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PFF and Salguero look back at Bills loss

This is the space were the pithy lead to the blog goes. As today I've already used up all my inviting prose, kindly go straight to the factoids and film study of Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills courtesy my partners at ProFootballFocus.com:


RT Tyson Clabo had his worst grade of the season (-4.6), allowing two sacks and seven hurries.

Salguero: Clabo will be replaced at right tackle by Jonathan Martin on Sunday against the Patriots or by next Thursday against the Bengals as the Dolphins shift the veteran to the bench after he's allowed eight sacks in six games. The only thing that might keep Clabo in the starting lineup is an unexpected injury or if newly acquired left tackle Bryant McKinnie takes at least a game to learn the Miami offense.

Salguero: Although Clabo gave up the two sacks, no other Miami offensive lineman allowed a sack. In fact, Martin was the only other lineman to allow so much as a hurry or hit on Tannehill. Martin gave up three hits and four hurries. Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito and John Jerry were clean in keeping Tannehill alive.

TE Charles Clay picked up his worst grade of the season (-3.4), with the majority of it (-2.4) coming in the run game.

TE Dion Sims saw his most snaps since Week 2 (24), but he was blocking on 19 of them.

Salguero: Dolphins coaches don't seem to have a very high regard for Sims as a pass catcher. They think his value is blocking. Obviously, I haven't seen him in a practice since training camp but he was developing at that time as a pass catcher. It's unknown whether that development in the passing game slowed or coaches are simply misjudging Sims.

When facing the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a 98.7 passer rating. Against no blitz, he produced both interceptions and a 52.5 QB rating.

Salguero: This has been a truism with Tannehill practically all season. He has been a poorer passer when he is not blitzed.

Lamar Miller rushed for 43 yards and he picked up 38  of those after contact.

Both Miami running backs had good days making space for themselves. Daniel Thomas forced seven missed tackles on his 12 carries. Miller made five guys miss on his nine carries.

Mike Wallace caught 3 of 4 targets against Aaron Williams and Stephon Gilmore for 64 yards, but just 2 of 6 targets against Leodis McKelvin for 12 yards.


Randy Starks continued his rampaging season with a +6.6 grade and four hurries, one hit and a sack. He is the 7th ranked DT this season.

The Dolphins continued to limit their two highest paid pass rushers. Cameron Wake, returning to health from a knee injury, got only 22 snaps in the game -- 14 of those were pass-rush snaps. Dion Jordan, the No. 3 overall pick, got only 26 snaps, with 19 of those on passing plays.

Salguero: Jordan is primarily a pass-rusher. Of his 19 snaps on passing plays, he rushed the quarterback 18 times and dropped into coverage only once. Jordan finished the game with one tackle, one quarterback hit and two hurries.

Salguero: Coach Joe Philbin said Wake is 100 percent healthy but he didn't want to push Wake toward a full workload on his first full game back. Look for Wake to get his usual number of snaps, perhaps double what he got last week, against New England. Wake got minimal production from his snaps. He had only one hurry and one tackle against the Bills.

Without MLB Dannell Ellerbe collecting most of the tackles in the middle of the defense as he usually does, Reshad Jones had his best game of the season with a sack and 6 defensive stops.

Jimmy Wilson was locked in at nickel corner, playing 34 snaps. Meanwhile, Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson split No. 2 cornerback duties, with Carroll logging 38 plays and Patterson 30.

When working in the slot against Jimmy Wilson, Stevie Johnson caught 3 of 4 passes for 34 yards. Versus everyone else, he caught 3 of 7 passes for 27 yards. So obviously the Wilson vs. Johnson match up was not a good one for Miami. Something to keep in mind for the teams' rematch in December.

Patterson allowed two catches on three targets, while Carroll gave up three catches on three targets.


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What else to say. The Dolphins suck, and Tannehill looks exactly like he did last season. No improvement what so ever.

NH, JJ, Kris,

Can't disagree with much right now regarding Tannehill and the coaching staff.

But I do think it's too early to ask the qb question - this would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater in my opinion.

I think he plays the remainder fo the season, no questions. he's played well enough to merit that at least overall.

And let's face it, Moore is no answer. he's never been anything in his career other than beating a few teams looking to improve their draft slot a few years back. Yeah, HE almost beat the Pats, yeah he ALMOST beat the super bowl champion Giants. Tannehill this year has ALMOST beat everyone excluding the Saints.

