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Patriots come back to defeat Dolphins, 27-17

FOXBOROUGH -- The Dolphins led this game 17-3 at halftime.

And then the collapse.

Miami gave up 17 points and the lead in the third quarter. Ryan Tannehill fumbled for the eighth time this season, losing his fifth and that helped the Patriots tie the game at 17.

by the time it was over, Dolphins were 27-17 losers.

The second half was marred by questionable calls -- such as a phantom pass interference on Jimmy Wilson and a holding on Dimitri Patterson. But the depth of this collapse is beyond poor officiating.

It's poor clutch play.

it's poor defense.

It's poor quarterbacking by Tannehill, who threw a terrible deep pass to Mike Wallace that was intercepted and showed little pocket awareness.

The problems are everywhere.

The Dolphins have lost four in a row now. They play again on Thursday against the Bengals at home. They will be the underdog in that game.

Things might get tougher.


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Game was Rigged, look at the calls.

The DB with the pick was out of bounds because his heel was out making him unable to reenter the game.

The swat was a clear attempt to get the ball and the play was thrown 15 seconds after the whistle was blown, its BS to the MAX

The Wilson pass interference call was unreal.

Thill and Philbin look to be in on the act, but sadly they are just pathetic.

I hope Tannehill plays every game till the season's bitter end......4-12 or 5-11 at best, and a top 10 draft pick. Then wheel and deal for Marcus Mariota or Johnny Manziel. Stupid Matt Moore might get us to 7-9 or something and on the outside looking in for a franchise QB.

Phins picked up Thill because the fan base demanded a 1st round QB pick (and understandably so). Problem is, Thill is a 3rd round talent. Guess what, we are stuck with our WR (I mean QB) till death (0r contract) do us part.

Thus we shall continue to suck for the foreseeable future.


Posted by: Ape Tamer | October 27, 2013 at 04:53 PM

What a moron.

oh lord please start matt moore lol!

such smart fans

If Bill Belichick or any coach with a fraction of an IQ had Dion Jordan, he'd be a borderline Rookie of the Year candidate. Philbin/Coyle have slashed the tires on Ireland's hotrod.

Start Moore,Tannehill is not getting it done.


8-8? Are you kidding me? No way this poorly-coached team goes 8-8! I predict 5-11, maybe 6-10. I will say I liked Coyle's defensive scheme today. That scoreboard was not an accurate reflection of our defense. Best game all year IMO in regards to the D. Again, Sherman reverted to his and Philbin's "attacking offense" in the 3rd and early 4th quarter, when the game situation screamed ball control by using the consistent and good running game. Needed to keep Brady on the sideline. Objectively, IF the pass game was working in the 2nd half ("IF"meaning it was not working), we still needed to go run-heavy. If we can put points on the board with either approach, use the one that keeps Brady on the sideline (run the fu.king ball!). Is my suggestion revolutionary?! Does anyone else in the Dolphins' world agree?!

I;m not sure I've seen another more disheartening loss in a quiet a while.

I don't blame the refs normally, but that game appeared to be called by Bradys cousins.

tannehill caused all turnovers he must go! lol oh what smarties. a blindside sack, INT that was a punt and an acrobatic int. he. must. go! lol hahaha

give me the devlin HAahaHAHA! lol.

Revolutionary, HardCore. I've changed my mind on Philbin. His Bud Grant stoic routine aint cutting it.

This team did tank at times and Tanny was lost many times. Sherman is just not a good OC but, but this game was lost in the stripes. I counted 5 really bad calls, and 4 non calls that all made points for NE or took away opportunity for points for the Dolphins. Without the refs, the score would have been 32 to 10. This has to stop, the refs are getting paid by Vegas, umm , the Mob. Gambling has ruined the NFL. Notice the games with the worst calls are high gambling and low watched. Prime games AKA Monday night or two teams that are suppossed to be even dont have the bad calls that a game like this one has. The fix is on. I am just sick of it. The games fixed. Wake up people, you need to start speaking up, dont let them get away with it. Send your emails to
Dont just let this go. I record the game every week and watch it for our mistakes, now I am watching for Ref mistakes or should I say out right bad calls. Nothing else explains the calls we seen today but betting has dirtied up our Natioanal Pass time.

