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Some Dolphins Olinemen getting fired anyway

Richie Incognito showed his frustration Wednesday when he was asked about the sack pace the Dolphins are on. Yes, Miami is tied for the league lead in sacks allowed with 18 and there are various reasons for that.

But the offensive line is the primary culprit the Dolphins are currently on pace to give up a team-record 72 sacks this year and that is kinda freaking Incognito out.

"If we give up 72 sacks, everybody should be fired, the whole offensive line," Incognito said.

Yeah, I have news for you Richie: Significant parts of this offensive line are getting fired after this season anyway.

The truth is only two players on the Miami line -- center Mike Pouncey and left tackle Jonathan Martin -- are signed after this season so they're the only ones assured of returning next year. And only Pouncey can really be certain he'll be playing the same position in 2014 that he's playing now.

Everyone else?

Possibly playing another position.


Possibly playing for another team.


Possibly out of the league.

Think about it. Tyson Clabo, John Jerry and, yes, Incognito might indeed be fired (semantics) by the Dolphins after this season for differing reasons.

So let's take them individually starting with Incognito: He's playing very, very well. If you look at the replay of games it is clear Incognito is Miami's second best offensive lineman so far this season behind center Mike Pouncey. He has yielded two sacks, three hits on QB Ryan Tannehill and zero hurries. He is coming off his best run-blocking game of the season. And ProFootballFocus.com has him rated the No. 13 guard among 70 rated by the metrics site.

Incognito's issues, however, are that he is unsigned after this season, he is already 30 years old, he wants a raise, and high-priced but not elite guards are often easy to replace with cheaper players in the draft.

That is perhaps the reason the Dolphins have not offered Incognito a contract extension. The team will have other issues paying or adding players at positions of greater need -- right tackle, perhaps cornerback, perhaps safety, perhaps running back. Guards are rarely at the front of the line when they want more money as they get older.

So Incognito's Miami future is uncertain despite his very good play so far.

John Jerry's future is uncertain because he too is unsigned after this season and he's not nearly as good as Incognito. He has allowed two sacks, three hits on Tannehill and five hurries. Not great. And, believe it or not, Jerry's pass blocking is much better than his run blocking.

Consider that ProFootballFocus.com rates Jerry the No. 36 overall guard out of 70. Well, his run blocking rates 58th out of 70. Bad.

All you need to know about Jerry's run blocking was illustrated on Monday night's misbegotten third-and-one play call. It was a sweep. It required Jerry to block the nose tackle with a reach-block as he pulled left. Jerry didn't make the block. The nose tackle made the tackle for a 2-yard loss.

(By the way, on that play, the Dolphins put the momentum of the game in the hands of John Jerry and running back Daniel Thomas. No wonder offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he'll be haunted by that call).

Anyway, Jerry is unsigned after this season. At a time the New Orleans Saints are getting ready to pay tight end Jimmy Graham anywhere from $11-$13 million per season, the Dolphins will have no issues letting Jerry, who they drafted ahead of Graham in 2010, walk if he doesn't sign for very cheap.

So Jerry's Miami future is uncertain. I'd be shocked if he's a Dolphin in 2014.

Then there's Tyson Clabo. He's a tough guy. He's a savvy veteran. He knows his position very well. And he's not playing very well. Sorry.

Clabo this season has allowed four sacks (an average of one per game), three hits on Tannehill, and 11 hurries. He is individually on pace to give up 16 sacks. By himself.

Consider that in 2011, Marc Colombo was considered a turnstile to the quarterback and he gave up nine sacks for the season and you have perspective on how bad Clabo's pass protection is so far.

And the kicker is that, according to ProFootballFocus.com, Clabo's grade on run-blocking is worse than his pass-blocking. Clabo is rated the No. 63 out of 72 tackles in the NFL by the site. That puts him behind Eric Winston (No. 57) and Bryant McKinnie (61) who the Dolphins considered signing this spring.

Indeed, Clabo is behind Jeremy Trueblood, whom the Falcons signed as something of an afterthought backup in September when they needed depth. Trueblood was thrust into a starting role by injuries and is now rated No. 40 overall among tackles.

