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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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That was rough to watch

Never going to win with with Tanny. Sorry, but he has no pocket awareness.

Tannehill is not intellegent. The spike on first down when the Ravens were barely set was comical.

I mean, if you have an all fukked up, stinking OLine, why not roll outs, moving pockets, etc. I place this loss squarely on Philbin and Sherman.

Oline is terrible, but, Tannehill doesn't have to take as many sacks s he does. Has Tannehill ever heard of just throwing the ball away?

True dat austin

Anyone with eyes can see that Tannehill is not going to lead this franchise to the super bowl. He is a serviceable starter at best. He has terrible pocket awareness, and takes forever to read the field. This is the NFL...you have to make fast decisions.

I agree ... Tannehill may be the future ... but for Chrysler's sake ... he needs to sit behind a veteran for a while to actually figure the game out. He seems overwhelmed right now.

Marino would have faked the spike on first down and hit Wallace for a TD.

Tannehill, O-line and running game....Oh my...Gonna be a long season.

It's not Tannehill, man, he almost pulled out the Game with his scramble. It's Philbin.


Btw, there has been much consternation about Wallace's performance. This difference is simple: Tannehill vs. Rothlisberger. The latter kept plays alive with his legs and allowed Wallace to scramble open.

Sure glad we gave Jeff Ireland another year, NOT!

I used to like Philbin, but doesn't he seem a bit robotic? There are like NO ADJUSTMENTS being made ... never mind at halftime ... but from week to week for crying out loud! Are our coaches REALLY this bad?

Anyone ragging on Tannehill right now is an absolute moron. Marino could not win with the I-line. No running game, no protection, no secondary. That's why we lost.

...or Philbin still learning how to be a head coach and relies too much on Sherman and his son in law.

Help Wanted!

National Football League looking for someone big and nimble with offensive line experience. This is your chance for fun in the sun and make $$$ doing it. Please send resume to Miami Dolphins director of player personnel. Don't miss your chance to to have fun get a great tan and make good money! If your really good you may even get the key to the city from our desperate fans.

As for Wallace, I hope it's now clear that he is not a #1 wide receiver. I mean, how many crucial drops did he have today? I can think of at least 4.

Tannehill used to be a WR for Christ sake and you'd think one time he'll realize protection sucks so I might have to use my wheels to escape from the pocket??? He stands there like a wounded duck and takes the sack?? He use to be a WR where did that athleticism go?? He stinks the OL is worse. At best Tannehill is mediocre. At best!

another three hours.....and another year, down the drain.

When, O Lord, will someone in the Front Office pay attention to the O-Line?

Pathetic Player Personnel and Coaching.

THe Curse of Shula continues.

Well, 2 things relieve me. First I called it that the best Coach would win the Game. Second, NE lost.

Great... now we get 2-full weeks of hearing the OL tell us that they have to "get things corrected"

Simply put: If someone affiliated with the offensive line (coach, player, the OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR) isn't jobless after this performance, this team will never have hope


Why are all of his deep throws underthrown?
Even the bomb he hit Wallace with was underthrown.

I was begging Ireland on the blog to not neglect the offensive line. I was saying you cannot run or pass if the opposing defensive line is getting penetration.

I wanted them to resign Long and draft Chance Warmack. How different would things be with a line that had Long, Warmack, Incognito, and Pouncey in it. Martin would still be there but the offensive line would have been much better.


Wallace is what he is. His hand aren't great. Look at his stats. We overpaid for him and the whole league knows it.

There is a fine line between being a good team and being a bad team. A good team converts on third down, a good team scores in the red zone, a good team don't drop passes on key plays. Miami did those things in the 1st three weeks and now they are showing they are the same old Dolphins. I also have no clue why they don't ever roll Tannehill out. SMH


Wolfgar ... the only thing I want to "hear" from this 0-line is: "Do you want fries with that?"

These guys should not be employed by this team.

Thank you Jeffy

It was a huge risk drafting a former wide receiver at #8. It takes years to develop the type of decision making and pocket awareness necessary to be a SUCCESSFUL NFL qb.

Tannehill has no consistency or accuracy. He will make one great play then collapses. You cant take a sack on that last drive. GET RID OF THE BALL!
Unfortunately this team will never be any good with him as quarterback. Look the the draft next year for his replacement, and get rid of Sherman.

Spud ... we need to unload Wallace. He is a failed experiment.

The ball was on the 34 yard line. All they had to do was run the ball twice. Can't believe the play calling in the final minute of the game.

