ask Joe (Philbin) and Jeff (Ireland)."

(On if he feels there needs to be changes on the offensive line) -- “If we had…believe it or not, we got out there every single game and evaluate our personnel. Every week we put the best guys in the best position. If we thought we had better at certain positions, then we would go in that direction, right or wrong. That’s how we look at it. Take that for what you can."

(On Tyson Clabo’s season so far) -- "Tyson came in as a veteran player. (He has a) tremendous attitude, tremendous personna and work ethic. I thought he brought a lot to the table in relationship to team chemistry and being a part of that group. Certainly we’ve faced some pretty good pass rushers, (Elvis) Dumervil, (Terrell) Suggs, Jordan and no less Mario Williams. We’ve struggled. Mario Williams is going to be a Hall of Fame player at some point of his career or life, I would imagine. They are tough challenges. The first three ball games we didn’t quite face those types of challenges, those types of pass rushers, in the last couple of ball games we had. Obviously, we’ve struggled. We just have to figure out whoever is playing those positions the best way to help them. I can do a better
job of that. At times we do, at times we can’t. You just can’t based on certain parts of it. At times we are good and at times we aren’t so good. Tyson has had his struggles at different times, but he’s brought something to the table as well."

(On decision to pass in the fourth quarter with 3:37 to play) -- "The first play was a run. It was against Bear defense, and they were 100 percent trying to stop the run. We have a lot of confidence in the two receivers, Mike (Wallace) and (Brian) Hartline on the outside. We felt comfortable with that. It was a five-step pass. Obviously the result isn’t what we were looking for."

(On passing the ball during the fourth quarter before the fumble play) -- "I don’t think you can protect a 21-20 lead in this league. I think you have to be fairly aggressive. I’ve been in situations myself trying to protect a 21-20 lead, and I’ve lost those games 27-21. We are going to be aggressive with a one-point lead in the fourth quarter. We aren’t going to sit on it. The difference between winning and losing in this is so much right there. It’s one play that can make the difference in a ball game for you or against you. With a one point lead, my philosophy and Joe (Philbin’s) as well has been to be aggressive. If we got the first down, the game would have been won and we wouldn’t be having this discussion at this point. Certainly it’s a valid question, without a doubt. At the same time the what-if factor is, ‘If you get it, do you have this conversation?’ No you don’t, and it would have been a great call. Those things happen."

(On what portion of four-minute offense is pass plays versus run) -- “That’s not four-minute offense. That’s trying to win the football game. Four-minute offense for us would be under four minutes on the clock. We have a nine-plus lead, probably 10 point lead in the game. You put your two tight ends out there. You try to burn your time outs or time off the clock. The part of it is most of those plays they are different type of plays. They aren’t drop-back plays. That was not a four-minute offensive play. That was a play to win the game. With the ball at midfield and Joe (Philbin) is the best at doing research on opponents, and in our research they had a two-minute drive last week to tie
the ballgame. We wanted to win the game. We wanted to get that first down. We knew the front they were going to play. They played the exact front and coverage we thought they were going to play. It just didn’t pan out."

(On if the amount of sacks to Ryan Tannehill is affected him) -- “Let me just say this about Ryan Tannehill. He’s normally very resilient and physical. If you ever notice how he takes a hit, he’s giving to it. Do I think he’s banged up a little bit? Yes, probably. He wouldn’t be human if he wasn’t. At the same time knowing him, he’s very resilient physically and mentally. I think that is what is going to make him a very good quarterback in this league."

(On if a player would come in via trade, could they conceivably start for the team) -- “Do you want the filibuster? As far as personnel goes my comments are directed to the general manager and the head coach, who are more in-tune with that. The what-if part of it, I’m just dealing with what-ifs today. I have to get through today and get ready for a great football team up in New England. That part of it I’m not going to address, thank you. I appreciate the question though."

(On if he remembers ever having a player brought in before and starting the same weekend) -- “I don’t recall not. I don’t recall doing either."