Only four right tackles -- Justin Pugh, Lane Johnson, Derek Newton and Jordan Mills -- are rated lower than Clabo.

Clabo is on a one-year contract. Unless he completely turns it around in the next dozen games, he will not be back in 2014.

As for the two men who definitely won't be fired after 2013 -- Pouncey and Martin -- their Miami future is brighter.

Pouncey, a former first round pick, has allowed one sack this year. He's had a plus-grade in three out of four games and three games in a row. ProFootballFocus.com rates him the No. 6 center among 33 players at the position.

He's good.

Martin has had some issues in that he's given up four sacks, a QB hit and eight hurries. He's not exactly dominant with his run-blocking, either. Yet ProFootballFocus rates him a respectable No. 38 among the 72 tackles. And then there's this:

Martin's young (24), he's locked up on the contract front, and he's cheap ($1.08M against the cap this year and $1.3M on the cap next year). He can play left tackle and if the Dolphins upgrade at left tackle, he can move to right tackle. He is staying around in some manner.

Unlike some of his offensive line mates, Martin is not getting fired after this season.



Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/03/3664905/linebacker-austin-spitler-returns.html#storylink=cpy


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Reason Jerry's pass blocking is better than his run blocking? Because he's a freaking tackle ... jettison Clabo and put Jerry at RT, Garner at RG adn watch everythign get better... not great, but better.

Man, we should have drafted Lane Johnson!! So he is failing at RT and we wanted him to be our LT...yikes

Reason Jerry's pass blocking is better than his run blocking? Because he's a freaking tackle ... jettison Clabo and put Jerry at RT, Garner at RG adn watch everythign get better... not great, but better.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 03, 2013 at 01:27 PM

I agree. We should move Jerry to RT and put either Garner or Watkins at RG. Jerry does a good job at Tackle and both Watkins and Garner have played at RG. Heck, maybe even Dallas Thomas could play on the right side.

The bottom line is, the Oline isn't showing any improvement as a unit. It's time for a change.


Also, Sherman needs to get more creative with his formations. We see the same formation lineup every week!

Everyone knows at this point that we put Gibson in the slot on the same side as Hartline, with Clay on the side with Wallace. How hard is it to move guys around from time to time. Get the defense to adjust some, they have seen the tape and they know what we are going to do. It's got to improve.

worst oline in football, we told u ireland. wake up. ravens and pitt have recently traded to help oline, now its your turn

Not re signing Jake Long was MORONIC!

Lane Johnson graded lower than Clabo? WOW!

After moving up to #3, had Ireland taken Lane Johnson, the restless natives here would really be calling for his head. Personally, I thought the #3 move was to get Johnson, I was about ready to puke, before Goodell announced the pick was Jordan.

I would have accepted if Goodell announced the pick was Elmer Fudd, anything, but Lane Johnson. Now Philly has to deal with their top 5 pick heading down "BUST LANE" so early in his career.

J Martin is a turnstyle at LT. But Tanny needs to make quicker decisions if he wants to continue to start in the NFL. This isnt college ball any more.

This was all so predictable.....and was predicted by many of us here who were scorned by the Cult of Ireland and Sparkly Ponies....in the pre & post-draft season & during free agency.

Yet Ireland did nothing for an already horrible O-Line - - no trades, no draft, no FA - - and he still does nothing as other teams at least try to upgrade via trades.

Instead he spends silly money on One-Trick Pony Wallace, who cannot even perform that trick wit a quarterback who is constantly sacked, hurried & harassed becuase the O-Line stinks.

This has been going on for years now. We will not "be back" until we have even an average o-line. Wallace & Jordan & Wheeler & whoever mean nothing if we can't pass or run.


ireland didnt need to move up in draft. he had b albert with his 2nd rd pick that he traded away

clabo = colombo

clabo should be released

Olinemen Getting Fired?

Scariest part of that is we're trusting a guy that's at least played a margin to great part in bringing in the olinemen we've had since 2008.

