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Some Dolphins Olinemen getting fired anyway

Richie Incognito showed his frustration Wednesday when he was asked about the sack pace the Dolphins are on. Yes, Miami is tied for the league lead in sacks allowed with 18 and there are various reasons for that.

But the offensive line is the primary culprit the Dolphins are currently on pace to give up a team-record 72 sacks this year and that is kinda freaking Incognito out.

"If we give up 72 sacks, everybody should be fired, the whole offensive line," Incognito said.

Yeah, I have news for you Richie: Significant parts of this offensive line are getting fired after this season anyway.

The truth is only two players on the Miami line -- center Mike Pouncey and left tackle Jonathan Martin -- are signed after this season so they're the only ones assured of returning next year. And only Pouncey can really be certain he'll be playing the same position in 2014 that he's playing now.

Everyone else?

Possibly playing another position.


Possibly playing for another team.


Possibly out of the league.

Think about it. Tyson Clabo, John Jerry and, yes, Incognito might indeed be fired (semantics) by the Dolphins after this season for differing reasons.

So let's take them individually starting with Incognito: He's playing very, very well. If you look at the replay of games it is clear Incognito is Miami's second best offensive lineman so far this season behind center Mike Pouncey. He has yielded two sacks, three hits on QB Ryan Tannehill and zero hurries. He is coming off his best run-blocking game of the season. And ProFootballFocus.com has him rated the No. 13 guard among 70 rated by the metrics site.

Incognito's issues, however, are that he is unsigned after this season, he is already 30 years old, he wants a raise, and high-priced but not elite guards are often easy to replace with cheaper players in the draft.

That is perhaps the reason the Dolphins have not offered Incognito a contract extension. The team will have other issues paying or adding players at positions of greater need -- right tackle, perhaps cornerback, perhaps safety, perhaps running back. Guards are rarely at the front of the line when they want more money as they get older.

So Incognito's Miami future is uncertain despite his very good play so far.

John Jerry's future is uncertain because he too is unsigned after this season and he's not nearly as good as Incognito. He has allowed two sacks, three hits on Tannehill and five hurries. Not great. And, believe it or not, Jerry's pass blocking is much better than his run blocking.

Consider that ProFootballFocus.com rates Jerry the No. 36 overall guard out of 70. Well, his run blocking rates 58th out of 70. Bad.

All you need to know about Jerry's run blocking was illustrated on Monday night's misbegotten third-and-one play call. It was a sweep. It required Jerry to block the nose tackle with a reach-block as he pulled left. Jerry didn't make the block. The nose tackle made the tackle for a 2-yard loss.

(By the way, on that play, the Dolphins put the momentum of the game in the hands of John Jerry and running back Daniel Thomas. No wonder offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he'll be haunted by that call).

Anyway, Jerry is unsigned after this season. At a time the New Orleans Saints are getting ready to pay tight end Jimmy Graham anywhere from $11-$13 million per season, the Dolphins will have no issues letting Jerry, who they drafted ahead of Graham in 2010, walk if he doesn't sign for very cheap.

So Jerry's Miami future is uncertain. I'd be shocked if he's a Dolphin in 2014.

Then there's Tyson Clabo. He's a tough guy. He's a savvy veteran. He knows his position very well. And he's not playing very well. Sorry.

Clabo this season has allowed four sacks (an average of one per game), three hits on Tannehill, and 11 hurries. He is individually on pace to give up 16 sacks. By himself.

Consider that in 2011, Marc Colombo was considered a turnstile to the quarterback and he gave up nine sacks for the season and you have perspective on how bad Clabo's pass protection is so far.

And the kicker is that, according to ProFootballFocus.com, Clabo's grade on run-blocking is worse than his pass-blocking. Clabo is rated the No. 63 out of 72 tackles in the NFL by the site. That puts him behind Eric Winston (No. 57) and Bryant McKinnie (61) who the Dolphins considered signing this spring.

Indeed, Clabo is behind Jeremy Trueblood, whom the Falcons signed as something of an afterthought backup in September when they needed depth. Trueblood was thrust into a starting role by injuries and is now rated No. 40 overall among tackles.

Only four right tackles -- Justin Pugh, Lane Johnson, Derek Newton and Jordan Mills -- are rated lower than Clabo.

Clabo is on a one-year contract. Unless he completely turns it around in the next dozen games, he will not be back in 2014.

As for the two men who definitely won't be fired after 2013 -- Pouncey and Martin -- their Miami future is brighter.