Ape Tamer: Fish out to tame cats at night near Broward County Line to square account at midpoint of fiscal year,the question for you kimasabee is should they whip them or use their noggins.

HOW to wind up 6-10. Wins against Bucs, Steelers, Bills

Will they just let Tannehill play out the season to see if he progresses and if not then pick another QB in 2014?

L - Cincinnati
W - Tampa Bay
L - San Diego
L - Carolina
L - New York
W - Pittsburgh
L - New England
W - Buffalo
L - New York

This team needs a real dynamic running game! Can;t pass protect, and the QB is still too young! A QB's best friend is a great running game! Trade for MJD!! Give up a 1st or 2nd round pick and send Daniel Thomas to the JAGS! We want to push the ball downfield, but don't have the OL play! Any thoughts about this trade?


I have to say, your comments above border on the type of retarded comments you get from your Trolls here-LOL. Sorry, you made them, not me ;)

The Dolphin's had a few minor break downs. McKinnie made the line better, Sherman called a good game for the most part. Coyle was getting it done. All things considered, The Phin's were Clicking today.

The **REAL** problem Mando(and you Tards)was the officiating-PERIOD. I always say that good teams should over come bad officiating. But this officiating crew took it to another level(and that's and understatement-LOL) Definitely the exception too the rule.

They gave NE their first points of the game. Bad, but not unbeatable. Then there were the two automatic 1st downs on Patterson's Ghostly Holding and Wilson's so-called pass interference. OK, that's getting near the borderline of ridiculousness.

Then there were THREE times when the Pats should have been punting, but these Preemo Refs gave them the ball, 1st and 10 on their own side of the field. That's THREE, count em, times.

That's literally 5 automatic first downs where the pats would have most likely been punting.

Then, add to this messy bullshyt, the illegal batting of ball on Wilson's sack strip. Added to the field goal given the pats, that right there equals 10 points ON TOP of all the bad calls.

Now go ahead and blame all that on Ross, Philbin, Sherman, Coyle and Tannehill-ROTFLMAO!

I ABSOLUTELY HATE to blame officials for anything. But they got exposed by Miami's good play. Miami played so well, the officials had to show their hand. The Dolphin's weren't going to win that game and it was DECIDED well in advance of Kick Off Time.

Actually, in all reality, subtract the Officiating and Miami played a pretty good game.

If you have anything to say other than: Hi-Jacked, I have some land for sale-LOL. And I'm being VERY POLITE, If you know what I mean ;)

No, that's the kind of officiating that helps sway the game. NE doesn't need any damn help! I think the Dolphins should look at drafting an official in the 2014 draft. An official could call a pentalty on every play if he wanted. They have more control of a game than what you think.

Refs were clearly on the take. How else can anyone explain those calls? If I was that bad at my job I'd get fired.
I'm still trying to figure out what is more fixed, the NFL or UFC. At least with wrestling you know it's fake.

This is without a doubt the most heartless team in the league. Every time something does not go their way they fold like tents. Ireland put together a bunch of heartless BASTARDS and Tannehill sucks,he does not get it.

We all new at the half,we would blow the lead and lose.I had no idea the referees were going to help so much.

Unfortunately we won 3 games and might win one more, therefore negating a possibility of a top 2 pick (Jacksonville and Tampa). We have been rebuilding since Marino retired, and will be until we get a new qb, a new gm, a new coach and a set of cojons!

More of the same from the Dolphins. 1st half we are running with authority. Same happened last week vs the bills and we go away from what works. These coaches just dont have a clue to keep exploiting a weakness. No Wilfork or Mayo and we do the Pats a favor by getting cute with the ball. The turning point came on the first sack of Tannehill that backed them up for the field goal. Sturgis still should have made the kick but the sack backs us up. Why arnt we running to give Caleb a chip shot. We all know the officiating was horrendous, but not fully the reason we lost the game in the second half. Tannehill was careless with the football guys. I cant really blame him for the sack/fumble but he rarely recognizes where the blitz will come from. He has to learn how to sense heat around him. The pick on the pass going for Wallace shouldnt have been thrown. The corner had safety help and the ball was yet again under thrown. Final point to be made. This team fails to play a complete game in all three phases and will not play for a complete 60 minutes.


