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Patriots come back to defeat Dolphins, 27-17

FOXBOROUGH -- The Dolphins led this game 17-3 at halftime.

And then the collapse.

Miami gave up 17 points and the lead in the third quarter. Ryan Tannehill fumbled for the eighth time this season, losing his fifth and that helped the Patriots tie the game at 17.

by the time it was over, Dolphins were 27-17 losers.

The second half was marred by questionable calls -- such as a phantom pass interference on Jimmy Wilson and a holding on Dimitri Patterson. But the depth of this collapse is beyond poor officiating.

It's poor clutch play.

it's poor defense.

It's poor quarterbacking by Tannehill, who threw a terrible deep pass to Mike Wallace that was intercepted and showed little pocket awareness.

The problems are everywhere.

The Dolphins have lost four in a row now. They play again on Thursday against the Bengals at home. They will be the underdog in that game.

Things might get tougher.


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They suck eh?

We may not win another game. Only Tampa is worse and only by record. We play them on Monday night and we all know how we'll Miami plays on MNF. I'm guessing TB steals that one too.

If the coaching staff is not fired I'll be shocked. Pay Cowher whatever he wants.

The refs were as bad as the playcallers for us today. That was the biggest fix I've watched in year. I wonder how many games are thrown in the NFL through match fixing. After today I really believe I just witnessed one.

Hey, give em a break. The Dolphins arent used to playing in front of a packed stadium.

Orlando Dolphan = FIRE ROSS

I'm done watching the Phins until Tannehill and the coaching staff are gone. The phins owned this game until the first drive of the second half. They had 2nd and 2 yards and instead of doing what they did in the first half they try to get a big play instead of running the ball to get the first down. The running game was going well and yet they pull this crap. Next play... Tannehill is sacked... next missed FG. Momentum changed right there and that is where they lost the game. It is the same thing every year and I am getting fed up. I have been a fan for 37 years and will continue to be but until the mindset of this franchise changes there will be no super bowls let alone playoffs for this team in the near future. Tannehill is not a franchise QB and the coaching staff is horrible. I am predicting 5-11 for this season.

Wow! I indicated all week in blogs that the main issue is the QB. T-hill is just not good when he is pressured. McKinnie is a good addition and is still strong enough and quick enough to do the job. However the Patriots came with their blitz packages to pressure T-hill and the inexperienced QB was lost as what to do. Moreover he has to audible to get rid of the ball when that blitz is coming. T-hill will continue to cost the Dolphins games with his fumbling and interceptions. The Patriots gained the advantage as does every team each weak due to T-hill's mistakes. The Dolphins need to use Matt Moore but due to the anointing of T-hill as the franchise QB by the owner a change most likely will not happen.

yea owning a tannehill jersey or a wallace jersey sucks but I went out and wasted money on a deion jordan jersey. Has this guy even played?! nice pick GM way to trade up and get that o-lineman.

If were Brandon gibson I would punch tannehill in the mouth

Does Philbin get a second year if he is under 500 ?

I would dump him now.

Thill will get another start, but if he has another three turnovers that makes almost 20 at the mid-point od the season.


Posted by: Ape Tamer | October 27, 2013 at 04:44 PM

Oh look - it's dumbasss!

The refs made sure the Pats beat the Saints this year, too. Near end of first half in that game, Saints driving for at least FG, Pats off sides - very clearly, no doubt at all- refs call false start and kill Saints drive.
Today however was the most blatant cheating I've ever seen in my 40+ years of watching football.

All I can say its Moore time!!!

I saw this coming when the refs gave NE the field goal before the end of the first half. The NFL did it's magic and NE and Tom Brady played flawless in the second half. This is total FBS!!!! Sherman better be (bad word insert here!) gone. He abandoned the run trying to make something happen and got Tannehill killed in the second half. He is a loose canon with his play calling when things go south. Wallace plays like cancer on a dog that's dying in the heat of summer. We can't win a game playing one dimensional. It doesn't help either when your are playing against a team backed by the league that hires refs to make sure the pats win. The NFL is a joke!

I cant believe we haven"t put Matt Moore in there to give the Dolphins a spark.If i was Mr. Ross i would walk in Mr Irlenads office TODAY and fire him.. Tell the rest of the Coaches every time i have a loss someones going.Bet that would get these coaches off there ass .This team is a sad sad team,,

We're too stupid to throw the season away for a franchise QB like the Colts did. We will win just enough games to miss out on the real help again!


Refs and on at least 10 calls. I was going to see the NE game in December. NO FRIGGIN WAY AM I PAYING TO SEE REFS RUIN A GAME. No Sunday ticket next year either. If it is a bad call either way, no biggee. But this was a farce throughout the 3rd and 4rth quarter.
The fix is in boys and Ross don't have the bucks to ante up.

For you Fins fans who think the refs screwed you over, the Pats lost to the Jets on a horrible call. And to make it worse, the Jets were guilty of the same laughable penalty earlier in the game that probably have ended it with a Jets loss in regulation.

Tannehill, hasta la vista baby!