Spiking on first down...you know the coaches were calling that in THILL's ear. Ok. But run the dam ball. You know the OLINE creates nothing but sacks.

Pathetic Sherman....truly pathetic.


Letting Reggie for Lamar Miller. Big Werido chubby self at LT.. No QB of the future... And we resign Jeff Ireland to an extension? Lmao

O - LINE!!!!!

Mike Wallace didn't help any. Should be on the bench and fukkkk his $60 millions.

Warmack is a Guard. Jerry didn't lose this game. It was Clabo and Martin.

Warmack would not make any difference at all.

They weren't getting the top 2 OT's. The 3rd OT taken has done nothing.

They should have signed the Chief's OT. Bad move.

Wallace would be worth it if he had a decent QB throwing him the ball. Tannehill is medoicre he was medoicre in college and he's medicre in the pros.. Ireland stinks and we resign him

Pathetic!!!!! Hell, I'll give Tannehill the benefit of the doubt. I'll over look the shoddy secondary and insufficient pass rush due to injuries. We have 2 weeks to see if the defense can get healthy. Why not trade Mike Wallace and use all that money in geting an O-Line that can block (right side is pitiful). We throw the ball more to Hartline/Clay anyway. Gibson is having a better than season week in and out. Thank god I live in another state now, I don't think I could take seeing it live.

Seriously, they need to cut Wallace after the season and save the money. Spend it on a decent offensive line. Letting Marshall go for third round picks should alone get Ireland fired. Philbin's stupid pride blinded him to the fact that he was a crucial ingredient.

Guy's is it to early to start "Draft" talk?????

I don't blame Wallace. His game is to go deep and he usually has a step on his defenders. Sure he's gonna drop some but Tanny "Under Throws" him just about every time. I hope I'm wrong but I think after this season is over the Fin's will realize we need a QB.

This loss was NOT on THILL.

He had little time all day.

He made some passes that were dropped in the end. He made a huge play on 3rd and long to Gibson to give them a shot.

This was ALL on the OLINE and the Secondary.

OLINE: Horrible day running the ball. No holes at all. 6...count them 6 sacks. All on the OT's. Pathetic. I mean really piss poor.

Secondary: I know they are injury plagued but 2 huge Pass Interference calls lead to TD. Grimes was scorched all day. Jones was scorched all day. Yes Jones had Pick six but that play was made by Jordan. Any NFL safety would have made that play. This Secondary is trouble.

8-8, at best. Probably closer to LV's 7-9. Perhaps next year.

I mean, who here would rather have Lamar Miller and Mike Wallace than Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall? Philbin's stupid pride. Btw, did you here Rich Gannon say that Philbin kicked him out of the production meeting for asking about Miami's bad Friday practice? Pathetic.

ETF, disagree. Four drops on the final drive by WRs, Tannehill can't do it alone. OL might as well be receivers (they block no one). How many run yards (under 30)? Tannehill's the ONLY reason we had a chance at the end. Problem is, he's the best thing on he offense so we want him to do it alone. He can't?

Why did Tannehill spike the ball to stop the clock there was over a minute left he just wasted a down.

Do you guys think the Dolphins can actually win a post season game with THill at QB?? We can't even get there. There's been so many times where the pocket was breaking down and Tannehill could of scrambled for more time. Even Flacco moves around. Standing there waiting to be sack is what TFail does

austin ... I didn't hear that ... but that would be another red flag that this team has some serious issues at their very core.


Jake Long back to Pro Bowl.

DC, Tannehill takes way too many sacks, takes forever to scan the field, has horrible ball security, and makes stupid plays, ike spiking on first down. A QB sneak would have netted 3 or 4 yards alone and made the FG manageable. p.s. I don't care if the coaches called the spike. Ignore them!

Truth,we can't win a Playoff game with our lack of a run game. OL can't run block or pass block. We need to start Garner.

Jerry is average. Warmack is special, he is a dominator. Agreed that Clabo and Martin are worse.

But if not Warmack, we could have drafted Long (the guy Chicago took).

It all starts up front. If you cannot protect the QB or if you can not open up holes for the RB, you don't stand a chance. Lamar Miller has no room to run. The Defense is always in the backfield. The bad thing is that we don't even have youngsters on the bench developing. Dallas Thomas is a dud and the other guys are worse than the ones we have starting.

Better not to have rushed things, Robert. Philbin has no idea what he has gotten into.

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