Exactly. the Dolphins with all thier boned head mistakes out played the beloved Patsies.

The REFS are Dirty

Stephen are you nuts!!! We need to draft another QB in the first round. Sparano screwed us Luck and RG3 and we get Tannegarbage! Suck to be a dol fan.

17-3 at halftime! This entire organization SUCKS! Ross, sell the F---ING team to a real football minded owner. Fire Ireland already! What are you waiting for? I'm disgusted, tired and frustrated being a Dolphin fan. And don't give me the fair weather fan crapola. If they would be competative and lose, I can deal with that. But to collapse over and over and over again...SUCKS! No leaders on this team, no passion, no emotion. Look at the Pats. Probably the least talented personnel Belecheck has coached and they play their asses off for him. I'm soooo done fooling myself.

Yes, bad officiating decided how this would play out but Sherman has to go!

I mean how do you rush for over 100 yds in the 1st half and still go back to passing on 1st and 2nd down for the majority of the 3rd QTR.

It's like Sherman thinks " well this is working perfect, they are bound to stop it soon so let's do something that hasn't worked for us all season, they'll never expect that".

What's the purpose of adding a skill player and letting one leave? If we still have Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush, we're a playoff team.

its sad, felt really nice when we were 3 and 0,lol, knew it wouldnt last but also didnt think we would choke like this.The wallace-thill hookup is terrible, not even close. Gibson going out hurt us too as he seems to come back to qb on broken routes. No wake sacks, carrol still giving up the big td, thill cant seem to move his feet an unaware of blind side rush and how about his tendency to get passes batted down at the line, keep hearing we are gonna fix it,lol. I was hoping for 10 and 6, i know laugh, then thinking 9 and 7 after last weeks lost to bill, now im thinking 8 and 8 will be lucky and probly worse.GO MIAMI!

Here's the sad thing, you can't even complain about the officiating or you get heavily fined. On top of that, there are no discipline steps in place when they do screw over a team. They should lose game checks for their incompetence as well. Also, Philbin needs to go off on officials anyway to stand up for his players. The team quit after that last bullsh!t call gave Patriots first down at ten yard line leading to touchdown. You can't beat a team AND the officials.

...The refs should be held accountable. But at this point what can we do about them? It is out of our control. Even if they apologized for the blown calls it means nothing. Even "IF" there was some half baked conspiracy, and the alien mothership landed tomorrow. what would or could we do about it. The game is a loss.

We can't control the refs. What we can control is the coaching staff. I think all of them starting with Joe Philbin. Must be held accountable for this teams slide. I'm not saying Philbin should be fired. I'm saying that he is well on his way to losing any sort of credibility capital he may have built since being named Head coach.

The strategy in the second halves of this losing streak has been at best amateurish. I am really starting to question Philbins ability to lead a team. It starts and finishes with him. And right now, he is failing. Now he should have the opportunity to right the ship. The clock is officially ticking for Philbin.

Fire the whole bunch they are total frauds , this team does not play for them there entire scheme sucks what kind of coaches don't correct issues during the game . I have never scene anything like this , well maybe cam changes must be made starting with benching ryan fumlbehill enough is enough do something say something what the f,,, is going on here

It all starts at the most critical position on the field the QB.. The Miami Dolphins have no QB. Tannehill was a reach! He was a TO machine in college he's one on the NFL. A&m got 1000x better when he left! He sucks there's no and if or whatever else about!! Finally


I forgot what the name of the HC that was here before Philbin but we should have kept him. Philbin brought a pop gun offense to S. Florida. Brian Daboll has been the best offensive coordinator the fins have had in a long time. The offense was clicking with him and Moore and then they made the move to change the coaching staff and bench the team's MVP in favor of Tannehill. Tannehill cannot read a defense or find the hot receiver. The Pats are not that good right now and that is why they had to resort to all out blitzes a good QB with a 14 point lead would have toasted New England and made them pay. Coaches don't make the adjustments and Tannehill is lost out there on the field.


