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Philbin promises 'minor' adjustments

The anticipation that the bye week would give the Dolphins coaching staff the opportunity to come to the rest of the season with a new approach and new philosophy was obviously unrealistic. But significant changes based on honest introspective study might also have been too much to expect, if you believe coach Joe Philbin.

"We had three days we were in the office after the Baltimore game," he said Wednesday. "The staff took some time off. The players obviously took some time off. Most of that time, once we got through the Baltimore film and showed it to the players was devoted to ourselves primarily, number one, before we moved on to Buffalo.

"Certainly, I think there will be some adjustments that you will see. You can’t make a lot of wholesale. We will still do the things we do and believe in, but there will be some minor adjustments."

Minor adjustments?

Well, top on that list offensively might be getting the ball out quicker. No, you won't see more three-step drops because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is wary of teams jumping routes.

But quicker passes might be in order. Receiver screens that proved successful when used sparingly early on might become more of a staple -- they get the ball in the hands of receivers, give them a chance to make a play in space, and keep Ryan Tannehill from getting hit.

You might see a moving pocket now and again.

You might see the team actually move Mike Wallace around a bit -- something done frustratingly little so far.

On defense, you might see more pressure blitzes from the outside -- with Koa Misi.

You might see just a bit more of rookie Dion Jordan.

It's not going to be "wholesale" changes, according to Philbin.

But a little adjustment can't be bad.


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Not a YG fan or sympathizer. Just pointing out the hostility that Craig M often displays toward those with differing opinions.


Yeah I'm talking to you pal. You're not fooling anybody. I've told you a number of times that I couldn't care less what you and 'Greg' and whoever else you want to bring out have to say. You don't interest me. I don't consider you a fan of this team. I don't group you with most of the other people here. You offer nothing of value. You're not interesting in the slightest way. We would never be friends and I would never interact with you if we were co-workers.

As I've told YG a number of times, you don't speak for the blog. There's plenty of interesting people on this blog that i'm able to interact with and they make valid points. The respect is mutual. You're not part of that and you never will be. I'm sure that hurts you but it's time to accept it.

Now disappear and never address me again. Cool?


Haha, that was the funnies part, f4l, he shows up like a common street thug to court to fight drug possession charge and accused of being a john (i forget what the legal term for being a man and accepting solitician is ..)

Maybe YG pointed something out to the blog that a lot of others agree with? No, that couldn't be possible...Craig M is far too likable for that.

Jj | October 17, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Unless your him, I suggest engaging him in a friendly discussion (point of emphasis give no hint of were your from or if you have a family) After you disagree he will not let it go EVER! Becoming very personal with his insults ect... This blog is full of opinions that vary all over the place on the state of the team but we all agree on one thing and one thing alone! Daytona is a Cancerous leach we could all do without.

2 watt, I don't understand your 10:06 post

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero
WR screens get the ball out of Ryan Tannehill's hands quickly thus he doesn't get hit. Also gets ball in hands of playmakers in space.
also gets ball in hands of db's and lb's for a gift pix six and phinz losing the game.

mark. why wuld kc move 2 ol's off of a 6-0 team? only j irecorn wuld do that.

jj @ 10:10, fair enough but you have to understand how Daytona loved to ruin everyone's day here ... unless you've been specifically trageted by that moron, you don't understand ... he brings out the worst in everyone and most of the regulars have blown up on him here, including Mando himself (hence the Daytona name)

Craig can be a little strong in his opinions but he is also fair. He's a knowledgeable poster but you have to possess conviction in debating with him and bring facts to back yourself. I've been on the other side of Craig's wrath and it isn't easy but if he's proven to be wrong, he will come back to it and fess up.

Gotcha 2 watt, well they are both free agents. Admittedly Asamoah will be a tough one to pry loose because KC can franchise him but they are realistically out of options with Albert and have shown a reluctance to pay him thus far. he's a more attainable target.


No idea what planet you're from or where you came from......nor do I care.

I've been on the blog for a number of years now and have no problem with most of the bloggers here. Ask around if you're not sure. What I have a problem with is d*ckwads like you who hide behind made up names and very often use multiple names. I'm here to talk football about my beloved Dolphins. The guys I interact with are here for that same purpose. It's clear you're not one of those guys.

mark, kc never/ever gave the phinz permission to even talk 2 alberts let alone give him a physy.
per a.s. on am.


In TWO seconds I find two articles on Joe Thomas and the Browns. One is a comment from Joe Banner, 'we,re not trading anybody else', the other talks about how teams are being told 'Joe Thomas isn't available'. This is without even trying 'Greg'.

What else you got 'liar'?