(On how long it would take someone to learn offensive linemen technique in this system) -- “Are you guys just passing the ball around here? Let’s get this game over with so we can move on."

(On the possibility of giving Tyson Clabo block help on the play that resulted in the fumble) – “I think there’s always ways. It’s a different style of play. (Mario Williams) is going to line-up somewhere, usually on the edge to the open side. He’s going to be a problem somewhere. In hindsight, yes, I think you can always do that. It’s a different call, it’s a different structure. It was a run-pass option, and they showed the pass look. That’s what we went to. We very easily could, if they didn’t play that front, could have went to the run. There are different variables. It would have made it a little bit complicated. In an ideal world, that is a possibility."

(On if there could be a variable where Mario Williams is double-teamed wherever he lines up) -- "We did some of that in the ball-game at different times. We banged him. We thumped him. We did different things to him. To do that consistently throughout the ball game and negate the fact that sometimes he’s not where you think he’s going to be. That happened once or twice. Then we moved to him. That’s another thing. You negate the structure of your pass offense in some ways because your route distribution is out a little bit. Now can you do it? Yes, you are limited a bit from what you can do but you have a chance to bang him in those situations."

(On if the pick-6 against Buffalo was a bad throw, bad read or a good defensive play) -- “All of the above probably."

(On Ryan Tannehill having more turnovers than touchdowns as part of the learning curve) -- “I think we always want to get better than where we are, and I think he’ll be the first one to tell you that. Sometimes on some interceptions he made a bad decision on one. He got hit on the fumble he had no chance of getting out of. It happened rather quickly, and the interception for the touchdown by Buffalo he was hit as he was delivery the back. He probably would have pulled it back if he had time to. I’m hoping that’s what he would have done. There’s a lot of variables to those things. To put them all on the quarterback I think is unfair. I think we all share that responsibility."


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Dashi Douchebag the Ireland supporter has egg on his face. Sooner or later he's going to have to swallow his pride and admit to himself that he was wrong. The default position of someone who is wrong is one where the person who is wrong complains about the people who are pointing out that he's wrong. Ireland is a dunce...and so are you for missing the obvious.
Posted by: FIRE ROSS | October 22, 2013 at 05:42 AM

At least Dashi will come and post OBJECTIVELY regarding Dolphin issues, whether bad or good. Furthermore, Dashi will make his posts under the same poster name each time he does post. UNLIKE you "FIRED BY ROSS," who comes here, posts under a countless number of names, and attacks anyone and everyone who has a differing opinion from yours. EVERYONE who reads and posts here knows you post using many different names. Do you care to tell us how many names you post by, and what the names are? Why is it that you post under so many different names here anyway? If everything you clamor for with the Dolphins actually came true for you, would you even have the courtesy to let everyone know you're changing your poster name from "FIRE ROSS" to whatever ingenious name you would then come up with?

Eventually, the Herald will figure out that their blog site(s) would attract more users (good for advertising) by implementing a registry system for accountability. Which in turn, would keep people from posting under many different names, and people like you "FIRE ROSS," would no longer have the ability to hide behind a computer screen and lay out frivolous attacks on other posters because your SUBJECTIVE opinion is not the same as their OBJECTIVE opinion.

You can spare the response to this if you wish, as I already know you will respond by twisting my poster name and attacking me with conjecture. Then you'll go on with your opinion about the Dolphins and they'll never win again until Ireland is gone and Ross sells the team. It's what you do. It's who you are.

LOL, the Jets defense won't be as effective against Miami as for example baltimore's defense because the jets' strength is up the middle in Wilkerson and one of my draft favourites in Sheldon Richardson - their edge rushers are meh- Coples? Please.

Baltimore brings Dumervil and Suggs - totally different animal.

We've more problems than just Sherman. But I think his answers in the presser underline the rigid, inflexible thinking of this regime. Sticking to set plays instead of 'realtime' decisions. Unable to react to defense play by play.