Everythign had to go wrong to lose to Buffalo last week. That one stung but let's see how they react over the next 1.5 weeks. They win one and they will make the playoffs in my opinion.

Games 9-12 are pretty soft by comparison.

Funny. It gets quiet on the board when the Fins are exposed for what they are.

The homers must be having trouble defending themselves, so better to just stay away I guess.

Yep, I was at the game and saw the humble truth-
below average coaching, questionmarks glaring on our future franchise QB. The usual big mess

yeah homers, man ^, i'm here after winz and loses

Mark...I 100% agree, Tannehill is our QB for the entire season and nothing is gained at all by benching him.

We need to know if he can play beyond his rookie contract and the only way to make that decision is by his body of work in years 1-3.

I'm just pointing out inconsistencies in his game that, like it or not, are measurements of a QB's success in this league.

I want him to win every game, but we know that since he's been our starter...he only wins 50% of the time.

Game on Tannehill...if you can beat Brady on the road you will silence ALL the critics.

I am very disappointed in this team, but I am not upset with Tannehill. He absolutely turns the ball over too much. in the Buffalo game he starts with 2 ints, and he asnwers by throwing 3 TD's(first career 3 TD game)
posted by: rdubs

I agree that Tanny needs more time. At least next year. But the troubling thing about Tanny is he had the same reputation for turning the ball over in college, especially in teh most crucial situations. If he can't correct that he will never be a good NFL quarterback.

Cant argue with that TVVEGAS. I want too though LOL

It doesn't take saber metrics to figure out Clabo cost us the game.

Also, to some/most of us if you don't like someone or something it doesn't matter what they do you will always find the negative in it.

I know I have before. And still do. (Doesn't matter how many Titles Spo Wins he is still one of the most incompetent Coaches I have ever seen in my life. P.S.- If the Heat don't 3-peat it is the coaches fault.)

To some Tannehill will never be the answer because he is not their guy. Doesn't matter if he goes the rest of the season without turnovers. People will always find a reason to complain. I just find it irrelevant to complain on a 2nd year player that is doing OK. That is like some 4th world reporter saying that the Honeymoon is over for a Coach rebuilding a franchise in his 2nd season as a coach that is 3-3. I find it egregious to complain.

If the Dolphins end up with a winning record will someone act like they never said those asinine comments. OR WILL THEY MAN UP AND PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE?

No wonder the Dolphins Front Office Despises the Local Media. The Local Media has Zero Integrity and lack a Backbone.

Well all except for Mr. Barry Jackson. The only sports journalist in Sfla that is objective.

Yeah, he does turn over the ball too much but to say there's been no improvement over last year would be false. he has taken a step forward. it's up to him like you say to keep moving forward. He's on pace for 4,200 yards and 24 tds ... just reduce the turnovers...

The Answer to the Trolling on this Blog is easy. The Formula is already on the Herald.And we don't even have to be forced to go thru a whole sign in process to solve it.

Simple really. Never gave it much thought till today.

If Mando really wants to fix the problem. I will tell him how.

But it also worthwhile to mention that three QBs with worthless offensive lines have more turnovers than tds. Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Eli Manning. Surely they don't all suck.

And a 4th is even .. Joe Flacco

Dashi, just ignore it. I mean I had "Home" going out of his way to goad me into a war of wrods, getting personal, and I just ignored it. Withing a few mins, he stopped and looked pretty stupid in the process.

NH- I don't disagree with anything you said, but keep in mind he was a rookie with relatively low experience. I think the exceptional rookie seasons of Rg3, Luck, and Wilson have skewed people's view on Tannehill. Any other year his season would have been considered pretty good by rookie standards.


I ALAWYS man up and state I am wrong...if or when I am proven wrong....

Tanne is not my guy....but I STILL want the FINS to win...

I am objective unlike...he had a bad game....that is what I am talking about....

a few weeks ago against the Colts...he had a GREAT GAME...including a deep pass to Hartline...and a Game winning pass to the TE...

Guess what...

I raved about it....

That is being objective...I'm not a homer...I call it like I see it...if a player needs to be critizied...then so be it...

If he should be praised...then put that out there as well...

Sorry Dashi...but there is little to praise after 0-3...so we get the other side of the coin....


Win on Sunday....and fans will ease up....but nobody should give free passes for losing...

If th FINS finish 9-7 (winnin record)...i'm not apologizing for SH@T....


exceptions are...

9-7 with a playoff win...

