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Patriots come back to defeat Dolphins, 27-17

FOXBOROUGH -- The Dolphins led this game 17-3 at halftime.

And then the collapse.

Miami gave up 17 points and the lead in the third quarter. Ryan Tannehill fumbled for the eighth time this season, losing his fifth and that helped the Patriots tie the game at 17.

by the time it was over, Dolphins were 27-17 losers.

The second half was marred by questionable calls -- such as a phantom pass interference on Jimmy Wilson and a holding on Dimitri Patterson. But the depth of this collapse is beyond poor officiating.

It's poor clutch play.

it's poor defense.

It's poor quarterbacking by Tannehill, who threw a terrible deep pass to Mike Wallace that was intercepted and showed little pocket awareness.

The problems are everywhere.

The Dolphins have lost four in a row now. They play again on Thursday against the Bengals at home. They will be the underdog in that game.

Things might get tougher.


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TFail is sooo bad I think Matt Moore would put up better numbers than the loser Tannegarbage! Start Moore

Posted by: Vegas 7.5 | October 27, 2013 at 11:07 PM

Maybe he missed on that call but JJ was a tremdous draft guy w/tons of HOFers to his credit.

JJ ruined the offense permanently and we never recovered. Just another poser that took easy money.

TEBOW COLLEGE STATS....he also won a Championship and the Heisman...so your right he is no Johnny Manziel....Tebow was better!!

Gm Comp Att Pct Yd TD INT Ratg Sack Att Yds TD
55 661 985 67.1 9,286 88 15 170.8 53 692 2,947 57


Bench Tannehill, why? He's our best chance of finding his replacement in next year's draft. 3-13 should put us in running for one of the top 2 2014 college q's.

Under JJ our offense went from a ten to ZERO and we've been stuck there ever since.

Thill is done. Philbin is done. Ireland is done.

Im done.

Have a good evening all Thill fans.

Start Moore.

JJ is a HOF coach. He was great.

Who remember that pick 6 that hit the Pats DB in the hands Tannehill is beyond pathetic

What is the point in benching him? So Matt Moore can what....take us to the playoffs? Lol

Team needs a real QB

I wish the Pats DB didn't drop it. Then maybe the blind homers would see he stinks

The Bad:

We won't win another game with Tanne-fail as our starting qb.

The Good:

We won't win another game with Tanne-fail as our starting qb.

3-13 and top 3 draft pick. We're sure to find his replacement.

JJ brought in JT and ZT. They amassed great stats. But JJ's dolphin defense could never stop a team when it mattered most. Time and again average teams tore up our defense in the 4th qtr to win the game.

JJ failed so miserably with the Fins that it embarrassed him into retirement. Then he stuck us with LoserStache.

Some of you need better role models, not losers.

Vegas had it right....this was an 8-8 7-9 team all along. 3-0 fooled everybody!

Nah, JJ and Wanny were our last good coaches. Both had winning records in Miami. But its been downhill ever since them.

Bill, most of these guys balls have not dropped and are morphing into vaginas from the gmo's they consume in their happy meals. I can remember Troy Aikman playing like crap his first couple of years and once the Cowboys had their team completely built they became a dynasty. The Dolphins have talent on this team and will get better. We have changed head coaches and QB's more than Tannehill has gotten sacked. I hate loosing games, and even more the games we should have won. I have been trying to figure out if it's Tannehill, the line, or the guy running the offense that's keeping us from getting to the next level. The weed that's over growing our garden showed himself today and it's Sherman. Once this weed has been pulled it will be easier to identify others and maintain our garden. Bill my baby is asleep on me and I have only one free hand to type with. I appreciate your response! Sometimes this blog can be the worst place to get any real insight about the team,

Sporano had us at 11-5 so was he a good coach?

Karry another blind homer!

Good coaches win rings. That is the only measure of success. Winning is everything. Everything else is losing.

Vegas had it wrong. This is a 3-13 team all around.

Karry you hit the nail on the head. Its the OC that is killing us more than any other issue. Sherman is going to get Philbin fired. Whatever you do don't wake up the future of the Dolphins while he/she is sleeping.

Sporano had us at 11-5 so was he a good coach?

