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Mike Sherman addresses the 'play call,' other things

The Bryant McKinnie trade sidetracked this blog from the pursuit of answers from Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman about his work and his unit's work in a loss to Buffalo on Sunday. Indeed, when Sherman entered the interview room Monday, I was on the phone with a source about McKinnie.

But, unlike Ryan Tannehill, I have time to gather myself and get back on plan.

So here now is Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman answering questions:

(On if he knows anything about a trade for Bryant McKinnie) -- “No, I don’t talk about personnel stuff. I leave that up to Jeff (Ireland) and Joe (Philbin)."

(On if Bryant McKinnie would bring if he did come to the team) -- “I’m not even going to comment on it right now because I don’t know the where ifs or what nots. Ask Joe (Philbin) and Jeff (Ireland)."

(On if he feels there needs to be changes on the offensive line) -- “If we had…believe it or not, we got out there every single game and evaluate our personnel. Every week we put the best guys in the best position. If we thought we had better at certain positions, then we would go in that direction, right or wrong. That’s how we look at it. Take that for what you can."

(On Tyson Clabo’s season so far) -- "Tyson came in as a veteran player. (He has a) tremendous attitude, tremendous personna and work ethic. I thought he brought a lot to the table in relationship to team chemistry and being a part of that group. Certainly we’ve faced some pretty good pass rushers, (Elvis) Dumervil, (Terrell) Suggs, Jordan and no less Mario Williams. We’ve struggled. Mario Williams is going to be a Hall of Fame player at some point of his career or life, I would imagine. They are tough challenges. The first three ball games we didn’t quite face those types of challenges, those types of pass rushers, in the last couple of ball games we had. Obviously, we’ve struggled. We just have to figure out whoever is playing those positions the best way to help them. I can do a better
job of that. At times we do, at times we can’t. You just can’t based on certain parts of it. At times we are good and at times we aren’t so good. Tyson has had his struggles at different times, but he’s brought something to the table as well."

(On decision to pass in the fourth quarter with 3:37 to play) -- "The first play was a run. It was against Bear defense, and they were 100 percent trying to stop the run. We have a lot of confidence in the two receivers, Mike (Wallace) and (Brian) Hartline on the outside. We felt comfortable with that. It was a five-step pass. Obviously the result isn’t what we were looking for."

(On passing the ball during the fourth quarter before the fumble play) -- "I don’t think you can protect a 21-20 lead in this league. I think you have to be fairly aggressive. I’ve been in situations myself trying to protect a 21-20 lead, and I’ve lost those games 27-21. We are going to be aggressive with a one-point lead in the fourth quarter. We aren’t going to sit on it. The difference between winning and losing in this is so much right there. It’s one play that can make the difference in a ball game for you or against you. With a one point lead, my philosophy and Joe (Philbin’s) as well has been to be aggressive. If we got the first down, the game would have been won and we wouldn’t be having this discussion at this point. Certainly it’s a valid question, without a doubt. At the same time the what-if factor is, ‘If you get it, do you have this conversation?’ No you don’t, and it would have been a great call. Those things happen."

(On what portion of four-minute offense is pass plays versus run) -- “That’s not four-minute offense. That’s trying to win the football game. Four-minute offense for us would be under four minutes on the clock. We have a nine-plus lead, probably 10 point lead in the game. You put your two tight ends out there. You try to burn your time outs or time off the clock. The part of it is most of those plays they are different type of plays. They aren’t drop-back plays. That was not a four-minute offensive play. That was a play to win the game. With the ball at midfield and Joe (Philbin) is the best at doing research on opponents, and in our research they had a two-minute drive last week to tie
the ballgame. We wanted to win the game. We wanted to get that first down. We knew the front they were going to play. They played the exact front and coverage we thought they were going to play. It just didn’t pan out."

(On if the amount of sacks to Ryan Tannehill is affected him) -- “Let me just say this about Ryan Tannehill. He’s normally very resilient and physical. If you ever notice how he takes a hit, he’s giving to it. Do I think he’s banged up a little bit? Yes, probably. He wouldn’t be human if he wasn’t. At the same time knowing him, he’s very resilient physically and mentally. I think that is what is going to make him a very good quarterback in this league."

