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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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Cleveland, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, New York Jets, Oakland, Houston, Buffalo, Tennessee, Minnesota, Arizona.

All teams that wouldn't hesitate to swap their QB's for Tannehill.

Will he ever be a top 5 QB? Who knows. But IMO he's close to top 10-15 NOW and should only improve.

As long as the O-line doesn't get him killed first.

Completely agree with jon because I don't see this line getting better without a trade for competent tackle. Hell put Garner at Rg and Jerry at LT. He played better than Martin there anyway. Then move Martin back to rt and bench Clabos a$#. This is unacceptable this far in. No depth, no draft picks coming to the rescue. And once again in order to improve this team Ireland will have to trade for someone elses competent draft pick. I guess that's how you rebuild through the draft, trade and sign other peoples draft picks.

That play to Gibson on 4th and 10 when he was running for his life was amazing. That tells me that he is clutch. I am happy that we have our franchise QB. We have a good defense but it is very banged up. We have good WRs and TEs. This team is three OL, another TE, and Tannehill getting a little more experience from being pretty good. Not sure about the RBs as it is real hard to tell with this atrocious OL blocking.

I am just concerned that we will lose Tannehill to a serious injury.

You have to as a coaching staff coach to your team's strengths, and cover its weaknesses. Miami is playing basic football having Tannehill in the pocket as a sitting duck. Can they commit to giving Miller the ball 18-22 times a game?

Too cheap to pay Jake Long. IDIOTS!

Its clear, Tannehill is not the answer. Philbin, neither. Sherman, what a joke. How about trading Wallace and a second rounder to Cleveland for Joe Thomas? Next year, off season, trade for Nick Foles? Desperation mode is activated yet once again. Ireland must go, despite the off season, top secret extension.

Voantae Leach would have been a great addition too. He can pass block, unlike every FB/RB on the team currently.

BUT Ireland decided to stick with what he had and Leach re-signed with the Ravens.

Based on this performance, I'd expect Ross to give Ireland a lifetime contract. Ireland = Lane Kiffin of NFL GMs

LAMAR MILLER is the WORST PASS BLOCKING rb I've ever seen.

Sure he's the CHECKDOWN on passing plays, but, START WATCHING HIM he won't even CHIP BLOCK the PASS RUSHER before LEAKING OUT as the safety valve. Tannehill's already sacked by the time he gets into the flat to accept a pass.


FOLKS, EXACTLY why Daniel Thomas, who isn't even an ADEQUATE pass blocker himself, comes in.

It's absolutely horrible what I've seen today. It's not only oline pass blocking, the rb's, and te's are terrible pass blocking too.

Hey, if we could get a 3rd rd pick for Tannehill....TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when do we start rebuilding again ????


You are right. I had my doubts about Tannehill early on but have nothing but respect for the kid now. With no Wake, Patterson, Ellerbe, and other defenders being banged up, he is the reason we have a winning record so far. What young QB could work with OTs like Martin and Clabo. Suggs had 3 sacks and they could not run the ball at all. There is no way to fix this but Phibin needs to send a message to Martin and Clabo.


Jeff Ireland? "Well thats the best thing going on for them boys down there in Miami. Excellent guy".


I'm assuming you are intoxicated? Wallace and a 2nd rounder for Thomas? Why would Cleveland do that?

Nick Foles??? How is he close to being an upgrade to Tannahill?

Come on man

It's called stepping up in the pocket!!!!


Once again you are right. Vontae Leach would have helped a lot. Although I am not sure how that would have helped the Clabo and Martin situation. It probably would have helped the running game though.

I hope that Philbin does not come out to defend the OL. He needs to start holding those guys accountable. Today's lost was all on them.

Tannehill has that deer in headlights look.

Can Sherman see what's going on or does he have a little Henning in him?