Pouncey, a former first round pick, has allowed one sack this year. He's had a plus-grade in three out of four games and three games in a row. ProFootballFocus.com rates him the No. 6 center among 33 players at the position.

He's good.

Martin has had some issues in that he's given up four sacks, a QB hit and eight hurries. He's not exactly dominant with his run-blocking, either. Yet ProFootballFocus rates him a respectable No. 38 among the 72 tackles. And then there's this:

Martin's young (24), he's locked up on the contract front, and he's cheap ($1.08M against the cap this year and $1.3M on the cap next year). He can play left tackle and if the Dolphins upgrade at left tackle, he can move to right tackle. He is staying around in some manner.

Unlike some of his offensive line mates, Martin is not getting fired after this season.



Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/03/3664905/linebacker-austin-spitler-returns.html#storylink=cpy


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The Dolphin O-Line shuffle will continue for the next draft.Pop Ross will allow his lad Ireland to continue getting rid of old offensive lineman and using the 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft to draft young offensive lineman.
If they were to ask Ross's other lad Philby he would tell POP that they NEVER drafted O-lineman that high in the draft when he was in GB.Maybe Philby needs to help Irelandy come up with a 2 year plan for offensive line aquisitions.
I knew Long was gone.He WAS the highest paid o-lineman for awhile as a rookie thanx to big tuna,he is aging and his body isnt what it was when he was a lad breaking in to the NFL.If you draft offensive lineman high in the draft and they are any good at all you will have to pay them in their 2nd contract or they will jump ship unless the team is a perennial playoff team with a serious shot at a ring.

huge game fins, have to win this one. will be big down the road

I say move Jerry to a new team, as soon as we can.

Guys, you don't want to see Jerry play any tackle position for duration of a season. Speed rushers will absolutely kill him.

If you think Jerry's too slow to play guard, then why put him at rt to be eaten alive by speed rushers?

Since joing the Dolphins Ireland has used 19 draft picks on skill position players without one good playmaker to show from 19 picks!!

Posted by: Nat Moore | October 03, 2013 at 02:24 PM


cocoa, careful writing these guys off so fast. One reason our o line is always in a constant state of flux is because we cut losses with these guys too fast. before he got injured (again) Donald Thomas was playing good ball for the Colts as was Satele .. and don't even let me bring up pro bowler Wade Smith ... that one hurts most of all...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 03, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Mark, I'm more of the "If they don't bite as pups" school. But you are right, ocassionally a player comes along and produces. One maybe coaches/fans gave up on. Breese comes to mind.
But the reality of it boils down to correctly evaluate talent

I sort of hate the term "skill position." Sure, it's USUALLY meant to define QB's receivers, RB.
So by THAT standard, you have to say Tannehill makes the grade, along with Hartline.
I get you point.
Still, CENTER is one of the most skill intensive positions on a football team, so Pouncy MUST be included. I'l not go to Long, etc, as that is not considered skill positional.
So, any way you slice it, "Nat Moore's" posting is IMO telling.
And sad.

Dusty, totally agree. HUGE conference game, but more importantly, keeps the Fins on the right path both in the standings and mentally, GOING INTO THE BYE week.

Oh boy, I just gave away my New England tickets for Dec and I am thinking about suicide.

I am seeing 4-1 on Sunday. 20-17 Dolphins. No sacks on Tannehill. He got his bad game out of his system.

kindry not a chance we dont give up a sack sunday. but tough d could pull this out for us. 23-20

Using Wallace to Get your LESSER WEAPONS open. Is like showing your AK, only to be able to get to your BB GUN.

Posted by: Sam I Am | October 03, 2013 at 12:38 PM

I had to re-post that from the last blog....

Gotta get Wallace involed EARLY....I didn't see it when he played in PITT...but this guy has some DIVA in him...and that's NOT a bad thing (mark)....like Keyshawn Johnson once titled a book....


On the Mike Wallace side... We ALL know that Wallace on any other team with a proven GOOD QB and O line would be on the Sunday night highlights weekly.

Tanne is exactly what he is and why are people thinking that he was "the answer" to Marino. The kid is a rookie and was plucked/drafted in that spot ONLY because Jeff Ireland decided to waste pull the trigger on the kid in the first where we all know that at best... he was a late second or third round pick.

The kid is over analyzing the situation too much and holding the ball when he should be taking what the D is allowing.

