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Notes from Tuesday practice and interviews

In 1988, the pass-intensive Dolphins delivered to Don Shula only his second losing season in Miami in part because they could not run the football. That team rushed for a franchise low 1,205 yards en route to a 6-10 record.

The 2013 Dolphins are a solid 3-2 so far. But they are having more trouble running the football than that long-ago terrible running team.

The Dolphins have 348 rushing yards in five games. They are averaging 69.6 rushing yards per game.

At the current pace the team is going to finish with a historically franchise low 1,114 rushing yards for the season. Does that worry latter day Dolphins coach Joe Philbin?

"I'm not concerned about franchise marks and where we stand with other teams," Philbin said Tuesday. "I want us to be a better running football team, no question about it. I think we will be. But I'm not concerned about comparing us to other teams here."

It is encouraging that Philbin believes better rushing performances are coming. He says the Dolphins have "core" running plays and "have some plays we believe in very strongly," that will lift the team from its current No. 29 rush offense NFL ranking.

One answer might be to actually run the ball a bit more because the Dolphins are only 26th in rush yards per play. More runs, more yards.


Practice update: Every player on the roster participated, at least on a limited basis, in practice today. Middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe spent part of practice rehabbing his shoulder during the part of practice open to the media but when practice was over he was drenched in sweat, taped up and carrying his helmet off the field, suggesting he participated to some degree. There is no practice or injury report due today so the Dolphins won't provide any official word on whether Ellerbe practiced or not. But it looks as if he did.


Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is a strong believer in attacking the opposing offenses. He doesn't like the idea his defense is a "bend-but-don't-break" unit.

"Yeah, I hate that term, to be honest with you," Coyle said.

Well, then he should speak with head coach Joe Philbin, who today said his defense has been living by a "bend-but-not-break philosophy."

"I think we've given up some yards," Philbin said. "But in tight situations we've played relatively well. There's been a lot of room for improvement, whether it be third down or the red zone. I think we have a chance to improve as the second half of the season kicks off. After the bye week I see us playing better."

Coyle, meanwhile, sees his defense as an aggressive bunch with that kind of philosophy. Disagreement on semantics aside, both men agree the Dolphins defense is likely to improve.

"We’ve been an aggressive defense," he said. "We aren’t satisfied with the way we’ve played through five games. I think I mentioned it last week, we’ve been inconsistent. There have been flashes of very good play, individual play, but collectively we haven’t had a game where we came out and just flat played from start to finish the way we are capable of. We are working hard. The players are working hard.

"I really believe it’s going to start to come. We’ve got too good of players, and we trust our scheme and what we are doing. We have an aggressive scheme. We have an attacking scheme. That’s why I’m not joking when I say to you I don’t like that term (bend-don’t-break) because although in games it’s looked like that this way this year because we haven’t had the three-and-out consistency or the big play consistency defensively that I believe we can have and hopefully we have here soon as we go forward. We want to get after people. We want to create turnovers. We want to be dictating the tempo of the game. That’s what we plan to do from here on out."


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MJD before trade deadline would help running
send Daniel Thomas to the unemployment line

Lets see how they play in the second half. They played 10 and have 11 to go

its neer a big deal when NE give up lots of yards. Its only when we do. Its all perception. Just win the damn game, nobody will care about stats in the end except fantasy geeks.

and the friggin refs too. thats all anyone should care about....and turnovers as well.

and injuries.

If you can't hang with the big dogs, then stay on the porch.

Thats my analysis of the first part of the season. Lets see if we have any bite left, the tIme for talk is over.

we need to thow long down the field passes every series in order to get good at it. you want long touchdowns? throw the ball down the field.

I love how Philbin dismisses the statistics from 1988 when truly the best predictor of the future is the past. It shows that he is living in a bubble because if the Phins can only accumulate 1,100 yards they are doomed to a 6-10 or 5-11 record it's that simple.

It's simple folks, Tannehill needs to roll out regularly until the offensive line gels. Nothing else is going to work. This move by Tannehill his improve all aspects of the offense. Half of a field option is better than no field option due to a sack! Jerry needs to switch position with Clabo immediately!!!! These two moves will transform the offensive line immediately!