(On if a player would come in via trade, could they conceivably start for the team) -- “Do you want the filibuster? As far as personnel goes my comments are directed to the general manager and the head coach, who are more in-tune with that. The what-if part of it, I’m just dealing with what-ifs today. I have to get through today and get ready for a great football team up in New England. That part of it I’m not going to address, thank you. I appreciate the question though."

(On if he remembers ever having a player brought in before and starting the same weekend) -- “I don’t recall not. I don’t recall doing either."

(On how long it would take someone to learn offensive linemen technique in this system) -- “Are you guys just passing the ball around here? Let’s get this game over with so we can move on."

(On the possibility of giving Tyson Clabo block help on the play that resulted in the fumble) – “I think there’s always ways. It’s a different style of play. (Mario Williams) is going to line-up somewhere, usually on the edge to the open side. He’s going to be a problem somewhere. In hindsight, yes, I think you can always do that. It’s a different call, it’s a different structure. It was a run-pass option, and they showed the pass look. That’s what we went to. We very easily could, if they didn’t play that front, could have went to the run. There are different variables. It would have made it a little bit complicated. In an ideal world, that is a possibility."

(On if there could be a variable where Mario Williams is double-teamed wherever he lines up) -- "We did some of that in the ball-game at different times. We banged him. We thumped him. We did different things to him. To do that consistently throughout the ball game and negate the fact that sometimes he’s not where you think he’s going to be. That happened once or twice. Then we moved to him. That’s another thing. You negate the structure of your pass offense in some ways because your route distribution is out a little bit. Now can you do it? Yes, you are limited a bit from what you can do but you have a chance to bang him in those situations."

(On if the pick-6 against Buffalo was a bad throw, bad read or a good defensive play) -- “All of the above probably."

(On Ryan Tannehill having more turnovers than touchdowns as part of the learning curve) -- “I think we always want to get better than where we are, and I think he’ll be the first one to tell you that. Sometimes on some interceptions he made a bad decision on one. He got hit on the fumble he had no chance of getting out of. It happened rather quickly, and the interception for the touchdown by Buffalo he was hit as he was delivery the back. He probably would have pulled it back if he had time to. I’m hoping that’s what he would have done. There’s a lot of variables to those things. To put them all on the quarterback I think is unfair. I think we all share that responsibility."


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looks who's here, 78, the excuse maker. give it up homer,the team suxx.

I don't see any easy wins on the remaining schedule, and I wouldn't call our division weak. NE is still good. The Jets are winning, playing great defense, running the ball, tried and true formula for success, and just beat NE. The Bills just beat the Phins. How is that a weak division? The best chance to win any games for the remainder of the year (IMHO)- use a BALANCED attack on offense= 50% run/pass, and abandon the zone blocking scheme. Switch to 3-4 on D to maximize the personnel, be more aggressive, and put Jordan on the friggin' field.

Tannehill ended Miami's season w his pick-6

and then sealed our fate fumbling (again) the ball to the opposing team



Cincy has one road win if I'm not mistaken. They are not the same team away as they are at home (not that it helps us with their incredible front 7, just sayin').

Time to bench Tannehill and put Matt Moore in.

You're such a dope 2 watt. You know that right? Please answer and let me know you know you're a tool.

Do you understand the term objective? I don't say everything is rosy. I crush Ireland for his wr,te, and oline drafts. I crushed Sherman for his s$#t play calls in the 4th. I've called out the coaches, the defense, the oline, the running backs, and so on.

Look back stupid. But I also give credit where credit is due. ITS CALLED BEING OBJECTIVE YOU STUPID MORON. You don't put a first year de on the line during running plays when he missed all of training camp and can't stop the run! Unless you're a f$#@ing moron this is not a safe thing to do.

I hate addressing you because I can't figure out if you're stupid on purpose or just pretending to be stupid. Which is it?

No pressure on Tannehill during his pick-6 to start the game
and then
Tannehill floats an INT in the end zone

fact is:
Bills Thad Lewis from the practice squad was better than our LMAO franchise QB

Will Philbin go the way of Cam Cameron?
Great offensive coordinator but unable to take the big step to head coach

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | October 22, 2013 at 10:34 AM

Philbin is an inexperieced HC making rookie mistakes. I think he is losing the team just like Cameron did.

