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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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listen, tanne should not taking as many sacks but the pocket is still collapsing around him. i believe he is throwing the ball very good though. MIKE SHERMAN is the problem. this offense has no creativity. we are not spreading the field at all. by the way, tanne was being told to spike the ball, that was not his fault. Ill tell you one thing, I would rather have him than joe flacco. the game was lost with the two bogus pass interference calls that GAVE the ravens 7 points. all the momentum swung and the game was over. thats what you get in a fixed league

I agree with te poster who said....

Manning + Wallace= 10 TDs by week 4....

but I will add a variable...

Wallace plus any LEGIT top 10 QB = 6 TD by week 4....

Not a great Peyton pass, a bit high, but receiver made it work.

Google GOD DAMMIT DONALD for Peyton and pass protection.

Manning like...WTF?????

Cowboys Lose 51-48 to Broncos.

Good News:

We'll never lose a game 51-48

Bad News:

We'll never score 48pts in a game


How many people on the planet, since the begining of time, can do what Manning's done?

Tannehill's in his sophomore year. He's been developing quite nicely, up until his O-Line made him a Human Tackling Dummy.

I wouldn't hold any second year QB up to the Manning's or Young's or anyone. Especially when his O-Line is on par to set records for sacks allowed.

C'Mon Now........

Mandel be honest Wallace had five drops and therefore a horrific game that cost us the game. He is literally Clyde Gates . is pure garbage


Should Ireland become 1st GM to be fired same year he signed extension:

A Yes
B Hell f-cking yeah

We ran the ball TWO TIMES the ENTIRE second half.

That means Tannehill carried the team, O-Line and all for the whole second half.

A Little Perspective maybe-LOL!

Exactly right Greg. Oline not good. Sherman throws gas in the fire with stupid formation and play calling. Philbin needs to start calling plays and they have to trade for a tackle to have any chance for playoffs. Wallace dropped too many but he is not the big problem. Tannehill underthrows Wallace and that has to be fixed but to be honest he cant step into his throws. I fear he is going to develops bad habits and mechanics because of how bad protection is.

Now Wallace is garbage too......?

Hey, Chicago lost to New Orleans, their wholoe team is garbage now. Marshall, Cutler and all.

Once you loose to the Saints, you might as well mail it in.

Wallace is garbage.....?


I screamed ALL day on the Live blog (there were at least 9 of us, counting Mando, Cote, and Beasley) regarding Sherman's absolute rock-headedness not rolling Tanny out. ALL GAME. Tanny rolls LEFT and throws better than any right handed QB I've seen in a long time.
It's criminal that a stupid songwriter like me can see this, but not our coaching staff.

The D played their hearts out, their a**es off.
Tanny is so shell shocked he couldn't even connect with Hartline consistently.

Does Tanny not have the permission to change a call at the LOS? Not just from pass to run, but formation as well?

On the bright side.... Ireland didn't over pay for Jake Long, Reggie Bush, or Sean Smith and he won't over pay for Starks or Soliai next year either!

Bad news is we haven't found anybody to replace them yet.

Is Jones really
going to suck every game now that he got paid. Secondary ducks other than Grimes. And Grimes probably won't be back next year. Is Clemons still on the team? Does he make any plays? Sherman taking heat and he deserves it but Coyles doesn't call a great game on D either.

This on ESPN:
"Brandon Marshall expressed frustration with his performance and role in the offense coming off his least productive game of the season Sunday in a 26-18 loss to the New Orleans Saints."

Just substitute Wallace for Marshall, and Dolphins for Bears.

Yeah screw Mike Wallace and his 117 yard game. You guys sound foolish...