Losing to a very good team in New Orleans in they're venue, or losing against a VERY comparable team at our stadium while within a few yards of sending it to overtime is one thing.... Losing to a team Miami is Superior to on paper and on the field is entirely another. Miami needs to come out strong and "Put It To" the Bill Sunday. To see Miami come off the bye, looking listless or unprepared, still leaking from the same holes is going to draw a really dark shade down over the mid-season run. I have been a Joe Philbin proponent from before he was ever mentioned as a possible coach in Miami. Now that he has had 10 games total to see what he's working with, and a bye week to adjust and retool, It will be a serious confidence shaker should he field a team that allows an inferior team (albeit a scrappy one) to come into our stadium and win with a QB who may have been selling used cars two weeks ago. I'm a homer to the end... but this IS an important week... Coming off a bye with a loss is a BAD SIGN.... So dig deep and pull hard... This week REALLY MATTERS.....

Lets see if I do the math correctly the Fins will terminate by going 3-8 to catch up to the 88 fins and will lower the seasonal bar on rushing.

Phill I can see you never graduated elementery school,they will close 8-3 and all offensive offensive line mockery will terminate.

Agreed Troop...I want to see them lay the wood on the Bills...take a W however you can get them...but seriously...lay the fkin wood on Sunday...

Hey Phil...forgot to change yo login-in there Jack!ass!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


Oh...and for the love of GOD contain Spiller...first Sproles then Rice...don't think the Bills haven't observed that!!!

So dig deep and pull hard... This week REALLY MATTERS.....
Posted by: It's in the Breeze... Troop..!!! | October 15, 2013 at 06:35 PM

Sounds like a Crazy week-end with the Pineapple Princess......

Guy gets busted starting an argument with himself...lol....and look who shows up....

how random....

Well, then he should speak with head coach Joe Philbin, who today said his defense has been living by a "bend-but-not-break philosophy." - Mando

Hey Mando you doing comedy now?

Dolphins waived Marvin Austin?
I didn't know he was still on the team.


I noticed that for a while the blog was cleaned up with very little trolling. While it was cleaned up, Craig M was mostly absent. Now that he's back, the trolls have returned. Maybe he is a smug dooosh bag after all.

Armando what's going on? "A flurry of activity around the personnel dept. and only 52 players on the active roster".

Any news or rumors yet? We talking trade or free agent signing? I really hope it's either a RG, RT, or RB if they aren't just bringing someone up from the PS.

Also saw we lost McNutt. That sucks as I was hoping he would develop on the ps for a year and make the roster next season. Oh well.

Lets see if I do the math correctly the Fins will terminate by going 3-8 to catch up to the 88 fins and will lower the seasonal bar on rushing.

Posted by: Phil-Bens Fins | October 15, 2013 at 06:53 PM

Phill I can see you never graduated elementery school,they will close 8-3 and all offensive offensive line mockery will terminate.

Posted by: Phil-Bens Fans | October 15, 2013 at 07:02 PM

Perfect example of why I rarely come in here anymore. Lmao at this idiot.

I have a very hard time reading this team. But I still believe that somehow they will make the playoffs.

If you are a betting man always take the home team coming off the bye week. And the Bills on their 4th string QB should help.

Before I leave, seriously ,,,,,,GUY,,,,,YOU,,ARE,,TALKING,,,TO ,,,YOURSELF,,,IN A BLOG,,,,WHERE THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE TO TALK TO. Not even talking but starting an argument with yourself,,,,,,for what purpose exactly?

Time to look in the mirror and figure out why your life is so pathetically boring. Good luck figuring that one out.

Big trade coming?

Its the QB stupid.
its the QB you MORONS

We released Sean Smith and now PFF rates him the 3rd best corner in the league this year. Kansas City is 6-0 and Sean Smith is part of a very good defense. It helps to have a great coach like Andy Reed. Less than half a year with Reed and Smith is having a pro bowl year.

This kind of tells you that the GM is getting the right players. The question is are the coaches developing the players correctly? Smith leaves the fins and now he is a superstar, unbelievable. We could have used Smith this year.

Smith was not a scheme fit.

Or Miami's coaches suck.


