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Philbin promises 'minor' adjustments

The anticipation that the bye week would give the Dolphins coaching staff the opportunity to come to the rest of the season with a new approach and new philosophy was obviously unrealistic. But significant changes based on honest introspective study might also have been too much to expect, if you believe coach Joe Philbin.

"We had three days we were in the office after the Baltimore game," he said Wednesday. "The staff took some time off. The players obviously took some time off. Most of that time, once we got through the Baltimore film and showed it to the players was devoted to ourselves primarily, number one, before we moved on to Buffalo.

"Certainly, I think there will be some adjustments that you will see. You can’t make a lot of wholesale. We will still do the things we do and believe in, but there will be some minor adjustments."

Minor adjustments?

Well, top on that list offensively might be getting the ball out quicker. No, you won't see more three-step drops because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is wary of teams jumping routes.

But quicker passes might be in order. Receiver screens that proved successful when used sparingly early on might become more of a staple -- they get the ball in the hands of receivers, give them a chance to make a play in space, and keep Ryan Tannehill from getting hit.

You might see a moving pocket now and again.

You might see the team actually move Mike Wallace around a bit -- something done frustratingly little so far.

On defense, you might see more pressure blitzes from the outside -- with Koa Misi.

You might see just a bit more of rookie Dion Jordan.

It's not going to be "wholesale" changes, according to Philbin.

But a little adjustment can't be bad.


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Texas Dolphan,

Ireland doesn't draft receivers. Only two have been drafted higher than the 5th round. Mediocre Hartline in the 4th and bust Patrick Turner in the 3rd. He discounts the position. Instead focusing on the defensive line. His blue print for a team is the 85' Bears who didn't have great receivers. Ireland believes if you can pressure the QB with your front four throwing in occasional blitzes then you can win. He's a dinosaur same as Parcells. Today it's about offense not defense. Ireland doesn't draft LB's as well. Koa Misi is his only high pick at LB in six years. He believes LB's can be had in free agency. He has been wrong here twice now. It is not too early to judge Ireland's 2013 draft. The players aren't making plays through ten games. They likely never will. Dion Jordan is the only one who has shown anything at all.

Just run the dang ball!!! That will help this team more than anything. We need a balanced Offence. Sherman needs to call more runs and stick with it. Make the Defense honor the run and that will take a lot of the heat off of the passing game. Gotta make some adjustments in the blocking scheme. We don't have zone-blocking prototypical linemen! We've got Power Blocking guys!!! So, adjust to what you have not what you wish you had. Unleash Jordan and Wade and stuff the run with Soliai and those big DT's!

C'mon Miami! You can beat these guys! GO FINS!

Irescum also drafted Cyde Gates....LOL

We have the worst RB's in the league....

Oh that's right, can;t forget sentimental favorite Clyde Gates. Why he grew up in Iredunce's hometown. That must mean he's going to be a great player. Loves former Cowboys players too. Ireland really has a hard on for Texas boys. Proving that Texas is for steers and queers.

Did Clyde Gates ever catch 1 pass for us in a regular season game? LOL

And then there is Michael Egnew.....LOL

And 60 mill for "Cancer" Mike Wallace.....OMG!

That's why I called for us to trade Wallace to Browns for Gordon straight up. Gordon has more upside and I think no nonsense Philbin can handle his attitude.

Jonathan Martin = Another Irescum bust

3 draft pick D Thomas, the worst RB I've EVER seen!

Grandpa Philby = no nonsense.

That is unless your name is Michael Philby.

Then you can rape girls in mommy and daddy's bed.

Oscar Canosa @ 8:40 PM:

LMAO! That is actually very true, for over 10 years and a multitude of coaches and 2 GM's. This fu.king team leaves me with with my head bleeding from scratching it so much!

FIRE ROSS @ 12:23 AM,
As much as I want to say you are an extreme pessimist, much of what you say has some merit. Although I will keep believing in this group, right now, it's not the players as much as the coaches I worry about. Specifically, not scheming to our player's strengths.