6 Years? Still at least 3 olinemen away to having a stable oline? UNACCEPTABLE!

Knowing Ireland, John Jerry has a better chance of being resigned than Incognito. Ireland does not pay guy 30yrs of age unless they are absolutely sensational. Cogs is borderline pro bowler. Ireland won't pay.

Jerry should have been replaced 2 seasons ago.

We might be able to get Albert this offseason without wasting the pick. I strongly disagree with trading for a player then having to give them a new contract in almost all cases.

Marshall, Feeley, and Culpepper come to mind. I mean Andy Reid already screwed us once with AJ Feeley.

Ryan Tannehill, worst QB in football?

The circle of negativity is alive and well day after day after day on this blog thanks to the ring leader ARMONDO. 2watt you are the biggest moron ever. Its the same idiots every day that say the same crap over and over again. Go back tour jets and patriots blog you no life haters

Funny how there's no problem with the OL when Matt Moore plays.

This doesn't look like blog commentary for a 3-1 team?!?!?!

CadillacDeville, worst blogger ever? Toad.

john jerry should be released

Mark, I don't know what this is dude.

Ireland's top draft pick(Jordan) and top fa(Wallace), his coaches have still not quite figured out how to effectively use them most.

This leads me to believe Philbin and his coaches absolutely were not the brainchild behind their drafting and signing. Ireland forced both of these things on them, and just like good "company men", publically signed off following the company line.

Privately, I don't believe Philbin was 100 behind moving up for Jordan and signing Mike Wallace.

This doesn't look like blog commentary for a 3-1 team?!?!?!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 03, 2013 at 02:04 PM

how bout 4 consecutive losing seasons?

DeVille, ur an absolute moron.. didn't see Moore play in preseason? he was godawful behind this oline ...

Worst Qb in football?

What does that say about Kaepernick, Luck, and Wilson who all have less prodcution?

Like I told the other troll, at least update your info if you will troll...

CadillacDeVille, the worst blogger on the herald?

Get lost home & go watch your Tim Tebow highlight DVD.

But that's why Sam, Ireland is the GM

3watt, you are a very very bored individual just like your brother 2watt. Oh, wait, same idiot. My bad

Looking at the schedule in quarters, the first one was the toughest and we came out 3-1

2nd quarter starting this Sunday is still tough ... if we can manage to go 2-2 ... we will be in a great position.

The combined records of our 2nd half opponents is 13-18 (compared to 20-12 for the first 8 games).

I'm still pretty optimistic Mark. I think the team has a good shot at beating Baltimore. That puts them in great shape at the bye at 4-1 and a win at home over Buffalo puts them 5-1 going to New England.

The team had a lot of issues last game. Hopefully they come back and show more of the 3-0 team against Baltimore. The Saints have probably a top 4 QB and a top 3 offense in the whole NFL.

My biggest issue is the O-line and Wallace. Tannehill and the D will bounce back I think. I'm really hoping Patterson can get back out there after the bye. Guy is good, but hurt way too often. I think having him and Grimes as the top 2 corners would upgrade this defense a couple notches. They've been ok, but I really expected much better from them.

Tanny, Hartline, Gibson, Clay, and Miller have all reached and exceeded my expectations as far as the offense goes. Just my 2 cents.

I don't know what it is about Ireland, jinxed, whatever. Just seems his decisions, no matter how well intentioned. almost always seem to backfire on him.

It concerns me because, year after year, it's so frustrating seeing the team take 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards.

Guys, I really don't have the answer to this. Over a decade now, no matter who we bring in this seems to happen. Is it that our franchise is cursed? Maybe we need to hire an exorcist before doing anything else.

Ireland reminds me of Dennis the Menace. He just ruins everything lol

Say what you want about Ireland, everybody has their own opinion about the man. I just look at what good/great players he has brought in since being here. The good in my opinion outweigh the bad(other than the OL) Its hard not getting caught up reading all the trolls hate on here.