Craig M | October 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Your post refuting the logic of his CAPOLOGY/ECONOMICS was good because we have to think about our DT's and above all else the unsigned 2/3 of our OL for 2014.

But I have an important fact I'd like to add and it's this!

In 2014 the Browns WILL draft a QB very high and if NEED be they will package the Indy pick for Richardson to move on their guy. I feel this was the reason behind the trade.

That said your going to draft a rookie QB/SAVIOR OF THE FRANCHISE and trade his LT/Body Guard??? Joe Thomas right now is the most secure bet to be on that team next Yr. I would be shocked if he were traded unless of course someone wants to go NUTS and offer up a couple of #1's.

f4l, I agree that Daytona is a cancer to the blog, but it doesn't change the fact that Craig M is just plain hostile. A few blogs ago he started attacking someone ( I forget who ) and I told him to relax. That was a mistake apparently. Now I guess there will be no friendly discussion between he and I. Oh well.

One other thing Jj, i'm not here to be liked. If you need that then go buy yourself a puppy.

As Mark said, I have convictions about my beliefs and I'm fiercely loyal towards my team. If you struggle with that, then that's too bad.

We cant even setup a screen for Lamer Miller, Jerry, Incognito these fat unathletic line move like there feet are stuck in quick sand.

I really hope the only OL that returns next year is Martin and only because he was a high draft pick, the rest of the guys needs to be replace.

marchcool, is Russell Wilson Brady? Is RG3 Brees? How about Andy Dalton, is he Manning? Think Luck is Rodgers?

It takes time for a QB to develop their skills. Patriots 16-0 Season wasn't until Brady's 7th year in the league. Be sensible.

There's more beef on this blog then there was during the EC vs WC clash in the late 90's


EXACTLY. You get it.....

Thomas isn't going anywhere. Why trade your best player when you'll be drafting your franchise QB in April? It's why we need to get another LT if Martin shows not to be the answer. Tannehill is too valuable and needs to be kept healthy.

The give away on that 'Greg' guy for me was how he git SO worked up on that Joe Thomas thing. YG used to do that all the time. He'd defend it ad naseum and actually oversell the idea. 'greg' did the exact same thing.

Truth, you can't mean that, can you? Are you really advocating getting rid of Pouncey (please tell me that was an oversight)? Unathletic? Fat? You are not referring to Mike Pouncey there.

DC, my bad I forgot about Pouncey. I mean the RT, LG and RG needs to be replaced

Love to go back and replay some of those Rick Stanzi posts from YG.

Or how about some of those 'Manti T'eo is worth trading the whole draft for'. interesting guy. Always trying to be original, out there on branch by himself, trying to look smarter thn everybody else.

Craig M- if you look at past blogs you'll see that I am an actual poster, not "made up names". I do not "need" to be liked. I present football related opinions, and enjoy reading the opinions of others (mostly), including yours (when you're not being a dick to someone because they disagree with you). I guess we'll leave it at that. Peace to you.

2 watt, true they never gave him a physical but that is neither here nor there right now. KC has to either pay Albert or let him walk ... they have a gun to their head .. out of options... and I'm sure KC used up all their goodwill with Albert by the way they handled the negotiations last year.

Clady is also a free agent but I think Peyotn would go absolutely crazy if the Broncos don't pay him.

I have this gut feeling Mario WIlliams will have a field day lining up against Martin, remember last year when Williams bulled rushed Martin on his arse.


You KEEP saying, 'we'l leave it at that' but you never do.....You're hilarious!

You have this blog all figured out and you expect us to believe you've been a silent reader all this time and have all of a SUDDEN started posting? Yeah Ok, pal.....

(i forget what the legal term for being a man and accepting solitician is ..)

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 10:15 AM

People arrested for solicitation are referred to as Johns, so you had it right.

Funny stories on what has to be the most humiliating arrest one can take.

Falcons (Old and respected Packer) Eugene Robinson on the Eve before the S.B. Vs. the Broncos in Miami in 99 is arrested in a South Beach sting soliciting an under cover officer.

Then there's humiliatingly PATHETIC!

Darryl Strawberry leaves Yankees Spring facility in Tampa 2001 (loved again as great comeback story and had just come off a monster World Series hitting a few dingers for the Yanks)

Arrested an Hr. after leaving Spring facility for solicitation.


Possession charge added after Police find rolled in a Dollar Bill what amounted to THREE DOLLARS worth of Cocaine!

Like the great Richard Pryor once said, "If your A S S gets busted with a couple of Dollars worth of Cocaine in your pocket then your dumb A S S deserves to go to jail!