Never happen but maybe he needs to get out of that box and come down to the sideline and get involved.

Mark our defense plays to passive on the 3rd and long plays. When we don't rush at least 4 we are giving QBs too much time to find an open receiver because our secondary is not that talented and can't cover that long. Also Clemons has like zero ball skills and anticipation, imagine if we had a ball hawking free safety? Everyone knew the secondary was our Achilles heel. Coyle needs to realize it too and start bringing the heat on 3rd and Long.

Miami opted to dump non-playmaker veterans and veteran backups to save money, filled the slots with versatile young players and used the difference to buy playmakers like Wallace, Gibson and Keller. All that made sense. But it imposed on the coaches a responsibility to get the young players and trade players up to speed in the new system.

Bottom line is that this is not a talent issue, it is a coaching issue. Coyle is doing decently - not as excellent as Nolan was and no Arnsparger but decently. Sherman and Philbin are not. The offense is not playing as a team. The WR are excellent, best we have had in more than a decade. Tannehill is basically doing as well as a QB can when you have 2 seconds before you are pancaked. TE hit or miss. RB and OL are MIA. But when you have one player play badly it is the player but when a whole unit consistently plays badly it is the coaching.

I do not fault Ireland much for this situation since it is not a talent issue. We miss Bush and should have acquired Vonta but from results of his play post-trade dumping Long was the right move. I do not fault Ross - he ponied up big bucks to hire talent. This is completely on Philbin, Sherman and their assistants especially the OL and RB coaches and maybe the TE coach.

At this point since we seem to have given up on the running game in the first half. Makes you think of replacing the RB or TE with another OL. Still this is above my football pay grade. It should be Philbins job to get this fixed and he is failing so far and squandering the talent Ireland made available.

clueless in miami.
just pathetic, season after season from the top of the ears all the way down to the nit picker upper.
f'n pathetic.

Jj, you must not watch the NFL week in and out. The Colts, the same team we beat, the same team the Chargers beat, have beaten San Fran AND Seattle (probably the 2 best teams in the NFC). The Redskins just beat the Bears. WE beat the Falcons. Bills beat the Ravens. That's just this year. Upsets happen all the time. Most NFL games are won/lost in the last quarter and last few minutes of the game. On ANY GIVEN SUNDAY ANY NFL TEAM can beat any other NFL team.

I'm not saying we're huge underdogs. I'm saying stranger things have happened. If you've seen Brady's stats this year, he's not having the Season he's accustomed to. They have injuries all over the field. They JUST lost to the Jets, who at times this year have looked like the worst team in the league. It's not probable, but it's possible.

As usual, all of the above experts ignore the facts - so here's just a few basic ones.

Tyson Clabo was rated the 2nd best RT last year - certainly worth a pick up
Dion Jordan is going to be a beast for a long time (AKA Jason Taylor)
B. McKinney was the starting LT on the SUper Bowl Champions last year and helped allow Flacco tons of time to throw long
Can't fix all the holes in one year - we need one more

FYI, 3 of the top 5 run teams in the NFL have losing records. The run game is important, but not as important as the pass game in today's NFL (remember that people).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 22, 2013 at 09:15 AM


The teams with good running attacks probably don't have great passing attacks & probably don't score allot of points.

You throw to get a lead & run the ball to win the game. What Sherman did in the last game is the complete opposite.

And people wonder why we lost? LOL

Rocket it's true this is year two of the rebuild. For this to work though Sherm needs to go. Coyle seems to be adjusting so he can stay for now.

Guys give sherman a break. Its not his fault he had a senior moment and thought his last name was Martz. Guy never seen a pass play he didnt like. Still cant believe miami lost that game. Craptastic game.

Rocket it's true this is year two of the rebuild. For this to work though Sherm needs to go. Coyle seems to be adjusting so he can stay for now.

Posted by: Darkoak | October 22, 2013 at 09:28 AM

The 1st rebuild or the 2nd under Ireland? He's been rebuilding 6 years!

