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PFF and Salguero look back at Bills loss

This is the space were the pithy lead to the blog goes. As today I've already used up all my inviting prose, kindly go straight to the factoids and film study of Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills courtesy my partners at ProFootballFocus.com:


RT Tyson Clabo had his worst grade of the season (-4.6), allowing two sacks and seven hurries.

Salguero: Clabo will be replaced at right tackle by Jonathan Martin on Sunday against the Patriots or by next Thursday against the Bengals as the Dolphins shift the veteran to the bench after he's allowed eight sacks in six games. The only thing that might keep Clabo in the starting lineup is an unexpected injury or if newly acquired left tackle Bryant McKinnie takes at least a game to learn the Miami offense.

Salguero: Although Clabo gave up the two sacks, no other Miami offensive lineman allowed a sack. In fact, Martin was the only other lineman to allow so much as a hurry or hit on Tannehill. Martin gave up three hits and four hurries. Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito and John Jerry were clean in keeping Tannehill alive.

TE Charles Clay picked up his worst grade of the season (-3.4), with the majority of it (-2.4) coming in the run game.

TE Dion Sims saw his most snaps since Week 2 (24), but he was blocking on 19 of them.

Salguero: Dolphins coaches don't seem to have a very high regard for Sims as a pass catcher. They think his value is blocking. Obviously, I haven't seen him in a practice since training camp but he was developing at that time as a pass catcher. It's unknown whether that development in the passing game slowed or coaches are simply misjudging Sims.

When facing the blitz, quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a 98.7 passer rating. Against no blitz, he produced both interceptions and a 52.5 QB rating.

Salguero: This has been a truism with Tannehill practically all season. He has been a poorer passer when he is not blitzed.

Lamar Miller rushed for 43 yards and he picked up 38  of those after contact.

Both Miami running backs had good days making space for themselves. Daniel Thomas forced seven missed tackles on his 12 carries. Miller made five guys miss on his nine carries.

Mike Wallace caught 3 of 4 targets against Aaron Williams and Stephon Gilmore for 64 yards, but just 2 of 6 targets against Leodis McKelvin for 12 yards.


Randy Starks continued his rampaging season with a +6.6 grade and four hurries, one hit and a sack. He is the 7th ranked DT this season.

The Dolphins continued to limit their two highest paid pass rushers. Cameron Wake, returning to health from a knee injury, got only 22 snaps in the game -- 14 of those were pass-rush snaps. Dion Jordan, the No. 3 overall pick, got only 26 snaps, with 19 of those on passing plays.

Salguero: Jordan is primarily a pass-rusher. Of his 19 snaps on passing plays, he rushed the quarterback 18 times and dropped into coverage only once. Jordan finished the game with one tackle, one quarterback hit and two hurries.

Salguero: Coach Joe Philbin said Wake is 100 percent healthy but he didn't want to push Wake toward a full workload on his first full game back. Look for Wake to get his usual number of snaps, perhaps double what he got last week, against New England. Wake got minimal production from his snaps. He had only one hurry and one tackle against the Bills.

Without MLB Dannell Ellerbe collecting most of the tackles in the middle of the defense as he usually does, Reshad Jones had his best game of the season with a sack and 6 defensive stops.

Jimmy Wilson was locked in at nickel corner, playing 34 snaps. Meanwhile, Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson split No. 2 cornerback duties, with Carroll logging 38 plays and Patterson 30.

When working in the slot against Jimmy Wilson, Stevie Johnson caught 3 of 4 passes for 34 yards. Versus everyone else, he caught 3 of 7 passes for 27 yards. So obviously the Wilson vs. Johnson match up was not a good one for Miami. Something to keep in mind for the teams' rematch in December.

Patterson allowed two catches on three targets, while Carroll gave up three catches on three targets.


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Scratching my head at all the Tannehill finger pointing. Aside from last week, I haven't seen many mistakes from him. BTW, he did get the lead back with 3 TD passes and that shouldn't go unnoticed.

How can you blame the strip sack on him or the lower QBR rating on 4 man rushes for that matter? The dude can't even look at his first read on more than half the sacks he has taken. EVERY QB needs protection to make accurate throws

A foxhole? Come on, nobody is being shot at! It's just football, and a lack of confidence in the commanding officers.


I gotta admit you've changed your tune from where you were a couple of years ago. It was you and DCwho told me over and over againthat you take a QB every year until you are CONVINCED that you have your QB. Are you convinced this is the guy? I'm not. I thought he was after we were 3-0 but he's disappeared the last three weeks.

As things stand right now, i'd draft another QB. Third round or higher (not at the expense of getting a top tackle). If he shows he's got it in the next ten games then great but right now he hasn't shown it, IMO. At best, I think he'llbe on the edge of being a top ten QB, which isfine but that might be being overly optimistic.