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | October 27, 2013 at 11:23 PM

Hard to tell because Ireland didnt supply him any talent.

JJ did the same thing Parcells did. Gouged an owner for fancy money and then didn't do his job.

Sparano better than Philbin!!

Thursday night = 3-5 and counting.

When JJ signed the million dollar contract I'll bet he didn't tell Wayne he was going to whine about quitting two years later.

T-Puke will get everyone fired.

You guys do realize that Pouncey was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury in connection with Hernandez and gun trafficing? Soulds like a joke but it's not.

Sam I have tried to ignore you all night....however just as I exposed lil Marco for what he was I may have to with you. So here goes....Mr. Manziel is the truth....3-13....hmmm tell me oh great one....the Jets will beat us twice.....the Pats in Miami......Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh??? Hmm and yu call yourself a Dolphins fan?? Im thinking....maybe Pats or Jets?

Matt Moore NFC Offensive Player of the Month Dec 2009.

Matt Moore AFC Offensive Player of the Week twice in 2011.

Matt Moore Dolphins Team MVP 2011.

Matt Moore longest drive in Dolphins history in terms of both time of possession, and plays, 19 plays, 13 minutes ended in a touchdown vs. The Jets in 2011.

Matt Moore 17 Td's 9 Int's 6-3 record to finish the year.

Only a moron would criticize Matt Moore.

He doesn't have size at 205 pounds, or great arm strength.

GM's are obsessed with the big quarterback with a big arm.

Btw, Matt Moore started as a true freshman at UCLA, after playing safety in High School.

He also led Oregon State to a win in his bowl game.

I have all of the 2011 Matt Moore games on dvd.

He was very accurate, especially throwing the ball deep. Marshall's weakness is his speed, that's why he slipped to the 4th round. Moore hit him for many big plays when Marshall wasn't open much at all.

Moore's accuracy with his deep passes kept the safety back deep. this allowed Reggie Bush to break several long runs while only facing seven in the box. Bush got his only 1000 yard season because of Matt Moore.

Matt Moore's critics need to be slapped silly.

He played as a top ten QB in 2009 and 2011.

Todd Bowles, Brian Daboll, Matt Moore, Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush. should have been given a chance to buld upon their 2011 success.

Instead Ross and Ireland wanted to sell hope through hope and glory boy Tannebust...so they reached for the player with more "upside" than Moore...and he sucks.

If Moore had faltered in 2012 as a starter. Phins could have brought in Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

This franchise is damn joke.

Realist.....REALLY....Spoarno got fired as OC of the JETS....yes the laughing stock JETS after one season!!

JJ was a master HC. One of the best ever but had limited years. Nevertheless lots of championships everywhere he went.

Okayyyyy so now we know that FIRE ROSS/DAYTONA is the agent for Matt Moore and that explains everything....WAKE THE F* CK UP!!! Matt Moore couldn't start for the Ottawa Rough Riders!!

A lower, mid-tier college wide receiver is our starting FREAKIN' QUARTERBACK???????

Sherman. Philbin. Ireland. Ross. Tannegarbage.

Boycott all home games. Sell your tickets to the opposing teams fans. Revolt....with your wallet. THAT's something Ross WILL understand.

There is only me, Karry and Daytona's six or seven names on here tonight so Im outta here. Karry keep the faith. Good night! Daytona///get sober my friend!!

I'm only FIRE ROSS lmao you're clueless. Sorry, but my post put you in your place and beat the f#ck outta your points about what failures he may have had as an amateur. You wake the f up and try using better logic next time...dunce. Idiots like you are the reason Ross went out and got hope and glory boy Tannebust. You want the marquee name.

Btw, Matt Moore was money last year in his one game as well.

His only poor play in the NFL came with the Panthers in 2010. They finished 2-14, Moore was 1-5, running for his life. Educate yourself.

So I just had a chance to watch the game. I am sick to my stomach. Tale of two halfs. Team just completely fell apart in second half. All right after the missed field goal. I have to vent and I have to lay out what I saw....just call it therapy for a struggling Finatic.

Just let me VENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse my next several emails. Or read through them and see just how close this was for so long.