My thoughts on Sunday,

You ever finish watching one of those games that makes you question why you do this to yourself? I am referring to the fact, that I read up on my Dolphins all year and obsess about them. I dont watch any other sport or care about any other teams, I live and bleed for the Dolphins and what do I get in return? I get a horribly played game on Sunday that results in me not wanting to spend time with my family or motivate to do anything else for the rest of the day, because I am completely mindfukkd.

Why do I let a game that I have no control over and should be fun to watch, completely suck the life out of me. I feel so stupid at how mad and sad this makes me. I absolutely have no reason to get this bent out of shape like this, but I do every time.Well some losses are easier to take, this is not one of them.

Sometimes being a Dolphin fan is like being in a horrible relationship, filled with disappointment and crushed dreams. I can only imagine how Mr.Ross feels, I have no monetary investment in this team, could you imagine feeling like this and on top of that seeing a 1/3 empty stadium and the fans who are there go home PO'D? I think Ireland and Philbin could be in trouble if this is a continuing theme.

Why couldnt we score in the the 4th quarter?

Why does our Defense only play well on 1st and 2nd down?

Why did we stop running the ball?

Why did a stout O-line start falling apart in the 4th?

Why doesnt the Defense make huge game saving plays?

Why is a fat old worn out LT a good option, couldnt we have had him without sending out a draft pick?




I am too upset to even make any dikk or fart jokes. If a diehard like me can get this bent out of shape, what does this do to a riding the fence kind of fan? Ross could be seeing these fans gravitate towards other teams, 1 step forward 2 steps back. The Miami Paula Abdul's.
What makes matters worse, it makes the trolls right and the real fans look like dummies!

There's been two rebuilds. The first one overseen by Parcells ending with Sporano's firing and the one started the day we traded Brandon Marshall.

DC fair point about the running game not being the salvation of a football team. But THIS team, with it's current personnel, needs to run some and put this thought in the other team's head. Worked well last Sunday - problem is our dumbarse OC called the worst possible call into a bear defense and allowed the worst possible match up the team could incur. And it's not like he didn't have a warning - Williams almost put Tannehill into a coma on the preceeedding play and somehow he hung onto that one.

Sorry, i got sidetracked - in short we need to run and play action and roll out to slow down the opposing defense because we have the player playing the worst season of offensive tackle in the history of the NFL out there on an island and whenever the opposing team wants - one on one against their best pass rusher.

Jj..I am afraid your are correct in your assumption. I still believe we should sit THIll for this game in Foxboro, not because he is not capable, but because we need to make sure he is healthy for next season. Moore is perfectly capable of running this offense and who knows we may even squeak out a win or two. THill is the x factor of this offense and if he goes down due to injury or becomes a basket case due to constantly being crushed by the opposing defense then we are finished and looking for a replacement in the draft.

It was a big mistake to start the kid so early with his limited amount of experience and to start him without any weapons to speak of was inexcusable IMO. Then to top it off we start him again this year without any protection and I have no words in my vocabulary that can even come close to expressing my disgust for the front office.

Sit THill for the remainder of the season, work out the OL problems in the offseason and then give it a shot. Let Moore be the tackle dummy for the remainder of the season , he is expendable for the most part. We will not make the playoffs in our current condition anyway, so why risk major injury to a probable franchise QB ?

Rdubs I think Ireland has Ross convinced that continuity turns a team into a contender and Ross is eating it up. Hence the contract extension. As much as I say fire Sherm I have no illusions that it has zero chance of happening because the regime has Ross convinced you need continuity. Same thing happened in Detroit, the GM had the ownership convinced that continuity was needed to turn it around.

Any port in a storm....

Tannehill needs the reps Washington. The pass blocking can be fixed by coaching. We just don't have the coach on offense to make that happen.