Lets see here..............
Tennehille vs Brady............
Philbin Vs Belichet..........
Ross vs Kraft..............
I'll take New England any day.....
I texted my friend at half time and bet him 100 Dollrs that the Pats would win by 9....
I'am a hundred bucks riher....
Knew that Philbin couldn't make any adjustments at half-time, Reminds me of Dave(CLUELESS)Wannestadt...
I'am disappointed...

Ball batted. Grab a brain. That missed offensve interference call on Patterson. I don't remember one that obvious. How many more? Give me a break.

Done here too. Cause the NFL is full of crap.

The Dolphins blew it badly. They would've made the playoffs both last year and this tear if Moore had started. They wasted a good QB. Philbin made the same mistake Sparano did leaving Matt Moore on the bench.

Dion Jordan was completely invisible today. Nice move, Ireland, giving up picks to go to No. 3 to pick someone who can't sniff the starting lineup.
Jordan has one pass rush move, and can't defend the run worth shyte.

It's sad but I'm actually jealous of the Jets.
They actually fired their POS Bill Parcells-Disciple GM.

Amazing how that seems to be working out for them.

Every one of those BS calls resulted in points. You can't say the bad calls weren't the reason we lost. Without those calls the pats would have been out 3 scores.

Where do you go from here? Oh you fire Irland he sucks ass and start Moore. T-Hill needs to sit and learn the qb position

Armondo, How in gods name do u report on this hunk of S*&t team each week? I give u credit for sticking in there. This team is a reflection of their idiot coach and his bad coaching. Philbin is not HC material, fire today. This season is going to get worse. I dont know what is worse, sparanos fist pumps or Philbins stupid lost look. Fire Ireland/Philpin/Sherman and bench Tannehill, dude is lost.

I'm tired of writing off another season before November even arrives. Following this sad team is more annoying than fun and it's been that way for a long, long time.

Now let me guess: after they finish 5-11 or 6-10, they give the FO and coaches the vote of confidence for another year. Then they'll blow their middle-range draft picks on more nobodies they don't need and they'll sign a few middling FA's. In August we'll hear all about Tannehill's "development" and how he needs to "build a rapport" with his receivers during camp. Then they'll come out and bore us all to death yet again with their flaccid offense that never, ever seems to get any better. Then they'll fire everyone and start the whole thing again with all sorts of promises and etc. It's become as predictable as the tides and it a real f*****g bore too.

I'm pulling the plug until this sorry lot shows me something. Call me fair-weather all you like, but sitting through this garbage year after year is exhausting and unpleasant. They're always bad, boring and a long way from the upper-tier and I'm just sick of waiting for it to change.

Orlando Dolphin, I agree with your post that T-hill needs to be replaced. I see the same things that you do. I'm sure Philbin can recognize a need for a change. Perhaps he's afraid of making the change due to Ross anointing T-hill as a franchise QB.

Didnt Irescum draft Jordan to combat Brady?

Whos worse the Dolphs or the Marlins? LOL

Well.. everyone on this post has hit everything that I was going to bash about the dolphins ,etc. etc.

My post last week was right on , and I quote " and another disappointing loss at the patriots"

so we may finish 3 and 13 with another high draft pick which wont matter since we have SOOOOOOOOOO much money invested in Wallace and some of the defense.

I realty don't know if I will ever see the dolphin back in the super this sucks.

my daughter asked me the score at halftime and i didn't tell her...i knew that this outcome was possible, likely probable...but i didn't expect it to be that fugly...

Homers shoot yourselves and finally disappear and Ross the retard and his butt slave Jeff go the F away for tje sake of the Phins eh?

Trade T-Puke for a bobblehead doll.

When will this crap ever end? I have been trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it just never seems to be there. The season seems to be over already, because it's hard to see things getting better.

...The refs were piss poor. 3 calls that really contributed to the outcome.(These call and our stubborn fascination with calling plays from a personnel grouping we continue to make negative plays from)..The first PI to on Jimmy Wilson was called by the side judge!!!! Are you kidding me? He must have made up his mind that no way Jimmy Wilson can make a play against Gronk, so has to be interference. The call on Patterson holding??? Really. And then the Illegal touching penalty. That was gut wrenching. We had already been screwd by the phantom hold. We make a play that puts them out of field goal range. And the refs call Vernon for???? As poor of a call as the TD in the Seahawk Packer game, as poor of a call as I have seen in I can't remember.

A sad sad day. I'm not quite sure what these coaches are trying to prove? The formula they want to use, and the formula that will work was obvious in the first half...It is like trying to bake a cake without any heat, then saying it is the right thing to do because you believe in the concept.

The turn overs keep piling up for Tannehill and the coaching is as bad as usual. Well at least we won't have to trade up to the number three spot this year. The wheels are falling off the cart. Anyone who wanted Ireland and Philbin gone may get there wish this year.

Tover sucks eh?

We just need to bring in a veteran QB who is not afraid to throw the ball down the field.

Ireland's blasting the record for most draft busts ever.