First of all, who the f&ck are you? We never see you post here and yet you seem to know all about me and when I'm here and when I go. You seem to have your finger on the pulse of what goes on with the blog and yet we've never seen this name on here before. So how many other names are you posting under? Do tell...

Secondly, didn't you say you were 'leaving me alone'. And yet there you are again making comments about me, with me not here. You know, YG used to do that all the time too. Interesting.....

Time to look in the mirror and figure out why your life is so pathetically boring. Good luck figuring that one out.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 15, 2013 at 08:18 PM

Maybe it's your life that is so pathetically boring constantly obsessed with the trolls you preach to everyone else to ignore but YOU CAN'T.

What a sorry individual.

You've got an unhealthy obsession with me fella....

My advice? Get a f$cking life!

ORLANDO @ 8:55

We released Smith?
Did we also release Long, Fasano and Bush?
If so who made the decision to release those NFL starts and get nothing in return? You?

Hi Kris,

ETF-CadillacDeFraud-LoadMan is here, just letting you know.

Maybe we are getting CLE OT Joe Thomas

Fraud = Load Swallower (by admission)

Good point ExposingTheFraud. Long, Bush, Smith, and Fasano are all doing well with their teams. If we would have kept those guys here, the fins would be a serious threat to make the playoffs.

Take a look at Bush. The Lions are using him correctly. They are getting the most out of him in Detroit. Here he was just OK. Long is rated 12th by PFF. Smith having a pro-bowl year. Fasano is also doing well. Why couldn't the coaches here get the most out of these players?

Miami lost to a great NO QB and team. Sad but just says we are not elite yet. Miami lost a very close game to a good Ravens team who won the SB a year ago. Not good but nothing to commit hari kari over. The way we lost was more of a concern - unable to protect the QB or run the ball. Not a lot of concerns on our defense given that a number of starters were dinged or out.

Reality is: Once they recover from injuried Defense is more than good enough to do their part to win games for us. On offense - Tannehill is real but needs some time. WR are real. TE seem to be stepping up more but still not blocking. Miller is brilliant sometimes and terrible most times. Thomas is worthless. Neither can consistently run or block. Trade of Bush was an error as was failure to get a fullback. Offensive line is usually winning individual struggles but losing as a team because they do not play together. Failure of RB and to some degree TE to be able to block is a coaching issue. Failure of OL to work is a coaching issue.

Bottom line: The coaches have to get their act together on offense. Buffalo will be an easy test. New England will be the acid test.

Phins78 @ 8:18,
I used to post on here more frequently, but now only occasionally. The moron that you are speaking of I think is the serial troll that constantly posts under new names. Every blog there is at least 3 - 4 new names that will appear several times on that particular blog, then vanish on subsequent blogs. For awhile, I thought it was a couple of douchebags, but now I think it is one pathetic idiot sitting alone in his room @ Mom's house. I think it's the circle-jerkbthat you were referring to that busted himself. It's a shame that at leadt a third of ghe talk on these blogs now is not too much about yhe Dolphins. Wish I could do like the old Looney-Tuned where a hand would come out of a phone and pound the sh.t out of the guy on the other end!

Maurice Jones Drew would look pretty good in a fins uniform. What would be the price for MJD. Our running game needs a shot in the arm and MJD would do just that.

Yeah, there he goes again. He's Zeldo" this time. Same gay ass circle-jerk moron. Do us all a favor and get the fu.k off this blog, you low-iq douchebag
Get a fu.king life. Everyone on this blog hates you.

I used to post on here more frequently, but now only occasionally.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | October 15, 2013 at 09:24 PM

Translation, I follow the blog religiously but only post under this name when I feel like it.

What a dumbo to think we don't see through your charade that others try all the time.

Just a long time reader, fairly new poster. Happened to notice that most of the arguments involve you, whether troll induced or not. I said what I said earlier to see how you'd respond, and you confirmed what I suspected. Quick-tempered, angry, pompous and smug. This is an opinion blog, and that's my opinion of you. Using terms like Bud, and "show your face." You are just waiting for a fight, Internet tough-guy. The problem with this blog is people like you. And I am NOT YG.