Starting Tannehill early may not be the problem. Not being able to see downfield may be his biggest problem and one that just might not be correctable. He already has shown that he has no pocket presence. Steeping up or sliding away from the rush is second nature to the average to better QBs. He's like a statue that just doesn't seem to be processing the information his brain is receiving.

No doubt he can throw a football threw a brick wall and make 'all the throws necessary for a pro QB'. But if you can't process as to where and when to use the 'NFL' arm it's don't mean a thing!

Hey I'm not trying to argue you guys are wrong or right about Tannehill, who knows, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

But Truth, you're bashing him for the overthrow to Hartline?!

1. Tannehill was once again scrambling in the pocket because his other receivers were well covered and the line let the pressure through.

2. He was running forward when he threw the ball. It is hard to throw a 35 yard strike when you are running forward, throws off your accuracy.

If he was standing still in the pocket, with a little time, and STILL made that throw I would completely agree. That was not the case.

You guys have to use better examples while trying to prove why we should all give up on the qb.

But it also worthwhile to mention that three QBs with worthless offensive lines have more turnovers than tds. Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Eli Manning. Surely they don't all suck.

And a 4th is even .. Joe Flacco

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 23, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Oh boy, this is WAYYY to rational, the quitters will not like it! :)

Fair enough Mark. I just recall things a little different. We were on our way to an 0-16 to maybe a 3-13 season at best, and then Henne went down.

In SPITE of having Daboll as his OC, Sporano as his coach, a weak WR corps, and in my opinion, another poor offensive line (isn't that the season when Long was hurt, and ultimately put on IR?), he won games.

Moore wasn't pretty, but he got the job done. It's an overused term, but he's a gamer.

Is he better than Tannehill in the long run? I doubt it. Is he someone that Tannehill could learn something from watching? I think so. I respect your opinion though.

Posted by: Kris | October 23, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Kris this was a great post and I understand you a little better but there's a problem. Ha

You say you're just being objective. Tannehill had a bad game and now you're saying he will never be better than a mediocre qb. Those were your words, 7-9 is what you said. You have set his ceiling for his career already.

When he won you weren't exclaiming him to be the franchise qb, just saying he had a great game.

So great game equals meh, with you and bad game equals his career is over?

I do not blame the fumble on Tannehill, that was an unavoidable strip sack. I do blame him for 2 absolutely terrible ints. One, an absolutely horrible read(pic 6), the other an absolutely terrible pass into the end zone with zero pressure at the time.

An alarming trend is beginning with his ints. Either terrible reads or terrible throws. Even when he isn't under terrible pressure.

What a saw Sunday was a QB that played down to his level of competition. What I want is a guy that steps up and wins the games he's supposed to win. I thought that was Tannehill but I'm not sure any more. I don't want to speak for Kris but I think this is also the point he's trying to make.

I think the guy's a bit lost right now. Maybe even shell shocked. They're trying to get him to get rid of the ball quicker and to have better pocket presence and I think he's thinking too much and it's messing up his rythymn. He doesn't look like the same guy to me.

Now I hope comes out Sunday and has a Hell of a game and shuts me up. THAT would show me something. I just want him to do well and for the team to win. I'm not seeing that right now.

I'm not 100% convinced Tannehill is the franchise qb either, just think the coaches are asking too much of him at this early stage of his career. He's no Andrew Luck...
Drafting a qb every year, regardless of what round, or even signing a rookie fa is an excellent strategy/insurance policy, as Green Bay has proven over the years. Sooner or later you hit the jackpot. Even if they're only used as trade bait. Better than drafting useless scrubs that get cut anyway.

I do not blame the fumble on Tannehill, that was an unavoidable strip sack. I do blame him for 2 absolutely terrible ints. One, an absolutely horrible read(pic 6), the other an absolutely terrible pass into the end zone with zero pressure at the time.

An alarming trend is beginning with his ints. Either terrible reads or terrible throws. Even when he isn't under terrible pressure. I'm still not comfortable with his pocket presence when it looks things are going to break down. He never seems to have a prayer of escaping.

Sorry guys, I was late to the game today so I'm sorry if I'm answering old posts and talking about things you guys might have already addressed. I don't have time to read all (just some) of the posts.

Still waiting to hearback from 'Rick', who claimed that both picks were 'because Tannehil's hand was hit'.......Lol. priceless!!

Where'd you go 'Rick'? Are you still stoned?

By the way, this is a great post and something I've wanted for a while. I hate that Tannehill has no competition. I say grab a qb until one rises to the top. So I like this idea very much. Let the two battle it out in camp, if Tannehill wins fair and square so be it.

