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Some Dolphins Olinemen getting fired anyway

Richie Incognito showed his frustration Wednesday when he was asked about the sack pace the Dolphins are on. Yes, Miami is tied for the league lead in sacks allowed with 18 and there are various reasons for that.

But the offensive line is the primary culprit the Dolphins are currently on pace to give up a team-record 72 sacks this year and that is kinda freaking Incognito out.

"If we give up 72 sacks, everybody should be fired, the whole offensive line," Incognito said.

Yeah, I have news for you Richie: Significant parts of this offensive line are getting fired after this season anyway.

The truth is only two players on the Miami line -- center Mike Pouncey and left tackle Jonathan Martin -- are signed after this season so they're the only ones assured of returning next year. And only Pouncey can really be certain he'll be playing the same position in 2014 that he's playing now.

Everyone else?

Possibly playing another position.


Possibly playing for another team.


Possibly out of the league.

Think about it. Tyson Clabo, John Jerry and, yes, Incognito might indeed be fired (semantics) by the Dolphins after this season for differing reasons.

So let's take them individually starting with Incognito: He's playing very, very well. If you look at the replay of games it is clear Incognito is Miami's second best offensive lineman so far this season behind center Mike Pouncey. He has yielded two sacks, three hits on QB Ryan Tannehill and zero hurries. He is coming off his best run-blocking game of the season. And ProFootballFocus.com has him rated the No. 13 guard among 70 rated by the metrics site.

Incognito's issues, however, are that he is unsigned after this season, he is already 30 years old, he wants a raise, and high-priced but not elite guards are often easy to replace with cheaper players in the draft.

That is perhaps the reason the Dolphins have not offered Incognito a contract extension. The team will have other issues paying or adding players at positions of greater need -- right tackle, perhaps cornerback, perhaps safety, perhaps running back. Guards are rarely at the front of the line when they want more money as they get older.

So Incognito's Miami future is uncertain despite his very good play so far.

John Jerry's future is uncertain because he too is unsigned after this season and he's not nearly as good as Incognito. He has allowed two sacks, three hits on Tannehill and five hurries. Not great. And, believe it or not, Jerry's pass blocking is much better than his run blocking.

Consider that ProFootballFocus.com rates Jerry the No. 36 overall guard out of 70. Well, his run blocking rates 58th out of 70. Bad.

All you need to know about Jerry's run blocking was illustrated on Monday night's misbegotten third-and-one play call. It was a sweep. It required Jerry to block the nose tackle with a reach-block as he pulled left. Jerry didn't make the block. The nose tackle made the tackle for a 2-yard loss.

(By the way, on that play, the Dolphins put the momentum of the game in the hands of John Jerry and running back Daniel Thomas. No wonder offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he'll be haunted by that call).

Anyway, Jerry is unsigned after this season. At a time the New Orleans Saints are getting ready to pay tight end Jimmy Graham anywhere from $11-$13 million per season, the Dolphins will have no issues letting Jerry, who they drafted ahead of Graham in 2010, walk if he doesn't sign for very cheap.

So Jerry's Miami future is uncertain. I'd be shocked if he's a Dolphin in 2014.

Then there's Tyson Clabo. He's a tough guy. He's a savvy veteran. He knows his position very well. And he's not playing very well. Sorry.

Clabo this season has allowed four sacks (an average of one per game), three hits on Tannehill, and 11 hurries. He is individually on pace to give up 16 sacks. By himself.

Consider that in 2011, Marc Colombo was considered a turnstile to the quarterback and he gave up nine sacks for the season and you have perspective on how bad Clabo's pass protection is so far.

And the kicker is that, according to ProFootballFocus.com, Clabo's grade on run-blocking is worse than his pass-blocking. Clabo is rated the No. 63 out of 72 tackles in the NFL by the site. That puts him behind Eric Winston (No. 57) and Bryant McKinnie (61) who the Dolphins considered signing this spring.