9-7...and we win the AFC EAST....

if that happens...the I will apologize...

If not...I apologize for nothing....

Here's too hoping I have to apologize in January...

amen Kris...


I am done with the silly games. Notice I don't engage none of the Buttfoons on here anymore. Even though they love themselves some Dashi. They love sipping on Dashi.

I'm just saying we all can participate how we usually do and still get the trolls exposed.

I've noticed at Mr. Barry Jackson's Blog. The URL is linked automatically. So every time a person post the same picture shows up on the side. You can change your name but the picture stays the same. That will expose the 3-headed troll monster.

They will be F'cked. Which I know they might enjoy anyways. But at least we don't have to worry about the clown switching names every 5 minutes rambling on and on about the same thing.

It is an enjoyable experience when we all can have differences without having Mr. Cornball and Friends posting dumb comments over and over.

It is like talking to a 5-year old sometimes. Always throwing a temper tantrum.

I feel bad for his mother. And Father. Or maybe they are to blame for raising such a sissified crybaby.

I am not down on THill, not in the slightest. I am just worried he is going to get his bell rung on one of those body slams he has been receiving lately. I would rather lose with Moore taking the punishment, while saving our best asset for next season's push.

I am in no way advocating that Moore replace THill, all I am proposing is letting our safety net take the punishment and sitting our asset. Moore is what he is and he will never be that guy. He has had plenty of chances.

You develop your franchise quarterback slowly, not by throwing him to the wolves his first year. What ever happened to sitting a rookie for at least one year?

I may sound like a broken record here, but if THill goes down with a season ending injury, then my point will punctuated and we will end up playing Moore anyway, so whats the point in leaving THill in there when he obviously is seeing ghosts already?

WPF, the first sack by Williams was so friggin violent. The kind people get hurt on. That bog of crap Clabo didn't even get a hand on Williams. He shuld be sued for negligence. Our OTs must come up onn highlight tapes for opposing DEs time and time again. It will be funny in 10 years when Aldon Smith and Mario are inducted into Canton, to see Tyson Clabo and Johnathan Martin show up on their highlight reels...

Well not funny to me personally but these tackles were craptastic.

Run the Damn ball and take pressure off the O line. What running game do you expect with an average of 16 carries per game. In the games we ran 20 plus times we were successful in getting a respectable average. Blame whoever you like but if we start running the ball about 25 carries per game i.e. 35% of the time, the pass happy fans/coaches will be satisfied and also we would win a few more games.

AMEN @ 10:59.

I really hope Im wrong about this one but I dont really see it in Tannehill either, Im with kris. I know the OL has been atrociuous but Tannehill is a TO machine like he was in college.

He constantley telegraph throws and grows through progressions slow. On top of all this he has no awarness in the pocket limiting his ability to escape the pocket when its breaking down, or shoot either move around in the pocket.

He's not accurate on long balls, on that Hartline throw how he'd miss him. We need 15 yards to get in FG range and couldnt.

I hope Im wrong about this one. But with Tannehill I just see a middle of the road QB will probably just be a servicable QB in the NFL not a star, and we WILL NOT win a SB without a legit top 7 QB.

I g


I wasn't talking about you when I said about manning up. Re-read my comment. I was talking about the 4th world reporter. I know you will Man Up if T-Hill becomes a Success. I don't question your integrity.



At worst Dashi had the Fins going 11-5. And rightfully so. We have the Talent. We should've went 4-1 the first 5 games like I said before the season started.

With that said, Yes, Dashi is a Homer. The Biggest Homer you will ever meet. So even if we go 1-15, I will still find the positive. Specially if all someone does is come here and trash My Team. I will defend my team at all cost. Well maybe not as bad as the Jets fan punching the women. But I will slap a B'tch if he steps out of line. (Male b'tches, don't get me wrong Dashi will never hit a woman, was raised better than that)

I have no problem with a Healthy Debate. What I have a problem is when people aren't rational when they debate. It is what they say and nobody can change it. Then they go on a rambling rampage. (Reason Dashi stopped coming on here during gameday)

Kris, I am not saying you are one of those people. The 3-headed Troll Monster is the problem. We have debated many times without crossing the line.







