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Patriots come back to defeat Dolphins, 27-17

FOXBOROUGH -- The Dolphins led this game 17-3 at halftime.

And then the collapse.

Miami gave up 17 points and the lead in the third quarter. Ryan Tannehill fumbled for the eighth time this season, losing his fifth and that helped the Patriots tie the game at 17.

by the time it was over, Dolphins were 27-17 losers.

The second half was marred by questionable calls -- such as a phantom pass interference on Jimmy Wilson and a holding on Dimitri Patterson. But the depth of this collapse is beyond poor officiating.

It's poor clutch play.

it's poor defense.

It's poor quarterbacking by Tannehill, who threw a terrible deep pass to Mike Wallace that was intercepted and showed little pocket awareness.

The problems are everywhere.

The Dolphins have lost four in a row now. They play again on Thursday against the Bengals at home. They will be the underdog in that game.

Things might get tougher.


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Boooooooooooooooooooooooo. These guys stink.

Same old Dolphins. It never changes, they've been wallowing in mediocrity for twenty years and there's no end in sight. Worst skill position roster in the sport, p**s-poor OL, lousy coaches, bum of a GM. It's way beyond tiresome.

F- I seem to care more than the players and a hell of a lot more than the owner who keeps goodam Jeff Ireland around for god knows why. Wtf

This falls on Ross, doesn't have clue how to run a team. What a Turd!

What excuses will philbin make for his team this week.............or will it be just the fix it speech............lol...JOKE!!!!!

3-0 seems to be a distant memory now....who's worse, Tannehill, or the line that's supposed to protect him? Sure glad we picked up the guy from Baltimore.

Fix this Philbin, another clueless joke of a coach.

I saw some positive signs. We can still turn this season around.

Kris is probably lighting his best 'cigar' right now. At least someone is happy.

Mediocre Players + mediocre Coaches = mediocre Teams.


You suckers that still buy season tickets, no words.

Philbin is still relatively new as a HC. I don't blame him entirely, but Ireland needed to pick up some O-line protection for Tannehill in the offseason and that didn't happen. Also, Tannehill....damn.

These guys are flat out terrible. Good grief they're bad....


Tell us what you did for entertainment on those navy ships out to see for six months with young boys showering together.

Sherman has to go

Pats caught that last 'punt' lol. Awful.
Philbin may get a few more tough questions...and may be in serious danger of losing his team if he hasn't already.

Another week the officials take us out of the game. Three horrid calls, particularly the fumble which was taken away.

LOLOL Things MIGHT get tougher? UNDERSTATMENT of the century so far!

It is time to rebuild again. Philbin is clearly not the answer. This team falls apart during a game, cannot make adjustments, and the young players are not developing. This game shows you the big gap in coaching from Bellichek to Philbin. Bellichek made all of the in game adjustments and Philbin just sat around and looked like an idiot.

There will be some good QB prospects next year. Let's tank the rest of the season and hope that Mariota QB from Oregon falls in our lap.

Ross /Ireland = Epic Fail

As always, your comments are stupid enough to highlight your ignorance. The calls were beyond questionable. They are an embarrassment to the NFL, and they should be reviewed by the league to provide grounds for dismissal of the officiating crew. The illegal touch call on Vernon was beyond irresponsible. Yes, Tanehill threw an interception, but it basically shows why the Steelers let Wallace go. He has no heart! That said, I agree with you that the Dolphins played a horrendous second half, but the Phantom calls you refereed to, where the biggest difference in the game.

Philbin needs to get better...was outclassed today...and how often do we see a missed field goal gives the opp good filed position and its all downhill from there? also, some real bad calls today...but phins need to not look like deer caught in the headlights when mo changes - and it all starts with the coach

SO HAPPY !!! I now have three to four more hours gained on weekends! Thanks Dollpants...frick u Ross, Ires, Sherbet n flippin...but really...thanks... your NFL product makes me more inclined to do other things. So actually thanks! Wow...I think I'm telling the truth...crazy!

Fkn bad officials onnce again..sad the nfl employs such bullcrap...illegal batting forword on defense...then that bs pass interference call ...tired of miami getting screwed by the nfl!

worst of all no heart what a sad sack franchise just no heart, no fire, no talent, no coaching....pathetic worst time in the conferene possibly even the browns fought hard against KC in KC....

Just disgusting! I'm at a loss for words at this continued debacle. 7 sacks?

It's over I'm afraid.

Wallace gets hit while
defenseless no call. Many others no call. They get phantom calls and at least 13 points from the refs by my count. Batting the ball by Vernon? Screw the crooked nfl. I am canceling Sunday ticket and this Obama type run league.

seroiusly, who on this team would you send to the pro-bowl right now?