Your post @9:27 is true; however I don't blame the play call because the main issue with this team is the O-line. The strip sack is the worst possible thing that could have happened, and it happened. And if they run, they may as well have been three and out leaving it up to the defense, which has showed no consistency to stop anyone. And in past years, we've seen the three and out runs with the defense caving and losing the lead. That's why it's on the o-line. That sack doesn't happen even with an average o-line. We all know the o-line sucks and its needs fixing. It's up to the coaches to fix it. Unfortunately for the coaches, New England is not a good team to test fixes on. However, if the Dolphins give up sacks this week like candy on Halloween, then some coaches SHOULD, and NEED to lose their job(s).

Still think Jeffie has Ross bought into surviving this year so he "finish his plan" in next years off season. How else can we explain the gaps in OL talent ....... Oh wait I think many of you have already !

Sherman is such a bad coach

I get that, and understand "any given Sunday", but NE just lost. They don't lose consecutive games. Belichik plans for opponents, and planning for this Miami team should be his easiest task yet this season. Our coaches seem stuck in the mud, or just clueless and unable to create favorable matchups. The receivers line up in the same spot every play. There is very little variation in this offense. The first three games were won, but now everyone knows exactly what's coming when facing the Dolphins, including the snap count. Since there is always a chance on "any given Sunday" I'd say 1% chance of a MIA win, unless major changes suddenly occurr.

Actually for someone who has lost 3 straight, i thought he answered those questions pretty well. I'm not going to be holding my breath for a win against NE this week. Time to find something else to do on sunday unless the product improves.

Jj I agree. Do you remember the Saints game? we all do.

I recall the camera focusing on Sean Payton's face after an easy TD by Brees...it had that "I can't believe it was so easy" smirk to it.

It was after that game when someone from the Saints said: these guys a not that scary...or something to that effect.

Our D was touted as a top 5 unit and we SUCK.

One look at what Andy Reid has done in KC will be enough proof that coaching matters !!!

IMO, Philbin, Sherman, Coyle & Ireland are all on the clock.

....tick, tick, tick, tick

Darkoak...I agree he needs the reps, but at what cost? Sherman will have this kid sucking his thumb by seasons's end if we don't get the OL fixed or "coached up" as you put it. The right side of our OL is a turnstile plain and simple and THIll is going to get crushed. Would you bet the bank on THill not getting hurt this season behind a line that can't hold their blocks for more than a couple of seconds? I certainly wouldn't.

Look as it sits right now our chances of fixing the OL this season is marginal at best and I am not really concerned about winning this season anyway. We have shown our cards early and often. Teams have figured out how to beat us after the New Orleans game. Go vertical on us, get a lead, stack the line, and send the house on every pass play.

At the rate he is being hit, THill will not last long, it only takes one, and that hit he took late in the game Sunday could have and should have been the one that put him out for the remainder of the season. Risking the health of our probable franchise QB simply to get him reps is IMO criminal.

To Ireland's credit, he hasn't wrecked the salary cap and given away high draft picks like Rick Spielman and Wanny did. And his "plan" has been sound: Mostly judicious in free agency and trades, but not afraid to make an occasional splash with Dansby, Bush, Marshall, Wallace over the years. His first rounders have been okay, but every GM should have more hits than misses in the first round. His downfall is simply identifying NFL talent in later rounds. Guards, right tackles, centers, and o-line depth is generally found 2nd round and beyond. In almost six years of having a hand in the draft, he's drafted no permanent solutions to the o-line outside the first round. Jonathan Martin is debatable. Add the ongoing lack of foundational players to now two coaching staffs who can't maximize what they have, and it's permanent mediocrity.

With a losing record at the end of this season (which i predict will happen), the staff should be replaced from Ireland on down. I was very optimistic after the 3-0 start, but this coaching staff is oblivious.

Mark and others, that's why if you re-read my post you'll notice I said, "the run game is important but..." Of course good teams have balance. And of course our team does not have that balance right now. But my point is for years and years and years we've been whining about not having an effective passing game. And kicking FGs. We have the reverse problem now. We have a good passing game, and are terrific in the red zone. And that's the trend in the NFL. I'm just saying this is the better problem to have since the run game is less important than years past.

