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Philbin promises 'minor' adjustments

The anticipation that the bye week would give the Dolphins coaching staff the opportunity to come to the rest of the season with a new approach and new philosophy was obviously unrealistic. But significant changes based on honest introspective study might also have been too much to expect, if you believe coach Joe Philbin.

"We had three days we were in the office after the Baltimore game," he said Wednesday. "The staff took some time off. The players obviously took some time off. Most of that time, once we got through the Baltimore film and showed it to the players was devoted to ourselves primarily, number one, before we moved on to Buffalo.

"Certainly, I think there will be some adjustments that you will see. You can’t make a lot of wholesale. We will still do the things we do and believe in, but there will be some minor adjustments."

Minor adjustments?

Well, top on that list offensively might be getting the ball out quicker. No, you won't see more three-step drops because offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is wary of teams jumping routes.

But quicker passes might be in order. Receiver screens that proved successful when used sparingly early on might become more of a staple -- they get the ball in the hands of receivers, give them a chance to make a play in space, and keep Ryan Tannehill from getting hit.

You might see a moving pocket now and again.

You might see the team actually move Mike Wallace around a bit -- something done frustratingly little so far.

On defense, you might see more pressure blitzes from the outside -- with Koa Misi.

You might see just a bit more of rookie Dion Jordan.

It's not going to be "wholesale" changes, according to Philbin.

But a little adjustment can't be bad.


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Funny that a poster can have an ignorant name advocating firing an Owner when Owner's CAN'T be fired and think anyone takes them seriously. Especially after their team has ALREADY lost to the Patriots and will lose again next time they play.

You have enough problems with your HUGE hole left by Clyde Gates' injury to be worried about my team. As if it can be more embarrassing that CLYDE GATES could leave a hole in your offense. Bwahaha! The joke sir, is your baby team, trying to wear "big boy" pants. Don't cry after we beat you twice in December.

Patriots just beat the Saints and someone here is claiming that the Dolphins may be getting them at the right time lol. This is why this blog is a joke.

FIRE ROSS | October 17, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Make no mistake and go look at the stats if you didn't see the game because the Pats won this one off their run game which hammered away at the Saints all game sustaining drives and keeping Brees off the field.

In Miami's game Vs. the Saints with Odrick at DE and Starks inside with Solia the Saints could run no were! Part of the problem with the starting DL this Yr. and their run D is that Wake can pass rush but can also be had in run game while Vernon/Shelby can't force the play to the sideline either. I believe anybody watching can see were being run on off Tackle to death! I expect the beef up front Vs. the Pats or in packages which limmits what they can do forcing Brady to beat you with a group of WR's who drop a boat load of Footballs.

The Saints by the way get a turn over on downs at the Pats 30 with a little under 3:00 minutes and burned 9 seconds! A Pats T.O. an incompletion and a penalty aiding the Pats who win on that with only 3 points given up! Then the Int. were they had to only burn another T.O. with the 2 Min. warning giving Brady a 3rd shot in 3 Min. to win. Even with that WR group if you asked me about Brady given 3 shots Vs. the Saints D to score inside 3 Min. and I'd take Brady on the bet every time.

The Saints blew the game off mistakes like we did Vs. them in our game were we could have taken a lead into the half if not for the Pick which flipped what was a tight game till that point. Miami still isn't that team that overcomes those types of things but if mistakes can be kept to a minimum they have the talent plus I like Clay in that game with Brandon Spikes at MLB with Mayo done and Wilfork out as well.

I miss Ricky Williams so badly. I love a good running game, I would much rather see a nice 60 yard run over a 60 yard pass. I think Miller can be good, but you need a fast player who can run over folks as well. I think alot of people thought Trent Richardson would be like Ricky Williams, but the biggest difference is, Trent is as slow as Tom Brady. Trent is 3 yards every carry, which is great to have on your team, but not as a fulltime rusher.

I'd be pizzed to be a Bills fan and see the run defense be so blah considering Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, and Kiko Alonso make up their heart of the defense. dareus for one has been a major disappointment and is hovering just outside bust status. And their OLBs are horrid. They could also use another end but they suffered injuries there (Alex Carrington)

Also with the Pats - in the Atlanta game BB was beign hailed as a genius when two of his defenders held Gonzalez at the line. next week, Rex Ryan does the exact same thing and flags are tossed everywhere. Man do the Pats get away with a lot ...

rdubs, this is the conundrum with Richardson ... he ran a 4.45 at his size at the combine. I think maybe he doesn't make fast enough decisions because the physical skills are there ...

