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Philbin promises 'minor' adjustments

The anticipation that the bye week would give the Dolphins coaching staff the opportunity to come to the rest of the season with a new approach and new philosophy was obviously unrealistic. But significant changes based on honest introspective study might also have been too much to expect, if you believe coach Joe Philbin.

"We had three days we were in the office after the Baltimore game," he said Wednesday. "The staff took some time off. The players obviously took some time off. Most of that time, once we got through the Baltimore film and showed it to the players was devoted to ourselves primarily, number one, before we moved on to Buffalo.

"Certainly, I think there will be some adjustments that you will see. You can’t make a lot of wholesale. We will still do the things we do and believe in, but there will be some minor adjustments."

Minor adjustments?

Well, top on that list offensively might be getting the ball out quicker. No, you won't see more three-step drops because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is wary of teams jumping routes.

But quicker passes might be in order. Receiver screens that proved successful when used sparingly early on might become more of a staple -- they get the ball in the hands of receivers, give them a chance to make a play in space, and keep Ryan Tannehill from getting hit.

You might see a moving pocket now and again.

You might see the team actually move Mike Wallace around a bit -- something done frustratingly little so far.

On defense, you might see more pressure blitzes from the outside -- with Koa Misi.

You might see just a bit more of rookie Dion Jordan.

It's not going to be "wholesale" changes, according to Philbin.

But a little adjustment can't be bad.


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Yeah right, just win the damn game.

I'd like to see a little more of Jamar Taylor this week too. Not saying this guy is ready to start but I think he's ready to contribute more. I think his guy is going to be a good pro when it's all said and done.

How a bout a draw, a reverse once in a while? Buff is going to be tough to run on.

How about having tanny throw to the rb when getting blitzed? I like that the kid hangs in the pocket looking for the big play, but most times the line starts breaking down and miller or thomas are running free and tanny doesnt even look towards them. Danny boy needs to put on some tape of himself checking down to a rb snd say here's how you do it kid.

Can't expect much from Tannehill as a QB yet. However you turn it, long experience is needed in a QB and he's only been playing the position for 21/2 yrs now.

How about a W!! If we can't beat the Bills with Thad Lewis at QB we better be making some big changes.

Like back to the drawing board.

I've got a good feeling though. Gonna be 4-2 with an improving o-line. (Fingers crossed bigtime)

We will win the next two games. At 5-2 and a win over the Pats, the fin buzz will be back.



Or he could take a dive to keep us outside the wildcard looking in.

Probably Marino, Manziel were QBs in their High Schools. Not fair to compare Tannehill to them.

Flea flicker dipsdit

Fraud gargles with it, then swallows, then smiles, then goes aaaahhhh. He still has one true forgiving friend here.

Seems to me that our OLine is getting worse by the Game. Zone blocking takes amazing coordination between linemen, TEs, RBs, QB. It takes a long time to get it going properly. They might put it together any week now, or never to be.

Could we be so lucky to have dodged CJ Spiller? He didn't practice Today and always gives us problems.

I mean, with all the breaks that we have had this Season, the latest biggie being Mayo out, if we don't win the Division this year it's apaga y vamonos, turn off our lights and go somewhere else.

If Tanny gets rid of the ball a tad faster and we rush more than 3 on 3rd and longs we will be just fine. Living in the New England area I get stuck watching the Patsies play. With as flawed as they are they know how to win. I don't see the Fins winning in a couple of weeks, I hope I am wrong.

Whatever happened to Danny Watkins

Watkins was a total bust. Why do fin fans always have high expectations another teams trash will be our fortune?


Let's just play football

Man, in this League, especially this Year, you take no Game for granted. You just go about your business and forget about any predictions or any lines.

Why sign Watkins and not even give him a chance. Can't be worse than Jerry

Frank, you ask why. Well you don't see the practices. They wouldn't hesitate to use him if he showed anything. Watkins has been a bust since day 1.

This Organization, Frank, sometimes works in mysterious ways.

I told you before: you keep pushing me I'm going to have to hold you by the ears again.

Hey Kris,

Your ETF is here...and waiting.

I speak only of football related matters in here until I' attacked.

The offense line should have been the only concern during bye, fixing the o-line solves all problems run and ball protection....

My Halloween Costume: Shirtless with a cigar in my mouth =
Tony Soprano (the real one not the failed HC)

How about a W!! If we can't beat the Bills with Thad Lewis at QB we better be making some big changes.