Thanks 3watt we already know what the jets think

thank you 3watt the jets are noted AGAIN

and again and again

Funny, the quarterback has a good game and we have minor issues, quarterback has a bad game and we are doomed ... such is life in the NFL. I think as long as they can keep Tannehill protected a little better and he minimizes the mistakes, this is a tough to play against...

ygtoad, no Ireland isn't terrible. We could be in a heck of a worse predicament. I only question is Ireland the gm to get a franchise to the promise land.

I have a bad feeling we'll always be on the cusp at best, never quite getting there. I fear perrenially being stuck between 9-7, 7-9, with the rare 10-6 one and playoff done.

That's my greatest fear.

When you can't stop mentioning 2watt, he's won. When you acknowledge he even exists you become his target.

You have to be a complete idiot like he is to keep feeding him.

If all you can talk about is how dumb a blogger is, please find the nearest exit.

Agree Mark. They will play a lot better this week. Keep the phins up. Always.

Since joing the Dolphins Ireland has used 19 draft picks on skill position players without one good playmaker to show from 19 picks!!

oh looksy, its toad, the clueles homer

Just FYI, I merely said thank you for his input nothing else, Am I only supposed to blog what YOU think is OK. Nope, not me. Hey FYI mind your own BIZ

That's all you got 2watt? You bored no life individual, go play with your crayons boy

That's all you got 2watt? You bored no life individual, go play with your crayons boy

Posted by: Youguysaretoads | October 03, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Proof positive that you are a moron.

whats a matta toad,
u got cramps again, feeling bloated r ya?

Toads is a troll magnet. More reason to skip his posts.

Hey, look at the bright side! We found an idiot to occupy 2watt!

2 watt, you're such an instigator, easy on the newbies!!!

mark, like always,they start

Just FYI, you only play this game if its on your terms, you have a serious problem with individuality. So take your conformance BS and keep moving on with your hatred it wont work. Bigger Phins fan than you ever will be. Idiot right back at you DBAG

Toad, can you tell us why you think we will play better this week? Just curious.

2watt, THEY START? Really? Toad..

Jerry has looked better at tackle... but I'd rather have Clabo out there than Garner

Listen, sap, I'm not a rah-rah guy and neither are the older Football Bloggers here. You want to rah-rah, give us a solid Football reason for being so happy and perhaps we'll follow you.

PFF, agrees the OL is obviously the problem. The Dolphins' salary cap is not friendly after this season so unless Jeff Ireland pulls some miracle out of his arse on draft day the Dolphins will have an even worse OL in 2014. Mr. Ross is not the brightest NFL owner handing Ireland an extension when in reality Jeff should be on very thin ice for giving Coach Philbin such a shaky foundation upon which to build his offense.

Sure Oscar I would love to. Because of one reason only, I am not doom and gloom as most of the people are on here and I don't buy into if we bash em they will perform better. Football is a team sport not one person, player, coach, or front office is to blame for one lousy loss. If your always negative and hateful you will NEVER EVER see the side of 3-1. You all talk like we are already out of the playoffs and the whole world will end if this doesn't get fixed or Ireland doesn't get fired or whatever. Sometimes the grass is green right now at 3-1. Now, to answer your question these guys are professionals and they will get it done this week. Your statement seems to me they have one bad game and thats who they are for the rest of the season. OPTIMISM. Some people cant handle it

"no Ireland isn't terrible.
Posted by: Sam I Am | October 03, 2013 at 02:22 PM"

By what metric is Ireland not terrible? citation needed. This season could go downhill fast btw if Tannehill keeps taking this many hits. Not many GMs in the league would handicap an offensive line like this after four consecutive losing seasons.

Even if it's not Football, there must be a strong reason for you being so happy, toad. We might follow you after all.

Martin was also a turnstile at RT last year, maybe we should move him to fullback, only playing on running downs.
I think we all new the OL was still the weakest part of this team heading into the season. But I really thought Clabo was better than he has been. I was pretty concerned when we did not address OT in the draft (Dallas Thomas is a guard). How do you not address the weakest part of your team in the draft??

Thanks for the sap thing. If anybodys a sap its the older bloggers that have nothing but negative skepticism on the inside. Which does what? Breed more negative hatred.

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