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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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we still need a qb

Could it be that Tannehill is calling the wrong protection? I doubt it.

New England at least knows how to cover the TE LOL! My bad I meant to write 3third quarter but no matter what Pats as much as I hate to admit it Pats still better than our team with no name players. That's a tribute to Belicheat greatness as a head coach! No one can argue that one.. Hahaha. I mean just look at that team a bunch of no body's. Amazing.

tanneill = henne

There is plenty of time for those 2 great QBs to do their thing here.

It's funny I was listening to one of the NFL network analyst the guy with the bent pinky finger you know who I'm talking about some help me on the name, well anyways he doesn't think it's all the OL fault it's about coaching and the system...I'm starting to loose confidence in this coaching staff. Especially old fart reminds me of DAN HENNING. Mike Sherman....look Philbin went in over his head on coaching this team especially after the tragic lost of his son , it's time in my opinion for a new everything starting with Fireland! All the way down to the ball boy..sorry guys I just don't see a team really scarring no one in the AFC east. IMHO
They doing more damage than good to this team and especially Tannehill. Just my opinion...just look at the stats. Stats don't lie!




2' with Brady is an eternity.

We need to take advantage this Season of our Division rivals bad breaks. Next Year, might not be the same.


Tom Brady, the best QB EVER!!

Whenever Brady retires Ryan Mallet will beat us twice a year haha

Even with a terrible decision by Belichick they manage to win. What can mere mortals do?


nice prevent winning d saints

Knowing Belichick, you can bet both your nuts that Gronkowsky is going to play against us.

Ross should just offer Belichick 15 mill/yr to take over the Fins.

What a complete choke job the saints just displayed, seems to be fat @ss ryan was very cocky that his defense would just keep stopping brady and company....the saints played conservative and stupid the last 2 minutes and it cost them.....

bellicheat was awful in this game. wake up nathan rob ryan u idiot, just play normal d

Peter King's SB prediction of Patriots-Seahawks is looking rather good.

pats recievers were horrid today yet when it comes down to it they make plays when its on the line....kinda jealous Miami didn't show that last week against the ravens in last drive....

How happy is Reggie Bush to be off this team? LOL

HAHAHAHA The Patriots won, so now Dolphins fans can't even continue with their pipe dream ideas about actually winning the division. The Dolphins are the third best team in the division anyway. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain (not delusional Dolphins fans). Bills are better than the Dolphins. Coming off of a loss they'll be ready to play next week. No team wants to lose two in a row at home. How does 3-3 sound after 3-0 ? The Patriots won today...even on a Sunday where the Dolphins aren't playing they're losers.

Ross should just offer Belichick 15 mill/yr to take over the Fins.

Posted by: Tony Nathan | October 13, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Ross is way to cheap to pay top performers. Thats just part of the reason he never wins.

fire ross u fool, bills game is in miami

Who wins the Game? The Team that make the plays at the most important moment.

Very profound my son.

Well, NO was favored Today and didn't win.

NE def coordinator- Matt Patricia. Remember his name, he's the next up-and-coming Belichek disciple. I grew up with him and we played pop-Warner together. Future head coach? Maybe being groomed to take over?

fire ross u fool, bills game is in miami

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 13, 2013 at 08:10 PM

Can u say empty stadium?

No matter what the idiot ones here you know who you are, give credit where credit is due!
Brady and Belichick with no name WR TE None NT lost their CB and still manages to win that's a mark of a great team and coaching staff! Unlike the phins circus of a coaching staff starting with Bozo the clown Philbin and old Fart Dan Henning look a like Sherman! That's the reason this team has lost the last two games. First go look at the stats. Worst than last year that just shows you this team is regressing because of coaching. Better overall team than last year and probably going against buffalo that is a underrated team. I guarantee it will be a battle against the Bills you see guys. Division game and buffalo all ways plays us tough well all teams in our division do! Let's see what this coaching staff comes up with after the bye week. If they come out flat no urgency to play better domination, than we can officially say this team are pretenders! But if they win and come out guns a blazing than they can turn out to be a wildcard contenders.
We will see.... IM A PHINS FOR LIFE! But won't ever accept Irescum. And his Barnum


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha




Matt Kelly wrote a article on Punter fields. That he is a weapon. I guess Matt Kelly see the future of this team punting a lot huh! Lmao! I would think a beat writer would right something like Clay being a weapon on the up and up! Well this just me but hey he can write anything he wants just ironic that he picks a punter, you know what I mean? :)

Redskins RG3. It's not at the 100% confidence level on that knee.

Ray, is that you?

RGIII is garbage now. They ruined him.

Just shows how bad the phins oline is. Buffalo goes for over 200 yards on the ground vs ravens. GB just goes off as well for a 130 plus. We run for like 30 yards against Baltimore. Starts up front and shows fins don't have it

Bo may be right! But they did give him his college offense!

Ryan Tannereach is garbage now. Tannereach will never beat Brady. I'd bet on that right now. Even w/o receivers the Pats will torch Jimmy Wilson and Nolan Carroll and co. Gronk will be back by the time the Phins play the Pats too. Of course we all know that Ireland's teams can't cover TE's. This is because Ireland doesn't draft LB's, in his delusional world he thinks he can buy LB's in free agency. Phillip Wheeler on his third team huh ? There are reasons why two teams gave up on him. Ireland reminds me of the captain played by John Laraquette in Stripes. Reasons ? Coordinates ?

Dolfan29, Dolphins need to prove they can win consistently, against great teams! That's all this team has to do! Win! That will confirm coaches, players, and Ireland! Lose, and it goes out the window! Sooo, WIN!

Matt Kelly wrote a article on Punter fields. That he is a weapon. I guess Matt Kelly see the future of this team punting a lot huh! Lmao!

Posted by: ray el heat phins fan | October 13, 2013 at 09:25 PM

Actually, Kelly was quoting Sturgis, who made the statement.

Then you basically plagirized his material in regards to a Punter being a "Weapon". Right down to the Tight End comments.

1001 aliases and EVERYONE of them are dumb-LOL!

Hey, Armando, it's(next) Monday. Where are you?

This country has become THE BANANA REPUBLIC of the Americas.

After watching the Patriots pull one out of their arse last night my confidence for a division run just hit an all time low. I mean I don't really like the Patriots, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Brady is amazing and could make any no name receiver look like a number 1 pick.

How do they do it, year end and year out? While we wallow in mediocrity the Patriots just pick some bum off the street, plug him into their offense and chew through the league, it is so frustrating to watch.

I guess I should be happy, at least the team in my state is winning, but I hate the Seahawks more than the Patriots.


I wish Armando would post something, so I could respond. I has been very hard going a full week without posting something praising the personnel genius of Jeff Ireland.

IRA....that statement drips of sarcasm..lol

nobody better than j irecorn to put together a 6-10 team,fax

Can somebody come on here and post about the DEMISE if Brady...Belicheat...and the PATS....

I need to read about how they are about to fall of a cliff....or how we are the UP and COMERS....

Rember when the BARELY beat the BILLS and the jets....how about the squeaker against Tampa....and even Armando got you guys all HYPED up with a post that was a shot against the PATS....

I told you then...like I am telling you now...the PATS are the CHAMPS...until somebody TAKES the crown from them...they will not be beaten because some KNOW-NOTHING writer or haters (other team's fans) say so...

Watched RG3 last nite - he looked worse than Tanne has all year. If they keep running that read option he'll be IR'd before the year is out.

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