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Ravens beat Dolphins 26-23, bye next

Well, it got exciting at the end. The Dolphins had a chance to tie it, but Caleb Sturgis missed a desperation 57-yard field goal attempt to tie with only a few clicks left on the clock.

Dolphins lose to the Ravens, 26-23, and go into the bye with a still respectable 3-2 record.

Tough loss.

The defense made it close. Reshad Jones had an interception return touchdown to tie the game at 23. But the defense also gave up a field goal drive. The winning field goal drive.

The offense?


Only scored one touchdown. Rushed for 22 yards on 11 carries. Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times, including three by Terrell Suggs.


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IMA... let me clarify.... we don't need all 6'3 WRs but one of the types I mentioned would demand attention.... Wallace is NO #1 WR... Welker had Moss and now has DT... Tell me what Steve Smith has done to elevate his team? Largent was very good but had no help.... Look at Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta, NO, Chicago, & others like Cleveland with Gordon & KC with Bowe.... Today teams really MUST have a gamer... I'm glad we have Wallace, Hartline, & have come to like Gibson but all of them are not a true #1..... add a piss poor OL into the mix with no running game and we have what we got today

Winning is not a requirement for a Stephen Ross GM.

All the idiot fans blaming THILL are going to get their wish soon. Matt Moore will be coming to play once THILL gets his leg broken behind this piss poor OLINE. When that happens Moore will play piss poor and you idiots will be crying in your laps.

This front office better get a legit OT and they better tell Sherman to wise up with his formations and play calling. Change is needed and it's not at the QB position.

I hope this kid survives the damn season.

Bryan, fair point.

After today's game it's a shame that a Baltimore team that lost 2 future hall of fame leaders on the defense and their top tight end are STILL better than the dolphins.The oline is a complete disaster. Never mind being 3-2 at the break the dolphins better worry about the bills even with a backup qb. The bills beat the ravens. Then the phinsider have me and Cincinnati.time to wake up or become another below average team for another year.

Thanks IMA.... I'm on your side bro cuz we all care about this team... Our very good but banged up D can't always pick up the slack. We're way ahead of last year but some of the holes are now becoming apparent..... exterior OL..... RG..... #1 big stud WR....even TE despite Clay's good play.... The bye week couldn't have come at a better time

I haven't seen Sherman use any trick plays to keep defenses honest.

Will we see a change in:

1)the o-line
2)o-line coach
3)running back
4)or none?

Well the Dolphins lost but I do have good news. Basketball is starting.

jg, lost in all of this is that the ravens O-Line played sucky at times, as evidenced by our sacks and hits on him. The difference is they could run the ball, and Flacco had the long ball.

I'm afraid it goes beyond individual Players performances ,Armando. I read your article. There is a sickness in that Unit which only Mr. Ross thru Ireland can fix. We wrote about it last week and I'm afraid if no radical changes are made, we'll continue to write it in 2 weeks.

Oscar @ 8:58- agreed entirely. "Adapt or die."

Little harsh on Tannehill. He was sacked and hurried all day, along with several dropped passes by receivers. Maybe two of those sacks he could have avoided but nonetheless there was quite a bit of pressure on him.

And the offense can't get anything going with an offensive line that only has two working pieces. A responsible GM would do something, but not Ireland. He believes himself too shrewd to cough up a draft pick to trade for someone serviceable. He wants to hold on to those so he can make more horrid decisions in the draft.

Oscar.... I think it is individual players right now..... Pro Football Focus has an excellent rating system & the fact of the matter is individual players are under a microscope more than ever and can be spotlighted. ... Thats what we see right now with the OL

To quote Statler...... "2 working pieces"...... enough said

Pouncey missed on several blocks. Incognito gave up at least part of a sack and was embarrassingly sprawled all over the dirt in that play. THEY CANNOT BE ALL THAT BAD. Last year, with less, they were far superior to this year.

Dolphins should have traded for Eugene Monroe like Baltimore did....

..I think some of the comments after the game here are completely absurd. I apologize as you have the right to voice your opinion, and who is to say what I'm about to write isn't any more absurd then what has been spoken earlier.

But did some of you watch the game? Some of you that are blaming Tannehill, some of you that are crying about the playcalling. Riddle me this. we could not run the ball today. What were we supposed to call? The team was rendered one dimensional again. So yes the lack of running game has come back to bite us. It did not take a palm reader to call this. Add to the fact we couldn't block anyone. What were we supposed to do? We are lucky that we had an opportunity to tie the game at all.