First Half: Complete domination by the Fins. THILL looked good. OLINE looked good. Miller and Thomas racked up major yards on the ground. Defense played strong. Patterson has a great INT. Sturgis makes a 52 yard FG in high winds. Sucked to see Gibson go down on freak play. Sucked to see Refs nail Wilson for P.I. that lead to the Pats first field goal. But overall it was all Fins. THILL 11/18 72 YDS and 2 TD's. He looked great!No sacks and he was not rushed much at all. Good team effort.

Second Half:

Starts strong...First series and Pats looked pathetic. Odrick gets his second sack...crushes Brady (love to see that).

Miami then gets great field position...starting at Fin's 43. Thill hits his first pass in the 2nd half for 6 yards. Miller gets 5 and moves the chains. Off to a good start. Empty backfield on first down from PAT's 46 and THILL hits Clay for 6 yards. Empty backfield on 2nd down (why?) but THILL hits Miller for another first down on sweet screen play for 13 yards. First down from Pats 27. Reverse to Wallace for 8 yards. 2nd and 2 empty backfield (WHY????). pass to Wallace was behind him and hits his hands on 3 yard line. Drop. 3rd and 2...Sack THILL...untouched blitzing LB. THILL had NO Chance at all. Sturgis misses kick into the wind...hits the upright. Bad miss that is on Sturgis. But...OK team is up 14 at this point.

That drive was stalled because we couldn't get 2 yards on 2nd or 3rd down. No runs. both passes. Remarkable given how successful the running game was so far in the game. I put that on Sherman. Not on any player. You have a 14 point lead, on their 19 yard line with 2 yards to go and it's only second down. You call two passes???

First Pat's play is a run up the middle for +20 yds and Wheeler totally misses tackle. Patterson gets hurt on next play and has to come out. This guy is always hurt. Big pass over Reshad Jones. He cant cover one on one. You can feel tides changing. Hurry up offense is killing them. Nolan Carroll looks like a girl getting used and allows first TD. Bad secondary play as Patterson has to go out with the injury.

OK...still up by 7. Miami should not panic. But they do. After touch back they have the ball at their own 20 yard line. Ok...just run the ball and stay with the program. Keep the ball out of Brady's hands. Grind the clock and allow your defense to catch their breath. First down run for 2. 2nd and 8 from your own 22....Sherman decides to go deep to Wallace and as THILL waits for the play to develop THILL gets hit from his blind side from a unblocked blitzing CB. Nobody blocks him. Mickinee blocked nobody. Second sack....both from unblocked Pats...THILL had no chance. Why are they passing there? Sherman knows the blocking has been suspect all year. They have the lead and you have to give your Defense some rest. Horrible play call.

Pats get ball at 13. 2nd and 7....Wilson blows coverage. First down at 3. Run left on no huddle and Defense can't stop them. Tied game!!!

Touchback on kickoff and they start from their own 20 again. OK...get focused and execute. Great pass to Mathews over the middle after losing one yard on first down. Nice throw and catch. First down from Fin's 39. Wallace can't make a back shoulder throw. Tight coverage but THILL hits Wallace in his #11. THILL can't hit Hartline on 2nd down. 3rd and 10 Mathews makes a huge catch on sideline in front of bench. Commentators say its should draw red flag. Philbin doesn't call challenge. WHY??? if nothing else give your defense a breather. It would be worth the time out alone.

Pats get ball on their own 30. Patterson comes back in. Good pressure on first down causes missed pass. 7 yard run on 2nd down. 3rd and 3....great knock down by Patterson. He is obviously fine now. He was out for just a few plays and it killed the Fins because they had to rely on Carroll.

OK...so they stop Brady and they get the ball back. Tied game, 4:01 in 3rd. Starting on their own 12 yard line. Thomas gains 4 on first down. Running game is working!!
2nd and 6....shotgun pass to Sims for 4 yards. 3rd and 2....how about we run the ball? Shutgun, PATS blitz, has to throw to Sims in the Flat, short of first down and just avoids a pick six. PUNT! No rest for Defense. Why doesn't Sherman ever run the ball on 3rd and 2?