The idea of Benching Tannehill is by far the dumbest thing I've read today. Tom Brady threw a Pick 6, as did 6 other QB's this past week... It happens. The fumble at the end was RT trying to make a first down. If you've seen the film from an angle other then side on from the left, You'll have seen he was within a half second of getting that ball off to an open Hartline. It would have been a first down, we would have won.... Let's not forget he threw 3 TD's... Okay... He also hit a couple REALLY nice passes, one deep to Wallace. Tannehill had Miami within 3 points at the half after starting 14-0 in the first and early 2nd quarters. Tannehill is young and getting better... all signs are point up for him and he still have a HUGE upside compared to any QB on the roster and more then 15 starting on other teams. Fact is... Miami is still a viable team on a bad skid. 6 More wins is a winning season with a 3 game turnaround in one year... ANYONE who knows the NFL knows a 3 game turnaround would be a huge step forward... If you saw stars and silver footballs with this team after 3 games... That's on you. This team is and has been under a 100% rebuild for just 2 seasons. Every one of the stats Armando pointed out goes RIGHT BACK to the O-line. Get that O-line together and offering RT an opportunity and THEN talk to me about benching him. 27 sacks on our QB and idiots are blaming HIM. He MAY be responsible for 10 of those sacks. The trouble when not blitzed shows lack of continuity with his receivers and routs... This is year ONE with a entirely new WR squad save Hartline. IT TAKES TIME...
I really don't give a shiznit about the daily trolls who come to this blog for a jerk off the Miami fans session... But it has to do with why I don't spend much time here... I do have my questions about these coaches... I'm concerned... But one thing a know and have known for MANY YEARS... Winning is the best deodorant there is... There are 10 games left in this season, lets see how many we can win before jumping ship... Jump ship now or until never and your just a quitter and a front runner... It's okay to B**ch... but it ain't okay to buy into trolls BS or run... That shiznit is for the losers and cowards....

ha! jets fan punching a woman in the face, only in Jersey..

Well I did see that in the parking lot of Ralph Wilson after Jimmy Johnson and Terrell Buckley effectively put the nail in the coffin of Jim Kelly's career.

Must be an Empire State of Mind thing...

Lets be real, we have no SHOT against the Pats, they're coming off a loss so are we the only difference is they have Brady.

Running the ball is the key I have no argument with that analogy, but how long can you sustain drives running the ball on every down? Sooner or later teams are going to stack the line and then where will we be? No running lanes and we are right back to relying on our OL to block on passing downs.

I am simply not convinced that the running game will help all that much unless we all of a sudden start picking up large chunks of yardage on first and second down. That hasn't happened much if at all the entire season. We are not intimidating anyone with our running game, that is a fact.

This offense was designed to pass first to open up the running game. If we were going to do the opposite we should have started the season with a fullback instead of a two tight end set with tight ends who can't run block.

We will end up just going from one extreme to the other and the end results will ultimately end up the same.

From Mark in Toronto:

And let's face it, Moore is no answer. he's never been anything in his career other than beating a few teams looking to improve their draft slot a few years back. Yeah, HE almost beat the Pats, yeah he ALMOST beat the super bowl champion Giants. Tannehill this year has ALMOST beat everyone excluding the Saints.

Normally I agree with you, but I have to disagree here. The team was completely different with Moore in vs. Henne. All of a sudden, receivers were catching the ball better, the backs were hitting the hole faster, and the whole team seemed to take it up a notch.

I'm not saying he's better than THill, BUT, he did a fantastic job. At that point in that season, I had basically given up on the year, and started listening to the games in my yard and enjoying the weather here in Phoenix. After a few games, he had me believing again, and I was really excited for the next year. He just has that "it" factor that makes everyone around him play harder. That's what Tannehill lacks, in my opinion.

I'm not giving up on Ryan, but I'd venture a guess that if for some reason he got hurt for a few games, Moore would really make a QB controversy in Miami.

Narrow minded coaching. I really despise Philbin and his coaching staff beginning with Sherman. Poor game planning and execution are not Ireland's fault but ultimately he is the one who made the hire. He hired an old man with no HC experience at any level and his even older OC and here we are. I have lost all confidence on them, Philbin's stuborness is here to stay, his last presser defending the undefensible call prior to the fumble is a slap to fans' intelligence. Seriously Mr. Philbin humbling a bit and admitting mistakes does wonders. Belichick when he has a lousy game coaching does man up and admits openly when he gets outcoached. It happens it sends a message to your players that mistakes were made and that only as a team those will get mended.