(PS) I also agree on Bush. I was so pissed when I read we let him walk to Detroit. Bad move by Ireland not re-signing him. Our best playmaker, proven, hardest-worker on the team, led by example, so what does Ireland do? Doesn't reward him, but gives Wallace the keys to the city and the bank vault. Great message Ireland sent on that one.

I have a minor adjustment for you have about blocking for the QB

Fire Ross it is a little early to b talking the Pats sweep of the Dolphins, Pats should have lost their last game against the Saints and dolphins should have won their last game a few bad calls in each game really turned both games and of course the Saints got sute at the end, we will see.

Pats will sweep the Dickphins

Dolphins lose two in a row, and now make minor adjustments. Things just keep getting better for this team! Now watch for Jeff Ireland to make a dramatic move on the offensive line; the chess master will once again leave his peers stunned and incredulous by his brilliant personnel moves. Even if the move is to stand pat and do nothing at all. A very exciting time to be a Dolphins fan!

So FIRE ROSS,How are your Jets doing so far ?? Moron!!

I love reading IRA posts. :) Keep 'em coming! Lol

Lookidat, Kiko Alonso is of Cuban descent. He a big Cuban, man, 6'4", 240 and very smart, just like me. Run it where he ain't.

What's poor MJD going to do if there are no holes to run thru? He's no Reggie Bush.

Anybody knows if CJ Spiller is going to play? I'm afraid, I'm afraid...

The guy says, That play will haunt me forever, then he goes and calls the same play the following week???? Einstein?

oscar....our D-line has been very good against the run this hear with Soliai in the NT spot.
Wake is healthy and all linebackers are as well.

....I'm not scared at all.

Less see how they practice tomorrow. There was a report that Philbin was angry as hell over the last practice before the Baltimore Game.

These things can't be fixed. I don't know if you people are noobs or just blinded by your own need to believe. Some of you need to get real. The next Dolphins franchise quarterback is not on the roster. Can't wait to read the comments here when Tannereach washed out.
Posted by: FIRE ROSS | October 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Tannehill's receivers are fifth worst in drops this season.

I love this quote "These things cant be fixed". This is one of the DUMBEST things anyone has ever said, whether you are talking about football, relationships or ANYTHING!! Complete and utter nonsensical Bull Honkey! Thinking like that is just absurd...EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING CAN BE FIXED, unless you are handicapped by a small close sighted point of view

2 watt ... what defines a franchise QB anyway?

Do you consider Matt Schaub or Jay Cutler franchise QB's?
How about Sam Bradford or Andy Dalton?

Let's not leave Matthew Stafford or Cam Newton off the list as well.

All of these QB's are good but not great and have numbers similar to Tannehill.

There are only a handful of true franchise QB's out there and every GM wishes they had one on their roster.

I for one screamed when we passed on Drew Brees for Daunte Culpepper.

You may be right in that Tannehill will never progress to the level of Brees or Brady, but if we win a few playoff games along the way while we wait for the 'chosen one' to arrive in South Beach, I'll be happy with that.

Are we missing Fasano's blocking or what? We've said this here many times, If you are going to get rid of a Player you must have somebody of = or better ability to replace him. Fasano, Long, Bush, Dansby?

As far as keeping Tannehill safe, it's really about keeping the defense on their heels (and guessing). If they are guessing, they aren't pressuring as much. Also, why do other teams seem to be able to take advantage of our aggressive defense (with screens and bubble passes that get chunk yardage) but our offense never seems to be able to execute those same plays?

But back to the offense keeping the defense guessing, that means deception, misdirection, play action (which generally first requires some positive yardage on the ground), spread option, etc. But the lynchpin that ties all this together is the play-calling. Miami tends to start conservative (to try and create a baseline) then mix it up when the defense is "lulled" into thinking it's a standard play they've seen. I disagree with this strategy. I believe you mix it up right from the bat, so they never even know where you're going with the ball. Part of that is showing the same formation, but running different plays out of it. For example, show a run formation to start the game, then pass off of it. Then show the same formation and run. That's how you confuse defenses and limit their ability to rush the passer. If they are guessing, they are spending that split-second thinking, and not getting to the QB (and as we know, football is a game of inches). That's how the best offenses operate.

