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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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Armando i hope you read this and make noise until a change occurs. The problem with the Dolphins is Sherman. Our playing calling, lack of creativity and overall pholiposphy are flawed. Maybe that worked at A&M with #17 but it wont work int hte pros. You have been saying that Wallace and Tannehill are not on the same page since camp. Well its a real problem that the coaches are ultimately responsible for, additionally where is the adjustment in the offense to the defensive schemes. No stretch plays, no playaction, no motion , no creating mismatches with #11 on LB's??
We cant expect to win from here on out without more creativity , it makes the offense predicatble and obviously one dimensional. Understood the O Line is a problem, but if our offense could keep defenses off balanced more often it would help the situation. Please beat this drum and dont allow Philibin to get away with out making changes.

Tannehill is not a starting QB.

Armando: You should be happy. In you article on Sunday you called for the Dolphins to target Wallace, move him around to the left side etc, etc.
As if on cue Philbin and Sherman did just as you asked.
And Wallace caught 7 passes for over 100 yards. Unfortunately (by my unofficial count) he dropped at least 5 more and probably cost us the game.
I was at the game and saw Tannehill stare at Wallace
and wait for him to get opened as he was sacked. There was no going through the progression, spreading the
ball or doing the things that got us the 3 wins.
Now that we Mike and his agent are happy I hope in your next column you remember to tell the Dolphins
that winning the game is also important.

Anderson, you don't bolster the oline over the bye without serious trade.

What, would your solution be to bring in a guy no one thinks enough of to already be on a team right now? Do we get better by getting worse?

I see nothing has changed in here, same losers day after day. Yes , Tom Brady would be having a career year behind this oline. Lmao, dumbest f%$#ing fan site on the net, and seemingly proud of it.

Pray for new ownership.


You are right. How can anyone blame TH for being on his back. I kept my eyes on Clabo and Martin all game Long and they were constantly getting marched into Tannehill. I don't want to jinx him but I am amazed that he has not been hurt yet. He took 6 sacks and did not throw an interception today. Any other young QB would have had happy feet and would be throwing interceptions. We have our franchise QB but we have to protect him better and be patient because he still has to develop.







Its the QB stupid.

It's all on the OL, they can not run block or pass block and it's killing our Defense, they are on the field way too much cause were a one dimensional offense

People saying Tannehill is the problem I just don't get, I watched Clay and Wallace drop three balls on the last drive and watched Tannehill scramble on 4-15 to keep the game alive. he is not the issue. Does he make poor decisions some time, yes, does he hold the ball a little too long, yes, rather take the sack instead of throwing a pick..when the pocket collapses on you all day it's not as easy as you think to just throw it away

I would like to see them move the pocket around, but I think there scared to try it cause Clabo and Martin just suck


I bet the Falcons are cracking up after we picked up Clabo. It should be a big red flag when the Falcons are not willing to pay their starting RT a multi year contract.

Will Philbin have the guts to bench Clabo? No way he should be starting against Buffalo.

Jon, if we can't find a way to fix the pass protection and run blocking, I see 8-8 at best.

Without better run blocking and pass protection, those so-called EASY teams on our schedule have great chance to win against us when we play.

Our supposed EASY GAMES become much more difficult with terrible run and pass blocking. If this doesn't change book'em at 8-8 at best Dan-o!

jpac nailed it
horrible plqy calling last minute

ricktfirefly | October 06, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Nothing wrong with the play calling, everything wrong with the OL's pass protection and that includes Pouncey!

Buffalo's defense forced Flacco into 5 pics. Think about that when we have a worse oline.

And some here have already marked Buffalo for a win.

I don't think that the fans should be overreacting so negatively to this loss. Think about it, the Dolphins are 3-2, and they will likely be 4-2 after the bye when we play the Bills, led by Jeff Tuel. The Bengals and NE present challenges afterwards. Win out one out of two and we're still in good shape. November's schedule is very favorable. I can easily see this team winning out that month, entering December with a 9-3 type of record. The season will ride on their performance in December.