How many more seasons and seasons and seasons are we all going to be sitting around here listening to Jeff Ireland and Ross saying that we are rebuilding the O line. Again... the o line was supposed to be rebuilt years ago correct? This team is always rebuilding the O line and my point is that the Draft pluckier Jeff the Scout Ireland is making choices that are not working. He is in this for job security. There are many other teams that know how to ID talent and take it but this GM just like the QB is an over thinker and his choices for QB, O line are at best a minus subpar.

I have called for Ireland to be fired since he was promoted and now we are all stuck with him as Ross gave him that extension for years to come.

I say give the kid his due as well as the HC BUT after this season is done and there is no improvement, and when i say improvement I mean Playoffs, AFC visit then Ross should take Irelands drafting authority away and bring in someone that can get that done.

Yeah... Good luck with that one...

Phinmanski Irelands offensive line drafts have taken up spots that he could of had a chance to draft a WR,RB or TE that could score TDs.
Whens the last time an offensive lineman scored a TD or even played on special teams.Dont tell the FO let em keep paying high prices for rookie offensive lineman and then when they want a home town discount on their 2nd contract, guess what? I dont think offensive lineman play to a very old age do you not think they will end their career more times than not with the contract that pays the most.
Continuity is what they need on the O-Line keep the best three they have and then they need to find two more starters out there somewhere.So far Clabo and Jerry havent been the ones.
Sherman must compensate for poor pass blocking and run more roll-outs until they have better blocking.

nyg hes not holding ball to long, he has zero time to throw

Come on people... we knew this was coming. We had 13 positions to fill in the off season... 2 LBs, 2 CBs, a DE on defense and 3 OL, 2 WR, a FB and 2 TEs on offense. Some lose math suggests that we found 9-10 of them PLUS a PK bonus! Do you REALLY think we could have fixed ALL of that in just 1 off season? We'll need 1 more offseason to be a real contender, and we all knew that going in. But after 3-0 start and now were chanting SU-PER-BOWL!

Tanehill has legs. They need to start calling more rollouts and throw on the run.

Martin is just too weak. He gets thrown around like a rag doll. He better work extra hard in the offseason and get some strength. Another issue is this team for whatever reason constantly plays their personnel out of their natural position. Pouncey is not a center. Jerry is a guard, last year Martin was abused at RT. They have been doing this for years. Anyway the OL will be a big focus in the draft, not to mention a big strong receiver to free up Wallace to do what he does best, run straight up the field.

Fins already have Gibson, Sims, Clay and Matthews as song enough. No need for more receivers. Fins need to get better up front. Sheesh, when your HV/OC don't have the confidence to run a QB sneak on 3rd or 4th and inches, I don't believe it's a receiver problem.

Where does Jake Long rate this yr.? Can't be lower than Martin.

long has been horrible


hes been so bad, zero running game. and has come out hurt twice in 4 games

...and high-priced but not elite guards are often easy to replace with cheaper players in the draft. - Mando

If it so easy then how come we can put 2 NFL quality starting Guards on the field?

Reason Jerry's pass blocking is better than his run blocking? Because he's a freaking tackle ... jettison Clabo and put Jerry at RT, Garner at RG adn watch everythign get better... not great, but better.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 03,

FIRST, the thought of Jerry playing outside scares the Hell Out Of Me.

Second, it's worth a try.

Something needs to be done and it can't be much worse than it is. I thought Garner was primed for a BREAK THROUGH year. But I saw him in the pre season and he didn't look like outside material too me. Too stiff and terribly slow lateral movement.

In the condition our condition is in, that sounds like an Offensive Guard.

In interviews, Philbin sounds like he's exasperated, sounds like he's ready to try anything. He said, "All options are open". I just wonder if he'll "Lean" on Jim Turner any?

Mark, get Turner on the horn and tell him Odin said: "Do It!"

I thought Clabo was a good signing. Dang, it looks like he is done. Jerry can walk too. always will be an underachiever.

I hope they keep Cogs. He is just plain nasty.
I hope we can pick up some vets in the offseason and not waste another draft on multiple OL. This team needs a true #1 receiver (cuz Wallace ain't that guy) and another RB. The Fins still lack playmakers at almost every skill position. Same old story

That's all you got 2watt? You bored no life individual, go play with your crayons boy

Posted by: Youguysaretoads | October 03, 2013 at 02:29 PM

Proof positive that you are a moron.

Posted by: Just FYI | October 03, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Typical response from the resident troll.

Everytime someone takes the time to Be-Atch Slap his No Nothing Ass around, he resorts to this.

