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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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When Henne starts I'm playing him no matter what.

I'm in 3 FF leagues and my QB's are Peyton, Brady, Breees.
My 2nd QB is Henne on each team and he is starting tomorrow.

Aight I'll step off with the Henne talk for now but keep in mind that everytime he plays on Nat'l tv he plays big, all the way back to being a freshman at Mich and setting the record for TD passes in the Rose Bowl as a freshamn with 4.

Ireland only had a certain amount of ammunition. He had a whole slew of positions that needed to be addressed. So I can understand the Free Agent signings and the Draft Picks. Yes, even trading up for Dion Jordan.

I wouldn't have neccessarily made the move. But he had a shot at a player he thought would be worth the price. It's still to be determined, but understandable.

Having said that, I do believe that he/they made a GIGANTIC mistake in assessing the condition of our Offensive Line.

I posted a THOUSAND TIMES that Martin wasn't PROVEN and shouldn't be counted on regardless. Then, to have no REALISTIC competition or viable alternatives, AMATURISTIC in my opinion. That's all on Ireland, Philbin and then Sherman and Jim Turner too.

Expounding the problem, they let the most important position on the O-Line become arguably the weakest. Even if Martin had panned out, we had/have no depth. They should have had some kind of viable contengency plan in place. At least SOMETHING/ANYTHING better than what we have. It's inexcusable.

They couldn't have seen Clabo coming apart so quickly, IN MY OPINION. So I give him/them a bit of a pass there. But even so, Garner or sliding Jerry out is some what of a back up plan. Cog's, Pouncey and Jerry to an extent, were good enough to take a shot with.

But Martin, who I had tremendous doubts about, with NO back up plan........and here's **The Kicker**.....


Huh? What? You mean they did that with the MOST important position along the O-Line? I could see slipping a left or right Guard in there somewhere, or even an inexperienced RIGHT Tackle(like we did last year with Martin). But not at **THEE** most important spot on the line.

All the Holes to fill, all the skill positions that needed addressing, Ireland had a lot on the plate. I liked a lot of the moves he made, I understand them and I've even grown to LIKE a lot of the moves(Tannehill, Jordan)he made.

But EASILY the BIGGEST mistake he made, the most inexcusable, Bush League Blunder, was trusting Martin at Left Tackle and then confounding matters by not even finding one player to offer at least a little competition at the most important position along the line.

I can get by the rest, but not this move. INEXCUSABLE!

Alright Boy's Talk at you all later....


i live in kc,

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 12, 2013 at 06:45 PM



Biggest draft needs next year in order

1) LT

2) QB

3) RB

4) TE

Posted by: Shula 73 | October 12, 2013 at 11:44 PM

i'm assuming J Martin would move and be adequate at RT.

Draft ? DRAFT ? As long as the redheaded step child is calling the shots. The Phins drafts will always produce mediocre to poor results. Ireland has had six drafts, has he ever had even one good one ? Ireland's 2013 draft has produced nothing so far.

First round ? Injured special teams player.
Second round zilch.
Third round zippo.
Fourth round nope.
Fifth round a kicker...A KICKER.

Who missed his most important kick of the year last week btw. Carpenter nailed those kicks earlier in his Dolphins career.

This is a garbage organization that won't improve until Iredunce gets off of Ross' nuts.

Carl Peterson has been in dumbo's goofy ears telling him that Iredunce is a good man...all the while he's incompetent.

I love the fact that the Dolphins started 3-0, and they'll likely be 3-3 after their next game. The next time the Dolphins are 3-0, five years from now, fans won't be so delusional about the team. 3-0 to 3-3 lmao. Tisk tisk...shoulda known better. This is really a 1-4 team. The future will be unkind to the airborne whales.

Pathetic franchise.

Jeff Ireland, worst GM ever?

BTW, It is a shame a child lost his life but don't feel bad for A.P

Posted by: Cuban Menace | October 12, 2013 at 08:44 PM


I hope you're wrong about AP and the way he feels about "The Youngins".

Once I packed in the "Road Life" and had some Kids, everything in my Life improved dramatically. Even the Base-Line readings.

When I was on my own and things went bad, it was scorched earth time. I was gonna get mine and the Devil himself trembled!

Once the Kids were involved, I started to think things through. Even learned an alien thought process, they called it "The Consequences Planning Ahead".

When things SEEMED the worst, I put my arms around the Kids, Kiss Em on top the head and realized: Things were ACTUALLY pretty Fvcking Good!

Had a 6 month old when I found he might not be mine. It was ALREADY too late, The Kid had me Day 1, Love at First Sight!

Turned out their s l u t bag Mommy was Fvcking her Boss! He consequently had a real bad run of luck with his trucks and the buildings he ran his businesses out of. That's when I learned about thinking things through, consequences and how Prison's are VERY BAD-LOL! But that's ANOTHER STORY for ANOTHER DAY ;)

1) Short Story Long: She's probably still S l u t t y and still looking for Victims/Bosses to bone. I on the other hand, have SOLE custody of **MY** Boys!

2) The Point: It wouldn't matter if I wasn't the biological Daddy. I fell love INSTANTLY and 6 months in, I would've Killed for Him/Them!

3) The Kicker: If it HAD turned out he wasn't mine BIOLOGICALLY, I would have sued the ass-wipes for Child Support ;)

I had possession(filed for custody immediately)and apparently they didn't want too TRY and stop me(I think it had too do with a "Run of Bad Luck", Detectives and some CRAZY Conspiracy Theories. If you know what I mean ;). But that's ANOTHER ridiculous story for.....You guessed it........ANOTHER DAY!

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I threatened **HER** with Child Support many times, when her visitations were going to screw with plans the kids and I had made(nostalgic grin)-LOL! Eventually, I convinced her to sign away her rights. But it took a lot of child support threats(I paid the pathetic beach off-LOL).

