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Perspective on the sky is falling

The sky is most assuredly not falling.

How's that?

It hasn't sounded like that if you've been paying attention. The Dolphins haven't won in a month and it seems all we've been hearing is about ...


A lack of a running game.

And other assorted issues that need to be cleared up.

But guess what? My column says the Dolphins are still a good team that should beat the Buffalo Bills today and be in position to lead the division next week if they beat New England.

Please read the column. And come back later for pregame updates and the live blog.


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Every week is a mini season Armando....thats what makes football the king of sports....

Football is the definition of less is more....

Its the sky is falling one week...and we are world beaters the next....that kind of drama makes for great discussion....and even better swings of emotion....

get rid of Thursday night football (except thanksgiving)....and the drama gets even better....


From your point of view, was Tannehill worth the #8 pick?

Anyone seen ETF?

It's game day. Hopefully...he'll be around soon. Maybe he is FINISHING up...business. Good...for Him.


Meant not first lol

Go Fins...........


You don't think someone always thinking different people are the same person is not a little disturbed in the mind? Do you ever mistake a bag lady for your wife?

Posted by: Yep | October 20, 2013 at 11:04 AM

That's some real important football talk right there.

Miami needs to shut down the Bill's run game and force them to pass.
They are 28th in the league in passing.

Texas A@M threw a parade when Tbum and Sherman finally left eh?

Buffalo's run defense is pretty good.
Hope Tannehill and Wallace can hook up early and often.

go finsssss big game today

Guess we'll see what kind of "minor adjustments" were made. This is a game we should win.

Posted by: Ape Tamer | October 20, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Ape Tamer suffers from depression.
How else does one explain its miserable posts?

My only post today. Because Dashi isn't going to ruin his Dolphins watching by reading some Ignorant Heckler and his 2 Friends.

All I read the last 4 pages of the last blog was whining and complaining. A bunch of Girly men going back and forth. A Bunch of Hypocrites. Except Odin, Odin hit it right on the Head. And TK brought up some good points also. OTHER THAN THAT IT WAS RINSE AND REPEAT. The First Page looked like the Last. Same Chit Different Day.

Mando you to, I would've expected some growth out of you at least. But it is still the same Doom and Gloom. By your own words Miami isn't even in the same class as the Pats. So what you said above is Fraudulent.

ON THE GAME (which is what really matters to Dashi)

I expect to see some growth from this team. I expect to see the Defense to play more like a Unit than a bunch of individuals. I expect that Sherman will only try and run his best Run plays since he knows most his O-line isn't athletically gifted. I also expect the carries to start being distributed more 70-30 in favor of L.Miller.

The key to this game is NO TURNOVERS on Offense. We need to get back to Dolphin Football. To bad most of you have a distorted version of what that is. But the Fins need to get back to playing Dolphin Ball. We do that and this game will be a nice blowout to watch.

And before I get some egregiously asinine post, What is Dolphin ball. I'm not going to go into that today. Plus, if you know how I describe what this offense likes to do and what this Offense doesn't like to run. You know what I mean by Dolphin Ball.

And to any of the posters who might feel offended by my first paragraph. I was only referring to the 3 headed Troll Monster we have on this blog. I meant no disrespect to anyone else.

Dashi is hitting the hashish Eh?

Armando, could you please ask Wallace why he never joins Tannehill and Hartline when they are working on routes before the game? Is he even dressed and on the field when this is going on?

I hope we get back to what we were doing the first couple of weeks. Throw the football to who ever is open.

When we started complaining about Wallace not getting the ball and not being able to run things went to hell. That is like throwing away a full house, trying to draw four of a kind. There is nothing wrong with Hartline, Clay and Gibson moving the chains. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed seeing that a lot.

Go Fins!!

Garbage article...busted play Armando...go phins...lay the fkin wood on the Bills!!!

How can the Sky fall, man? Didn't you see Gravity?

phins 78 thill and hartline are boys. wallace a loner. thill should step up and get wallace to be his shadow

We MUST target Wallace at least 5-6 X Game, whether he catches it or not.

how do you know when you have completely handed someone thier @ss....

they IMPERSONATE you....like my girl did @ 11:00....