Or when your RB is averaging over 5 yds/carry, so stop giving him the ball.

Why don't they put Yeatman at TE? He knows the position and he can block. I mean, we are only Fans, but some of us have been watching great Teams and Coaches for a long time and know the strategies that have been used in winning consistently.

Question: Is Miller that bad or is it really the O-line that's causing the run game to stall?

Put another way...if Bush was here would the running game still be crappy?

I'm always thinking of Barry Sanders up in Detroit...average O-line while he was outstanding.

I'm kinda missing Reggie right now.

I can't really account for why LV feels we are a better Team this year(Philbin?, Tannehill), but they have been right.

I don't think Miller is the problem. I mean his YPC is pretty good. It's the line. Can't play with two of the three worst tackles in the league. And those missing Jake Long, he hasn't been much better so he wasn't the answer either.

Offseason, sign Albert and the best OG available...

This is where the big free agent dollars should be spent for Miami .. don't want to rely on rookies next year .. I want MEN there.

Spread went down from 10.5 to 7.5. Still sizeable but that's a big move. Heavy Buffalo money moved in...

nh, take stafford in a nano sec flat.

I think the Dolphins need to do some team building exercises. Perhaps bring some hookers on road trips and arrange some kind of personal 5 on 1 sessions.Like the offensive line go first, the D-line nest, etc, etc. Nothing like a good Bukake to clear some players minds and bring them together as a team!!!

I should be an NFL CEO!!

Hey 'Greg',

Welcome back to the party.....

Here's the thing d*ckwad.....you get all excited about your wetdream of adding Joe Thomas. It ain't happening pal.....but keep talking paragraph after paragraph about it. YG used to do that too.....interesting.

I don't care what math your doing, Thomas at $10 million a year doesn't work. It doesn't. I trust Jeff Ireland and Apponte to manage the cap. Not you. OK? Ireland has a plan and it doesn't include adding a $10 million LT, as good as he is. Many of the contracts he added in the offseason are light on the front end. They get a lot more expensive as time goes along. This includes Wallace and Ellerbe.

So its great that a lot of these contracts come off the board but they still need to address Soliai and likely Grimes. Tell me Einstein, how much do you think that will cost? What do you think the guarantees will be? How about Starks? How about Pouncey in another year or two? Still need to address TE, likel two guards, possibly a tackle, maybe another running back and ultimately a replacement for Clemmons.

So I know you think you've got it all figured out 'Greg'. You don't. That cap space will get eaten up very quickly. I just need to read your comment about 'trade Wallace straight up for Josh Gordon', to know you don't have a clue what you're talking about. With Cleveland rebuilding, why would they take on a contract like Wallace's? With Gordon one violation away from a one year suspension, why would the Dolphins want to touch Gordon?

How do you feel about Rick Stanzi, 'Greg'?

rdubs, that kind of thing hasn't worked in Dallas for over 20 years!!

And because I disagree with you 'Greg', I'm a MORON. it's interesting, 'Greg', that's EXACTLY the same thing YG would say. Must be a coincidence.

How do you feel about Sparano being 'the most sought after HC candidate out there', 'Greg'?


Thats because Michael Irvin didnt like to share his women or his coke

Ha! I'm still laughing at Irvin showing up in court after getting busted with a hooker in a white fur coat and dark sunglasses ... can't take the ghetto out of the boy ...


You have never shown up in court with a hooker before? Not living life the right way then! As Omar would say...SMH.

Martin's the LT for the duration of the year. We need to know if this guy's the long term answer or not. If he shows he can't get it done then very likely we'll address LT high in next year's draft.