How is Tannehill going to have all this great pocket presence when he's got defenders coming from both sides and the middle??



if you are blaming tannehill and not MIKE SHERMAN for the loss then you an absolute idiot. MIKE SHERMANS offense has become vanilla and predictable. bag the fking stretch play, it doesn't work. there is no difference in our offense from one week to another. its the same old plays week in and week out and now its catching up with us. during the last drive, before the big play to gibson, on third down all of our receivers were all running 10 yard routes. i mean come on! we need guys stretching the field, running seam routes and post patterns, how about a 20 yard dig once in a while. oh and those plays where it looks like tannehill is throwing behind wallace, those are wallaces fault. they are all against a zone and wallace is supposed to be sitting down and hes not, because hes retarded. tannehill is throwing the ball great and im very happy with him as our QB.

As ugly as it was, the Ref's still had to **COMPLETELY GIVE** the Ravens a TD for them to beat us.

For a second or two there we were playing the Baltimore Ref's.

Those two critical Phantom PI calls at a critical juncture of them game was hilariously obvious. It makes for a pitiful day and age for the NFL.

That officiating crew won't be working the playoffs or the Super Bowl. That's a FACT!

That's OK though, one more draft and off season and we'll even be good enough to overcome the ridiculously bad officiating.

Lets blame the refs!!

The OLINE sucks but the question but the question is couldn't our coaching staff see this early in the year? And say something like hey Jeff if you want to you know actually win this year we need some help up front.

Scary thought. Might Tanny be turning into David Carr before our eyes?
Carr was a punching bag his entire career in Houston, and ended up like Tanny looked for parts of the game today. Throwing off the back foot, missing open guys while waiting to get creamed.
Sherman needs to be fired. Only thing In can think of, Sherman has a thing with Tanny's wife, and wants Tanny out of the way.

the two bogus interference calls lost the game for us. killed all momentum. changed the game completely.

This loss was clearly on Tannehill. He has no accuracy at all. Wallace is pissed.


He's a cool guy with a pretty wife and a few $millions.


the is no dout that the O-Line stinks...mo debate there....

I am also a bit dissapointed in Wallace for (what appeared to be) sort-arminga few passes....

but in the end....

Tanne and SHerman get most of the blame...

Tanne has to stop doing a HENNE impression when he feels pressure...he was a G-D wide reciever jus a a few years ago...doesnt he have an escapeablity...sheeesh...

and you CAN NOT take a sack i tat last situation...yoiu just can't...you can't...

Spikin the ball...WTF?????

who eve made that decision shoud resign...plenty of time to run a play...and we had them on thier heels...so we waste a play (spike)...and follow it up with a sack that takes us out of reasonable FG range....

We HAVE to do better Odin....

3-2 is nothig to sneeze @....but were on the wrong sde of the last two (in a row)....

Monte, I agree. Time to switch to Moore.

5 drops never fights and helps QB. YES HE IS GARBAGE ODUMBASS


martin is a statue, and Luck covered for him in college by escaping for long runs when Martin missed his block. Ireland apparently didn't watch film of Stanford, just figured if Luck was great, so must Martin be.

Wallace = GARBAGE.

Lets blame the refs!!

Posted by: Excuses Galore | October 06, 2013 at 07:55 PM

Um.....ah........You didn't see the pass interference.....? NEITHER DID ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAPPENED.

But yeah, Baltimore got the ball 1st and goal at the 1 and Rice ran it in and actually acted like he did something-LOL!

Oh, almost forgot - Blow Me Dik Head-LOL!

Let me say it so you can understand it. Wallace es basura.

Tannehill = GARBAGE.

Blog 12 drops moron!!!!!! No o line no running game no no 1 WR!!

Excuses for Tannehill?? LMAO!!

I'm not giving up on Tanny. Roll his as* out, create a package for him and,...
Oh wait, we have a fossil as an OC. Both times Tanny Rolls LEFT...LEFT and he completes huge plays. Imagine rolling him right,. throwing the screen left.

BTW, anyone remember the AGGRESSIVE Joe Philbin last year?
A few trick plays, fake punt, STUFF. A gambler. Not now.
He has a QB that can throw on the move. Tanny doesn't have to run, just roll out.
The Ravens D-Lines tongues would have been hanging out trying to keep up with Tanny.