Just to elaborate on the poster vs. troll argument going on, my take on it is be realistic. I can understand a fan who doesn't like Jeff Ireland, but that fan is living in a fantasy land if he thinks Ireland will be fired...AFTER HE'S BEEN GIVEN AN EXTENSION BY THE OWNER. It's just an ignorant statement. Now, if said fan would like to provide examples of why the GM SHOULD be fired, ok, that's at least something which can be discussed/debated. But it's a FACT that Ireland was given an extension. It's a FACT Ross has full faith in him. Tell me how that will materialize into being fired? Because you (said poster) thinks so?

I'm happy to debate anyone with a contrary opinion to mine. Just be logical and have your opinion based in some sort of reality. And there's a difference between constructive criticism and just sheer hating. Constructive criticism comes from a position of love (of the team). Hating is what enemies of the team do. Don't hate and then get on true FANS who defend their team. They (we) will do that every time. That's why we're here.


Clady signed a fiver year/$52 million contract. Not a FA any more.

Truth, and we all know how that beef turned out ...

Now, Pouncey and Martin may be the only guys that return. They have no choice but to invest heavily in this unit (again).

Pal, look at past blogs. You told me to disappear? Then keep addressing me? GFY. You claim that I don't run the blog- that must be because you run it, right? Get over yourself, f$ckwad.

Truth, you're too good of a poster to have wanted Pouncey gone, so I knew it was just an oversight. You're right though, the rest of those guys should be watching their backs.

Truth yeah, Martin was contiinuously pushed into the Qb in both the Jax and Buff game last year - and those are the best ones he played. For most of the early part of teh year that wasn't happening but those Raven outside pass rushers were bringing out the Jazzy Jeff look alikes again in Martin.

Thanks for the heads up Craig, Bleacher Report, update your dang articles!!


By my definition that would be 'hostile'. I told you 'you don't run the blog'? Was that under one of the other names you use? Tough to keep track when you use so many, no?

Listen, where there's smoke there's fire, Ok pal? 'Get over myself'? Yeah YG used to say that all the time too. How soon before the Canadien Bacon comments come out?

Still waiting for your first 'knowledgeable' FOOTBALL post, Jj......LMFAO.

Sounds like there's a chance Ellerbe might not play Sunday. Big loss. Hoping Jackson and Spiller don't have a field day with us Sunday.

Clady is also a free agent but I think Peyotn would go absolutely crazy if the Broncos don't pay him.

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 10:35 AM

I was watching the Giants game when Clady was hurt and I remember thinking Manning would have trouble maintaining his rhythmic style without his LT in there but this Chris Clark they've plugged in there has been steady so far. We will see when they face Playoff caliber comp. but so far this guy has done a stellar job. Clady who was drafted the same Yr. as J.Long hasn't had to many Seasons were he hasn't been hurt that I can personally remember anyway, so we'll see how Elway feels about giving him a Big Money deal next Off-Season.

mark,no ol, no trophy.


Clady signed a fiver year/$52 million contract. Not a FA any more.

Craig M | October 17, 2013 at 10:39 AM

I was completely unaware of this very risky deal on often injured player.

One more week, one more chance for more Patriots to be injured. Now Mayo is gone for the year. Don't know what's up with Talib. Dr. Andrews has yet to clear Gronk. We may be playing NE at the right time to have a chance to beat them in NE. That alone would almost make the year for me.

Sounds like there's a chance Ellerbe might not play Sunday. Big loss. Hoping Jackson and Spiller don't have a field day with us Sunday.

Craig M | October 17, 2013 at 10:50 AM

If that's the case I expect Wheeler inside with Trusnik (run) and Jelani Jenkins (pass) splitting the WOLB duties. (Personally would love to see DJ get reps here but not the plan with Coyle)

Truth, and we all know how that beef turned out ...

Now, Pouncey and Martin may be the only guys that return. They have no choice but to invest heavily in this unit (again).

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 10:39 AM

I have no doubt these are the only 2 returning given the others are UFA's at Yrs. end. Only Cogs if he were to take a vet minimum deal comes back from this group but again doubt it. Start looking for the most athletic guys you can find in the draft and FA to get the personnel for the zone scheme Philbin wants up front.

The talk is the team is planning extended playing time for Trusnik and Jenkins on Sunday. This might be something the Bills can exploit.

Criag M is proud of the fact that he's a no lifer and he has been here for years. Lmao @ "We would never be friends and I would never interact with you at Burger King." Also, "The respect is mutual" line is lolz as well. I think someone is taking this blog a little too seriously. How much respect did the bloggers here have for Craig M when he was getting laughed at for throwing a hissy fit when he was trying to have me banned for calling out one of Joe Philbin's sons for being a rapist ? People were telling him to grow up, shut up etc...

...and guess what Craig Moron ? I'm still here !!

Ha Ha loser.

Dolphins are mediocre again.

...and get a hobby.

