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Patriots come back to defeat Dolphins, 27-17

FOXBOROUGH -- The Dolphins led this game 17-3 at halftime.

And then the collapse.

Miami gave up 17 points and the lead in the third quarter. Ryan Tannehill fumbled for the eighth time this season, losing his fifth and that helped the Patriots tie the game at 17.

by the time it was over, Dolphins were 27-17 losers.

The second half was marred by questionable calls -- such as a phantom pass interference on Jimmy Wilson and a holding on Dimitri Patterson. But the depth of this collapse is beyond poor officiating.

It's poor clutch play.

it's poor defense.

It's poor quarterbacking by Tannehill, who threw a terrible deep pass to Mike Wallace that was intercepted and showed little pocket awareness.

The problems are everywhere.

The Dolphins have lost four in a row now. They play again on Thursday against the Bengals at home. They will be the underdog in that game.

Things might get tougher.


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This is the wrong offense for fumlbehill he needs to run a pro style offense or a power I run first mix in the play action he should not pass more than 30 times a game make him a game manager then team him with a mean tough defense and fix those damn special teams

Two more losses and Ireland and/or Sherman will be gone.

Goodell will hire Vince McMahon to fix this mess.

Vince knows how to "FIX" things without making it look so obvious.

It's a sad day when the WWE has more credibility than the NFL!

Football is a game of momentum swings. Fins needed to play near perfect game. Missed FG and bad calls swung game the Pats way.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | October 27, 2013 at 05:43 PM

I agree with you. Great coaches have to know the team they have. They do not have Aaron Rogers on this team, the offensive line is weak, and you still have a QB that does not know what he is doing yet.

The great Don Shula was a master at this. He went from the Larry Czonka smash mouth football and great defense to the all out air it out with Dan Marino. You have to know the team you have. Arguably the fins' strengths are on defense. Why not play great defense, protect the ball on offense, and play power football. As much as I hate the Jets, that is what they do. Jerry and Incognito are maulers not finesse blockers. Put two TEs in the game and go get a FB and run the darn ball, throw just to keep them honest. That formula may not get you to the super bowl but it will win you some games for now. That will buy you time until you can find the right players to run the offense you want. Philbin cannot adjust and that will be his downfall. He does not have the horses to run the type of offense he wants.

They are truly a team without direction. The offensive line reaks and there is a complete lack of leadership. No playmakers or persons to step up. ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!

This will get much worse before it gets better. No coach will want to come and work for that clueless ass of an owner. FIRELAND will be gone. Pulseless Philbin will be gone. Not one team would trade a third round draft pick for Tannefail right now. This entire organization redefines the term SUCK.

Mando - Where is Philbins "we will fix it" post game speech? I would like to know when.

FINS4EVER, I think it was clear from the replay shown that matthews had both feet in, and I don't even think it was that close. I am absolutely shocked that Philbin did not challenge that play, which was HUGE. Total incompetence. He's in over his head.

Really tough being a fan right now,not seeing improvements.

..Jackoff1...You are absolutely right. The team is asking way to much of Tannehill. It is a losing formula.

Miss FG and Blocked FG is not a referee issue. Somewhere, Dan Carpenter is smiling from ear to ear.

Can I get someone else on here to confirm what I saw, that Matthews clearly ahd both feet in bounds on his 3rd down sideline catch. Left foot first, then right foot drags, then rolls out of bounds with clear possesion of the ball the whole time. And Philbin doesn't challenge? That is the one situation where a referee error could have been corrected.

Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman have to go now! Start Moore Thurs night!

Dolphin 2nd half was abysmal. 3 BS calls made a difference in this game. Horrible pass inf call (who holds these guys accountable) and terrible use of a rule to give the Pats a new set of downs on the fumble play....bad officiating. Yet the biggest nitwits of the day is the coaching staff for not challenging the Mathews non-catch. His right foot was in on my TV..clearly. That could have been a difference maker...our coach's keep making stupid decision.

At least Miami has the Heat.....too bad the Dolphin management doesn't have the same kind of savvy as the Heat in evaluating talent and assembling a top notch team..