Tannahill is not the problem with the Dolphin's offense it is quite obvious that there is hardly ever a pocket for him to set-up in. Ok sure the could call designed roll outs and yes he needs to throw away the ball more but you can't do every time. The O-line needs to pass protect much better but they also need to open holes for the running backs. Without a running game defenses are simply going every play after the QB. Oh ya and as for Wallace he needs to catch the dam ball or be traded for a "O" lineman!!

Tannehiill = Another Ireland Bust

Barry, respectfully, once the film of this game gets around, who in the right mind would pick up Wallace's 60 million buck debt?

Remember, Rothlisberger could buy time being bigger and stronger than Tanny, and Wallace would get open.
Not letting Tanny buy time, the long pass is a no go.

Actually, a careful and objective analysis shows that the Dolphins problems on the offensive line are the fault of Bill Parcells, not Jeff Ireland.

Ireland cant draft a QB to save his life!

We dropped a lot of passes, but if memory serves MOST of them were due to a Raven db hanging on our receiver, sometimes legally, sometimes not.
Their guys didn't have that problem with our DB's. Jones at times really looked horrid.

LOL @ 8:13...

Where is Ireland fav Chad Henne?

A little OL help when it counted, and this would've been an amazing 4Q save like the Atlanta game. That pass to Gibson was beautiful. The QB hate is just silly. Nobody can throw when he's being knocked on his butt all day, not Brady, not either Manning bro, nobody.

At least we cant lose next week.

8:20. - he's posting under 3 names here, apparently.


I have to agree with you on the spike and then the sack. I was telling my Honey if nobody is open we have to throw it away, we can't take a sack. The commentators repeated it right after I did.

Next thing you know, SACK! I went ballistic! Even with piss poor O-Line play, that's still ALL on Tannehill. No excuse!

On the spike though, the only thing I can think of is we already had two plays called in getting a first down and no one expected a big gainer(it was a broken play). So we just didn't have a play ready and calling one would have taken a lot of time. Getting everybody down field, getting the call, calling it, getting lined up, etc, etc...

I don't know, but I could understand it in that context.

Well, Tannehill is no Dan Marino haha.

Going into this season I wasn't anticipating the o-line being this BAD... Seriously... aside from Pouncey & Incognito the rest just are barely average... That's why we have 26 sacks & no running game.... Opposing D's know that & the good ones like the Ravens will expose it.... Right now we're 1 dimensional & getting by with some timely plays & occasional luck... Unfortunately, luck is the residue of skill which we don't have right now. I hate to think to next year already but the o-line must be seriously addressed at both tackles and right guard.... I'm still optimistic the rest of the year but the o-line has serious problems and we don't have a huge receiver like Johnson at Detroit, Green in Cincy or,DT in Denver.... 6 foot WRs won't get it done.

Worst oline in nfl killing us. Solid everywhere else

Bryan...6' wideouts won't get it done?
Tell that to Steve Largent, Steve Smith, Wes Welker, and a dozen others.
The thing they all had/ave in common is an elite QB who is given TIME to throw.
In Tanny's case you have to add that , right now, his indecisiveness is exacerbating the situation.

Worst QB in nfl killing us...

Fins will have to shake up the o-line. Move someone or demote someone.

Maybe it's time to try Thigpen at RB and let Miller do the punt/kickoff returns (or give some RB reps to someone other than Miller or Thomas). Maybe Clay.

I definitely see an o-line 1st round pick next year for an LT with Martin moving to RT or some other position.

db, I wouldn't say were "solid everywhere else." Certainly not at RB, defensive backs, etc.
Blame some of it on injuries, of course.
We're also not solid at OC, IMO. Without Fields this could have been even worse.



Its not just the QB. The RB's, the TE's, and the OL all stink too.

Where is Gilleslee?

I hope over the bye, Garner is given a chance to compete.

Does anyone know if Tannehill has been given the OK to call off plays?

How much of T-hill's problem is taking too long to get rid of the ball?

Anyone here from Will Davis or Jamar Taylor? ?

Tannehill's underthrown balls forces Mike to slow down thus break up.

Pat's were embarrassed....


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