Patriots just beat the Saints and someone here is claiming that the Dolphins may be getting them at the right time lol. This is why this blog is a joke.

The Patriots sweep the Dolphins.

A team with no secondary against Brady.

Good luck.

Craig M won't look at past blogs because he'd realize that I'm not YG, and that would mean YG is not the only one who thinks he's an overly-aggressive dooosh.

What a surprise that FIRE ROSS shows up when these other two clowns are here. To funny!,

It OK dickwad, you've shown your true colours. W know who you are and what you stand for. 17 in you ass is gone and you will be soon enough....and like YG (wink, wink),you won't be missed.

The talk is the team is planning extended playing time for Trusnik and Jenkins on Sunday. This might be something the Bills can exploit.

Craig M | October 17, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Jenkins can run all over the field would have gone higher in draft if not for injury history (doesn't bode well were the NFL Boys will tattoo you into IR quicker) That said he is size wise the prototypical 4/3 OLB. If he can stay off IR (Time will tell) he should send Wheeler packing by 2015 or so when his money kicks up on the back end of his deal. The guy I don't get is Trusnik is Kaddu that BAD? That with his speed/size HE CAN'T HANDLE working WOLB? I know the responsibility of MLB calling the D's and all but from an athletic stand point I wonder why Kaddu in these situations never sees the field?

Same guy, with no interest in talking football, only in mixing up with people.

I'm going back to work. I'd wish you the same but i know you don't have and couldn't get a job.

Ciao sucka!

f4l, sounds like a great time to unveil the NASCAR package with Jordan at OLB, Vernon and Wake at DE and Starks and Odrick at DT ... been waiting for this to come to fruition ... Coyle has way more at his disposal than he's been using. If Belicheck had these pass rushers ... wow...

Anyone else feeling more optimistic as we get closer to Sunday. I really wanna see Tannehill throw 3 TD's in a game. He should have done that by now. I am not saying Tanny sucks or anything like that, but he is due

rdubs, we NEED to win this game... it's amust have. We have enough tough teams on our schedule that we have to take advantage of a team playing without it's top qb and sporting a horrendous secondary.

If we lose this game then we have to pluck a game that we would be severe underdogs in (i.e. in Foxboro) to make it up.

Coyle has way more at his disposal than he's been using. If Belicheck had these pass rushers ... wow...

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 11:22 AM

Agreed! I don't get the insistence sometimes of playing in certain systems at the expense of putting your best personnel on the field? NASCAR package would be a good start but the thing I respect most about Belichik is the amount of different looks/formation you get out of his D's. For instance I wonder why we don't give more 3/4 looks uo front?

You put Odrick and Starks at DE with Big Paul inside and Misi at his old SOLB spot with DJ at WOLB (rush LB in 3/4 anyway) then move Wheeler inside with Ellerbee making their speed an asset that would keep QB's guessing! These two are fast enough that you could fool the QB with who the Mike is also blitz one (both have speed to get there) or drop them in a zone clogging the middle affording a deeper drop from R.Jones at Strong Safety in a cover-2 OUT OF YOUR DB's (splitting the field in half) I believe the strength of our D has not been fully tapped given it's flexibility.

Craig M is for MORON.


I think this game is important, from the sheer fact, that I wanna see if Philbin and Co adapt and augment their gameplan and how they use their weapons. I know alot of people dont like Omar Kelly, but he is spot on about how stubborn and predictable our team is. I have a lot of PHAITH in Philbin and think he is highly intelligent and a good coach. If we see the same ol same ol, my opinion will begin to differ on him. Not that I will support any of them any less , but will make me think. AND I'S A DONTA LIKA ATHINKIN TOOS MUCHES

f4l, agreed, similar to what rdubs also says @ 11:40. Our team is too easy to play against. And it's both our offense and defense. Smae thing despite the opponent. Grimes never follows around their best WR yet Ryan and Belicheck both do that religiously to great effect for example. Other teams are just putitng their third best WR on the side Grimes is on and our DC puts his finger up his nose and plays fart games all day while Nolan Carroll or Jimmy Wilson work their arses off to win match ups they shouldn't be involved in to start with.

And for pete's sake, can I see #11 in a crossing pattern just once this year? There are more ways to use speed then in a straight vertical line...

The Bills run defense has been pretty bad this year, so this is a chance for Miami to run the ball and protect Tanne more - their pass rush is actually pretty good with Williams (8 sacks?) and Co.
Phins are coming off a bye. The Bills are coming off an emotional loss, which can really drain a team. We should be able to wipe the floor with them.

fix the oline and lbs, sad seeing burnet and dansby playing so well now

I like your suggestion fin4life, I was wondering the same thing myself. Maybe we will see more 3/4 the rest of the season.

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