Yes, they struggle beating good teams, yes, our offensive line is overwhelmed, yes, our secondary struggles in man coverage. But they're still better than about 2/3rd's of teams in the league. They are exactly who we thought that they would be entering the season: a 9-7, 10-6 type of team with some significant warts. They are still about 2 years away from contending for a Super Bowl.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride and don't take losses to good teams too much to heart. It's to be expected. Do react if they lose to teams that they're supposed to beat.

Dallax/Denver great game right now. 38-34 Denver. Cowbys failed on 2pt conversion.

3 Draft Picks D Thomas contributed 1 yd on 2 carries for a 0.5/yd avg. ARE U F"N KIDDING ME???

Find a frigging Offensive Tackle!



I agree with your assessment of Clabo and Martin. For a young QB, I think he has done a great job with this pathetic OL. It is not just the pass protection though. I cannot believe how bad this OL gets beat off the ball on running plays. It seems like the DL is in the backfield on every running play. And Tannehill needs stop saying go, go before every running play, this OL is bad enough without helping opposing defenses by tipping off plays.

I do think that this team can improve with Wake, Ellerbe, and Patterson coming back healthy after two weeks.

To tell you the guys the truth I think Johnny M
will make a better pro than THill he has wayyyy better feet and an ok arm. He has superior pocket awarness whereas THill a sitting duck.

can we get Jake Long back?

Manziel is MUCH better than TanneBust


I look at Johnny Football has a more athletic Dree Bree's the tape doesn't lie A&M got better when THill left

cut Daniel Thomas and play gillislee or thigpent why is Thomas getting more touches than miller I freaking hate Sherman he suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I just don't know how you fix the OL problems at this point this year. We are just going to continue this year with what we have. Next year we will be looking at mock drafts and talking about OL.

I think a 10-6 record would be good for this year. I am not sure that gets us to the playoffs. KC will be a shoe in for the wild card. I remember one year the phins went 11-5 under Dave Wandstedt and missed the playoffs, so 10-6 does not guarantee anything. Next year though, Tannehill will keep on progressing, we have the WRs, and the defense should be good. We need to focus on rebuilding the OL. Pay big money for a LT (Albert), resign Incognito, draft a RT in the first round, and a guard in the second round.


Orlando, I said Run Blocking too, it's non existent, it's terrible at best.

I think it's time for a change, Clabo is not cutting it, put Jerry at RT and Garner at RG, but do something, doing nothing won't cut it. Then start rolling the pocket out to the right some times, because Martin is becoming an turnstile..

When Tannehill has the time has been very solid


Sam, idk, I'm not at the practices. I don't believe the personnel are making this OL as bad as it is - could use some new blood next year, but are they playing to potential now?

How much do the coaches work with Thill on rolling out? Pocket collapse can be a trap for the D if they're tangled up while he's on a rollout.

I get the feeling that RT and the OL are playing the way they're being told to play ... and they won't improve until they start being told something different.

Did anyone just see Romo use his feet to buy time till Witten get open???? When has THill done this besides the 4th play today??? He doesn't its little things like that seperated the mediocre from the good and greats QBss

I seriously mean this...if Peyton Manning was playing behind this OL his days would be numbered and he wouldn't be recognized as one of the 3 best at his position. He still would have talent but the variety of plays he's able to make is the time he has to go over several of his options each play. He has great pocket presence but when he's forced to leave the pocket (which isn't often) he's there to throw the ball away.

This is like the government shutdown and the debt crises (or soon to be a crises). We can't change our lawmakers any more then we can rework the OL. In both instances we're stuck with what we have!!!!

This is what we get with an Ireland team, We will never be but a sub par team until we get rid of the last of that tuna smell.

Romo is an elite QB

Good points craig! Others are blaming the RBs (though I am not crazy about Thomas) and not the real problem which is the horrible OL. We really don't know about Lamar Miller because every time he gets the ball defenders are already in the backfield. It is time to try something else. Jerry is probably the best option at RT at this point. It still leaves us with Martin on the blind side but Clabo needs to go.