If our oline can't hold a block than why not try some short passes instead of making rt wait for the plays to come open 15 yards down the field. I know what they're trying to do but can't understand why there is no adjustments to help the oline. Move the pocket, call more short passes, adjust. Stop trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

If I'm Ireland I'm working out veteran rbs, specifically pass blockers. AND I'm looking to trade for a tackle. Get your QB protected before you break him.

Blame the OL all you want but how many times did the kid just curls up like a beeeeatch when the pocket breaks down?? He used to be a WR why can't he escape the pocket my goodness he doesn't even move around in the pocket

It should be pointed out though that Wake, Ellebre, and Patterson were all out of the game.

If healthy, the defense probably wins the game.

But Miami HAS TO make a move on the O-Line. Maybe you bump out Jerry to RT and start Garner or Thomas?

I just don't see any out of house solutions. Miami would get hosed in any trade at this point, they know how desperate they are.

I do not see franchise qb in Tannehill. I do see a qb that can be "FLACCO-LIKE". Which isn't bad if we had a better pass protect and run game.

Tannehill will always have issues that will prevent him from being an ELITE qb. This much is already unmistakable. Like I said, with better pass protect and run game he can be FLACCO-LIKE.

He can get us to a sb with a much better supporting cast. Mainly pass protect and run game. Flacco did it last year with the Ravens.

I think Beasley's article tells the entire TRUTH....his last two lines below.

Tannehill finished 21 of 40 for 307 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. Wallace caught seven passes for 105 yards.

The Dolphins have allowed 24 sacks in five games and are on pace to allow 77 – which would shatter the team record (53 in 1969).

Does anything else really have to be said here?

Are you guys really that blind to see Tannehill doesn't help himself when had pocket breaks down he just crumbles to the ground. Jeez like there's no timer in his head that says "time to get out of here!"

The Dolphins are obviously not a complete team, too many gaps. So, they are at times exciting, but they are fatally flawed.

I think it is time to cut ties with Mike Wallace. Shop him around and see about some offensive line support. With a credible running threat and better pass protection, the offense would be much better.

Whoever is the OL coach needs to be fired ASAP and ppl thought Sparsno OL was bad

Well, there is some good news. They cant lose next week. LOL

Agreed Phins78,

They need to run slants, short square ins, so Tannehill has a safety valve. I think they tried this a few times with Miller but it looked like he was late getting out of the backfield.

They should audition some RB's, and Cedrick Benson quickly comes to mind. But I don't see Ireland giving up on Donald Thomas

OrlandoDolphan, absolutely correct! Howe much better would Vontae Leach look right now as a short yardage back, lead blocker, and pass protect right now.

Exactly what I dislike about Ireland, every offseasn he finds way to OUTSMART himself. It's always a decision that hurts us most in regular season.

Passing on Albert and Leach is killing us right now!

David Hyde tells the TRUTH:

All the talk was the first five games could sink the Dolphins because of its difficulty. And you know what? It was as difficult as advertised in many ways so the 3-2 record is fine. Look at the opponents. Cleveland started 0-2 and has won three straight. Indianapolis followed losing to the Dolphins by beating San Francisco and was leading Seattle late. New Orleans is undefeated. And Baltimore is 3-2.

Truth,Where his he gonna go when he's surrounded?? Especially with turnovers from last week fresh in his mind.

Slow footed like Manning and Brady moves around in the pocket, statues like Flacco even moves around the Pocket, Tannehill stands there and doesn't even attempt to run away
from the pressure. The OL sucks but Tannehill making them
look worse no doubt.

Defenses are jumping the short routes because they know the Oline cant block long enough to hit much down field. Without having to worry about a running game or a downfield passing game, we are screwed unless we solve the OT issues.

Oline cant pass block, we have no running game, our wrs dropped 7 passes, so how in the f$#k is Tannehill doing ANYTHING out there? The Pats didnt pass block well today but were much better than the Phins. And Tannehill still outplayed Brady and did it against one of the leagues top defenses.