Been a dolphin fan for long time and I never thought I would say this but there is no hope for this organization.We have talented players but it takes a long time to develope what teams like the patriots and steelers have(they are smart and they run there organization with a level of intelligence that miami hasn't even started to yet. Tannehill didn't have to earn his job and neither did Sherman or Ireland. Our dolphin franchise is full people doing jobs that someone else should be. The players on the field know that Tannehill isn't even the best qb on our team and yet there he is being solved down our throats.Going to ride this year out and in the offseason I'm a free agent going to pick a new team. Any one want to join me it's not that hard!

To be honest. I somewhat expected this. Even when Miami was up 17-3 at halftime I still knew it was too good to be true. Once again there was horrendous play calling by that dolt of an offensive coordinator Mike Sherman (whom I hope is shown the door during or after the season). The guy is a complete idiot. It's 2and 2 in the Pats redzone and you elect to pass it??? WE WERE RUNNING THE BALL DOWN THEIRE THROATS ALL DAY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! Then he calls another pass play yet again which to our surprise ends in a sack. Just unbelievable man.

How about the illegal batting of the ball call huh guys??? What a completely remedial rule that is. I swear, whoever came up with that rule needs to be given the firing squad. How in the blue hell can a ref be able to judge if the player is trying to bat the ball away or bring it in to himself??? How is it that these test tube baby refs always make these horrible calls in favor of the Pats??? That is completely ridiculous.

I have all but given up on my beloved Phins. Whether it be bad coaching or what not. It is clearly evident this team is still a work in progress. Something has to change if they even want a glimer of hope to make the playoffs. I do know that someone who has somewhat of a properly functioning brain has to do the play calling because Sherman is just a complete moron.

However I did notice SOME positive. Pass Pro was good until Miami went one dimensional (AGAIN). That's about it. Defense was great in the 1st half until it was pretty much obligated to win the game due to this teams tendency to just implode at the most crucial moments. One things I do know however is that Sherman has to go. FIRE SHERMAN NOW!!!!!

I'm so tired of the Patriots and the refs working together! 3 horrendous calls go against the fish and that's all it takes! You can't win with that going on. I'm not a homer either! I see the calls with no bias. It's time for Belicheat to lose! No way they win passed the 1st round so........whateves.

we got a lead and we caved, pure and simple. Yes, some really bad calls by refs at critical times, but t-hill caused as much havoc as well. The o line may not be that good but t-hill does not move well or directional in the collapsing pocket and takes too many sacks too easy.The missed fg which started the crumble was due to taking a sack and backing up the kick.T-hill is NOT the qb of the future,sorry but its not gonna happen. GO MIAMI!

Mando-- aren't we due to hear from Ireland, on the state of his sad team?

Jump homers, jump eh,who is rigjt and who is wrong homets eh?
ja ja eh?

Might as well wasted picks for Dion Jordan. He wasted 2nd and 3rd round picks on 2 aholes who aren't been good enough to beat Jimmy Wildon and Nolan Carroll, who btw are embarrassingly bad, for PT. Thee GM has failed this franchise year after year after year. For the love of all that is sacred MR Ross, fire this buffoon.


its rigged.theres no way the refs make that many bad calls.they gave the game to them.if I owned this team I would bench them all and play the third stringers.

The Dolphins look great...I mean Rob Ninkovich, Reggie Bush, Dan Carpenter, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, and Brandon Marshall kick butt every Sunday.

Good thing Turnohill has a hot wife...he's headed toward spending A LOT more time with her.
Team/top to bottom = broken record
Next topic of discussion isn't Cincy on Thursday...its whether Ross has the nads to do whats long been necessary by the next draft. Bill Polian's out there.

This game was a farce... literally changed on 2nd and 2 when two pass plays are called after we've been running successfully, not to mention three of the worst calls I've ever seen by the zebra stripes. Sherman is not an NFL play caller. He needs to go. Tanny holds the ball too long. Another wasted opportunity.

There is only one way to find out if these sacks and turnovers are on Tannehill, put in Matt Moore. Moore needs to play to give this team a spark. You cannot continue to punish this fan base by making us suffer through Ryan Tannehill.

Dolphins + national telecast = loss.

3/6 after next 2 weeks.

Bank on it.

Mr. Ross,
I am sick of losing. Listen to the fans and not your heart. Fire the GM and everyone under him. Go out and get WINNERS!
I WANT WINNERS.... Sorry Mike I couldn't resist!

That Dion Jordan pick was laughable. They have a tissue-thin OL and a glaring lack of skill position players, so they move up via trade to snag a pass rushing specialist with a ton of question marks who hasn't made even a speck of difference so far in his rookie season. A spectacular fail that demonstrates the ineptitude of the FO every bit as well as their W-L record does.

I see three huge glaring issues with the 2013 Failphins. One, the OL is patched together with garbage and it shows. Two, Tannehill is either not that good or is being ruined by that porous, awful OL. Three, the Dolphins have a terrible collection of skill position players. One inconsistent diva WR, a few middling possession receivers, two sub-mediocre RB's and that's it. Not a playmaker among them. I'm no more than a a fan but I don't know how a FO and coaching staff looks at this roster and feels confident that it'll produce versus NFL talent.

BLUE 88.... GO GO.

BLUE 88..... GO


odrick and clay are busts lol remember when everyone thought that. what an educated fanbase we have.

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