Philbin's persona alone was never a fit in Miami, Ireland went from the ultimate player coach who let players do whatever to Philbin. That almost never works (see Tampa). And it is not only in his dictatorial style but the lack of creativity. We are a young team why not seeing what we have in Sims and Egnew? Why waiving Kaddu and keepking Devlin, Yeatman when they can not even suit up. Unfortunately you can not teach an old dog new tricks and I really do not think Philbin will change his coaching style all of the sudden unless Ireland forces his hand. If the bad results continue Ireland at the very least should push for Sherman's firing or it will be him who will get the axe.

This isn't Nintendo!! Or Fantasy Football!!

I don't get how some people can think we can just plug Big Mac into the lineup with one week of practice in the Middle of the season. I understand the WCO let's a linemen learn the playbook rather quickly. But still it takes time. At least more than a week.

Jim More is pumping the tires of the Oregon Qb Marcus Mariota today. This could be just gamesmanship because I've never heard his name mentioned as a top prospect. I will watch that game closely this weekend.

By the way, that benjamin WR from FSU would be a nice add to our group. Big physical guy that loves to be physical...


GO GO!!!!!!!

READY!!!!! GO!!!!!!!


6'5 234, going to have to wait until 2105 draft for him to come out but Sammy Watkins from Clemson (Florida boy) will be a nice facsimile coming out this year.

Tannehill's poor passer rating in non-blitz situations has become a very alarming trend. You would think Mike Sherman is aware and worked with him to resolve this very disturbing trend.

Success with blitz reads suggests Tannehill has well versed himself in his hot reads. But his non-blitz ituations suggests a combination of things such as how quick are his progression reads, looking off defenders, holding ball too long, and pass protection.

Most of all, if he's still locking onto his receivers, this area will continue to b problematic and may never be resolved.

..Washfin..Right or wrong. First round picks are expected to play now..Especially top 10 guys...Now Tannehill may or may not have played much last year if Garrard would have stayed healthy. We will never know. I am glad it worked out how it did, and Tannehill was thrown into the fire. It just gave us another full season to evaluate him.

It isn't like it was even 3-4 years ago. The contracts are nothing like the outrageous deals rookies got back then(back then like we are talking back in the day..lol)..So teams aren't tied to guys like they once were. So the team gets to see what we have.

And that is the question. We all want to believe that Tannehill is the answer. That he is different then those others that teams cut early bait with. He has to improve. Plain and simple. There have been signs, we have seen some remarkable playmaking at times. We have also seen some inexcusable play. So where is the truth. Probably in the middle.

So is this team good enough to win games with a quarterback that is somewhere in the middle? I think that is going to be Tannehills profile. Never quite good enough to be a top tier guy, Not bad enough to be a bottom feeder. So how do we build a team around a guy that is never going to be better then just average? How do we stockpile our roster to hide the deficiencies of our quarterback?

Tannehill has a ways to go before the book is written on what he is(as a QB.) To me..The early evidence screems middle of the pack guy. Can we settle for this?

I would rather take my chances losing with Moore and saving THill for next season than losing close games by getting him killed. I mean where is the logic in this?

Everyone on this blog wants us to win and I happen to be one myself, but realistically the chances of us making the playoffs with the line we have now is a pipe dream. I mean how many times do you need to see whiffed blocks resulting in your franchise quarterback being planted on his back?

Moore is expendable, THill is not. Why is that so damn hard for fans to understand?

Mando said "When working in the slot against Jimmy Wilson, Stevie Johnson caught 3 of 4 passes for 34 yards. Versus everyone else, he caught 3 of 7 passes for 27 yards. So obviously the Wilson vs. Johnson match up was not a good one for Miami. Something to keep in mind for the teams' rematch in December."

Really Armando, do you honestly think this coaching staff will A. learn from their mistakes, or B. be willing to change their cast in concrete dogma that everything they do is correct in their myopic vision of how they are running this franchise into the ground?

Sorry to say Mssr. Salguero you are assuming that this coaching cabal is capable of introspection, or furthermore, an ability to admit when they are wrong.

Don't hold your breath for the Bills game in December I can almost guarantee a repeat of this past Sundays performance barring any injuries.

Dave, where a lot of people get snowed under re: that Matt Moore stint is that he did that against a bunch of teams that had given up. Also the defense started getting turnovers, Reggie Bush had the onbe and only good stretch of his career. Matt Moore made Reggie bush discover his Heisman or made Karlos Dansby and Sean Smith catch INTs?

No, Troop.