Like back to the drawing board.

Dolfan Rick | October 16, 2013 at 07:18 PM

Lewis injury seems like it will sideline him, all indications are we will face Matt Flynn just signed off the Raiders scrap heap in a bit of irony given the Flynn love some had before the Tannehill drafting!

Its the QB you MORONS.

Switch the QB the Quarterback, that's the problem

Can't expect much from Tannehill as a QB yet. However you turn it, long experience is needed in a QB and he's only been playing the position for 21/2 yrs now.

oscar canosa | October 16, 2013 at 07:16 PM


Ryan Tannehill was the starting QB for Big Springs H.S. in Texas! He started his Jr. and Sr. Seasons leading his team to the Texas St. Playoffs (saying something the way they take H.S. Ball in Tex) When recruited at Texas A&M he redshirted then incoming Coach Mike Sherman moved him to WR to have his BEST PLAYERS ON THE FIELD!

Cowboys back-up Stephen McGee was the starter with more experience, PERIOD! Plus Tannehill became a victim of his own success posting Fr. records for a WR at A&M which kept him there longer than maybe he would have liked but took over half way through his Jr. Yr. and led the Aggies to upsets of 11th ranked Okla. moving into the top-25 were he stayed with wins over RG3's Baylor and #9 Nebraska.

As a Sr. threw for over 3,500 Yds and 29 Td's! I mean yeah it wasn't a BIG body of work in College because of splitting time at WR but he's been playing QB his whole life! Go WIKI Tom Brady by comparison who split time with the Wolverines Rocket armed Drew Henson because H.C. Lloyd Carr liked Henson more and you'll notice that Brady didn't have that many more starts and if not for a memorable Orange Bowl Classic performance isn't so much as a foot note!

This myth about were Tannehill played or what Pos. it was is something Mayock and his NFL Net. show on Path to the Draft perpetrated because of the WR history building up his Pro Day at College Station (curiosity/ratings) were we all know he SUPER EXCELLED. Hey he also doubled as a Punter in H.S. and did some as well in College were he actually once punted a ball over 70 Yds. maybe we should move him there? Could be that's his Natural Pos.? JEEZ!

When Mich won Natl Cship in 2007 Brien Griese was starter and Brady was backup. Lloyd Carr considered them equal.

Ape Tamer is a moron.

Finfan615 is also a moron. It's like you guys don't even watch football.

We dropped a DT, Austin; this usually signals an acquisition. My guess is a LT from somewhere. I hope, I hope, I hope.

GO FINS!! BEAT the Bills!!!!

Probably Marino, Manziel were QBs in their High Schools. Not fair to compare Tannehill to them.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 16, 2013 at 07:33 PM

Tannehill started playing QB as a Junior in High School. As a junior, he passed for 1,410 yards. He also went to the playoffs as a senior, where he passed for 1,258 yards.
When he went to Texas A&M, it was as a QB. He was beat out by the 2nd year starter there and was lucky to have Sherman come in and allow him to play WR until he had the opportunity to compete for the QB position the following year. He attended EVERY SINGLE QB meeting and continued to throw and practice at QB while playing scout QB for several of A&M's games. RT17 took over after 6 games in 2010 at starting QB. Completing 19 games before the 2012 draft.

I'm not certain why, but there are still those people who belief Ryan Tannehill just decided out of "Nowhere" to be a QB. That is the farthest thing from the truth. He decided early on in Pop Warner where he played the position. So many just don't understand the football atmosphere and level of QB competition at younger ages in Texas. If your the coaches son... you play QB. If not you wait your turn and earn it.

Regardless or any of that crap... Tannehill is playing on par with some damned big names. His ratings and statistical work speaks for itself... he also is a key reason his NFL team has a winning record, something a couple losses in a row makes fans forget. But everyone knows that the "Fans only blow when the team is hot in Miami"........

Of course he's gonna say 'minor' adjustments... What do u want him to do, Give away the gameplan?!!!

I'm beginning to wonder if Philbin is any better than Sparano.