Fans like 'Greg', want us to mortgage the future and give up two first round picks and pay $10 million a year for the best LT in football. It's right back to what we did with Long. Huge money tied up in a LT. How'd that work out for us? It's a knee jerk plan, conceived in the span of three seconds. All of this after both Banner and Lombardi have said 'Thomas won't be traded', something I'm apparently lying about.

Somebody show YG.....er, 'Greg',.......how to use a computer,

.EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING CAN BE FIXED, unless you are handicapped by a small close sighted point of view

Rdubs | October 17, 2013 at 08:50 AM

Or dead of course (everyday six feet above ground is a good day or so the saying goes) but agreed and Fire Ross (Dying Turd / Daytona) and most seem to forget some very important details when analyzing this team.


For starters at the close of 2012 in Foxboro we had such a long laundry list of needs and FA's that you figured this team was going to be bottom rung for some time to come. I can't remember going into to many Off-Seasons that disgusted by the utter failure the rebuild proved to be with the exclamation point that that afternoon! I was so disgusted that Sunday that I left the Dolphins game Mid-3rd Qrt. and switched over to Fox which had the Pack Vs. the Vikes to see if AP would break Dickerson's record.

We had no true #1 WR (this blog and fanbase in general in disgust over it letting Ireland know it in person through fans heckling him at the Stadium or flying banners) so we signed ourselves Wallace who I believe is not being maximized (wasn't the issue WR's who could play all 4 Positions? Why aren't we moving them around?) Gibson was a GREAT addition and keeping Hartline has proven the right move. Today I believe our starting 3 is a top-10 NFL Unit and I say that with a straight face regardless of what some want to post or argue! All of a sudden these moves Suck! Really? Given what that unit was in 2012!

At T.E. you heard it for Yrs. we SUCK! Fasano is another OL can't run in the seam! Rocks for hands! ect... So we sign Keller (Bad luck on what to me seemed a dirty hit in a meaningless game) drafted a big kid who can run better than I thought in Sims and established the H-Back with Clay. Now if you read Fire Ross he includes the Keller signing as a BUST as well as Sims proclaiming T.E. Pos. sucks worse than ever without Fasano? Again REALLY!

On D we had slow LB's and average CB play and addressed that as well by getting faster at LB through FA and signing Grimes while drafting a pair to replace Smith who whiffed on Tackles and dropped every Int. in sight. All of a sudden Dansby was great and replacing him a horrible mistake (the only mistake may have been in letting Burnett walk given he could cover and Wheeler is failing but he was a 3/4 MLB now a 4/3 WOLB so put it on Coyle) and Smith worth every nickle of his 6 Yr./30 Mil. deal (playing steady in K.C. but I remember everybody and their Grandma wanting this player replaced) By the way a knowledgeable fan knows Smith is aided in K.C. by spectacular Safety play (the weakness in Miami's Sec. were Clemons is suspect and R.Jones complacent now with his new deal and coasting)

I could go on and on like the fact in Yr. 2 of his career R.Bush was a Punt returner who couldn't crack the field on O (a spectacular bust) also suspect hands beaten out of utility role by Pierre Thomas. He worked his craft hard and became a good player so we went with a kid who by comparison in his 2nd Yr. seems a better between the Tackles runner but still requires some work. All in all same upside as Bush in his 2nd Yr. and wasn't it Daytona and Comp. leading the charge on getting rid of Reggie and his dancing at the line because well! He SUCKED!

The team is improved enough that were actually 3-2 after that opening stretch were last Yr. I wouldn't have given us a chance in any game to open this Season but everybody forgets this! FLIP FLOPPERS, FLIP FLOPPERS!!!!!

NH, it seems some posters here would like Tannehill to have command of the offense the way a Brady or Manning or Brees might. That means he can read defenses, then have the autonomy in the offense to change the play at the line to get the team into a better play.