The dumbest thing I have seen in a while is someone starting C.Henne over D.Brees on their Fantasy Team. That person should be disqualified from talking football.

But agreed Benching T-Hill comes a close second.

Starting M.Moore only shows how incompetent someone is understanding the game. Or Understanding how the QB position is played.

Matt Moore isn't even the Best Athlete Named Matt Moore. Never mind him being better than Tannehill.

The one thing that stands out for me is the inability of our coaching staff to think out of the box. Or to even think well in the box. Or to even think well.

They seem to have a philosophy that they can fix the problems. They've proven that they can't. To bring this old, washed up OL in a week late is inexcussible. They are behind the time curve in every decision they make. It's almost like if they stop thinking of a problem it just may go away. Not!!

I'm putting the bulk of the last 3 losses on the coaches. They don't make moves until they, in their own minds, have their backs to the wall. It seems to be proving that they can't call the fire dept. until three of the six rooms of the house are on fire. If they don't call the fire dept. then the fire just might go away.

It appears, at this stage, that we picked the wrong HC and his hires haven't been any better. But we are stuck with him for at least another year. Hopefully he will figure out how to make changes in a timely manner. The old saying of 'the proper decision made to late is as bad as any wrong decision made on time'!!!

I don't see us running the ball effectively at all against Bellichik. He'll play 7-8 in the box and force Tannehill to beat him.

You can also believe Bellichik studied Tannehill's deepball inaccuracies. So we may even see lots of single coverage on Wallace. I mean, why double Wallace when 9 out of 10 throws Tannehill will underthrow him anyway?

Even if Wallace catches one, the underthrow will allow the defender to catch up and make the tackle. So, to have an success running the ball, we will have to do it against 7-8 man fronts.

When facing the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a 98.7 passer rating. Against no blitz, he produced both interceptions and a 52.5 QB rating.

Salguero: This has been a truism with Tannehill practically all season. He has been a poorer passer when he is not blitzed.


When he is not blitzed there are more defenders back in coverage and Tanne cannot decipher it, that is when he is throwing his picks.

When he is blitzed he does not have the time to decipher the coverage and that is when he getting sacked and fumbled.


ETF@ 11:35

Let's shift the blame over to Henne now.

The coaches have to make adjustments to their systems for the players that are on the team not the players having to adjust to the system ,it just dosent work for someone who has played this game all their life,while the coaches can adjust their schemes on paper.The NFL is full of old coaches just as congress is full of old congreesmen unwilling to change for the good of the whole.

Bellichik vs Tannehill? I don't believe we have a shot at winning unless we hold Brady to 10pts or less.

If Tannehill puts more than 13pts max on the score board. I will be totally shocked. Tannehill needs to play his best game as a Dolphin or the defense needs to hold the Pats to 3pts or less to guarantee a win.

It is obvious what T-Hill is doing with a statistic like that. If he is better when blitzed then sitting in the pocket he is obviously over thinking the throw.

Mark, I don't think anything will help Sean Smith catch interceptions!

Here's my point: I like baseball - in fact, the great Canadian Votto is my favorite player, but I digress. Anyway, I like baseball, but I love football.

In baseball, everyone is obsessed with stats and metrics, etc. Now, including Armando, lots of people are talking about PFF stats. Stats are great, but they don't tell the whole story, especially in football. How many times have we seen good stats, but we knew they were not the whole story? Like you, I watched all the games. I could just see, with my own eyes, the whole team stepped up when Moore was inserted. Maybe it was because they all knew Henne couldn't do it, but yes, I do think Moore made the whole team better. Youhad to see it too?!

I'm not saying bench THill....yet, but I am saying he could probably learn a few things from watching Moore play. People will say benching him will hurt his development, ruin his confidence. I say if that's the case, then he'll never lead this team where we all want it to go. Guys get benched all the time - The kind I want leading this team is the one who gets PO'd, not the one that pouts. I think Tannehill is the kind to quietly get PO'd, but I think if he has another poor showing, it may be time to pi$s him off.

Quick question. Who are the people that were arguing over the importance of a good left tackle and good oline? I distincty remember one or two people saying if we had playmakers the line didn't matter as much. I'm wondering who that was and if their opinion has now changed?

Posted by: Dashi | October 23, 2013 at 11:27 AM

LMAO, so true! Best post I've read on here in awhile.

Dave, re: Sean Smith and INTs, wearing red looks like it has helped.