..There are 3-4 guys on this planet that could win games under the circumstances in which Tannehill had to face today. There is a lot of blame to go around. But Sherman, Tannehill are the farthest from the reason we lost that game. Mike Sherman can't go run the ball, he can't go block. You take away half of what we do and it limits what plays can be called. Add that we cannot protect the passer..It limites us even more. Until this team can execute a run game..We will continue to give up sacks, and struggle to win games.

It was only a matter of time before the smoke and mirrors cleared..2 weeks to fix it. Lets see what we do. Gutsy game considering.

Has anyone noticed that Tannehill says go, go every time they run the ball. Does any other team tip away plays like that? It is hard enough to run the ball without tipping it off.

Fix it, DD? Any suggestions?

Look I mention it last week the great job JI has done, let's go back 6 years, all those great OL players he had his hands on picking the players , all those great WR he has picked in 6 years from the draft, How about those awesome TE. Not to mention those great RB! Plus corners LB safety's Oh that's right the most important position QB
All those great head coaches and there staff
And you guys still think Jeff can bring us a wining franchise? It's time to clean once again this current coaching staff they clueless
Even Philbin ....with that's said a up and coming GM. Than start all over again. My first pick that the new GM should sign is a defensive genius REX RYAN! Than the best Head coach that money can buy, like AL Golden and give the keys for him picking the players. With coordination with the GM but let Al Golden picks his players. Or I bring in bill Belick some body that has won super bowls as a head coach!!! And of course start planing to pick a QB in the first round or trade current players on the roster for draft picks. Because lets be honest can all you dolphin fans just stop and be honest with your selves
Tannehill is not going to be that elite type QB that you guys think he is going to turn out to be, never, great guy can make some plays but lacks the natural talent to play the QB position! Not a bad QB but not going to be a great QB. But you guys think he! And philbin and Sherman the coaching staff are great coaches! Good luck guys remember who hire these clowns. He biggest clown of them all Jeff Ireland!! Ahhh I feel better now!

Forget that I'm late but fire thia OL coach and Sherman, good teams don't stay path the make moves, like i said last week this OL is one horrendous , the worst on in the stoic Dolphins franchise. Clavo needs to sit and Martin move to RT otherwise we will be drafting another QB next year because thi one will be the first Obamacare pt in Florida

I think once Ireland separated himself from Parcells he has done a pretty decent job.... He made alot of f-ups early on but I think he has found his niche now
I still hate seeing Matt Ryan in a Falcons uniform after picking Jake Long-Injured

This offence is pathetic. Tannehill has to be benched.

..Suggestions..Yeah. Find a way to get the running game going. Easier said then done. We will not get better if the run game keeps failing. It limits what we can do, and puts to much stress on an offensive line-team allergic to pass protection..

Why did the Ravens win this game?? Well they scored more then us. But they rushed for over 120 plus yards. They have to do this to have a chance, most teams have to do this to have a chance. There are very few Payton Mannings. Drew Bress, Brady quality quarterbacks that can put a team on their shoulders where it isn't a mirage for 1-2 weeks. we do not have this luxury. We have to find a way to run it. Simple.

How would you go about getting the running Game going, DD?


Nothing speeds a QBs development like running him on and off the field in front of his peers.

How would you go about getting the running Game going, DD?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 06, 2013 at 09:36 PM

Trade for Jake Long and Reggie Bush.

The Dolphins sealed their long-term fate the year they started 0-7, had a chance for Andrew Luck, then decided to win some meaningless games and got stuck with Tannehill.

This loss is on Sherman. His game planning does not take advantage weaknesses or shield our own.

A better QB would open up the run game.

If we have the same 5 starters on the offensive line 2 weeks from now, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin and all the coaching staff deserve to get FIRED. You can get by in today's NFL with a mediocre offensive line if you have playmakers. You can NOT get by with an offensive line like this. This is not even CLOSE to mediocre. Here's a suggestion: Why not insert Gillislee in there, he's not a spectacular RB but he's known to do everything well, including pass protecting. Get rid of Thomas. He's useless. So slow it's pathetic. No speed and can't pass protect. Out! Also, let's get Yeatman activated. We've been hearing how he's been getting better, shows a lot of promise and bla bla bla bla bla...Well, now is the time. How long is it supposed to take? 10 years? Enough waiting...I mean, can he be worse than Clabo??? Just those 2 moves could be a start. Why not give some snaps to Wadkins at RG? The whole friggin world knows (except Jeff Ireland apparently) that Jerry SUCKS. The season can still be a success but you've got to make some changes. Pittsburgh did. Baltimore did. Make a trade. Do something. How can you stand pat after such a promising start? And anyone who thinks Tannehill is the problem are fucin clueless.