Not fair to compare a pro quarterback to another pro quarterback ? You don't get to learn how to play quarterback while in the NFL . By the time you get to the NFL one should be getting acclimated to the speed and defenses . This is yet another not so good pick. A big arm doesn't mean you can play the position . That said , the coaching staff isn't a good one either. Perhaps with better coaching Tannehill has a chance .It took Terry Bradshaw a few years but he had a great hard nose coach . I can wait until we don't make the playoffs again . Maybe then we can say goodbye to Mr. Ireland and have a chance of bringing in a coach that will put the good players we have in positions to win .Everyone's talking about the offensive line and rightly so .But I see a defense that hasn't been able to get off the field most of the time . These guys were supposed to be good and are not performing like it. Not because of the player personal, but because they're not in the right defense at the right time. There is no creativity on defense. Just as there isn't any in the offensive calls. Tannehill is a sitting duck. I know watching the game in living room on the west coast that the ball will be snapped on the second GO GO .Mix it up. Use different cadence, throw in some numbers, snap the ball on the 1st or 4th go. How about a silent count? This is a coaching problem . Who's been hiring the coaches for this team for he last several years? J.I....Time for him to go so the dolphins can bring in a coach that elevates the level of team play. I'm tired of watching the jets go from the bottom of the division to the top ...tired of watching the Pats win year in and out after losing key players to free agency . Now it appears that the Bills are a solid threat again or at least on the rise . All the while , the Dolphins stay at or near the bottom of the division.If Mr. Ross doesn't make a GM change after we miss the playoffs again this year ,the City of Miami should demand the team be sold . Bring in Gruden or Cower and let them pick their own players so the Franchise can be a contender again .

Disgruntled DolFan

When Mich won Natl Cship in 2007 Brien Griese was starter and Brady was backup. Lloyd Carr considered them equal.

ExposingTheFraud | October 16, 2013 at 09:28 PM

Sorry! But I remember that Mich. team well back when Bob Griese was a College Football broadcaster and did a few of his sons games. Brady was a Soph. on the 97 Nat'l Championship team with Heisman winner on D Chsrles Woodson and ZERO threat to Griese! Brady split time as a starter going in and out ALA Woodstrock with Henson in 98-99 until the rocket armed Henson quit and went to play baseball. Now if you including Bowl games that's a grand total of 24 starts! Tannehill had 19 starts that means Brady had a grand total of 5 more Collegiate starts than Tannehill which was my original point and by the way it's a known fact Brady wasn't Carr's guy because he didn't recruit him.

The sign of a good QB is he makes everyone around him better. Tannehill makes everyone around him worse. A trade for a QB or at least a switch to Matt Moore is required now.

Posted by: CA Fin | October 16, 2013 at 09:55 PM


It's in the Breeze... Troop..!!! | October 16, 2013 at 09:52

Glad somebody else knows the truth! Go up a little and read CA Fin @9:55 he's also under the impression that Tannehill simply decided to play QB one day and was drafted on a hunch, they all have potential the key is acclimating to the speed and complex scheme's of the Pro game. That said I agree with you that he's keeping pace with the better QB's this Yr. while QB'ing a 3-2 team, you'd think he had thus far had great pass protection while throwing 20 picks in his 1st five games the way some on here post!

Philbin didn't say much as usual, but I believe the man is smarter than his tired expression displays. He is being coy and for good reason.

I believe this Sunday you will see some major changes in 5 key areas:

1. There will be a change in the blocking scheme of the OL. No more fancy dances up front for these fellas, nope, man blocking by golly! (which these bruisers are built for). This will open up holes for the running game, which will be heavily featured.

2. Wallace will be moved around more to set up mismatches.

3. THill will not stand in the pocket like a statue waiting to be clobbered, he will rollout by design and not by necessity.

4.The receivers will not drop a single pass that hits them in the hands. Do you hear that Wallace??

5. We will protect the ball on offense and take it away on defense, we must win the turnover battle period.

See nothing to worry about here, everything will be just fine...lol

The problem with football and most sports, is that the integrity of the game is lost. Too many bad calls. The Saints got a bad deal from the refs on a few calls against NE.


1. Why are certain plays not reviewable? It makes NO SENSE. All plays should be reviewable...like the false start against NO that was clearly encroachment by NE.

2. We send probes into interstellar space, we launch satellites like they were frisbees. Why does the NFL refuse to adopt 21 century technology to help enforce the rules??? They could easily and cheaply put sensors in the ball to know when it crosses a line or has touched the ground.

It all means nothing without integrity of the game, and there is very little of it. As things currently are, the system is corrupt and the champions each year are maybe not the real champions.

alot more screens to lamar should keep the D honest.