..Austin. This was the national game. so there were as many angles as you will get in a regular season game. The booth had to have told Philbin that there was no clear evidence the pass was complete. Remember we were punting. so we could have taken a delay if the booth upstairs thought it need more time to look at the play. We watched it a few times. Even zoomed into Matthews feet. I couldn't tell from the angle I saw. Not enough to overturn it.

Now where I think Philbin may have made a mistake is that if we would have thrown the flag. We may have seen the other angles that could have shown the truth. I don't know if the booth has access to the angles that aren't shown on the telecast until they are broadcast. I would like to know this. If the booth had access to the different angles, and they saw it as no catch. Well then there is nothing to debate. But if they see the same things we do?? It becomes another WTF moment.

The refs really did screw us this game. One thing that Tannehill does not do well is get the next play off in a timely manner when time is a factor. The whole team needs to work on that. Watching NE run the hurry up, and then Miami TRY to tune the hurry up and take 35 seconds to do it....coaching/QB issue that needs to be addressed.

Im still all in on Tannehill until 2015. He's accurate. He has some things to work on. It's his second year. I'm pissed and upset, but not ready to go on another QB search. RT is our best bet for the next year or two. After that, with same mistakes i'll consider saying "move on"

Philbin needs to be asked about his refusal to challenge the Matthews reception. That is absolutely unbelievable. This guy presents himself as a calm intellectual, but frankly, the only competent head coach on the field today was on the opposite sideline.

Lets Go Heat!

I have been and always was a Moore fan since his 6-3 run in Spo's last season. On draft night 2012, I was pissed at the Tannehill pick. Now, having seen the kid play for 22 games (he got hurt 1st quarter last year against the Jets), I like his upside. I know he has made many costly mistakes this year. I blame it on coaching more than him. Can you, or anyone else on here name his QB coach? Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe he doesn't have one. Why?the Shermanator wants to have the only input. This way he is direct to the QB, which insulates him from criticism within the team and from without. I say since Tannehill gor tutelage from Chad Pennington in the offseason, bring him on board. Tanne needs coaching up and the Shermanator is not capanle of doing it. I do not give a fu.k that he was Tanne's college coach.
I made an observation on another blog that I wished our offense would copy. It came from the hated Jets. Their offense meets after practice every day on their own time to have a player's-only meeting, NO COACHES! Mangold (center) says Geno is not the meeting leader, but he asks a lot of questions. Can you imagine the communication of issues that might lead to fixes? Jeeez, our OLine, running backs, QB, everybody would benefit!

Now, my opinion on our team? I do not believe in the OC, the HC and most weekends (excluding today) the DC. This, needless tosay, is a reflection on our GM, who I have doubted since PArcells left. Ross, please, just for shits and giggles, call Marino and get another football player's opinion on the state of things. Damn, he is publicly stating interest in the team. Hell, even in the Showtime interview he states why he left the FO so quickly years ago. Ross, you need to fill seats! The fans'ears would perk up if Marino's name was mentioned. Now, maybe best to do behind closed doors and see how this season plays out. IMO, we have another loser of a season. It sure can't hurt to get an opinion. I, for one, would love to see Marino in the GM postion. He would not settle for mediocrity, of that I am sure. Does anyone out there honestly think he is a downgrade from ex-college kicker Ireland?!!

Austin, Matthews was in. Philbin is a blind mummy who looks lost and confuse on the sidelines! There a reason why he's never been a head coach at any level! And this do do head Ireland hires him lmao

Lets do fall!! For Johnny Football

Agree with most comments on this board. A silver lining... Dolphins can dump Mike Wallace contract after 2-years. They have an out. One more to go. that said, Officiating was horrific. Don't usually complain about the refs, but this was ridiculous. IMPOSSIBLE to overcome that kind of stuff. The call for batting the all was a make up for Belichek's whining off last week's call at the end of Jets game. 13 points handed to Pats... this stuff has to stop.

I also thought that Mathews was inbounds but for some reason there were no clear angles. Let's face it the refs would not have given the fins that play. That would have clearly swung momentum back to the Dolphins and may have been a game changing play. That would have given the ball to the fins inside the 30.

There was something very fishy about this game. We will probably never know but I have not seen a game this poorly officiated to favor one team in a long time. The refs clearly helped decide this game.