"Look who's here"? Do you sit in here all day waiting for people to arrive? Are you really that sad and lonely? I'm not in the mood 2watt, don't get on my radar.

Tannehill reminds me of John Beck.

Tannehill ended Miami's season w his pick-6

and then sealed our fate fumbling (again) the ball to the opposing team



Posted by: Home on the Phins | October 22, 2013 at 11:26 AM

You do realize we have 10 more games and we are a .500 team right?

POSITIVE- More TDs in the red zone instead of settling for FGs. Loved what I saw from Brandon Gibson!

CONCERNED- OL and Offensive coaching not fulfilling the potential of this offense!

DISTURBING- What was once a solid Dolphins defense only 2 years ago is now porous and below average. We still have many of the same great players and supposedly upgraded some players, so what changed? DIFFERENT COACHES!

Woodshed, it's a troll trying to bait me. He plays 2watt and a bunch of other characters in an anonymous blog because it makes his d$#k hard.

TanneBust has that deer in headlights look like he's about to get hit.

Fish 3-5

Happy Halloween !

....I have no problem with this team going to a more run orientated offense. IMO for this years team to have any shot at turning this around..It is going to be around a better run game. Plain and simple.

IMO it is a myth that the run game is not important in todays football. In fact even with the rules the way they are.. Smart teams are realizing that you have to abandon the idea of dropping back to throw 40 times every game..It is a recipe for suicide. Especially for this team.

The idea that we are going to just trot out pass heavy formations and move the ball up and down the field is showing itself to be a joke...We can't protect, we can't run, and the quarterback is good enough yet to make the right decisions in this style of offense. Perhaps one day we will be able to do this. By then the trend will be passed, and teams will be even more commited to the run...

We wanted up tempo offense. We aren't even close. I'm all for this as I see it as the more of an advantage then just being able to throw it every down. But we can't even find a formation that we can, or will use as a base for this. Our offense is all over the place IMO...

For Jordan to be a factor, he needs to be on the field more than 20 snaps. WTF is that about? Are they secretly saving him for this game? Not likely. I just don't have much faith anymore like I did when the season started.

Posted by: Jj | October 22, 2013 at 11:12 AM
That was their 'plan' to ease him into the lineup. In reality, it's just another example of their rigid thinking. No matter what, we're sticking to the plan philosophy. Kinda like the O-line, right?

Posted by: Phins78 | October 22, 2013 at 11:50 AM

Ahh makes sense. I'm scratching my head over all the Tannehill hate lately. The Bills game was by far his worst and he still had us in position to win at the end. Where else has the offense came from though?

We have no running game to speak of an our line is too bad to get the ball deep to Wallace. If it wasn't for Tannehill, we wouldn't have won a single game IMO.


Do It Again !

Go Miami !

Steve Ross,

Stop ripping off the Dolphin fans with your garbage excuse for a team. Losing every year is very old.

Woodshed, you do realize Home is Fire Ross is Daytona ... if you just let them ramble without reotrt, eventually they go away and start quieting up. Keep the conversation within those who actually are here to have a civilized discussion.

Anti Canadian posts start in 3,2,1 ...

Completely agree Jj @ 11:25

I also have to challenge this notion that they put the best five in the best position to win. If they knew anything about their players, they'd know John Jerry is actually their best tackle ... period. When he palyed for jake Long a few years back ... he was pretty darn good. instead because of his size, they continue to put him at guard.

..Mark in Toronto...I think when coaches say we evaluate during the week and put the best players at the positions to give the team the best chance to win...It is coach speak for "How dare any of you challenge my authority on the game".. It is a defense mechanism to avoid answering tough questions they do not want to answer.

I was debating the fact a couple of guys put the fumble squarely on Tannehills shoulders when it was an entire team screw up. It was the only play I was talking about, I had already admonished him for the two turnovers. Some couldn't intelligently debate so it quickly turned into "Phins loves Tannehill and never thinks he makes a mistake" (That's what stupid people do when faced with a challenge, deflect).

2watt sits in wait under his other aliases. When people show up he immediately attacks them for no reason. Then he changes his name and uses a subject that he THINKS will trick people into getting mad or answering his incredibly ignorant posts. So you can see how he first addressed me. And then look, a bunch of NEW people show up and all talk about Tannehill sucking.