Orlando dolphan,
I'm still giving our coaches the benefit of the doubt, but I am beginning to wonder how good they are at adjusting the schemes to the strengths of the PLAYERS WE HAVE. Shula was excellent in this respect and there are other coaches in the league that are good at it also. John Fox comes to mind with Tebow and getting to yhe 2nd level of the playoffs last year. The worst coordinator we have at this is Sherman. I know he's a good coach, but let's face it, the zone-blocking scheme is not working. We rushed for 1800+ yds. last year with a sometimes mix and match Oline due to injuries. This year we have badically the same guys, but we suck. I think itnis Philbin's and Sherman's refusal to give up the zone-blocking and go with the maulers. Just an opinion.


I agree if we do not have the guys to run the zone blocking scheme why continue with it. We have a couple of maulers inside with Jerry and Incognito. Clabo also admitted at the beginning of the year that he was not used to this scheme. Why not use more of a power running game and transition to more of a zone blocking scheme next year. Adapt to what you have this year and next year jettison Jerry, Incognito, and Clabo. We definitely will have address the OL next year. They are going to need a big name FA, a #1 pick, and possibly a second round pick on the OL.

No doubt though that it is hard to see Sean Smith thriving after we all criticized him here. Bush tearing it up in Detroit and Long ranked 9th best OT by PFF. It is just very frustrating to see players developing and thriving for other teams.

Bornthedayafteryesterday and Jj,

I was going to games at the OB before you were probably born. I have followed the fins for years and don't give 2 sh.ts what you and your ladyboy think about me posting. I come on here to talk football, but do sometimes get pissed having to wade through the trolls to interact with serious Dolphin fan bloggers. If you are not the same person, then why don't you 2 meet up offline and go have a circlejetk contest. This will kerp you busy so the rest of us can discuss the Dolphins (which is what this blog is for, Ahole!)

Jj, was reading some earlier posts and now I realize your comment was not directed at me. Sorry for that. The guy I lumped you with did direct a comment at me, so I meant what I said, only needed not to have included you.

So what you're saying is, Sherman is the problem on offense.

Still hardcore- no problem here. You see my point, eh?

Born the day after yesterday,
You are yhe one with the never-ending new handles. This is the only one I have ever used. I just don't blog here that much because of the trash (Hint!)

I have followed the fins for years and don't give 2 sh.ts what you and your ladyboy think about me posting.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | October 15, 2013 at 09:49 PM

If this was remotely true, you wouldn't be responding. Your vision is so narrow you can't even see who I am.

You are just like that total idiot Phins78 who constantly tells people not to respond to the trolls while he responds to them endlessly.

I just don't blog here that much because of the trash (Hint!)

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | October 15, 2013 at 09:58 PM

Got it. Right.

You don't blog here that much but you know every single detail about the goings on here.

U B dummer than dung.


Not sure I said you were YG, but like him, you are a complete bore. You don't know a thing about me but like him you think you have me all figured out from a few words on the blog. Also like him, you are a waste of time and space. There's more than enough good posters here to keep me interested and you 'bud' sure ain't one of them. Hopefully this will be the last conversation I have with you but somehow I doubt that.

'Pompous and smug'.....SMH. aren't they the same thing? Shows me just how limited your vocabulary is, also like the other dude.

Other then the center I don't think the O line has the speed to do well in zone blocking, and the OC needs to show some ORIGINALITY in his play calling. Bill


WTF are you referring to? Go back to your crack pipe, you're a fu.kin' moron.


It's obviously the same clown I'm talking to. The guy's here for no other reason than to try and get under people's skin. Don't let him bother you.

In so many areas the Dolphins are one of the worst teams as statistics reveal. It's quite surprising the team is 3-2 with such poor numbers. But Philbin is not concerned with that. He should though. The game plan in the last two games has been horrendous.
We hope that this trend changes substantially next game.

Go back to your crack pipe,

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | October 15, 2013 at 10:26 PM

Now saying 'crack pipe' would never even enter my mind since I am so far removed from such things. Others, maybe not so much.

The odin's and dashi's and stillhardupfinfan's frequently talk about crack pipes, meth, gay themes and swallowing. These are the things that most readily come to their minds because that is their world.

Not mine.

Craig M, you're exactly right. I let him bait me in to discussing something other than our team. Sometimes these waste cases are hard to ignore, especially after an extended happy hour today.

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