We are bush league oh did I say bush sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How oh how can Ross retain Ireland and this coaching staff? It is really beyond belief. Maybe he is getting big bucks from Vegas along with the officials to blow games!

Seriously, if he has any business sense one would certainly think that he would clean house at the end of this season, starting with Ireland.


ROSS was shown in his box enjoying the great first half play.

He's probably just as pissed off seeing how the team imploded in the second half regardless of the referee calls.

I believe he could fire Ireland if the team loses to the Bengals on Thursday.

Brady had a subpar game, but the refs picked up the slack for NE in the second half. The guys in stripes really came out with fire after halftime.

If I'm Philbin, I take the team off the field and refuse to return until the refs reverse that terrible batting call.

I totally agree about Daboll as OC..

Fire these idiots we must boycott all that is dolphin meaning jerseys hats everything oh don't forget bring your paper bags on Thursday night we should burn Ireland and philbin in efurgey in the parking lot let the nation know what's going on

I believe tanny has some help on the line now. He actually stepped up a couple times but still needs some more work recognizing when to step up or move laterally. when the gets this down he will be tough. NE quick snapped us and we couldn't adjust or matchup in the second half. Win against cinch and we are in the hunt.

We lose Thursday to the Bengals and the season is over. Well at least I can get some work done on Sundays. They shouldn't start Moore though, they need to see if Tannehill can improve so we know if we draft a QB this offseason.

Players Tannebust have ended seasons:

1. Dustin Keller
2. Brandon Gibson
3. Tyson Clabo

Get the drift?

We are super weak it's unreal


I was talking on the phone to a buddy in the 2nd half andwe could not figure out how,or why we were getting so many bad calls. We both agreed this happens often in NE and not just Dolphins' games. I don' t make a habit of blaming losses on bad calls, but we sure got several bad ones today at crucial times. Poster above thinks it is mob-related, or a ref on the take. I don't know, but I hope the NFL takes a close look at a couple of the calls and especially the ref(s) who made them.

Now, on things that were in our control: Sherman! You are single-handedly giving games away in the 4th quarter. Fu.k you and your "aggressive offense" mentality. That should not be a blanket strategy. When your team is not passing well, you lost your starting slot receiver to injury, your running game is nailing it and you have the best QB in the league on the other sideline sitting on the bench, KEEP HIM THERE! Run, run the fu.king ball! Maybe I should say "gogo"!, because god knows how stubborn you are and insist on that hand-tipper!

Yup we want Moore we want Moore

Trade Tannehill for Brandon Weedon straight up. Neither team could win or lose in that trade.

The Refs definitely were paid or bet on this game. I have always wondered why more of those scandals have not surfaced. There is so much money in the NFL and I am sure these guys don't make that much. If you think about it all they have to do is call 4 or 5 bad game changing plays and they won't be noticed. The Vernon play would have knocked them completely out of FG range and would have been 3rd and like 30, timely call to help the pats score a TD. Refs called the one phantom pass int. call on Wilson on third down and long that ended up in a FG to stop some of the fins momentum. Then there was at least 2 or 3 bad calls on Patterson that helped out the pats also. This was obvious and embarrassing to the league. Knowing that Bellacheat is the coach of the pats makes it even more suspicious. Ross needs to protest this game and get to the bottom of this. The refs were definitely on the take.

The refs did stick it to us bad and change momentum of game , but once again Tannehill got Gibson hurt with shitty ball placement , he missed a wide open Wallace that would of been a touch down , he fumbled AGAIN , INT again , the guy sucks we need MOORE in the game rest of season and if hes not Im done with theis bunch of stupid stupid seupid coaches , how many turn overs does it take , how many lost games his accuracy is 50/50 at best that don t cut it in the pro`s you cant miss wide iopen receivers , and you certainly cant hang them up like he did Gibson to get killed , hes sub par a back up Moore is much much much better

There's always been talk of Ireland being fired.