You are right. This is all about the line. Hopefully we can make enough changes to tread water the rest of the year. Changes need to happen or this year will be a lot like the year when Colombo was manning the RT. Maybe worse since Clabo is on pace to give up twice the number of sacks Colombo had.

The offensive line is not going to improve significantly this year. Hopefully, Garner can help the line this year at least enough to keep Tannehill healthy. Next year will be all about the offensive line. Draft OL 1st and 2nd round and sign a big OL free agent. We have the defense and the weapons. Now we need the protection and a stout line to open up holes for the RBs.

..How would I get the running game going? Oscar, if I knew how to do this I wouldn't be talking to you right now. I would be fixing the run game..I can't break down a game tape to figure out the problem. I don't know what the assignments are, and who is missing them. I can only offer my opinion as to the obvious. I'm not going to pretend anything I offer as a solution is more then just a bunch of jibber jabber..

Put in so and so..Give player x a chance he is better then this guy..The coaches know this is an issue. Time for them to try and fix it..Not up to me.

For those asking about Reshad Jones, He's still a good player. We changed from a 3-4 to a 4-3 and assigned his responsibilities (blitzing) to the linebackers who have issues and (freelancing) to Clemons.

It's not that he's gotten paid and is lazy, for pete's sake the tip (JOrdan) and INT TD kept us in the game. The scheme that Coyle is running is exposing this team to TE's and RB's in the flat. Take a look at the LB drops into coverage the from the last few weeks. I agree he hasn't been what he was last year but it's not the same style of play.

1. Stephen Ross issues the prophecy that Chad Henne will be the best Phin QB ever.
2. Last month Stephen Ross donated $200 million to the Univ of Michigan.
3. Chad Henne is UFA after this season.

Mando's tweets show that he gets it. Coaching. Doing what you can with what you have, instead of setting an ideal and trying to force players into it.

But Sherman's stubborn repeat of the 3-and1 fail from last week makes me doubt he has much mental equipment for self-criticism.

A Tannehill for Henne deal?

Wonder if Watkins will be ready after the bye week.

Obviously we DolFANS expected some loses along the way. But to keep repeating the SAME mistakes over and over again and expect everything will suddenly improve just because why not??? that's not even normal. This road leads to certain failure and everybody seems to be aware except coaching staff. If Philbin doesn't try to adapt to things and improve the team one game at a time we will never be able to keep up to the learning curve.

Not everything is Philbin's fault, however. Ireland made a BIG mistake by not addressing the OL last preseason. Maybe he did an acceptable job in getting the defense and the offensive weapons Philbin needed so badly, but that's certainly not enough for anyone to white-knight his suicidal lack of vision in the OL department. Enough to say that GMs anywhere else usually get fired for less...

If the big QB investment gets hurt and lands on IR, does Ross pull the trigger and fire Ireland. I have been a Ireland supporter for the most part but everyone knows that after you get your franchise QB the next thing you have to do is build an OL to protect him and help in his development. IMO the OL is more important than the weapons for the confidence of a young QB. The passing and running game do not develop without a good OL, period.

Look I mention it last week the great job JI has done, let's go back 6 years,

Posted by: ray el heat phins fan | October 06, 2013 at 09:25 PM

STOP! You lost all credinility right there-LOL. You're JUST LIKE a Miami O-Lineman, you took yourself out right there.

First off 6 years ago, Ireland worked for the Dallas Cowboys.

Secondly, if you think he was ANYTHING but a Parcell's "Yes Guy" you're stoned. Parcell's thought he was teaching Ireland and with Parcell's inflated ego that meant being a "Yes Guy".

That was the biggest waste of a mouthful of Goop ever posted. The moderator should have blocked your IP Address.

Ireland has made a MARKED improvement since FINALLY getting out from under Fatcell's BIG shadow. In Philbin's 2nd year, Ireland showed even more improvement.

Nobody could have turned this team around any faster with all the issues with the roster. Fact is, this is years TWO of the REBUILD and we're making awesome progress. One more good off season and draft and we'll be in best shape we've been in since idiots like you Ran Don Shula out of town.

Take a Bow Dumbass, you deserve it!

IMO, if Yeatman starts at TE (a 6th Lineman) and Clay plays as a FB or 2nd TE, The running game and pass protection improves. More time for Thill to get the ball to Wallace.