Other teams are just putitng their third best WR on the side Grimes is on and our DC puts his finger up his nose and plays fart games all day while Nolan Carroll or Jimmy Wilson work their arses off to win match ups they shouldn't be involved in to start with.

And for pete's sake, can I see #11 in a crossing pattern just once this year? There are more ways to use speed then in a straight vertical line...

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 11:46 AM

AGREED, AGREED, AGREED and by the way AGREED with you and Rdubs! I want to see Wallace in that route from the slot. I saw it when he was a Steeler. Heck part of the problem with Pitt. this Yr. is the fact that neither Sanders or Brown can seem to get on the same page with Big Ben on these intermediate routes were he and Wallace (Santonio before him) did so much damage. In the night game Vs. Cincy it was evidant and last week in N.Y. the Cowher brought it up with Simms a few times. The Grimes situation is the one that burns me the most! I'm quickly losing faith in the former DB Coach to call a D or properly game plan!

I like your suggestion fin4life, I was wondering the same thing myself. Maybe we will see more 3/4 the rest of the season.

WashPhinFan | October 17, 2013 at 11:47 AM

I believe we need to at least use them both in hybrid mode at least and like you hope to see it.

Yo Jeffy,

Is your momma a hooka?

fix the oline and lbs, sad seeing burnet and dansby playing so well now

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 17, 2013 at 11:47 AM

The Dullfins always get rid of their best players. Just like the Marlins. Sad.

rdubs, this is the conundrum with Richardson ... he ran a 4.45 at his size at the combine. I think maybe he doesn't make fast enough decisions because the physical skills are there ...

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 11:58 AM

I miss him to even with Richardson posting a good 40 I still remember Williams posring in the 4.3's at his size! Truly once in a generation type1 Had he not been so aloof and missed so much time he was a HOF'er. Look at the body of work with 3 Yrs. shaved off and he still managed to run for more than 10,000 Yds.!


I think it was a couple games back, the announcer was saying that Miami ALWAYS lines Hartline up on the left, and Wallace on the right side. That's the problem. We need to mix up our formations. Just like Mark said with Grimes. Be creative. Put your best on their best (defensively). And create mismatches (offensively). Don't rely on talent alone, SCHEME a positive play. Coaching needs to understand they are integral to the success of this team DURING games and not just in preparation for them.

f4l, I love Ricky and his autographed jersey and 8*10 is framed in my personal Dolphins wall of fame with Dan, Zach, and Sam Madison (plan to add a few more - Paul Warfield is porbably next as I look to add some guys that played even before my time). And you're right. Freaksih skill set and to think all Wannstedt, that moron did was run him between the tackles 30 times a game... anyway, yeah, I'm with you. Miss that guy ...

but still 4.45 is plenty fast enough for a big back like Trent.

In our coaches defense. They had Grimes shadow Torrey Smith for most of the game. I also sremmeber saying that Hartline lined up on the right for a play. The coaches are making slight changes. I think we will see more changes, some might be so slight, that the average fan might not even notice, but could make a big difference

Letting Reggie walk yet keeping D Thomas was beyond MORONIC!


You guys have to see this..it is PG I swear. This is priceless, love the Browns and Lions logos the best

Bush is probably the best safety valve a QB could have. Tannehill misses that.

craig, db a'int gpin' anywhere so get used to it.

Mark in Toronto | October 17, 2013 at 12:19 PM

Very nice collection!

I don't have that kind of collection much less autographed. I have a signed poster of Marino which he was giving away when he opened a place at Cocowalk in the Grove back in the 90's. A pic with the Marks at Bayside and an autographed cap by most of the 82 team which I got as a kid when they played a charity Basketball game Vs. each other at Miami Dade Comm. College. The one interesting thing I have is a signed 20 Dollar bill by Lawrence Taylor. I was at a Walgreens back in 98 changing money to hit a strip club (Downtown's Pink Pony) which is very close to the Overtown Drug hole were I spotted the ear ring interestingly enough in line given he was a few people ahead and I really wasn't paying attention. He was real cool signed the bill but I wondered what the hell he was doing there? Later in 99 On any Given Sunday came out and I understood that's also how I remember the Yr.

DC Dolfan | October 17, 2013 at 12:14 PM

The lack of creativity is beginning to disappoint a little! By the way on your earlier post regarding Ireland and his job security my take is this. He's done enough to keep his job with alot of Off-Season turn-over and it would take this team all of a sudden falling flat limping to a 5-11 finish for him to be in any real danger so the argument is mute as you stated.

this blog rox, u homers want it to become a sissy site like finhaven.sheep where u get nuked for saying the fax jax.