Must draft a QB next year, RT is going nowhere fast. Doesn't have the stones to play in the NFL.

Any talk of players to draft…..
Any talks of roster improvements……
Any talks of potential coaching replacements…..
All of it is FUTILE if the same GM continues to cause havoc to this team. Ireland simply must go.

seroiusly, who on this team would you blow right now?

Posted by: Claynavy0815 | October 27, 2013 at 04:19 PM

as in a division rival, hated pats and you knew 17-3 was a joke not enough of a lead.....I hate this team!!!

I would like to see Mariota in a Dolphins uniform now that I think about it...not just because of the last guy that had the same first 4 letters in his last name...but the guy is SICK!

I would send Brandon Fields to the pro bowl.

The Dullfins are sooooo bad its laughable!!

Extremely disappointed in this team! This is all coaching and lack of leadership. A good coach does not allow his team to totally collapse like that. That WR screen to Wallace was there the whole second half as the Pats were selling out on the blitz.

I am not going to defend the offensive line but there were too many rushers coming. Tannehill needed to find the hot receiver and make them pay for this. I still remember how Marino used to make teams pay for blitzing.

bad play from the dolphins, but officiating was even worse

Aren't the fins still $13 million under the cap?

Why is it every freaking year I start thinking about the draft before mid season?

and where the heck is Mike Wallace? look at vid of hail mary at end...just strolling down field...gotta work on every play mike...8-8 at best now? another season out of playoffs? a promising season going up in smoke...

You are what you records says you are! Damn I am tired of the roller coaster ride.

LOL...yeah, sorry, forgot about Fields...he's about the only consistent part of the 'Fins game.

It should start with Ireland's firing. Then Philbin should be right behind him. Then Moore should be handed the ball for the rest of the season. And Wallace... well, you can't cut him but the Fins should move forward as if he is just another receiver on the roster. He sucks.

Welcome to "playing for draft position" once again, Dolphin fans.

Oh,and Ross still wants you to pay for his stadium upgrade less you forgot.

DRAFT JOHNNY MANZIEL and a LT and a RB. Oh, and BTW fire Irescum and Philbin.

The team unraveled in the 2nd half and will continue to unravel the rest of the year. And probably the rest of my life.

So where do we go from here. Draft an new QB? Draft all OL in every round next year? Or do they just blow this team up and start from scratch, again?

The coaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit.

I rarely blame the refs, and they didn't do it by themselves, but those calls broke the back of the team. That was a game the refs decided to give to the Patriots. With that said, Tannehill folded under pressure, no ifs ands or buts. I can't really blame any of this on the coaching (maybe a bad decision here or there, like going for a long FG in the wind). But overall game plan was good, play calling was decent, Tannehill's bad decisions are what did the offense in. On defense, they couldn't make a big play when they needed it (at least not one the refs didn't overturn). And any play where Nolan Carroll is the #2 CB is a liability for Miami. He does not belong on the field as anything but a backup. I'd rather sit him and get Taylor experience rest of the year (not like we have a chance of competing for a SB run this year, it'll be a miracle if we even get to the Playoffs, or are relevant in Dec.).

Dolphins season is over....let's go Heat!!

Disgusted with official calls. That said, we have NOT found our franchise QB. No sense of urgency, no clutch plays and no wins in last 4 games. Time to give Moore a shot, fire Sherman and maybe give Rizzi the OC job. Can it possibly hurt now? Sick of this BS coaching and sick of NE having the refs in their pocket. When will it all end?

I bet Jeff Ireland was the kid that built the same stupid straight tower with his Lego's. Using the same pieces and colors, and rebuilding it the same exact way no matter how many times it would fall.

Pray for new ownership.

Didn't we all really know this was going to happen? Didn't we all really know Philbin was not the right coach? Didn't we all really know Ireland would continue his putrid drafts? Didn't we all really know Tanne was a total reach at 8th pick of draft?

We attract losers. losing coaches, losing players and losing attitude. please start the search for another qb because Tannehill make a game changing play every game. except it changes the game so that we lose. no wonder sub life is empty. who is going to waste their weekends on this team or this disaster. year after year. what a joke.

The only thing more amazing than the horrid officiating was the complete lack of leadership. The team is in free fall again. Abandoning the run when it is working. Egnew should call out Sherman and tell him What a jackass he is.Philbin has absolutely no fire.today is my 49th birthday and I've been a fan since 71. I'd compare this team to some perennially bad club like the lions but the lions are a better team. These guys are consistently mediocre to horrible. No offensive line after a ton of picks and cap space? No excuse.

Reggie Bush is thanking his luck stars he's playing for a real team. Mathew Stafford is a QB! Wow great game by the Lions.

Its the refs fault!!

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