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PFF and Salguero look back at Bills loss

This is the space were the pithy lead to the blog goes. As today I've already used up all my inviting prose, kindly go straight to the factoids and film study of Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills courtesy my partners at ProFootballFocus.com:


RT Tyson Clabo had his worst grade of the season (-4.6), allowing two sacks and seven hurries.

Salguero: Clabo will be replaced at right tackle by Jonathan Martin on Sunday against the Patriots or by next Thursday against the Bengals as the Dolphins shift the veteran to the bench after he's allowed eight sacks in six games. The only thing that might keep Clabo in the starting lineup is an unexpected injury or if newly acquired left tackle Bryant McKinnie takes at least a game to learn the Miami offense.

Salguero: Although Clabo gave up the two sacks, no other Miami offensive lineman allowed a sack. In fact, Martin was the only other lineman to allow so much as a hurry or hit on Tannehill. Martin gave up three hits and four hurries. Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito and John Jerry were clean in keeping Tannehill alive.

TE Charles Clay picked up his worst grade of the season (-3.4), with the majority of it (-2.4) coming in the run game.

TE Dion Sims saw his most snaps since Week 2 (24), but he was blocking on 19 of them.

Salguero: Dolphins coaches don't seem to have a very high regard for Sims as a pass catcher. They think his value is blocking. Obviously, I haven't seen him in a practice since training camp but he was developing at that time as a pass catcher. It's unknown whether that development in the passing game slowed or coaches are simply misjudging Sims.

When facing the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a 98.7 passer rating. Against no blitz, he produced both interceptions and a 52.5 QB rating.

Salguero: This has been a truism with Tannehill practically all season. He has been a poorer passer when he is not blitzed.

Lamar Miller rushed for 43 yards and he picked up 38  of those after contact.

Both Miami running backs had good days making space for themselves. Daniel Thomas forced seven missed tackles on his 12 carries. Miller made five guys miss on his nine carries.

Mike Wallace caught 3 of 4 targets against Aaron Williams and Stephon Gilmore for 64 yards, but just 2 of 6 targets against Leodis McKelvin for 12 yards.


Randy Starks continued his rampaging season with a +6.6 grade and four hurries, one hit and a sack. He is the 7th ranked DT this season.

The Dolphins continued to limit their two highest paid pass rushers. Cameron Wake, returning to health from a knee injury, got only 22 snaps in the game -- 14 of those were pass-rush snaps. Dion Jordan, the No. 3 overall pick, got only 26 snaps, with 19 of those on passing plays.

Salguero: Jordan is primarily a pass-rusher. Of his 19 snaps on passing plays, he rushed the quarterback 18 times and dropped into coverage only once. Jordan finished the game with one tackle, one quarterback hit and two hurries.

Salguero: Coach Joe Philbin said Wake is 100 percent healthy but he didn't want to push Wake toward a full workload on his first full game back. Look for Wake to get his usual number of snaps, perhaps double what he got last week, against New England. Wake got minimal production from his snaps. He had only one hurry and one tackle against the Bills.

Without MLB Dannell Ellerbe collecting most of the tackles in the middle of the defense as he usually does, Reshad Jones had his best game of the season with a sack and 6 defensive stops.

Jimmy Wilson was locked in at nickel corner, playing 34 snaps. Meanwhile, Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson split No. 2 cornerback duties, with Carroll logging 38 plays and Patterson 30.

When working in the slot against Jimmy Wilson, Stevie Johnson caught 3 of 4 passes for 34 yards. Versus everyone else, he caught 3 of 7 passes for 27 yards. So obviously the Wilson vs. Johnson match up was not a good one for Miami. Something to keep in mind for the teams' rematch in December.

Patterson allowed two catches on three targets, while Carroll gave up three catches on three targets.


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And on the scoreboard we lost by 2 points. A pick six and a 40 yard penalty cost us the game.

When facing the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a 98.7 passer rating. Against no blitz, he produced both interceptions and a 52.5 QB rating.

Salguero: This has been a truism with Tannehill practically all season. He has been a poorer passer when he is not blitzed.

This stands out the most. Tannehill is great at finding mismatches when teams blitz. The problem is our Oline collapses on him in 4 man rushes to the point that he can't extend the play long enough for anyone to get open with his feet.

Let's hope McKinney has something left in the tank or we are a .500 team at best.

Did the Dolphins draft anyone (except for Sturgis)

NE by 6.5 over Dolphins, LV.