Jj, I give us a better chance than 1%. However, the key to what you said was, "UNLESS MAJOR CHANGES SUDDENLY OCCUR." I agree 100% with that. That's the only way to win, to make changes. I'm not banking on that happening, I'm just saying there's a possibility the coaching staff is smart enough to know they won't win unless changes are made. Here's to hoping.

Will Philbin go the way of Cam Cameron?
Great offensive coordinator but unable to take the big step to head coach

Mia73 @ 10:23, good and fair post. I can't disagree. Well written and astute.

I wish I had faith in this coaching staff. But as the saying goes- wish in one hand, sh$t in the other & see which is full. 2 weeks to prepare for a Buffalo team with a practice squad qb and two banged up RB's. All Miami had to do was not screw it up.

Mando can you please ask this fool about taking shots after turnovers. they always are super conservative the first play after a turnover.

DC, can't disagree with your post. Problem is our offensive line is so historically bad that it is also nutting our passing game. Did you know that Tannehill is a respectable 18th in the NFL in passing yardage (also factor in that he has played one fewer game than most of the guys ranked above him - he's 20th in attempts so he's pretty efficient with his attempts) but overall the team passing rank is 26th in the NFL. That's right the sack yardage lost drops us from an OK middle of the pack team to the dregs of the league. This line is so bad that I've never seen anything like it - EVER!

It is going to take a monumental investment to fix it - the type of investment we saw put into the WR corps over the offseason. We will at least see three new parts to the line next year - maybe four if Martin falls off in the 2nd half.

Contrary to popular belief we do have decent running backs (miller is well over 4 ypc.), a developing quite nicely QB and a nice group of pass catchers but it's all going to ruin because of a piece of dung front line.

I don't think Ireland is a horrible GM, but he is certainly not great. Very good with the salary cap. Good at finding talent at the bottom of the barrel. Expects too much from other teams' castoffs. Jury's still out on Philbin as HC. He needs to shake up his staff, starting with ditching Sherm.

By the way, I do think we have a punchers chance this weekend. heck every team in the NFL has that chance except maybe TB and Jax (Minnesota may soon be there too). It truly is the age of parity and every team needs to play their best every weekend to win ...

I AGREE TOTALLY with calling a pass play to win the game with 3+ min left. I agree with being aggressive to win the game rather than lay down and let the other team have the last possession and likely the field goal for the win. I understand the Buffalo defense was in stop the run mode.

HOWEVER, the coaches are responsible to call the right pass play (play action pass maybe?), AT THE RIGHT TIME(ON FIRST DOWN to possibly surprise the defense?) with the right blocking scheme (ok, never mind, I now realize these coaches do not know how to coach blocking schemes).

AND, I believe the game was lost not just at the end, and not just by a pick-6, but in many bad calls and defensive schemes throughout the game.

This Dolphin's management and coaching is sickening. Dolphins fans were pumped up with false hype and empty hope by a bunch of clowns!

Philbin is the proverbial Capt. Smith...his ship is sinking without enough life boats to save his team. Sherman is a dinosaur and shouldn't be coaching in this era. If Philbin does not cut ties with his old chum we are doomed and so is he. Can he overcome poor offensive coaching? Highly unlikely and his stubbornness may well cost him his first shot at a head coaching job.

Ireland on the other hand is a complete different story all together. I think he has done a good job for the most part once he got out from under the shadow of the fat man, but not attending to the OL this last draft and FA session really screwed this season. The gamble did not work and he knows it.

It's coaching Mark with the o-line. We don't have the players for a zone blocking scheme. Even if they become perfect at it our linemen are too slow.

Sherman's interview just supports my opinion that he should be fired. If your OL can't pass block, then you need to run more. It can't get any simpler than that yet he just cannot grasp it.