Punt is short and after penalty the PATS start on their own 33. Patterson gets burned or was it a push off? No call. 3rd and 5 wtih 51 seconds in 3rd QTR. Broken play....throws jump ball to Gronk....missed it. LATE FLAG on Patterson....Phil Simms immediately declares the Holding on Patteson a bad call. Very next play TD pass to Gronk...makes Clemmons look bad. Oh wait...holding call on PATS and TD is called back. Clemmons looked really bad...lucky for Fins there. 1st and 20...nothing. 2nd and 20...run to the left and picks up 10. Simms calls out that Wake is going against back up Tackle and never called Wake's name. 3rd and 10....blitz...incomplete...drop pass in front of Wilson. Should have been first down. Field goal in wind is good!

Pats are up only by 3 to end 3d QTR.

Tannetrash just doesn't have the "it" factor

Moore was a top 10 passer when he played 7-8 games a couple years ago.

Jpao don't watch the 4th quarter......don't do it!! Its funny but the usual idiots are on here blaming the loss all on Tannehill. READ the expose by Jpao maybe you will learn something. When Sherman calls a game that relies on the strengths of Tannehill he is actually a good QB.

Bill Arnsparger says goodbye but never leaves? Sounds like Phins 78.

Moore was never a top 10 QB anywhere in his career....stop with the false LIES to make your point appear to have merit. MOORE COULDN"T START FOR THE OTTAWA ROUGHRIDERS!!

WE All Know I cant sleep......so I looked at this dumb blog again!


we'll have to agree to disagree. Moore was team MVP.

Bill fack off the blog old man!

We all know......think I need whatever Daytona is drinking.....you're Daytona too right buddy??

Shula cmon bro......they had to name a MVP in 2011...that team was horrible!! He got it by subtraction. Get real!

He had 9int and 14 fumbles and only 2497 yds in 2011.....hardly MVP numbers wouldn't ya say?? REALLY?? MVP???

Fins start at own 20 and Wallace makes first down catch. THILL is 17/29, 130 yards and 2 TDS. He played 3 QTRS and is doing just fine. First down and Miller gets 11 running to left side. Running game is working!! 135 yards at this point rushing. Another first down throw to Clay....he is looking good. McKinnie picked up blitz. First down at Pat's 45. Deep pass to Wallace....INT after unbelievable play by safety. Why are they throwing deep? Just keep going with the run it was WORKING!

Tough INT there. Throw was not that bad given the amount of wind. Wallace should have tried to break it up. He allowed the Safety to tip it back to the CB.

Bellicheck goes for jugular....ball on 18 of PATS and they throw for 15 on first down. Great throw by Brady. Refs call illegal hands to FACE on Solai.....takes PATS to 41 yard line. 12:35 to play. fun up the middle for 20 yards to Miami 40. Wheeler gets blocked again. Hurry up offense is killing the Defense. They apparently weren't ready for the obvious system of the PATS. Great sack by Vernon. DLINE getting to Brady pretty well. 4th down and 4 yards to go. 10:38 to go. ball on 35. PATS go for it. Brady runs for 8 yards and gets first down!!! Wheeler misses him. Wake is not in the game????? Wilson kills Brady. Ref calls BATTING against Vernon!!!

This is the biggest play of the game. 8:55 left and Fins are only down by 3. It gives the PATS the ball all the way upt to the 13....34 yard difference. Simms says "a lot of bad calls against Miami today." PATS stay in Hurry UP and they drive it in for TD after just a few plays.

Down by 10 with 7:08 to go. Ball on 27. 3rd and 10 and they have to take time out. You know the blitz is coming. THILL runs for first down. Escapes sack and he makes a great run. Ball on 38 wtih 6:30. Runs the ball for 9. Amazing how the run is WORKING. 2nd and 1 from Fin's 48. Pass to Mathews for first down. Ball on PATS 49. Entire pocket collapses...Miller can't block Spikes. Why is Miller in there to pass protect? 2nd and 18....THILL hit again...over thrown to Hartline. 3rd and 18....Full blitz and ball knocked down. FLAG delay of game. 3rd and 23. Screen to Wallace and he gets 25....great call on the blitz and Pouncey and Clay make great blocks. Another first down after nice pass to Hartline.