I'm not saying bench Tannehill either, just too the coaches, buyer beware. Seen enough to conclude he's far from franchise.

If we're in premium position to take a premium qb in 2014's draft. I hope Ireland isn't afraid to pull the trigger. Then the draftee can sit the bench for his first season and take over for Tannehill the next.

I agree with you, Sam. Very little chance against NE. Belichik actually knows what he's doing. Our coaches don't seem to know what they're doing. The 3-0 start was a pleasant surprise, but good coaches adjust accordingly; ours do not. In spite of everything that has gone wrong, Tannehill has put the team in position to win 2 of the 3 losses at the end. Sacked both times = missed (very long) FG and sack/fumble. He's coming close, without the coaches' help.

Some QBs just can't look down field and see what is really happening. There have been QBs drafted high who have suffered from this fate. I keep thinking that he will learn. But at what time might this happen or might this never happen. In any event I'm beginning to sense that Tannehill isn't the answer to a maiden's prayer.

The biggest problem with this scenario is that it would put us back to square one. So I hope the fellow learns. Getting help from our coaching stall may not be of any help. So it boils down to either he has it or he doesn't!

The good QBs in this league know where their receivers are and a very good sense of where the defenders are and where they're going to be. Brady, Manning and Brees always seem to be throwing to the right receivers. That's not an accident. Not that they don't make the occasional mistake but it's a game played by humans.

We started THill too soon, period. I don't care if he was a first round pick or not. We had a perfectly capable QB in Moore that could have given us basically the same results we got from THill last season. Sitting your rookie for a year has always been the proper way to break in your new toy.

Yeah I understand the analogy of starting him to give him reps and to see what we have, but didn't we already see enough of what he had in college? Develop your franchise quarterback slowly, make him carry the clip board for at least one year. Use Pennington as his mentor to help him develop and then play him the next season.

Nhfin fan all of the qbs you listed got three to four years to prove themselves. Tannehill has less experience than any of them at the same point in his career. He also had absolutely no one to throw to last year and still beat Marinos rookie passing record. Tannehill has also got better in every important statisticl category for a qb. Im just saying its too early to be talking about throwing in the towel.

I would love to see Kaepernick,wilson, or rg3 behind this line with these backs and tight ends ,all of whom can not block. Fans would be talking about replacing them while ignoring the main issue? Probably.

The only valid reason to start Moore would be to save Thill's life the rest of the season.
The Pat's defense looked like crap against the Jets. The Jets ran at will against them. Which means Sherman will have THill drop back 75% of the time and get killed again.
So Martin gave up 4 hurries against the Bills. So wherease he is an upgrade over Clabo at RT (my sofa would be), let's not forget the turnstile Martin was at RT last year.

By the way, not avoid your issue Dave, but my attitude toward that season is somewhat jaded. I think the leaders on that team were totally unprepared for that season (remember labour strife resolved at the 11th hour) and really didn't care about playing and really didn't fear Sparano's wrath.

Then the season started so poorly and really the only player that looked ready to play was Henne. Then he got injured, suck for Luck became the mantra. Several of the high paid players also became aware that their jobs were on the line because the coach was on the outs and decided to lay it out on the line against teams like the Redksins (where Snider was more than happy to tank looking at the top qbs on the board), Buffalo which was pathetic, NYJ who were falling apart, etc.

I do remember a mediocre Dallas team throwing Matt Moore and that team around after spotting them a lead. I do remember the Giants scoring at will in the 2nd half as I do remember the Pats doing the same after getting a wakeup call.

Matt Moore was a mirage for that half season (he still barely managed to average 200 yards passing per game in that stretch) and did turn over the ball a lot too. had more turnovers than TDs thanks to his propensity for fumbles with twice the line we have now.

But good for Moore. he knows he got lucky for that stretch and is still gettign paid for it. I don't begrudge him that. Do I want him to be the Qb of the Miami Dolphins? HECK NO, UNDER NO CRCUMSTANCES BEYOND INJURY.

P78, we know how Wilson does behind a line that can't block. he has more turnovers than TDs too. He gets bailed out by a superior running game and a coach that wants to run and a defense that knows how to play and forces the issue and causes an incredibly high # of turnovers.

That is the diff between Miami and Seattle. We have this passive style of play on defense - they do not and they impose themselves on the running game.

Well I've seen how some fans in here are dealing with adversity and I can only say I hope the team has more balls and has not given up as well. Some of you, I would NEVER want next to me in a fox hole.

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