In the Bleacher report they graded Ireland’s draft this year, and it’s pretty dismal; in fact 85% of his picks in the last 3 years are glorified busts!

Watkins was signed off the scrap heap.....no risk to sign him, no investment....if the dude cant play (and he apparently cant) then the Fins took a shot, took a look at him, and will likely move on.....or play him a little just to see.....no harm, no risk, no big deal.

Now I see why they call him Craig Moron! He is also a liar Joe Banner and Lombardi never said Joe Thomas was untouchable...NEVER! As far as the cap goes the Moron also doesn't understand that however much the players he covets make this year comes off the books for next year.....so if we have almost $19 million right now then 2014 we should be back around $30 million. We can sign our own players as well as some FA. That MORON really needs to get a brain.....maybe he should ask the Wizard for a brain like the scarecrow!!

Some information to back up the facts above...This is what comes off the books on March 1st.

Soliai $6million
Starks $8.4million
Grimes $5.5million
Keller $4.25million
Clabo $3.5million
Incognito $4.33million

Add to that the bump in salary cap.....we should be about $30-40 million under the cap. Facts are a terrible thing for a MORON!!

In the Bleacher report they graded Ireland’s draft this year, and it’s pretty dismal; in fact 85% of his picks in the last 3 years are glorified busts!

Posted by: Haik | October 16, 2013 at 11:14 PM

The WORST GM in NFL history.

Craig M for Moron is canadien and knows nothing about football. Ice fishing is his thing.

Henne > TanneBust

Please pass protect better and win this week. Can't take all the haters. Outside of the o line this is a damn good team...granted, that's a pretty important part.

You people want to believe so desperately that Tannereach is the answer lmao. Hope and Glory boy Tannereach will disappoint. People here are talking about his "numbers" stacking up against the league's best wtf. Six td's, five int's through five games. He's shown no ability to be the franchise quarterback that every team needs to be elite in today's NFL. Throws behind receivers, has no accuracy on his deep ball and no pocket presence. These things can't be fixed. I don't know if you people are noobs or just blinded by your own need to believe. Some of you need to get real. The next Dolphins franchise quarterback is not on the roster. Can't wait to read the comments here when Tannereach washed out.

It's too early to grade this years draft. Ireland's big failure is the line. He's done a decent job at improving other positions. Not great, but decent. Please hire new scouts whatever you got to do to draft a couple good linemen next year. Ireland sux at drafting receivers also, outside of Hartline. They burned a lot of cash upgrading that position cause he sux at that as well. ....I've seen some improvement but we won't know for sure until this season is over. If the Fins don't make the playoffs he's got to be gone.

If your a Phins hater this year is turning out quite nicely. Starting with a poor pre-season and Keller getting hurt. Sure I would prefer that the team have the record they should have at 1-4. Yet the fact is they are playing like a 1-4 team. The Dolphins offensive line is the worst in football. Jeff Ireland's latest draft has produced nothing in the way of contributors (again, ensuring more years of losing). While he isn't a complete bust, throwing interceptions, Tannehill will never be anything more than a mediocre QB (which ensures no Super Bowl for many years to come). Most importantly, the Dolphins big free agent splash has been little more than a fart in a bathtub. Although according to the team's mentally ill (delusional) fan base, every single one of the Dolphins free agent acquisitions were sure to be improvements. In reality it would have been successful if only half of the free agent players turned out to be answers. Yet again Ireland's keen eye for talent has produced squat. Clabo = bust. Louis = bust. Wheeler = bust. Ellerbe = bust. Keller = injury bust. The best part is the fact that Wallace is a bust. He was never worth the money that Iredunce payed him and he's not a #1. Him and Tannereach simply can't connect and if it hasn't happened thus far, in practice, the pre-season, or in the regular season then it never will. In addition, Lamar Miller is hardly the replacement for Reggie Bush that Iredunce and the team's mentally ill fans thought he would be. The team has no QB, no OL, no RB, no #1 WR, no LB's and no secondary. It's also starting to appear obvious that Philbin and Sherman aren't the men for the jobs either. Add it all up and you still have a mediocre team that can't beat the better teams in the NFL. Same $ h i t, different year, 3-0 start and things were warm and fuzzy lol. Now they're 3-2, could very well be 4-2 after this weekend, yet the team is still what it has been for years and there will be no playoffs. Try dealing in reality. Patriots sweep this team.

Pray for new ownership.

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