Craig M has some degree of football insight. We can agree on that, at least.

Doesn't he also present himself as an angry, aggressive prick when someone disagrees with him? Then calls me aggressive. Insecure much? I don't wish for a response from him, although he can't resist. He thinks EVERYONE who disagrees with him is YG. That is all from me on the subject he keeps bringing up.

Agree with all on moving our wr formations and getting Wallace involved on slants.

We are still a far far cry from the wide open, multi formation fast paced offense we were promised.

I'm sure the fact that we're trying to teach maulers to zone block and we have a new running back and TE is slowing down the process.

And man I was wishing we still had Reggie Bush on the failed go ahead drive at end of the Ravens game.

I don't believe the Lions gave a fortune for him either. Go figure.

Good post Dolfan Rick.
You going to the game in Tampa on 11/11/2013?

Go Dolphins!

haha, f4l, that lawrence story is awesome. LT's speech in The Water Boy is also a classic pun on his vices.


I'm working on it. It's actually sold out I believe. I have a vendor who is trying to work some magic for me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I actually went to the game Sunday and watched that debacle against the Eggles since our Fins were off (The wife is a big Bucs fan). Only the Bucs can screw up game when the tix are free lol. Had a good time though. Had great seats in the club section.

Sold out?
I gonna make a few calls - thanks for the heads up.

New blog is up!

hard to teach a QB who likes to a hold a ball to be quicker with their decision making. Either they have it or they don't. They may get a little better, but Tannehill could be in the Christian Ponder, Jake Locher mold (don't kid yourself on Locher, he will never win big). Not to mention Sherman runs a mickey mouse offense. Everything is along the sidelines or a 5 yard crossing route. Look at all the good teams and see how many catches receivers make in between the hash marks.

When your talking of Tannehill and debating just what we have. We have to take into consideration what he's overcoming to have accomplished what he has this year. The biggest hurdle he faces each week is a lack of anything resembling a running game. Opponents can stop us running with 6 in the box. Other then Pouncey there just isn't anybody that can get to the second level. When a hole opens in the line, granted that isn't often, a linebacker or safety is there to close it.

Look at the QBs in the league from Manning to Brees and what you might consider close to their equals. They all have a running attack. The opponents DL can't simply pin back their ears and try to meet roughly 5 yards behind the center and begin a celebration for emasculating their opponent's QB.

Great example, granted one you don't see often these days, was P. Rivers' and SD's running against the Colts. They couldn't lay a hand on Rivers because it became obvious that they had to stop the run first, which they were unable to do. When it was Rivers' turn to contribute he had all the time he needed, regardless of how long he chose to hang onto the ball.

When things go south it's easy to put the blame on the QB but there are other factors that enter into the success of a QB. Some of which are completely out of his control.

Just switch the QB and watch the whole offense look better, stop trying to come up with these elaborate schemes, Just switch the QB

Jimmy Johnson on Ryan Tannehill: 'He's got to get rid of the ball'


Keep giving T-hill the protection he's been used to this year and you'll get your wish.


Dont know if it matters, but I dont think you are YG and think you make sense in alot of posts.

What up phools?

After some consideration, I have come to the conclusion that uncle Joe don't know squat about the NFL offensive team concept. In the NFL you can't run Pop Warner football plays. And thats what Ive seen in the little time Ive watched. Sorry folks Ive been a Dolfan since the beginning and I wont waste my time watching a Pop Warner football team on Sunday afternoons, got better things to do. These Dolphins who play the OL couldnt block their way out of a titty bar. Pass protection,, forget it. It would be safer for Tannehill to take the center snap, step back three steps and lay down. Thats safer for Tanne and will prevent the turnovers that follow Tanne where ever he goes, Ints to fumbles.
How much more boring is that compared to watching the normal boring Dolphin Offensive thats be come very offensive. If things dont change for the better real quick its gonna be another disaster year. 3-12 anybody ? Remember how all the Homers saw playoffs after game #1,,,,not with this bunch.
The Dolphins by all accounts should be 0-5. All five games have been played the exact same way but the Dolphins got lucky,,,say again,,,Lucky and won the first three. If that OL doesn't get some talent, and soon, they'll end up 3-13.


I too don't think your YG because Im being accused of being YG. If you disagree with an idiot he gets verbally violent.....you know a tough guy on the internet to feel like he is a man.
My crime was dreaming that the Dolphins would get Joe Thomas. Kept saying he isn't available and no way Browns would trade him. Also said Ireland doesn't make those kinds of deals but that MORON just kept on getting abusive. Im willing to put out my full name is that MORON willing too. I have been posting on this blog for more than 10 yrs as Greg. I just don't do it a lot. When Armando makes that MORON the blog police I will stop reading it because then only the MORONs opinions will count.