Give Tannehill some blockers and hes a top 10 qb. Period

Tanny is Henne 2.0


Count out loud when it's a passing situation for Miami. Tannehill has on average Maybe 1.5-2 seconds to throw. Sack plays it's less than that.

Earlier he was holding the ball too long but I didn't see that as a problem today. The O-Line was owned and dominated.

Whoever is the OL coach needs to be fired ASAP and ppl thought Sparsno OL was bad

Posted by: Truth | October 06, 2013 at 06:13 PM

Can't Make chicken soup from chicken shiiiit. Monte Clark, oline coach from the 72 Dolphins, couldn't work with this crap.

This oline is "ALL IRELAND". To bad the only reward for being "ALL IRELAND" is ALL MEDIOCRE.

At least 3 of though sack Tannehill could of attempted to run from the pressure but he doesn't his pocket awarness is literally a 0 and becomes a sitting duck. The QB can help OL by side stepping and finding lanes, look at Luck, Tannehill is mediocre at best fellas

Give Tannehill some blockers and hes a top 10 qb. Period

Posted by: Phins78 | October 06, 2013 at 06:16 PM

You said the EXACT same thing about Henne. LMAO!!

No one is going to want to take on Wallace's inflated salary. We are going to have to bite the bullet with him.

The Good: Dion Jordan caused the int return for the TD. Vernon with 2nd sack in 2 games. Starks and Soliai - they just play well every week. Wallace had a better game (2 of those 'drops' were bad passes thrown behind him). Clay has been a pleseant surprise.
The Bad: Ryan Tannehill has regressed. No running game, again. The coaching - at least TRY to run the ball. When your line can't pass block, why are you calling pass plays all the time?? Defense folded in crunch time. John Jerry. Ryan Clabo.
The Ugly: Jonathan Martin is not a LT in this league. The secondary is just horrible. Now every freakin team knows how to stop this offense. The officiating - Phins had all the momentum until those 2 horrible pass interference calls.

The bye week can't come at a better time. This is what I hope happens with the week off.

1) Clabo gets benched. Hopefully they can bring in someone solid. Trade Matt Moore if necessary. But Clabo can't start anymore for the Fins. I'd take Jerry or Gardner at RT over Clabo at this point.

2) Wake, Ellerbe and Patterson need to get healthy.

3) Philbin and Sherman need to open their eyes and adjust the offense. They need to pay less attention to the hurry up offense. Instead they need to get THILL rolling out. They need to get Wallace in Motion. They need to get Hartline in Motion. This hurry up and line up the same way every time is not working.

4) They need to get Hillis or another banging RB who can pick up short yardage because we continue to fail to gain the 1 or 2 yards needed to make first downs and keep drives alive.

5) They need to ALWAYS keep a RB in the backfield to help protect THILL.

6) They need to get Jordan more involved earlier in the games. He makes plays in the 4th quarter when they play him most. They need to get this kid more reps.

Ya could surround Tanny with an all pro team and he'd still stink.

This one was tough...a game we should have won at home.

At least the run D is coming back around and we started to get a pass rush.

We absolutely have to shore up the o-line and get the backs more involved in game (both running and receiving)if we're going to compete.

Truth what pocket are you referring too? There is no pocket, when there is he does fine. But half of the time there are two to three defenders within arms length. That's not a pocket. Where do you move? Only place to go is outside the pocket, to scramble. But the coaches are trying to get him in the habit of pocket passing. They refuse to adjust to the olines weaknesses.

I COMPLETELY disagree with this notion that this is RTs fault. Sure, one today was on him. BUT THERE WERE SIX SACKS! and I can't even count how many times he was hurried. It's ridiculous, I have never seen a qb get blamed as much as RT does for his oline sucking a%$.

3-2 record.

Bye week.

Haven't played Jets, Bills or Tampa Bay yet.

Mike Wallace + Peyton Manning = 10 tds by game 4.