I don't blame Ireland. We lost this game for 3 reasons. 1. Officiating was really obviously rotten. 2. McKinnie missed a couple of assignments. 3. Wallace cannot or will not catch the football. Tired of seeing the football bounce off both of his hands in slow motion. $60 mil? Come on, catch the f'ing ball man!

Not sure I agree with the criticism of the play calls. If the defense is gambling you can't throw and blitzes every play, running into the blitz doesn't help. You must pass.

Said it before but these past few weeks have only magnified what is going on during the course of the game. Last week against buffalo, the fins climb back in the game and lead late with a formula of running the football and short passes. We got cute late against the bills and it cost us. This week we dominate the first half with the same formula and again we shy away from whats working. Philbin is just poor at in game management. By not challenging that catch by matthews he takes a potential scoring drive away from his team and puts brady out on the field to score more points. When your on the road these calls or lack of challenging a call can cost you a game

Darryl, I took several looks at it, and I am convinced that Matthews' right foot was in bounds. But at that point, you have to risk throwing the flag. All momentum had turned against Miami, and you are talking about a huge third down conversion. We're talking about one time out when the game is in the balance. This guy is too formulaic. He probably has a statistician telling him what to do.

maybe ross is trying to make fins bad so nobody will show up to games and he can move them to la magic Johnson was at a fins game 3 years ago with ross his friend carl Peterson is from la pat the riley probably wants fins to leave so he can have is favrote city all to himshelf to sell tickets and make money long term

Where is Craig Moron to tell us how great his but buddy Ireland is?

An0ther Sunday, another Dolphin meltdown. It's simple, this team lacks the talent, heart or pride to impose its will on any team with a winning record. Why the hell didn't Philbin throw the red towel on that catch that was clearly both feet in bounds??!! Once again, Tannehill shows us he's not ready for primetime. No matter how well he plays early on or how many great plays he executes, he will laways find a way to blow it later and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. the bad news is it ain't gonna get any better. The good news is I've stopped wasting my valuable free time watching this rank incompetence. I see mucho orange plastico (empty seats) in the next few weeks.

Is everyone forgetting the pick 6 the Pats player dropped! Lol Tannehill is beyond pathetic.

Lets do fall!!! For Johnny Football!!!

Everyone has posted insight, so here are my few words of wisdom. This is just awful. Now back to my law studies because that was a waste of three hours.

Gotta question the OC here again. Gotta run the ball when it's there for you and you don't need to further expose a mistake prone QB.

It's funny as the losing trend continues, everyone becomes a hater. "Philbin Sucks" "Ireland is an idiot" "Tannebust." In September all of you guys were singing their praises. Yes the refs were a problem in this game but it all boils down to the O-Line. They tried to put a very large band-aid on it with McKinnie but that didn't work. Until that problem is solved we will continue to lose.

Posted by: odinseye | October 27, 2013 at 05:18 PM

PERFECT example of another dumb homer!

Whos worse the Dolphs or the Marlins? LOL

Posted by: henry

My first thought was to say the Dolphins, since in a lot of ways the Marlins intentionally handicap themselves...Tough to compete when you use 10% the financial resources of some other teams.
The NFL at least is an even playing field...If you suck, well than you're doing it wrong and you're being outclassed as an organization...

On second thought I guess it's a tie.
While it's an even playing field in the NFL the Dolphins are also handicapping themselves, by continuing to allow the same moron to make the same mistakes.

..ncFin70..It is not lost on me that the play that hit Wallace in the hands(second and 2 quarter 3) was the beginning of the end. Now I could be absolutely wrong. But I thought that Wallace ran a poor route. Tannehill will get blamed for a bad pass(Even then Wallace has to make a play..I'm tired of repeating this)..I thought the route called for wallcae to flattenit out toward the corner, that is where it was thrown. Instead Wallace took it vertical toward the safety...Where if he would have caught it he would have been blasted because his body was twisted a bit.

This is another example of QB and receiver being on 2 separate pages. The location of the safety on that play suggests to me that Wallace made an error.

Now I could be 100 percent wrong, and Wallace was in the ideal spot, and it was Tannehills poor throw that was behind Wallace. Even then, with the Saftey creeping. Wallace has to make that catch..That drop, or miss turned the tide of the entire game.