Anybody have an opinion here?

Clearly Wallace didnt realize how bad Tannehill is.

Woodshed, we don't need Yeatman as a 6th lineman playing TE. Dion Sims can do that. We need him at RT.

Woodshed, we don't need Yeatman as a 6th lineman playing TE. Dion Sims can do that. We need him at RT.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | October 06, 2013 at 10:17 PM

I've seen Sims whiff on a block that resulted in a sack too. Yeatman couldn't be worse than Clabo for sure. My thought is that we need as many Offensive lineman as possible!

Another thought, why not move Jerry to RT and put Garner or Watkins in?

Sims might of whiffed on a block, not saying he didn't although I did not see it...However, Clabo is a much bigger problem than Sims. That whole right side of the o-line has to go. Watkins and Yeatman deserve a chance. Jerry sucks big time. Clabo is awful. And Gillislee should be given a chance, especially is passing plays. Thomas is a joke. I'll take Gillislee over Thomas any day...

meant to say in* passing plays.

Move Jerry off the team. D Thomas and Egnew also. Move Martin back to RT and acquire a decent LT.

Dave, "acquire" a decent LT in October is impossible. You need to find one on your roster. Someone has to step up.

Nothing is impossible IMO. Trades are happening.

Interesting thought Woodshed. We don't have a good blocking TE and right now we have to get the running game going and protect Tannehill. They may be better off playing 2 WRs instead of three and keeping more protection. They simply don't have the personnel for the offense they are trying to run. I would go with Hartline and Wallace at WR and then put Yeatman and Clay as two TEs or Clay at FB. I would only put Gibson in on 3rd and long.

That should improve the running game and not make the Dolphins so predictable. Garner also needs to replace Clabo. The coaching staff needs to adjust to their personnel. They clearly do not have the personnel to run the type of offense they would like.

Players that need to be released this week or demoted, Thomas, Clabo, Jerry and Turner the OL coach, don't they have a quick 2-3 step drop, quick passing, slants, screams, draw ans isolation plays, thats game planing and is on Philbin and Sherman.

With a better o-line, we're 4 and 1. And the Saints game is a much closer game. Not saying we'd win but we certainly make it interesting. We have playmakers on offense with Wallace, Hartline, Gibson and Clay. Even Miller can make big plays. Tannehill is more than capable of making big plays. Anyone notice he's money when he actually has time to look downfield? It's time to make some changes...This is ridiculous...Imagine if we allow 80 sacks for the year...Wow...

I think it is a combination of everyone still learning and being too confused! The O-line looks terrible, part coaching, part play calling, part poor talent. The running game is none existent, Lamar Miller runs scared, no power or vision, and Daniel Thomas is bigger but slower, but again the line is getting blown up every play. Tannehill looks confused, slow to read the field, hold the ball too long, doesn't know when to run or throw the ball away, but again, the O-line doesn't help with poor protection and the running backs are brutal at pass protection as well. And getting the ball to Wallace or anyone deep is not an option with no running game or time in the pocket to pass. Wallace has bad hands, and doesn't fight for the ball. We still don't have enough consistent playmakers on the entire team. The defence is decent, just needs to get healthy. So it will be another building, developing year unless the line gets fixed via trade, and we try Gilislee at running back. I don't get how Pittsburgh and Baltimore can trade for OT's and we just sit there dumfounded!! Tannehill is still inexperienced and learning, but his coaches and line aren't making it easy!

Agree you are not getting a decent OT at this point. Try to stick to what you have. Play good defense (Wake and Patterson should be back after the bye), don't turn the ball over and play more ball control. Tannehill cannot continue to get hit this way.

This OL has to be fixed next year. I would sign Albert, and draft at least one guard early (1st round pick should be on the OL).

Yeah, trades are possible...At what cost...

Do you notice is games when they talk about the other team picking on a weakness we have. When was the last time you heard a commentator mention we were doing that?

That's piss poor game planning and no concept of being able to adjust in game by Sherm.

You cannot trade for anyone. Everyone knows the importance of a good OT to protect your QB. Only this franchise would allow Long to walk and not draft an OT in the first round. I like Dion Jordan but let's face it given how bad our OL play has been he was a luxury pick we could not afford. There were some good OL in the first round that we could have taken. The priority should have been protecting your franchise QB and now it is only a matter of time before he goes on IR.

Hey, Daytona. Wassup?

Orlando, Long was horrible...Thank God he's gone...But you're right, Ireland should of had a plan B...No doubt about it...

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