Old and Stale, The Boy is Played out-LOL.

You're MORE predictable than a Dan Henning Offense-ROTFLMAO!

You should change your name to "Son Of Sam" or something cute like, Daytona ;) ;) ;)

Sorry Dude, couldn't help it. But, you bring it on yourself.


All you need to know about Jerry's run blocking was illustrated on Monday night's misbegotten third-and-one play call. It was a sweep. It required Jerry to block the nose tackle with a reach-block as he pulled left. Jerry didn't make the block. The nose tackle made the tackle for a 2-yard loss.

(By the way, on that play, the Dolphins put the momentum of the game in the hands of John Jerry and running back Daniel Thomas. No wonder offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he'll be haunted by that call).

Very well said, I saw exactly that. I really don't know what happened if jerry doesn't screw that block, but for me, that play was very well call, and was intended to reach the end zone, not only to get an inch.

I believe the cat is out of the bag with our team we are a total fraud ,we can't block ,we tackle poorly and we drop a lot of passes in addition to that we commit turnovers this trend must end.............god bless our dolphins


Good post Mando.

I know you posted the Wallace is worried for National Attention.

But I enjoy the Substance of this post.

Woodshed. Lining up one side and Formations are 2 Totally different things.

This weekend and from here on out. When I can. I will post the Total Number of Formations the Fins Run a Game. I bet I can count over 30 Different Formations this week. Just Passing.

Me personally, I don't have a problem with players playing on only one side. Specially in such a complex offense. The X WR needs to know all his routes. As do the Y and Z WR.

I prefer a Master of One. Than a Jack of None.

Complaints about the O-Line are understandable. But the comments about firing Ireland because of it are HILARIOUS!

The FACT is, Parcells was "In Charge" in 2008. Parcell's was in charge as the Wheels feel off the Miami Dolphin Wagon.

WTF is so HARD to understand about that? Duh!

When Ireland took over, he had ALL KINDS of holes to fill all over the roster. That was thanks to Parcell's, his antiquated ways of thinking and his stupid, 1980's prototypical player requirements.

The fact is, Ireland took over and had methodically brought in good to great players. He had to many holes to fill in any one off season.

Try and wrap you brains around this: As it stands right now, we're a 3-1 team that could possibly push for a Wildcard Spot. We have developing talent, potential and upsides all up and down the roster.

Get this now, stick with me, save for TWO, maybe 3 Offensive Lineman(not impossible to get in the upcoming off season. Actually, it's do-able)save for a couple pf good Offensive Lineman, we have a Perennial playoff team developing before our very eyes.

It's easy to sit back and FIND things to whine about. But you better get the whining in quickly, because Ireland's just about got a Power House Built here in MIAMI!

J Martin was fair at RT but stinks at LT.

Agreed. Pounce and Martin are the only 2 keepers on the line. They are also the only 2 that fit the prototype.

L.Johnson. HA!! That guy was suspect before the Draft and is a complete Bust after it.

Clabo is worst than we all expected. And I only thought he was going to be average. But he isn't even that.

Incognito is one of the most overrated players on the Team. He was protected by J.Long early on in his Fin career. And Now Pounce and Martin have to pull double duty backing him up every time he screws up. Which is often.


A Sweep usually involves a pitch. That was just a Zone run to the outside. Look at the L.Miller 2012 highlights and you will see him run that play to perfection against the Raiders and others.

Ireland should be fired just for trading 3 picks for D Thomas.


If you don't have access to Sherman's play book...ad I KNOW i don't have access to Sermanply book..


ow ithe heck do you propose to manage that (6:59)....

Not only will you NOT ow what to call these formations...but you will have zero proof (or way of proving) that you know what you are talking about....

and i'm NOT trying to be an @ss...i'm just pointing out the obvious....

and nobody would give a SH@T about a formation if we had won the game...and Tanne hill didn't turn in to our bour boy Moore...with the fumbles...

Ireland should've been fired over the Dez Bryant debacle.

Ireland has drafted 19 Play makers. Name them. How many of those so called play makers were in the 1st Round, How many of those have been in the Mid rounds.

But I Know. Just cause You post it, it must be true. GTFOH!!

Bellichick has drafted over 19 WRs in the same span. Name 1 that doesn't suck!! And he has drafted them higher. Multiple 1st and 2nd Round Bust!!

remember when people thought dallas thomas could start right away, comical

Ireland should've been fired after 3 consecutive losing seasons. And certainlt after 4!