Dolphins To Do List

1) Fire Mike Sherman
2) Tell Tannehill it's OK to scramble
3) Regardless of how the season ends, use your
first 2 picks in next years draft for OL men.
4) Re-sign Starks
5) Detemine over the next 9 games if Tannehill has the
ability to incrementally improve or continues to
make the same bad decisions.

Nino @ 6:03 PM:

I totally agree on Tannehill. I want the Fins to get him a QB coach (Pennington anyone?) that can coach him up. He has the ability to be a good QB. (Read my post above @ 6:03 PM. Sorry for the length. Should have edited.)

You want a new QB not Manziel but Mariota should be pick



I wonder if Ross takes a minute to read some of these comments? A smart businessman would want to know how his customers feel about the product he is selling. The Dolphins' stock is about to plummet. Does he have a knee jerk reaction or does he sit patiently waiting for Tanhehill to develop and while the fan base erodes?

Ok now u guys can join the smart fans. We need to lose all these games. We akl know this season is over so don't hope for a couple meaningless wins like many of u do in past years. Lose as many as possible now and comeback next year with draft amd schedule in our favor

Winners find ways to win games. Losers find ways to lose them.

Not really much else to say about this game.

I think if Odin walked in on his best friend banging his wife/girlfriend he'd blame Trojan. How delusional is this guy ? Roflmao at his post.

9/11 was an inside job.

Chem trails are real too.

Haarp Rays decided the game.

Lets be honest also. This franchise has become a joke. Nobody and I mean nobody goes to games. Wouldnt surprise me to see this team.move soon

That's he a real quarterback leads his team... Go Lions!

Fins cannot play a complete game. They are Jeckel and Hyde, playing really well and really poorly in stretches. They certainly are not playing well enough to beat the Patriots and the officials as they needed to this week. For this game, the officials influenced the outcome beyond where this very mediocre Fins squad is able to overcome.

Fire Ross:

Can'tvremember your old handle........oh, it was HOME! You still yappin' about chem trails?, C'mon man!!! You were on that sh.t 3 years ago!!

don't be surprise fins finish bad and stehpen ross keeps philbin and Ireland Stephen ross is a different type of owner that's not football smart and he would do this like dave wandsdedt and wayne philbin would tell shula that he can turn it around why do you think philbin has become close to shula dave was nice to huzeinga so he be here longer coaches do this to owners so they wont be fired

I have to think the kicker that Ireland replaced (Carpenter) would have made that FG and kept the momentum.

Coaches applied a lot of the criticism that has been written about them in the first half. No adjustments in the second half.


wallace is garbage

tanne is not the answer. will be a career backup starting next year


3-4 , 3-5 next eh? Loser homers
jajajaja eh ?
Tover eh?

BTW- Nino good insightful comments about Tannehill. He does show signs at times of being the answer.

I think that perhaps they are putting too much on his plate too soon. They should have modeled an offense that allows him easy reads and that provides better protection. I felt the OTs played well in the first half and then Bellacheat made the adjustment to send all out blitzes on Tannehill and the fins did a poor job of coming up with the right protection scheme. Tannehill also did not seem to be ready to recognize the hot read (that goes to inexperience). Perhaps, we just need a little more patience as Nino suggests on his post. Perhaps our expectations were too high. Maybe we needed Tannehill to sit on the bench for a couple of years learning from Matt Moore as Aaron Rogers did when he was in GB behind Brett Favre. Tannehill is simply not ready to be a starting QB in the NFL that leads a franchise to the playoffs.


why? why not us? why can we *never* explode for a 42 point game. EVERY OTHER TEAM in the league does it (except Jax this year).

even when we get 2 TDs in the first Q...we stall. no more the rest of the game.

why can't we have a 6 TD day?

freaking green bay did it a few years ago with their backup QB.

bengals had one WR get FOUR TDs today.
why can't we EVER see this from our team?

we have to be happy if we get 24 points

I'm done

Do fall for Johnny Football!!!

I know it will never happen, but we literally should fire Philbin and Sherman right now. Literally. Bring in an interim coach for the rest of the year. Literally cannot do worse than losing 4 straight.

Instead not only will that no happen but Philbin will be given 2 or 3 more years and the torture of the fan base will continue.

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