I would NOT be surprised if Ireland is fired if the team loses to the Bengals and to the WINLESS BUCS (to go to 3-6).

..Orlando. I know that the idea was that Philbin was going to bring an exciting modern offense to Miami. SO many have been hitting the pipe hoping that that one day we will look like an explosive, and able unit.

What we forgot on the way to fantasy land is that it takes a team effort to accomplish such an offense. I debated this point all through the offseason, and through training camp that I didn't think we were capapble of the type of offense the team wants to run, and many want to see..Finally I was right about something!

You don't just trot out 4 wide sets, empty sets, or try to spread the field with 3 wr's and a tight end. You had better be sure you can protect(which we can't) and you had better have a quarterback that can read and process information quickly, then trust him to make throw after throw..(Which we don't have yet)..In theory is sounds great, and when run by teams that are able bodied..It is effective. But we do not have that luxury right now.

So in the firt half..We limited these formations. Used 2 tight ends a lot in both run and pass. And built a commanding lead. We bossed the game. Then in the second half..It was like the forbidden fruit. We couldn't help ourselves. We went back to the personel groupings that have killed us in the second half of the last 3 games. And they were telegraphing the blitz. Yet we took out the extra blocker in favor of another receiver?? And Walla....It is inexcusable. it is worse then the refs. Because we can control this. Or maybe we can't maybe the coaches are like junkies and they can't control themselves. Whatever it is. It stinks!

I have had it with this crappy team 42 years most of it bad ever since Shula left we are total crap

So not only can't Ireland draft players he also can't pick coaches.

This totally looks like poor coaching. The second half adjustments are atrocious.


Posted by: Sam I Am | October 27, 2013 at 05:34 PM

Um...........YG, it's hard to score points when the refs take the ball away from you-LITERALLY 7 times IN THE SECOND HALF ALONE!

Please, nobody is in the mood for the dumbshyt!

Players Tannebust have ended seasons:
1. Dustin Keller
2. Brandon Gibson
3. Tyson Clabo
Get the drift?
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ This is sooo true! On 3 1.. 2.. 3....

Lets do fall!!!! For Johnny Football!!!!

Fire them all

This game was a great microcosm of their season. Started out looking like they could play with anybody and then imploded before our eyes. Again.

It's easy to say the coaches are at fault, and they're clearly culpable to an extent (really Mike Sherman, 3rd and 2 on the road and the best option is to try and throw to Dion Sims?) but the ultimate blame lies with Fireland. He's the one squandering Ross' money and botching draft pick after draft pick. It was fool's gold to supplement a young QB with veteran WRs while letting Bush go without at least bringing in a quality vet and doing virtually nothing to improve the OL.

Until Fireland is replaced (Bill Polian anyone?) this team will continue to spin it's wheels.

I don't write on here often but here goes:
1)The NFL needs to take a serious look at this game as an example of how the REFS can really take over a football game and really affect the outcome. Yes we are a bunch of clowns in the coaching department but we played in my opinion a good enough game to at least be winning late into the 4th quarter. That was awful.
2) I sound like a broken record. Sherman and Philbin have no feel for coaching, just like Tannehill has no feel for the pocket collapsing. They don't FEEL the game. They don't see that we have run the ball down their throat on a team missing their 3 Pro-Bowlers but all of a sudden it's 1st down pass, 2nd down pass....3rd and 2- Tannehill airs it out on a pass that has a completion rate of like 15%!!! We call the most pathetic plays when we could be seriously hurting teams with quick screens with a fast Wallace. Use Tannehill's WR history and give him some more option runs.
3)When you have Brady and the PATS down you keep them down. 2nd and 2 run the ball, control the clock, wear em down, keep them down.
4) Oh, how weird that all of a sudden they dont have a second angle on the sidline catch that Philbin couldn't challenge????? of course, if it was the Patriots they would have had like 5 angles and a super slow aerial view from space.
5)Man, years of frustration, seems like Groundhog day for us every year...dumb coaching, poor in game management, poor drafting, man I wish I could coach this team, I would have them at least at 5-2!!! Amazing these coaches get paid to do this!!

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