Keep blaming it all on Wallace. Tannehill also continues to UNDERTHROW Wallace deep.

Right now, I assess Tannehill as both part of the problem and part of the solution in this offense. If you can't see Tannehill being as much the problem as the solution. You may be suffering from post Henne-ism disorder.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 06, 2013 at 06:22 PM

Absolutely correct....Keep telling the TRUTH!

It would be a HUGE cap hit to do anything with Wallace, and he's not the problem.

He opens up the entire field for Tannehill even when they aren't throwing to him.

Losing Keller was a huge blow for Miami. Egnew is a bust, Sims isn't ready.

Clay isn't a true TE. They move him around a lot and rarely have him on the line.

So if you are counting, Miami needs:
Left Tackle
Right Tackle
Tight End
Power back
D-Lineman (Starks and Solia are FA's)
Cornerback (Patterson and Grimes are FA's)
Free Safety (Clemons is a FA)

Far from a complete team, and with Ireland drafting it will be tough to field a complete team

Sam I am I agree he's mediocre at best

You guys wanna know where I place "100% OF THE BLAME"?

Look no further than JEFF IRELAND, he assembled this MESS.

Its the QB MORONS.eh?

Many things in this team are wrong from top-bottom and other way around. We' ll be 4-4 by week 9. We have too many holes, including coaches. The running game is completely absent. I dont think we'll make the playoffs.
The only positive thing was the Patriots lost.

The guy crumbles at the site of pressure, some ppl tried to get away others crumbles down like THill does. OL sucks but we need to realize he"ll never be a great QB

Why did Tannehill spike the ball to stop the clock there was over a minute left he just wasted a down.

Posted by: robert | October 06, 2013 at 04:41 PM

He's clueless

The great thing is we are 3-2 and only one game back to a very vulnerable Patriots team even with multiple injuries. The bye week will be great for the team AND we will now get to watch the ridiculously pi$# poor Jets badly lose the next two games to further push their foot loving blabber mouth fraud of a head coach toward his inevitable firing. Butt fumbles all around, go Phins! JI get off your slimy a$# and protect your young qb!!!

Jeff Ireland knows "jack shiit" about building a WINNING football team.

He left out the most important pieces this offseason.


My worry about Tannehill is, he's a talented 2d-yr QB, but who's teaching him? I have very little confidence in Sherman.

OL gets bolstered over the bye, we can have a good season. If not then not. When do we see some accountability?

Thx tho to all the TANNEFAIL commenters, because I them know to ignore you. (As does everyone else, which is why you keep switching names.).

Tannehill is a top 25 QB.

Ok, so who want's to play guess Miami's final record???

Sep 8 - W at Cleveland, 10-23
Sep 15 - W at Indianapolis, 20-24
Sep 22 - W vs. Atlanta, 27-23
Sep 30 - L at New Orleans, 38-17
Oct 6 - L vs. Baltimore, 23-26
Oct 13 - Open
Oct 20 - vs. Buffalo, 1:00 PM ET-Win
Oct 27 - at New England, 1:00 PM ET Loss
Oct 31 - vs. Cincinnati, 8:25 PM ET Loss
Nov 11 - at Tampa Bay, 8:40 PM ET Win
Nov 17 - vs. San Diego, 1:00 PM ET Win
Nov 24 - vs. Carolina, 1:00 PM ET Win
Dec 1 - at NY Jets, 1:00 PM ET Win
Dec 8 - at Pittsburgh, 1:00 PM ET Loss
Dec 15 - vs. New England, 1:00 PM ET Loss
Dec 22 - at Buffalo, 1:00 PM ET Win
Dec 29 - vs. NY Jets, 1:00 PM ET Win


Getting the Bengals after playing the Pats, on a short week, is bad luck. Pittsburgh in December, regardless how bad they are, will be tough.

I give Miami wins over the Titans and Panthers because I just don't buy those teams.

San Diego having to come cross country will be a big advantage for Miami

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