We shall see, Mark. I hope your right, but I think not. The Cheatriots are gonna be mad after losing to the Jets on an obscure penalty. I see an old-fashioned ass-whoopin' coming our way.

First quarter of the bills game your franchise QB Tannehill was 2-9 with 2 INTs for a QBR of 2
and Tannehill finished by missing wide open WR Brian Hartline twice and then fumbling the ball and the game away

Now u know why Mike E and Walkaahh were really crying on Draft day when we picked TanneREACH instead of starting our team MVP and accurate deep ball passer QB Moore and
letting LB LUKE (Home’s pick) go to the very next team
LB Luke (NFL’s rookie defensive player of the year and leading tackler in the entire 2012 NFL, coaches actually attribute Luke to 205 tackles and that is after being moved to MLB after game 7) is playing this Thursday night on the NFL Network :)
This year LB Luke may be most MVP of the NFL (defense)
Tannehill will prob have more records too :( of course these are not the type of dismal records u want

Darkoak...I have been screaming that for weeks now. You would think they would have figured that out by now. Our coaching staff is trying to run a scheme that is not suited for the personnel we have on hand. Man blocking should have been implemented at the beginning of the season, changing it now may not help, but it is worth a shot.

I absolutely agree with WashPhinFan @10:50

I said a while ago that Sherman would lead Philbin to his demise. He just may take Ireland down with them.

@ss whooping, probably not. If anythign our defense will ahve to play better to give us a chance. Our defense was built with this game in mind. Wake is back - there are no excuses. NE's pass game is even struggling. If the defense doesn't shine against the Pats then Coyle is not the man for the job - no doubt. He has Wake, Vernon, Starks, Odrick, Misi, Jordan, Wheeler, and Jones who can get after the passer quite well from their positions.

he has Jordan to mix up coverages. he has Grimes and Patterson who are quite good at covering receivers.

Soliai is a one man wrecking ball v the run

he has a lot at his disposal ... do something ... be creative ... cause some freakin havoc isntead of thsi bend but don't break bullcaca I've seen all year. PLAY FUKKING DOWNHILL FOR ONCE!!!


Seriously ???


Ha, Ha, Ha

Hey Dbmfins or dumbfins whatever your name is. I only post under one name. So you're way off and you're an idiot. I loathe ignorance, so I take issue with anyone who is ignorant enough to support an incompetent slob like Jeff Ireland. I'm enjoying the spectacle of the Dolphins implosion...strokes my ego to be right most of the time. When the hail mary pass hit the ground the collective groan in the stadium was the stuff of great comedy. Listening to another incompetent, Jimmy Cefalo, carry on like somebody died was priceless. 3-0 = 3-5...how do ya like me now ?

Jj/Mark, I'm also not disagreeing with either of your posts. Our team isn't as good as the first 3 games showed, and the jury is out if we're better than the last 3 games. We're on a slide definitely. And the problems being exposed in this storm seem unfixable. But who would have thought we would have won 7 games after we started 0-6 a few years ago? I honestly think we outplayed our talent level last year to win 7 games with a rookie QB. I agree with Jj if we stink it up and go sub .500 this year, anyone and everyone is on the chopping block. But we're not even half-way through the Season yet. And we're in a pretty weak division. There is no Seattle in our division.

I just know from experience fans attitude can change on a dime, and it's week to week in the NFL. We still have one of the leagues easiest schedules going forward. It may look bleak, but there ARE things working in our favor. It starts with the team executing and performing well. And coaching helping them succeed. We're not the Giants, so it's not time to throw in the towel yet (even if we soon realize we're toast).

The Patriots are going to try to run the ball down our throats this Sunday. They are also going to run screens and draws, esp. when Jordan is in the game (passing downs). Gronkowskil will kill us as usual. Their defense, even though they lost some key players, is still solid, and Nimkovich will eat alive whoever we have at RT. Their defensive weakness now is run defense, which of course means Sherman will try to pass on every down. But look at the bright side, at least we don't have Josh Freeman at QB.