Romo an elite QB? One playoff victory in how many years as a starter?

Look at the numbers he put up, if you want to go by playoffs victories Dan the Man didnt get it done postseason did he?

Could try Jerry at LT, he did play it the last 4 weeks last year and put Martin back where he belongs at RT, Garner at RG.

Anyway, they have to try something during the break

Our D needs to get and stay healthy, getting Wake and Patterson back will surely help

3-2, is still better then what I had anticipated with this schedule, but there going nowhere until the fix pass protection.

Yes, look at the numbers and try again to compare Romo with Marino!

From my perspective they lost because they were 1 for 3 scoring TDs in the Red Zone.If either of those other two trips into the RZ results in a TD thats 4 points more you do the math.They won the takeaway battle and scored 10 points off of those takeaways and the Ravens had no takeawys and no points off of takeawys.
The Dolphins didnt play well but helped themselves with the takeaways and not turning the ball over to make it a game.But they didnt take advantage of their Red Zone opportunities.

Anyone bashing Tannehill is an absolute moron..he is the SOLE reason we moved the ball...no QB, not even the beloved Marino could thrive with that o-line...END OF STORY...get a clue you fairweather Phins fans...so pathetic how you bash on Tannehill, who had a SOLID game despite that atrocious Tyson Clabo and John Jerry getting smoked every down.

If you fans are THAT passionate, try showing up to the damn stadium and outnumbering the opposing teams fans....seriously, you're a joke! Both games ive been to this season and mainly today, its been a visitor's crowd at times.


Romo out dueling Manning he's elite. You think Tanny could do that? Hahaha

Also King the defense couldn't get off the field. 36 minutes compared to 24 for us. The bye week has come at the right time. Boy is it ever needed!

Ahmen you people suck

Get a Clue,
Did you see Dashi at the game?
If so was he wearing a Lamar Miller jersey?

Our defense can't stop a leak





I saw a lot of #7 jerseys when the camera scanned the crowd.

"but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock."
Carpenter would have nailed that sucker.

Its not like that was a PAT or something. Look, clearly Philbin trusted the leg of Sturgis more than the arm of Tannehill.

It was 4th and 15. You got Mr. Playmaker Wallace or Mr. Clutch Hartline. Hindsight is 20/300 but I would have dialed up a play looking for the first down or the pass interference.

Tannehill's fault? What game did you watch? I definetely saw one sack where he should have stepped up in pocket and ran. Here's the deal: He has no freaking time cause O line is BAD. Especially the tackles. Ask the Saints D their opinion. Flacco holds the ball longer. Brady holds the ball just as long. Sherman is terrible. Why the play action on long yardage that just slows things down and moves theback out of position. They line up in the same spots every snap. They don 't have receivers running routes for a checkdown. It's sickening to watch. No running lanes either. Ireland has done a good job with D line. But the O line gets worse every year. Offends will sick until we get at least 2 more quality linemen. And a new coordinator.

Progolf, I'm watching the Denver game now, and you are absolutely right.

57 yard FG attempt? Maybe if you have a Sea Bass kicking. Defintely not with a Sturgeon kicking.

Does anyone actually think if Peyton Manning or Drew Brees was facing 4th and 15, with 35 seconds left, that the coach would put that on the kicker?

Ask yourself WHY Philbin trusted the leg of Sturgis over the arm of Tannehill and hands of Wallace and Hartline?


Guess I eat crow about Romo being elite. Typical Romo crumble under pressure

I take that back...that INT was on Romo's O-Line....

Oh look, Romo sacked. He must be a terrible QB.

... Capt Jack, you are confused. Thill's arm doesn't matter if he's knocked on his butt again. Peyton Manning with our OL? I'd try the FG too.

Typical typical Romo. 500 yards but a pick when the game is on the line.

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