There is no greater compliment....it got to be the equivelent of holding "my pocket"....


Posted by: Ape Tamer | October 20, 2013 at 11:31 AM

The depressed one is Canadian!

I hope that Wallace gets it soon that Philbin does not want superstars. He wants teammates. Like the ones that blocked for him on his wide receiver screen.

All I read the last 4 pages of the last blog was whining and complaining.

Posted by: Dashi | October 20, 2013 at 11:27 AM

Isn't this better than your numerous posts about sucking and swallowing?

The only poster that I know impersonates here is/was YG. Pay no attention to him, Kris, he's only very volatile.

Now that you mention blocking, I remember Jake Long blocking 20 yds downfield on a Reggie Bush 40+ yds TD last year. A thing of beauty, a Thing of beauty.

Daytona knows Football. Guaranteed.

only had one oscar vs raiders.

Takeaways Pts off Red Zone
Cleveland + - =

Ind = - +

At = = +

NO - - -

Balt + + -

Here are the numbers for the first five games and as you can easily see the Dolphins most predictive stat for a win is the Red Zone offense scoring Tds instead of Fgs.In the last game against Baltimore they won 2 out of three and it was a close game but as you can see they lost in the Red Zone scoring only one TD in three trips ad another 4 points and who wins.Thats history now looking forward to a game where I will record pluses (+)in ALL THREE categories and then how that reflects on the score.

The Dolphins lost. My hair is on fire. No its not and we a re 3-2. Go Phins all the way, baby

Well you've been printing the sky is falling Mando lol.

We need our vaunted running D to show up today and force them to have to beat us with Lewis.

Some improvement in the pass blocking department is imperative for the season in general.

My take is that Phibin has to start using more of his roster. Today i would flank Dion Sims (got his name wrong on last post) off the line and put him on the bills smallest cover guy and throw him the ball 6-7 time & see what happens. Also, this is a good time to get Rashad Mattews involved in the passing game. Also, why not find out what player on this team can block for T-hill. there has to be a special team player or someone on the taxi squad who can do it better then what has been done. Also, how about using Solili or Starks as a lead blocker on short yardage? I can go on and on about how little of this roster is being utilized.

Will the Phins be wearing their new ghey unis today eh?

Its not the defense stupid, its the QB and OC eh?

All the hopeful that choose to ignore the simple things like....

Lack of imagination by Sherman
-Doesnt' run many formations
-falls in to very predictable patterns based on down/dis
-rarely attacks the middle of the field slants/ins/posts
-slow developing running plays/same snap count

Coyle Overal on Defense
-blitzes never disguised well
-Struggles to cover quick backs out of the back field
-Too much zone coverage
-D isn't physical..ball carriers fall forward/break
tackles..don't take proper angles/don't get off

These are the reasons every game will be a struggle for the rest of this season. Minimal development on both sides and that goes back to coaching. Won't be surprised if the Bills win this game.

I agree. Miami is easy to prepare for. Way to easy. As a fan watching here in the N East on Direct TV it has become downright boring. I know what they are gouing to do when they line up on both sides of the ball. Philbin is in over his head and he's afraid to get out of the box therefor under utilizes his roster

Team is flat.Plays with no emotion

It's late in the fourth quarter. The backs are averaging 5 yards a carry. My team is winning and near mid field. My lineman give up the most sacks in the NFL and my QB has fumbleitis. I call a pass play and blow another game. My name is Mike Sherman. I am a terrible OC, and should be fired

Well its one days after that debacle against the Buffalo Billys, and the Dolphins still cant run block nor can they pass block. Tannehill still fumbles, and Wallace cant score a TD. The defense, whos supposed to be the ROCK of this team is not a lock down defense. The coaching staff isnt getting the job done and play calling is a joke and yes I do believe I can do a better job. Mondo, when was the last time you saw a new play,,,,one you have never seen. I saw three last night in the Bronco/Colt game. Uncle Joe and auntie Sherman have no clue. From time to time the TV camera swings around and shows auntie Sherman with his head down and shaking, he has no answers. Mike its time to retire.

P/S Mondo the sky is not falling but we are drowning in the shallow end of the talent pool.

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