Unfortunately, that's ANOTHER colorful story for ANOTHER colorful DAY........


PS: That **WASN'T** the ALCOHOL talking.....

PSS: (I know what you're thinking)IT WAS NOT........

Go Dolphins(Football Talk)!!!!

If the Phins had Tpryor in lieu of Tfumble they would be 5-0 with their D eh?

Give it rest trolls. Your repetitive negative spew is boring.

The first game up today....Going to watch the Bills and Bengals today and pull for Bengals. They are our next two opponents and it'll will be interesting to see how they playing.

Later...the Pats vs. the Saints. The night games this week just aren't that interesting.

*they are two of the next 3 opponents...ooops

Give it rest trolls. Your repetitive negative spew is boring.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | October 13, 2013 at 10:25 AM

The trolls wont rest untlil if and when the Dullfins ever win a playoff game. The mindless kool aid homers should rest until that happens.

Johnny Manziel plays much faster than T-Fumble. He will be a prize draft choice for whoever gets him.

this gronk situation getting worse, team is dividing

Guy's did you see that David Garrad un-retired and Joined the Jets?????
He must have spent his 9 large he got from the fins...


Before getting too hung up on the line, Sims, Gannon and Congemi all said it’s not the line’s fault.

“When you look at 24 sacks, I’ve honestly seen about four of those sacks come from tight end and running back protection,” Sims said. “So it’s everybody.”

It’s Tannehill holding the ball too long. Receivers not getting open. Tight ends not chipping. Running backs missing blocks.

Trailing 23-13 with 10 minutes left against Baltimore, the Dolphins had a first down on the Ravens’ 31-yard line. Running back Lamar Miller lined up on Tannehill’s right, but at the snap, he slid to Tannehill’s left. It’s unclear if Miller intended to block or go out on a delayed pattern, but as he did, Elvis Dumervil sped through the area Miller vacated, forcing an early throw and batting down the ball. The Dolphins settled for a field goal.

“That’s something that needs to be addressed,” Gannon said of the inability of Miller and backup Daniel Thomas to pass-protect.

The inability of Miller and Thomas to run? Don’t get Sims started.

who is sims?

So Irescum spent 3 draft picks on D Thomas who cant run or pass protect?? Yet he kept him on the team while letting superstar Reggie Bush walk away?? WTF??

Keith Sims all pro Dolphin guard.

who cares what keith says, guy played decades ago

bills look solid with lewis at qb, tough game next week

who cares what keith says, guy played decades ago

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 13, 2013 at 12:39 PM

who cares what you say? you werent good enough to play decades ago.

i live in kc,

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 12, 2013 at 06:45 PM



Posted by: Tradition | October 12, 2013 at 10:50 PM

So, Reggie Bush has more total yds than Lamar Miller, D Thomas, and Mike Wallace COMBINED! How much did Irescum waste in money and draft choices for those 3? WOW!

Cincy incinerating Buff today. Good.

Of course, our next 2 Games are crucial for our Health.

Of course, our next 2 Games are crucial for our Health.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 13, 2013 at 02:57 PM

another earthshattering statement oscar lmao. tell us again that the team that scores more points wins lol

Well, I said, of course... In any case we are scoring 3-5 points more points than we did last year.

of course every teams next 2 Games are crucial for their health lol

good seeing jets and bills lose

My son is a big dope.

2 watt is a genius corky lives on

dusty and oscar = same person

go finssssssssssss

gonna be one heck of a game between saints and pats

of course the team that scores more points usually wins

Hello. We are a 3-2 team against some darn good teams and these players do have the ability to get back to that level of performance. For sure we'll be better after the bye week with time to regroup, rest and heal up.

oline is horrible either way. we will need to get creative

bills tied it this lewis kid can play a little. thought we were gonna have an easy one next sunday

Lookout, Buff just tied Cinci! Geno Smith looks better that I thought he was.

looks better?? hes been awful 2 more ints

Jets lose. Jets lose. Jets lose.

Now wouldn't it be great if the Bills can lose a heartbreaker in OT to the Bengals? and the Pats get stomped by the Saints?

bills u would actually want to win cause bengals could be in wildcard race vs us

Nah can't pull for a division rival this early in the year. We'll have our chances against the Bengals.

Bills lose. Bills lose. Bills Lose.

if your worried about bills we are done anywAYS

Don't like to compare team(s) we beat or lost to as an indication of upcoming games. But looking at the Pats/Saints games, don't see how we'll beat the Pats. No Gronk, Wilfork etc and they're still beating the Saints.

Anybody that does not agree with the trolls on this blog get called names and are told they are not fans of the Dolphins.....when will everybody learn to ignore the trolls?? They never come with facts and should be ignored like pestilent little children!!

I never said worried about the 2-4 Bill but am happy the Jets and Bills lost.

Brady is in pout and cry mode already and the game is not over. I'm still thinking the Saints get it going and win.

See, a top QB like Brady can win with zero support. Heck, TanneBust needs a pro bowl team around him and he still couldnt win.

Boy our defense suck or do they? New England defense holding the saints to 10 point in the 4th quarter! And you guys think this coaching staff is good...belicheat no matter what is the best coach in the NFL. Hands down..Philbin is still in diapers compared to Belicheat!

Reggie Bush another MONSTER game!

Did you see that zone blocking by the NO line? A thing of beauty.

It's only the 3rd quarter and they just scored to tie at 17. It's a whole new game now. The Patriots are going down again..and at home too.

Do you see how Brees elevates on his feet at the top of his throw. Amazing. He becomes 6'3" or more.

Boy, those NO safeties hit hard as hell.

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