Ireland should'bve been fired for seeking a HC before firing one.

agree ireland should of been gone, for how bad his drafts have been

Ireland should've been fired for cursing at a paying customer.

Agree with Odin....

We are a REALLY good team...and 3-1 is better than ANYONE on this blog thuht we would be after 4 games....

Disagree with Dashi....

The play call was terrible....and exection or NOT....we were in the process of responding to the Saints first score....get the dam 1st down...and continue the drive...and don't run 7 yards to get 4 inches....

That was on Sherman...but he will fix it...

You put your players in the BEST postion to succeed...and the %s were against us....

had he thrown a fade to Wallace...then I would be more understanding...but to run a strech...i don't get it...regardless of RB....

Ireland should've been fired for setting records for most draft busts ever by a GM.

The Wallace criticism is warranted, but Tannehill's name should be included with every critique. Fair is fair.

On the last blog I read where a couple of people said the long pass to Wallace was PERFECT.

FACT: It wasn't. It was possible to out fight the defender and make the catch, but the pass was not perfect. It was a tad late and a bit under thrown. I've watched it 10 times, but I saw it LIVE. Wallace pulled up 5 yards early.

Anyway, Tannehill and Wallace aren't clicking, that much is obvious. But I expect it to improve quickly. Tannehill had no off season with Hartline last year and they clicked quick. The same for Gibson and now even Clay. It's Wallace's turn and I expect it will be quick as with all the others.

Wallace is on pace for 60 catches and just under 800 yards. Not terrible, but not good. The point being, this is the worst it will ever be between these two.

This should be the week that Tannehill and Wallace finally prove they can work together. That's my big prediction this week. That and US winning of course!

Just Win Baby!!!!

Ireland should've been fired for trading Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew.


I don't need access to the playbook. I will be watching the tape. I didn't say I was going to name all 50 Formations. Just that I was going to count the different formations.

You can visually see the difference in the Formations. Trips, 4 Wide, 5 Wide, 3 on 1 Side. TE sets(Jumbo, Stacked) Shotgun, Under Center. Flex, Stack. 4 on 1 Side. I-Formation. Twins. And Many More.

Remember Dashi was the one saying we will be running 4 Wide more than 2 TEs, since the Off season. I have been watching this offense for a While.

Now if you want to say that more than 75% of the Time T-Hill throws is out of a Shotgun formation. I agree.

But to say we don't run different formations is a False Statement. If I can find A T-Hill game tape I will post it and show you how many different formations the Fins Run.

Under Spo and Henning. Yes, we ran about 10 formations, Including Wildcat. But Sherman runs over 40 Formations a game on Average.

not worried at all about thill or wallace. we have to fix oline and secondary or we are in l9ine for another 7-9 year

It goes to show you that you just can't keep everybody happy, the Dolphins are 3-1 and there are some people that are acting like the team is 0-4. The big tuna was right when he left Miami. WHAT A BUNCH OF #$%^&*( CRY BABYS

Ireland should've been fired for destroying the playoff team that Parcells handed him.

ireland should've been fired for terrible PR resulting in the worst attendance in 40+ years.

The real culprit is Ireland. This is his $hit stew. Of course he just got an extension, so 10 more years no Super Bowl. WHOOPEDEDOO

ireland dealing marshall for 2 3rd rd picks was one of his good moves

Ireland should be fired for wasting 60 mill on the 100th ranked WR.


Agreed. Dashi isn't ANYONE. I had the Fins going 4-1 in the first 5 games. With the Saints being the 1 question mark game.

We can Agree to Disagree on the Play call. I'm not saying that was the right play. Just that if it was executed properly the play would've worked.

I have already given My Philosophy on Short Yardage Situations. His name is P.Soliai at FB.

And I have been a proponent of The Brady Special since I have seen how great it works. Even pointed it out to Man do during games last season. That is all I run in Madden whenever it is about 1 Yard for a First. No Disguise. Lineup in the Goal line and just QB sneak for a First.

ireland should've been fired for drafting 3 TE's that were all so bad he had to sign a FA TE.

Strodium glad you're happy with 3-1. Unfortunately Super Bowl is played in February, not October dumba$$.

Ireland should be fired for drafting 3 QB's that are all crap.

Offensive line just another example that Ireland is clueless. How many more years will we have to endure this torture?

clay looking pretty good

How many Super Bowl winners led the league in sacks allowed? How many ranked 25th in total offense while ranking 26th in total defense? Nice job Ireland.

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