I really wish Armando would clean up this blog and get the abusive posters, Jets, Patriots and Bills fans off the site. Make people use there email as their name and you would see all this crap go away. This is America and everybody has a right to express their opinion.

Had a nice back and forth with Washfinfan, Mark, Fin4life and JJ......only one dummy gets abusive and accusatory. Maybe Dr. Canosa can help him/her?
I guess when your only "friends" are on the internet and you have no human interaction you don't know how to act and stop the lies?

FinFan615..Jimmy is right about THill getting rid of the ball when there is no one open. I have seen him wait and wait some more for a route to open up, but when the pocket is pinching down on him he doesn't throw it away. I know you have to be outside the tackle box, but if he doesn't feel the pressure and roll out of it he will never be able to throw the ball away anyway.

Yes, I just think someone should tell him to check-down or throw it away. If he does not or cannot do that, then there lies the problem

whatever.....I don't see any changes happening with philbin...he's too stubborn.

I keep sayn it.....these coaches are too old to change and call 'update to date' plays for these young players. they are too preditable and plain. there is a generation gap there.
these coaches have lost the last 2 games for this team.

The biggest issue I see is that he has no check down receiver by the time he is engulfed by the pass rush. When the pocket is being pushed in your face every other play it makes it very difficult to escape especially when the edges are closed down too.

I am sure the coaches put in some designed rollouts to get him away from the rush, but that only works for so long. Without a running game, none of these schemes will work. These bruisers on the OL need to start blocking straight up instead of trying to dance like they are 300 pound ballerinas, I mean it is comical to watch sometimes.

While I will agree that the ball needs to come out quicker, I also recognize that part of T-hill's problem is he is terrible at timing routes. Watch the replays closely--you will notice that T-Hill waits for the intended receiver to look at him before he releases the ball. This is just one reason T-Hill holds the ball too long.

So no trade reports from the looks of things.

If "minor adjustments" includes the O-line, then there will MAJOR setbacks!

Its either YG or another of his stupid namesakes that create drama here.....

Can we talk football?

The OLINE must improve but CLABO, JERRY and MARTIN are not up to standard as yet...add the TE's havnt learnt to block and you have a wafer thin porous line...we all know that...how to fix it?

1. Garner
2. FA blocking TE....or can Sims block?

Whoever is saying it's Tannehill's fault isin't watching football.........Marino as great as he was always had his blind side protected.....RT can't even set up to throw.........both Tackles suck!!......did anyone saying these things about RT watch the Raven game?.........GEEZ......if your blind side is solid, you can see the other side coming and double him with a RB......when both tackles suck , your QB is on his back!!!

Small adjustments...

- create mismatches
- move Wallace / Clay / Thigpen around
- start Odrick and start Soliai and Starks
- move the pocket
- take notes from Saints / Charger / Lions and check the ball down.
- make our offense more creative (if not we'll have to bring some spark to the OC spot and retire Sherman)

First off the dolphins are 3-2 not the best but the bet a few gud teams an lost to even better teams. During the fourth quarter we got a lot of bad pass interf calls so the reffs took that game from us. The saints where a better coached an better team then us but I'm not giving up on my team Tannnehill is playing gud football if u ask me. The guys that is blocking for him is the problem. Every single start out side of pouncy need to be gone. An the D isn't good out FS is trash can catch or cover the only thing he can do is hit an he isn't our best safety I will start McCray the guy can really play. Wheeler is trast to bad foot work for a backer I like ellerbe plays like a Mike Backer should outside of them player everybody playing okay need Another starting corner also. Dolphins can be a gud team I would expect to much id year but if they get that oline fixed I see use at 11-5 or 10-6

Oh so you want adjustments? Screw your adjustments, i want solutions. How about you start by giving lamar miller (your best offensive player) 20 carres per game and keep tanny's jersey relatively clean. Miller can go 4 straight runs for 8 total yards but on the 5th he can easily break one even with this crap o-line. Keep the defense honest, dominate the clock, sacrifice a bit to tire out the opposing defense, stop using daniel thomas in any running situation and put full confidence in miller. Check down to him as well, you do that the secondary will focus on miller on pass plays as well allowing a potential mike wallace big play, you think the chiefs are winning because of alex smiths noodle arm??? No it is because reid knows what he is doing and using his best player (charles) all the time, that is what we need to do with miller.

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