That's an intriguing statistic on Tannehill. First, I'm sure Teams will shy away from blitzing him, which is a huge + for us. Second, to me it means that, yes, he's spotting better match-ups and receivers getting open sooner and therefore has time to throw it as opposed to when there is no blitzing. That average release time of his of 2.3, has to be much lower on blitzes and much higher on plays with no blitz, which indicates our OLine probably sukkks.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 23, 2013 at 06:01 AM

Very good conclusion. The thing is he has some escapability as evidence on that throw to Gibson vs Baltimore and that Hail Mary attempt last week. He also did it on the TD pass on 3rd and goal. It's only being used in desperation though.
That tells me that the coaches are purposely over stressing the need to stay in the pocket under duress during the majority of the game. We need to encourage him to use his speed and ability to make plays when things breakdown. Who cares if mistakes are made along the way. He is a 2nd yr QB and it's part of the learning process.

He will never develop that until these coaches stop forcing him to make his reads while in the pocket.

This team is the 2012 Arizona Cardinals, with this offensive line they'll be lucky to beat Tampa !! Ross will fire this entire regime if they finish 4-12-6-10 with no major injuries !!

Also the next regime will draft a new QB and a new offensive line, hopefully the next regime will draft real talent not mediocre talent. This franchise been putting on the field yhis century PATHETIC !!

True, Wood. Besides, I think this guy throws better on the run than from the pocket. Also, it will extend his life-time. I saw one designed roll-out last Game. How'bout some more of those, guys? Please?

Hope Ireland and philbin are gone after this season.

I think that the reason TH does not try to draw the other Team off-sides is that he's concentrating too much on how to survive the current play.

I did see two draws last ballgame, both by Tannehill. Somebody doesn't like him Up there.

Are you serious Woodshed @ 5:27.....

To me that SCREAMS of a QB who can't come off his 1st read to find the 2nd or 3rd reciever...wWhen Tanne is forced to hold the ball for that extar nano-second....his processor must freeze up....

against the blitz...probably gets man to man coverage....and a quick move from Hartline or Gibson probably has them come open @ the right time...1-2-3 throw....just like practice...

No blitz...Corners are off...LBs drop a bit...and guys who aren't suppose to be there...all of a sudden ARE....like the pick in the endzone....

I want Tanne to succeed to...but not @ the cost of turning a blind eye to the painfully obvious....

A rigid mentality can only lead to constrained results.

Nobody on this blog should want Tanne to fail....and contrary to popular belief...neither do I....

but facts are facts....

If the QB stinks against zone coverage...then he probably doesn't read defenses very well...or doesn't know where to go with the ball even if he has read it correctly....

Have any of you People here noticed any antagonism between the Coaching staff and Ireland? I don't know, but it seems to me that every time Ireland brings in somebody new the guy has >90% probability of being cut. Last year, there was a bevy of WRs brought in by Ireland none of which I think survived. This year there were 2 Gs, one of which was cut and the other nobody has seen as of yet. Hmm...

There is little likelihood of that, Kris. TH has been familiar with this O system for 3 years now. Besides, he's very smart; he finished pre-Med, just like I did.

All I know is they better get this fat f*ck engaged to prove something!!!

We need him!!!

Coyle needs to prove himself with a solid game plan this week!!!

If any week, this is the one!! They better have some sort of answer for Gronk!

Aha!, the tactics of the Wolfpack. Diverting the talk from O to D. You should know better than that by now, Armando.


GO!!!!!!! PASS

GO GO !!!!!!!!!! RUN




Go Go is fine. All you have to do is say one more Go once in a while and you got them off-balance.

philin/sherman is a slight upgrade from sparano/henning. both coaches are fiercely loyal to their offensive coord. which can bite them.

Wake might be 100 healthy but his speed is not. Seems to be 75% when moving laterally that's probably why they limited his plays.

RT is not the answer and the Patriots will give us our 4th loss in a row.

They beat the SAINTS for heaven's sake.


I don't doubt Tanne's smarts....like you said....dude is pre-med...clearly his IQ is not in question...

but does that mean that all doctors should be NFL starting QBs?

you decide....

From ESPN site:

Play calling
After gaining 20 yards on 23 rushes in Week 1, the Dolphins may have been too quick to abandon the running game.

Since Week 1, the Dolphins have averaged 4.6 yards per rush, which is sixth-best in the NFL during that time.

Despite a successful rush attack, the Dolphins have dropped back to pass at the third-highest rate this season (69 percent of plays).

All of the dropbacks for Tannehill have been a problem, especially with the issues the Dolphins have had with pass blocking.

Run the ball, Sherman!

Why is it that we don’t have a FB, last year we ran the ball much better and the only thing really missing from the Offense is that FB??