AND THIS JUST PROVES HOW UTTERLY F$#@ING RETARDED this troll is. He saw the entire debate, probably even contributed. But he didn't come close to understanding. I'm not a fan of anyone on this team. I couldn't care less about Tannehill. I was debating one play in a 60 minute game. Some people are too stupid to understand this. I have said over and over, going on 8 years now at the Herald. I give qbs into their 8th game of the third season before I make a final judgement on their future.

Why be the dope who exclaims 'this guy will be great' or ' this guys a bust' in the early part of their career only to have them prove you wrong? I've seen it a million times in here and these guys never admit they're wrong.

Like the "we should have drafted Weeden because he's going to be a star crowd" Where ya at? They're probably here but bragging that one of the 10 picks they wanted is actually starting.

Many questions, many. Here's one of them. How come Clabo was rated high on the list of RTs by PFF last year and has sukked so immensely this year? Did he deteriorate that much in 1 yr? I doubt it. Do the PFF rankings also sukkk mightily? A possibility. Is it the change in air, water and territory? Most probable.

DD, must be because there is no way Tyson Clabo is their best anything at this point. he belongs nowhere near a football field. And the happiest guy that he still plays has to be Johnathan martin because by comparison his pizz poor play goes almost unnoticed.

Putting their "5 best" on the field is a solid notion unless their 5 best are all right tackles, or left guards, etc....then you're stuck with a bunch of good players playing out of position or trying too hard and making mistakes. How about draft a left tackle to play, you guessed it, left tackle, and so on and so forth. Draft or sign a couple of good old fashioned, "swing tackles" as backups, usually journeyman types who don't make a ton of mistakes and are versatile. Remember Jeff Dellenbach? Or even a Nate Garner type presently. This notion of shuffling your starters around for the sake of versatility turns into a merry go round.

It's not just the trolls woodshed. Kris and Craig have thrown in the towel on Tannehill. They are convinced he is a 7-9 qb and will never get better.

Forget the fact that he consistently gets better statistically. Forget the fact that qbs with less talent have won superbowls because their TEAM was great. Forget it all.

Some people won't be satisfied until we have the next Dan Marino. It's elite qb or nothing for them. Elite qbs grow on trees so they can't understand why Miami has not found one. It's not about building a team, it's about building a qb.

Let's trade for Adrian Peterson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolphins have no chance and the any living in CanaDUH
should kill themselves
B4 the long cold winter moves in

Canadian Bills fans are very happy and know football

and then there is (LMAO) office boy Mark from Toronto

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 22, 2013 at 12:07 PM

I really don't understand it either. Was his last team using him in a zone blocking scheme? He seems to me more built for man blocking, big and slow footed, like most of our line. Change the damn scheme and watch the run lanes open up and the passing game take off. Don't fix it and find your QB in the hospital and our season on life support.

oscar, the grading system the pff uses definitely has it's serious flaws. i'm surprised it's so widely accepted. This is especially true of OL rankings for example. On each play the player is either given a +, -, or 0 grade for each play. But this system has two serious flaws in my opinion...

1) it doesn't accurately asses the severity of the play. For example, a player can get a negative grade for a pass play where he whiffs on his man but still allows his Qb time to get the pass off but it goes incomplete because of the hurry. he also can get a negative grade for a pass whiff that ends up getting his QB destroyed, fumbles the ball, and the oppsoing team gets possession. Both are bad plays but one is infinitely worse than the other. however, they receive the same grade. how is that possible or accurately assess the level of play?

2) it doesn't factor in the level of competition you face. For example an OT that has to block Mario Williams all day will be judged the same way as an OT who may have to block Derrick Shelby all game. How are these results supposed to be equal?

The grading system is inherently flawed in my opinion ... I'm sure I could pick up other flaws if I subscribed and had a chance to really dissect the formulas but these are two glaring flaws in my opinion that just jump out at me.

Let's trade for Adrian Peterson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Ryan Hulen | October 22, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Ross is WAY too cheap to pay an Adrian Peterson.

Sorry DD, I have to disagree with your 11:55 post on so many levels. You're seriously asking a team that can't put together 4,5,6 play drives to somehow put together 10,11,12 play drives (which would have to happen to score using a run-heavy approach)?