3:58 ball on 24. Ball batted down on first down. THILL hits Mathews for 7. 3rd and 3 with 3:30 left. Clock is running....Sacked again!! Nobody there. Simms says "Pass protection scheme really getting exposed in the second half." You know what that means? Poor coaching!!!!!!

Blocked field goal!! You have got to be kidding me. Entire right side of line is blown over. Right tackle (white guy) on his back. Is that Yeatman???

2:37...10 point game. It's all over.

Simms says "Patriots know how to play under pressure and Miami is learning to do it with a young QB."

1:54 and THILL gets sacked again! Martin and Miller both blow blocking. THILL runs for his life on 2nd down. Sacked again on 3rd down. On Incognito. This game is finally over. 4th and 24 and they finally roll THILL out....INT but it's a garbage one.

Most passing yards in a rookie season, 2012 (3,294 yards)
Most passing completions in a rookie season, 2012 (282)
Most passing attempts in a rookie season, 2012 (484)
Longest rush by a quarterback, 2012 (31 yards)
Tannehills record breaking 2012 rookie season.....on a team that had a Marino and Griese!!

Simms says I would not have thrown it as it just adds to the turn overs and adds to the story.

That is what many fans are moaning about...."It's THILL's fault!"

I say B.S.

Sherman, Sturgis, Carroll, and OLINE blocking against the blitz....not to mention bad calls by the Refs...that is what caused this loss.

Jpao 6 sacks today and everybody on here is calling for Tannehill to be benched??? That's 33 sacks in 7 games that's an embarrassment!

EXACTLY Jpao.....EXACTLY in fact 3 of the 4 losses didn't have to be and can be laid at the feet of the same triumvirate.

Tannehill is ranked #20 in the NFL not great but look who is behind him:

Eli Manning
Tom Brady
Carson Palmer
Joe Flacco
Alex Smith
Matt Schaub

Also of note RG3 Luck, Wilson and Kap are only a few points higher than Tannehill with much better offenses. Im sick of defending this guy with facts to only see the idiots come on here with no facts and post....ahhh Thill sucks bench him....its all TH fault!! REALLY??

He's an inaccurate interception machine

Davis and Smith left the Dolphins and became much better players for their new teams. The draft pick the Dolphins got for Davis did not even suit up for the Patriot game. In fact, three of the teams top four draft picks did not suit up. Jordon, as usual, was not a factor in the game.

It gets worse. Brandon Marshall is doing well in Chicago. The pick that replaced him (Egnew) is not, shall we say, having the same level of production as Marshall. Wallace is employed as a Wide Dropper. He is now simply a possession receiver who drops nearly everything thrown his way.

The team is on pace for a epic sacks allowed record. Yet, the team let a guard go that is now the best ranked guard in football.

Ireland was very foolish to focus so much of the draft on the defense. Even worse, he picked players who were injured or not talented enough to even suit up. If Tannehill is the bust of the 2012 draft, it is also possible that the ENTIRE 2013 draft will be a bust.

The team is falling apart. Again.

Philbin is in way over his head. Ireland is a failed GM looking at his fifth straight losing season.

The six year rebuild is a failure. Year seven is coming up unless Ireland and Philbin are fired.

Tannehill is adequate enough to bring a ring if put in the right situations. The right situations is not to have him throwing pass after pass after pass when the running game was working beautifully. And if you are going to do that then use max protections since you know your OLine sucks and your QB has small hands, hence the fumbles.

Why not rolling him out every once in a while so he can use Wallace the way Big Ben did in Pittsburgh? Again this coaches are worse than Sparano, they are so stubborn. They are misusing Wallace the way they misused Bush, Sean Smith.

If Mr. Ross is any serious about a team in South Florida he must fire Ireland and Philbin now, ideally after the probable loss to the Bengals. This team has quit on them anyway, better find out what we have with the rookies and put everyone on notice that big changes will be made with a new front office.

A team has a bad GM when he uses a fifth round pick on a kicker who turns out to be as bad as the kicker he replaced. It's true that he's a cheaper kicker. It's also true that spending 60 million on a wide dropper is an investment that should not be made.

It's been reported that Ireland is focused (like a laser, no doubt) on a Dallas DT who was recently cut. Ireland loves DT and former Cowboy players. This is not a move a good GM makes when he's built a team with a horrid offense.

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