Also why is it that the WR don’t move around, they are always set on the same side or they don’t really shift? We just seem to be a protectable team, and D's are picking that up right away.

Charles Clay = one of 3 Ireland TE draft busts

Why is it that we don’t have a FB, last year we ran the ball much better and the only thing really missing from the Offense is that FB??

Posted by: Ed | October 23, 2013 at 08:50 AM

Ross was too cheap to pay Vontae Leach. Ross is only 27 mill UNDER the cap!

Just to give you an idea from my last post about the running game and the FB, the differece between 7 games 2012 714 total rushing yards, 2013 468 rushing yards.

Time to make the switch to Matt Moore. Tannehill just doesnt have it.

We moved up to the #3 spot to grab a DE we did not need and missed a chance to fill a hole at LT with Jake Long moving on.

...someone please explain that logic to me. Jeff, we're anxiously awaiting your thoughts on this?

Oh yea, you said Jordan is a 'special' talent that only comes along once in blue moon.

...there's no doubt Jordan has talent, but 'special' has yet to show up with this young man.

Ireland botched the OL in both free agency and the draft... not to mention he botched on Vontae Leach and now we have no one who can lead block for Miller or protect Tannehill against the blitz when Calbo whiffs on the right side.

Jeffy....I'm getting impatient and question your judgement at 'picking the groceries' as your mentor liked to call it.

If we end up the season at .500% or less Ross better fire Ireland or the stadium will be more than half empty next season and a total embarrassment to the NFL.

No wonder they kicked Miami in the nuts on hosting any more Superbowls.

Signed: an increasingly disgruntled fan

Kris, if you're around, there's another stat in this article that should tell you that Ryan Tannehill is becoming and will bea good QB. His #s against the blitz. He kills teams and surveys the field well when the defense pressures him.

His poor numbers when teams drop back, just like someone said above, they still get to him in less than 4 secs with 4 men rushing because the line has been historically bad so it's the worst of both world, teams are getting pressure and they have 7 men in coverage vs 4 Dolphins receivers - tough to find the open man and most of the time, he doesn't get the luxury of time for a WR to work his way open.


Dion Sims was the offence in Michigan State and now the coach is telling us that Sims is only a blocking TE. WHAT THE F#$%^ IS THIS S$%%^&. I think this guys(Coaches) don't know how to adjust from week to week or after the halftime.

Tyson Clabo 7 hurries and 2 sacks - unbelievable. And yet, Sherman saw it in his infinite wisdom to have him one on one against the monster mario Williams with a lead. I can understand selling out if you are trailing and desperate but this is really mindboggling.

2 watt, your favourite week is here, 28-0

And Mando is right - if Philbin really thinks now was the right time to move on from Clabo then we are in big trouble. You can't react this slowly in the NFL.

Like Kris once posted about Jake Long - as a lineman - you can either block the man across from you, or you can't.

Clabo obviously could not.

TanneBust got shut out by tha Pats last time....

TanneBust got shut out by tha Pats last time....

Posted by: Fact | October 23, 2013 at 09:17 AM

Henne is/was a better QB.

If all the coaches were paid by what they do weekly, I dont think the Dolphin coaches would have been making the same amount the last three weeks than they did in the first three weeks.

I think its too early to label Tannehill a 'bust' as many have done already.

What defines a bust anyway...middle of the pack stats? above .500% winning percentage but no playoff appearances?

Joe Flacco has middle of the pack stats in almost every category, but led his team to the playoffs every year.(granted they have a coach named Harbaugh and a top 5 defense).

We keep hearing that Tannehill has 'huge upside' by all the experts. My question is: how long does he get to let that upside develop?

Granted he is working behind the worst O-line in the league statistically (C and Guard are ok, tackles not so much).

Tannehill has 10 games to show his mettle and if he does not 'break out' by then I fear he may never be more than a middle of the pack QB.

mark, not much has changed 9.5 months w/ this team.

NH, I think we give him until a year from now. I think for him to be middle of the pack this year is an improvement over last year when he was at the bottom of the league. Got to give it time to see if it develops. You just can't keep turning over the position every year and simply at the first bump in the road. It really was his worst game last week. let's see how he bounces back.

He did play well against baltimore in a loss.

2 watt, I'd say that the QB play has got better but the run game and o line play really went in reverse. Defense is middle of the pack like they were last year.

One step forward, 1 step back.

Deck is shuffled but if they don't turn it around, you may be right.

I'm afraid our coaching staff is just plain bad:(

Mark...I agree with the be patient approach and was testing the blog site for some diverse opinions.