That all sounds great, but it's not very realistic for a 2nd year player (especially one who started having to catch up). I'm not saying Tannehill can't become that, and I believe he's proven this year he's on his way. But that's a skill that takes experience to master. The only young QB who looks to be ahead of the curve in that respect is Andrew Luck, and that's why he was the #1 pick in the Draft (even ahead of RG3). But all the other young QBs have a ways to go before they get to the elite level.

Good news is Philbin seems to be giving Tannehill the autonomy he needs to do that (not all systems allow the QB to audible, for example, I heard Norv's system is not very flexible for a QB to do that). That's a good first step. Tannehill seems to be in command of the offense, and now he just needs experience to see what defenses are doing and how to counteract them. If he can ever master that, then he will be a very good player. He has the ability. He just needs the knowledge part to inform his decision-making. Of course the haters think that happens overnight.

rdubs, I don't ride with mere streetwalkers, that's why I've never been to court for nothing other than a traffic charge. My dealing are all with well respected whor... I mean women...

I did narrowly escape that one paternity suit though ...

father's day scares me.

Somebody show YG.....er, 'Greg',.......how to use a computer,

Craig M | October 17, 2013 at 09:48 AM

Since Greg appeared a few days ago as Fire Ross's BFF I was curious then the Craig Moron thing totally gave it away! Dying Turd/Daytona is so hurt by the loss of 17 in your rear.

Craig, maybe not two picks and a big contract, but i would give up big contracts to both and OT and an OG (raid KC take either/and Asamoah and Albert).

Aponte knows how to get atheltes paid while minimizing the cap hits. I mean Aponte and Ireland turned over a bunch of the roster and burned what... $12M in cap space ... and $8 of that went to Starks.

Craig M is the only one who knows anything about football. Anyone with a different opinion is wrong, and referred to as 'pal'. This is Craig M's blog, 'pals', so do as he says. Tell us, oh GREAT ONE, what should we think today? In Craig M's mind, anyone who disagrees with him or doesn't appreciate his smug attitude can only be YG. What a dooooooshhh.

I'd rather build through the Draft (like Ireland's mostly been doing). Not saying we needed some FA's this year, but you can't rely on that every year. You have to have a good mix. Unless the fit perfectly in the system, I say get your linemen in the Draft (there will be tons like there are every year).


In TWO seconds I find two articles on Joe Thomas and the Browns. One is a comment from Joe Banner, 'we,re not trading anybody else', the other talks about how teams are being told 'Joe Thomas isn't available'. This is without even trying 'Greg'.

What else you got 'liar'?

The first change to be made is firing Ireland. Impossible to have a good football team with such a moron as GM. It affects everything. Philbin can make some adjustments which can be sufficient to beat other mediocre teams. But the truth is that we're far from elite. I really doubt we can beat the infamous Patriots even once. A realistic record woulb be 8-8, 9-7 at most. That's the awful reality, but as long as Ross is in love with the leprechaun it will be inevitable to have a poor team. Players do what they can, most of them at least. Tannehill has show some good things and some bad. He's not the worst QB but he's not Brady or Brees. The team has many holes still. So our problem doesn't come from just one player. It comes from just two men, namely Ross and Ireland. Difficult to fire the owner, though.

Maybe YG pointed something out to the blog that a lot of others agree with? No, that couldn't be possible...Craig M is far too likable for that.

DC, definitely need your core pieces in the draft but I like filling needs through free agency like we did last year. Takes total pressure off the draft and let's you draft best player available and avoid handing over starting jobs to rookies regardless of whether he's earned it. This is a benefit of having enormorous cap space - we should continue with this approach IMO.

The only position that NEEDS to be drafted is QB IMO...

JJ, YG's is a dikk ... your not going to get much sympathy for his plight or views here ...

mark, only j irecorn would be dopey 'nuff move 2 ol's from a 6-0.team.

Ha! I'm still laughing at Irvin showing up in court after getting busted with a hooker in a white fur coat and dark sunglasses ... can't take the ghetto out of the boy ...

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 09:36 AM

Never did get what was going through his mind in that fur, I remember thinking he looked like a pimp more than anything on his way to Court.

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