Miami Dolphins 3-5 ?

Happy Halloween !

if we don't have players for a zone blocking scheme then why are we running a zone blocking scheme??? You fit the system to the talents of your players. That's what GOOD coaches do.

Lmao @ an Ireland supporter being described as "objective". Objectively tell me how any of Ireland's drafts have worked out. It's hilarious that to some there's a club of delusional jock sniffing no lifers in here. They'll even defend each other like they're old buddies lol. Some of you need to seriously get a life. I just come here to take the pis$.

DC, I am by no means abonding ship. Every game but the Saints game was right there for the taking. As I said before, the third quarter of games is a chance to make a move. Our opponents records for the first half of th year is a crazy 31 - 23 (.574). The part that hurts is just gave away the softest part of that whole stretch last Sunday. That one could haunt us all year. Now, the next two games look absolutely tough but also remember we get Cincy at home on three days rest. historically teams don't travel well in that scenario so who knows there too??

Sherman said indirectly that Ireland is an imbecile (nothing new under the Sun): "we play with the best available players". This mean, we play with what we got.
Unless something really awsome happens, the season is over for the Dolphins. The team has so many holes that oil starts leaking everywhere from the engine. This will continue until Ireland be kicked out from the Dolphins.
Boycott Ross !!

Hey Dbmfins or dumbfins whatever your name is. I only post under one name. So you're way off and you're an idiot. I loathe ignorance, so I take issue with anyone who is ignorant enough to support an incompetent slob like Jeff Ireland. I'm enjoying the spectacle of the Dolphins implosion...strokes my ego to be right most of the time. When the hail mary pass hit the ground the collective groan in the stadium was the stuff of great comedy. Listening to another incompetent, Jimmy Cefalo, carry on like somebody died was priceless. 3-0 = 3-5...how do ya like me now ?

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | October 22, 2013 at 11:02 AM

So all you did was prove the point of my post. GOOD JOB.

Mark @ 11:02-
I don't disagree with you about the POTENTIAL of this team. There is some talent on the roster, no doubt. The problem lies in the coaching, IMO. Like you said, get creative. For Jordan to be a factor, he needs to be on the field more than 20 snaps. WTF is that about? Are they secretly saving him for this game? Not likely. I just don't have much faith anymore like I did when the season started.

By third quarter of games, I mean games 9-12, opponents records in those games are 11-15 (.423).

Check this out;
(On if he feels there needs to be changes on the offensive line) -- “If we had…believe it or not, we got out there every single game and evaluate our personnel. Every week we put the best guys in the best position. If we thought we had better at certain positions, then we would go in that direction, right or wrong. That’s how we look at it. Take that for what you can."

That was a direct shot at Ireland. Read between the lines there. "We put the best guys out there". Everyone is asking them why they don't make a change, Sherman is saying 'change to who, we have no one better'.

How in the hell do we still have o-line issues. Now I'm reading that these players aren't built for a zone blocking scheme, they're better with power. Why didn't the gm change the personnel to fit the scheme? Were wide receivers more important than protecting your young qb?

Ironically most fans were completely onboard with the offseason, some even threatening to stop watching the fins if we spent picks on o-linemen. But now those same people are crying about the o-line.

There is a never ending cycle of stupidity that runs through the Miami Dolphins and it's fanbase.

Jj Jordan is terrible at setting the edge on the run. He gets pushed too far to the outside and it opens holes in the interior of the d-line. Buffalo is a running team who was using a practice squad player.

IMO he is being used properly. He missed training camp so he was already behind. He's getting better at the run stop but he needs to put a few more pounds on and get much stronger. JT could hold up against the run. He would hold his blocker in place, then break off and catch the rb when he made his move. Jordan is back peddling during these plays.

Using a practice squad qb. Their game plan relied heavily on the run. Jordan is a pass rusher. Not good against the run yet.

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