You're seriously asking a team that's almost last in the NFL in running to somehow use that as a strength?

You're seriously asking an OL who may be giving up sacks to creates running lanes (have you seen any push on any short-yardage play this year)?

You're seriously asking a team to compete in today's high-scoring NFL by running for multiple TDs? Or even asking our porous defense to give up less than 20 points/game. That was a practice squad QB who converted a 50% 3rd down rate Sunday.

You're seriously asking Joe Philbin, who was brought here to install a more dynamic offense, who is known as having a pass-first strategy, to somehow change his stripes (he won't even run it inside 3 mins with the lead)?

You're seriously asking this team that invested $60 on Mike Wallace to tell him to bone up on his blocking because he will be utilized even less than he has so far?

Sorry dude, that's asking too much (and not being realistic). This team, under this HC, WILL BE a pass-first team. That's just all there is to it. If they don't have the personnel to make it work, then they will get the personnel. But I don't see this HC changing up his philosophy to meet the personnel he has. I see him (right or wrong) stubbornly forcing his personnel to adopt his philosophy.

On top of that, I agree wholeheartedly with his philosophy. The day of the RB being king and center of the offense is dead, and isn't coming back as long as QBs regularly pass for 400+ yards and teams regularly put up 30+ points and continue to adopt college offenses. You can resist as much as you like, doesn't mean it's not happening.

My suggestion, accept reality!


I agree about Jerry. He looks slow and clumsy in the run blocking but he has excellent lateral speed for his size and anchors well.

He would definitely be an upgrade to Clabo at RT IMO. If it were my call, he would play RT and Watkins and Thomas would battle for the RG position.

John Jerry = another Irescum bust

I just can't believe we went from Sparano/Henning to Philbin/Sherman. Is it not the same thing?

New head coach, old head coach as mentor. New head coach is afraid to go against the older father figure. Old head coach is pig headed and stuck in his ways.

"The plays are right but the players aren't executing them properly". So they just stick with the same plays no matter what. They don't adjust because they are trying to build a system. And until they get the right players for that system they will try to force a square peg into a round hole.

It's incredible that we seemingly went the same exact route that failed the last time. Ross was blinded by all of the west coast offense and 4-3 defense talk and didn't see the relationship similarities that I'm afraid are now hurting team chemistry.

Yeah, Woodshed, I know I just crapped all over PFF rankings but all in all his pass blocking outshines his run blocking by a fair margin. They seem hell bent on making him a guard for some reason. Also Nate Garner was a very capable OG in his opportunities. But whatever....

Oh CanaDUH

Why do u follow a team in Miami?

Real Canadians follow the Bills and drink Molson

and then there was an office bot named Mark from Toronto


poor, poor little Marky

I guess Jonathan Martin will move back to RT.

Oh CanaDUH

Where would the Fish be with out little office boy Mark's support?


P78, the best coaches in the NFL don't sit there saying, man I wish I had better players to run my system. They of course do go searching for such in the offseason but in the meantime, they try to hide the ones that don't or are suffering. We expose ours for some reason.

The Pats for years have sucked in pass defense but game on the line, they find a way to take away the other teams best aerial threat. Seen it way too many times...

3-5 by Halloween

Go Fish!

poor, poor Mark!


Still need a QB.

The Pats for years have sucked in pass defense but game on the line, they find a way to take away the other teams best aerial threat. Seen it way too many times...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 22, 2013 at 12:26 PM

They shut out TanneBust.

...Dc..I have accepted the reality. And the reality is that we are not running an offense that is sustainable for this group..Plain and simple.

I know why Philbin was brought here..I get it. I know he wants a more dynamic offense. I do too. People get confused, or believe you can't be dynamic if you run the ball. DO you think Denver is a boring offense? Look at the run to pass ratio for them. Now compare it to us. Tannehill has dropped back to pass more then Peyton Freekin Manning. How is that working for us!!!!

Don't get confused into thinking running the ball means being conservative or boring. We pass the ball too much. Plain and simple. Until there is a change in this philosophy(for this team)..We are going to keep losing games..Sorry if you don't like the truth.

Now we could come out, and throw it 40 times next week, run it 25 and win. People will rip me for being the smart guy...But lets keep rack of the run pass ratio for the rest of the season.. Lets see if we start winning if the margin of run to pass shrinks.