My thing is I know it's not an absolute necessity to have an elite franchise qb. A franchise qb can be a great leader who is maybe at the lower end of the top ten imo. He doesn't have to be "elite". It's extremely difficult to identify who may become elite unless they are like Luck in college, the consensus #1 qb in the country. So you make due.

But that doesn't mean you stop looking. You keep drafting and pushing your mediocre qb to be better or to be replaced.

f we're in premium position to take a premium qb in 2014's draft. I hope Ireland isn't afraid to pull the trigger. Then the draftee can sit the bench for his first season and take over for Tannehill the next.

Posted by: Sam I Am | October 23, 2013 at 11:55 AM

(The great post I was referring to)

True Mark. The funny thing is I just heard Coyle say their defense was an aggressive attacking one and I was like,,,whhaaaaaaa? I thought he was talking about the Bills but nope, it was the phins.

Mark I agree Moore is definitely not the answer long term, but he may be the only option to save THill in the short term. If the line does not perform better in the next few games it may be time to pull the plug on THill till the next draft before we end up having to waste another high pick on another project QB.

Believe me I get it, no one wants to pull the plug, too big of an investment to simply just bench him, but isn't that like taking out your brand new Ferrari into a hail storm, when you could just as easily drive your Pinto?

I mean am I missing something here or are we all just so desperate to win at any cost? Has it really come to this?

"I think the guy's a bit lost right now. Maybe even shell shocked. They're trying to get him to get rid of the ball quicker and to have better pocket presence and I think he's thinking too much and it's messing up his rythymn. He doesn't look like the same guy to me."

Craig this is a great comment and I would like to add to it if I could. Square pegs in round holes. That is the theme for the season. They have mandadted to thill that they want him to get comfortable in the pocket. They told us they don't want the qb running around a lot because that's how they get injured. Tannehill is staying in that pocket do or die and it's hurting his game.

Sure he's doing better than last year but we can all see it can be more, and should be if he were allowed to do what he is best at. I feel like Sherman is handcuffing the kid and treating him like a baby, it's his boy from college after all. Tell him to USE HIS INSTINCTS! Stop trying to mold him into something he is not at this point. Let him grow into that pocket passer but when your line sucks this bad let the kid roam.

Running game is working? KEEP WITH IT! Why are these coaches always overthinking things? Just play to your players strengths until you get the pieces that will be able to run a zone blocking scheme.

Yeah I have to agree with Craig as well....he doesn't look like the same player he was last season and I completely agree with your points as well Phins78.

T-hill a bust? No he will not be top tier QB ( lacks pocket awareness ), but I think a mid-road QB can win a super bowl.

Eli manning ( not this year) or Joe Flaco then we have something. You need defense and power running game in the NFL. Makes a top 15 QB look great.

I would rather spend draft on O-line and defense (maybe TE). Draft a QB in in mid rounds with supposed strong QB draft. Just not sure that Ireland is the guys to build it anymore.
anything less than 10-6 and he should be gone.

Hate to admit it:), but I also agree with Craig on Tannehill being "shell shocked." The kid has taken a beating, and is still keeping this team competitive. Also agree with Phins78 @ 12:35. Coaches are NOT helping their young qb, as many of us have been saying. I think it's unreasonable to draft a qb with his limited experience and expect him to carry the team...

I see improvement in Tannehill. He rarely throws the poor passes that he did in the Bills game...they're anomalies to his game. He needs to improve in areas of his pocket awareness and a little bit on his accuracy, but overall I still think he deserves this season and next to work out the kinks.

In full disclosure, we're very average across the board in just about every area of our offense, with our OL below average: QB (currently average)Receivers are average, RBs average to below average, TEs average to below average. We have an all-star Guard, an all-star NT, and our receivers, while not exceptional, can get open.

Despite all of those things, we still move the ball. To succeed THIS YEAR we really just need our OL to stabilize and eliminate the sacks (especially in crucial situations).

I agree with Phins78, we can't lose 4 in a row, especially to Pats.

What scares me is Sherman vs Bilicheat.

And I hate Coyle...

That being said , we better win BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!


I have to agree with the posts that state it's best for the Dolphins to draft another QB. Moore is an expensive backup and he did not perform well in the last two preseasons if my memory is correct (and it's often not correct - lol).

Drafting another QB promotes competition, insures against injury, gives the team an option in the event of sustained subpar performance by the starter, and provides for the option of trading a developing QB for drafts and/or players.

Tannehill, due to limited experience, and subpar talent around him, and subpar coaching is still something of a mystery at this point.

I finally found the Dolphins blog you guys mentioned. DolphinsTruth dot com. Great article today about Mike Sherman. I like the guy, but the article opens my eyes

Go fins

Wow,Keith, I just read that one too. Very eye-opening indeed.

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