I've seen MN give up on Ponder, JAX on Gabbert, NYJ on Sanchez, KC on Cassel, BUF on Fitzpatrick, and now HOU on Schaub.

Every GM has a timeline in his head and if Ross fires Ireland after this season...a new GM may not be so inclined to give Tannehill more rope...especially if there is a real talent available in a future draft.

Just saying...if you are not winning on a consistent basis...you are out of work withing 2-3 years in the NFL.

Tannehill in on year two and his winning pct. is below .500%

Along with his TD/INT ratio...not good numbers.

If I was THill, I would have walked straight over to Sherman and punched him right in the jaw.

This kid needs to start speaking up, otherwise he is going to be cannon fodder for the rest of the season.

Mark & NH-

I've been saying for weeks now that the running game has worked, but Sherman just won't use it. The run is a young qb's best friend, etc. Tannehill is not a bust! His coaches are! Here's the article again...

Play calling
After gaining 20 yards on 23 rushes in Week 1, the Dolphins may have been too quick to abandon the running game.

Since Week 1, the Dolphins have averaged 4.6 yards per rush, which is sixth-best in the NFL during that time.

Despite a successful rush attack, the Dolphins have dropped back to pass at the third-highest rate this season (69 percent of plays).

All of the dropbacks for Tannehill have been a problem, especially with the issues the Dolphins have had with pass blocking.

---When you run the ball effectively, it improves the pass protection, and vice versa. Look at the 1st half of the Saints game, Buffalo game, etc. Tannehill makes mistakes, but should be given a chance to run a more balanced attack; that will reveal his true ceiling IMO.

Oct 27

Mostly Cloudy
Chance of rain:
W at 11 mph

Oct 31

Mostly Sunny
Chance of rain:
ESE at 11 mph

2 watt has just confirmed what everyone already knows:

The weather in Miami is nicer than Boston this weekend.

Thanks for the update!

These are some of the dumbest posts I've ever read. Fins are a game behind the Pats in the loss column and if you've watched the Pats they could easily be 2-5 and Brady has been mediocre - missing wide open guys, throwing 3 picks to 1 TD and sacked 13 times in the last 3 games. Fins need Sherman to get his head out of his ass and the line should play better from here on. The defense should be dominating and with all the guys back this week (if Ellerbe plays) we will see where we stand after this game but Tannehill is in no way a bust yet and this team has a lot of talent, go fins.

A lot of football left. We will go at least 6-4 in the remaining 10 games. Dolphins will beat the Pats to get out of this slump!

Tannehill is our QB and will be out QB for a long long time. I realize many teams have given up on their QB's. Tannehill is in a different class and is a really good QB. I am very disappointed in this team, but I am not upset with Tannehill. He absolutely turns the ball over too much. in the Buffalo game he starts with 2 ints, and he asnwers by throwing 3 TD's(first career 3 TD game)

This teams sole focus needs to be on RB,TE,OL and getting out LB's to play better. We have seen such a drastic improvement. If he starts going downhill this year and completely flops next year, then maybe we can start thinking of a new QB. Blaine Gabbert, Tannehill is not!

NH....and those are the #s that matter....


Remember...I haven't called Tanne a bust...I am merely asking the question (much like NH)...how much time is enough time...

and if our team is in the hunt...should we allow Tanne to sink the ship...if perhaps Moore can get a few extra wins.

Randy Starks continued his rampaging season with a +6.6 grade and four hurries, one hit and a sack. He is the 7th ranked DT this season.

Isn't this the guy that the staff wants to let walk at the end of the year? But hey, the fans don't know anything.

This FO is as clueless as ever. Coaching staff hasn't looked much better. Yep, looks like it's time for yet another regime change.

where is michael egnew or jamar taylor(vontae's replacement)? we used 3 picks for daniel thomas and got zip for brandon marshall. let reggie bush and jake long walk. irelands days could be numbered.


You may be correct in that IF Tannehill had a functioning running game he'd be a better passer.

But...he had Reggie Bush last year running at will with a nice 4.5 yard per carry and his stats are pretty much the same?

His completion % may be up a tad, along with his passes of 20+ yards.

But TD/INT is stuck at 50/50 and his fumbles are horrible. (not all are on the Oline mind you).

I see glimmers of an excellent QB, shadowed by inaccuracy and bad decisions that trouble me.

We are witnessing in real-time the up or downward swing of his career in the NFL. As my earlier post indicated by year three...if a QB's winning pct is below .500% chances are he'll not last past year four.

Regardless of his O-line or running game...winners find ways to win, period.

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