So DC back to your point..I understand how this offense wants to be built. We want to pass pass pass..We want to put up points. It isn't working, and IMO will not work with this group. Perhaps we would be better off if there was some give and take with the reality of this team.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 22, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Oscar that's a great question. And one that needs to be answered. The o-line was much better last year. We lost Long but I don't think that's the problem because Martin isn't grading much worse than Long. It seems like Fasanos loss is really hurting our run game. We just haven't even come close to replacing his blocking skills.

But why has Pouncey regressed? Incognito? These are pro bowl type players. At some point you have to blame the coaches. And I start with our o-line coach who said just yesterday, that Clabo played a great game accept for the sacks and strip play. Actually he didn't even hold him responsible at all for that eventhough he was pushed directly into Tannehill and needed to use rt's body to hold himself up. Another play he was so badly beat that Williams body slammed tannehill the moment he turned his head after the drop back.

The guy is a back patter. If he was in the hole during Hitlers final moments he would be all, "I know you didn't mean it, you're a good guy in my book (pat, pat). Starts with that guy, TERRIBLE oline coach.

Another thought of mine is using Clay at RB the single back set and having Sims play TE for extra pass protection. He seems to run well in short yardage situations and you could motion him out for an empty back look.

I would just like to again thank the trolls for their very short posts. Also the use of LOL, ALL CAPS, weird spacing, stupid names, etc.,,,it all helps.

I wouldn't be able to scroll by and ignore so easily if you actually took the time to write a well thought out post. Once again, thank you so much for saving me time.

The team lacks talent plain and simple. The entire offence is a dissapointment.


Well that figures....another fifteen yards and we tie the damn game. Just our lousy luck, but we did turn in the tape to the league officials and at least helped take down the Patriots. Not that it helped us in any way.

DD, must be because there is no way Tyson Clabo is their best anything at this point. he belongs nowhere near a football field. And the happiest guy that he still plays has to be Johnathan martin because by comparison his pizz poor play goes almost unnoticed.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 22, 2013 at 12:08 PM
LOL Mark and true. Saw Martin get pushed into Tannehill 2 or 3 times Sunday. And talking O-line grades...is there one for OT or OG getting pushed into your QB? I mean, not a sack, not a hit, maybe not even classified as a hurry. Just zero room and a anxious QB.

holey swiss cheese 78, i attack you by calling u a homer?
wow u softy.

..DC. Last..If we had a group that could play the style of offense that Philbin wants..I would fully support it. Teams that are averaging 25-30 plus per game run the ball more then we do. We don't even try. I guess that is what I am getting at. We don't have the quarterback that is capable of consistency to throw it as much as we have asked him too. We obviously do not have the protection to help said quarterback..Perhaps one day we will.

We may not even be able to run it any better. Who knows. But we hardly even try to establish a run gam, and when we do..Like last week. We go away from it. What would have been the outcome if the run pass ratio was switched last week? (I know impossible to say.) what is more important..Style points, or wins?

Jordan was drafted #3, and should be playing & learning to set the edge. #3 overall pick. Just my opinion:)

Daryll it was a great post and I agreed 100% until this.

"Until there is a change in this philosophy(for this team)..We are going to keep losing games..Sorry if you don't like the truth."

Truth and opinion are very different things. You can't call something a truth that hasn't even happened yet.

But I agree with you in general. The problem is we don't have the personnel to run the ball effectively. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Lamar Miller misses the hole way too often?

The draw play on Sunday where he lost a yard. There was a wide open hole in between Pouncey and Cogs. He ran right by it trying to reach the edge for some reason. And he screwed Martin in the process, Martin had a good block going but as soon as Lamar passed behind him the defender had the advantage. Had he hit the hole it would have been at least a 4 yard gain. Instead he loses a yard.

In case you didn't notice, on that first int by TH, JMart was being pushed very close to Ryan by Mario Williams and probably hurried the throw. Check it out.

Clabo was the 2nd best RT in pro football last year according to PFF. He was the best OT in free agency. Unfortunately he's playing like crap this year.
Posted by: jmike | October 22, 2013 at 07:06 AM

Can't blame Ireland for signing him then. the choices were Clabo or Winston.

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