Indeed, Clabo is behind Jeremy Trueblood, whom the Falcons signed as something of an afterthought backup in September when they needed depth. Trueblood was thrust into a starting role by injuries and is now rated No. 40 overall among tackles.

Only four right tackles -- Justin Pugh, Lane Johnson, Derek Newton and Jordan Mills -- are rated lower than Clabo.

Clabo is on a one-year contract. Unless he completely turns it around in the next dozen games, he will not be back in 2014.

As for the two men who definitely won't be fired after 2013 -- Pouncey and Martin -- their Miami future is brighter.

Pouncey, a former first round pick, has allowed one sack this year. He's had a plus-grade in three out of four games and three games in a row. ProFootballFocus.com rates him the No. 6 center among 33 players at the position.

He's good.

Martin has had some issues in that he's given up four sacks, a QB hit and eight hurries. He's not exactly dominant with his run-blocking, either. Yet ProFootballFocus rates him a respectable No. 38 among the 72 tackles. And then there's this:

Martin's young (24), he's locked up on the contract front, and he's cheap ($1.08M against the cap this year and $1.3M on the cap next year). He can play left tackle and if the Dolphins upgrade at left tackle, he can move to right tackle. He is staying around in some manner.

Unlike some of his offensive line mates, Martin is not getting fired after this season.



Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/03/3664905/linebacker-austin-spitler-returns.html#storylink=cpy


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Ireland should've been fired when the fans spent their money on FIRE IRELAND plane signs with their ticket money.

Dion Jordan was limited all off season and then even the Pre Season. That SUCKED!

But, he has been getting his feet wet ever so slowly.

What I've liked about it so far, is that at no time did he really seem overwhelmed by life in the NFL.

He put on the neccessary weight and recovered from his injuries. He also showed that he can transition to this level pretty quickly.

Right now it's time for him to start making impactful plays. He's had 4 games already, I expect he'll look just like Bruce Smith by Sunday ;)

I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion of Daniel Thomas as an overall running back. He's a bit better than Miller in pass protection, we all agree on that? As a runner/receiver? Didn't he run the wildcat as qb in college? Maybe the old hb option pass could be up Sherman's sleeve?


I see what you are saying...

Steering the subject slightly different....

I don't think moving Wallace around is a bad thing....as a matter of fact...I think its a good idea...

forget the size of the splits....let's see Wallace in the slot...on the left...on the right...sneak him in @ TE....run a reverse....put him in the backfield...doesn't matter to me...

but I know we had better get our 60 MIL worth...and right now...we are NOT....

I did love the unveiling of the READ OPTION on MONDAY NIGHT...tells me our coaches have a sense of showmanship....

sucks that Tanne coudn't hold o to the ball....

Offensive line just another example that Ireland is clueless. How many more years will we have to endure this torture?

Posted by: Matthew Pimentel | October 03, 2013 at 07:35 PM

Yeah,Ireland is gonna get Tannehill injured badly.

We coulda drafted Kenny Vaccaro, we coulda drafted DeAndre Hopkins, we coulda been a contender...


I Thought that Jordan was one of our KEYS to victory...especially if Wake wasn't going to play.....

imo...he didn't show up Monday night...nor the week before....

He had a good first two games...but the tape is out now....he has to EVOLVE...and we NEED the 3rd OVERALL pick making plays...

All the love for Jeff Ireland. I'd say he's about average.

When Ireland traded 3 picks for D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter!

I agree OC. I was really hoping for D. Hopkins in the draft. Maybe Jordan will pan out, though. He seems to have potential.

The **REAL** Homer's are the people that went ballistic over the loss to the Saints-LOL.

For one thing, the Saints look like they've returned(From Bounty Gate)with a vengeance. They are firing on 10 cylinders.

The facts though, we are a fledgling contender that could go either way at this point. Patterson had a two int game and injured himself. That hurt specifically because of our depth and our rookies being inexperienced.

On we trudged through two moor victories. That's when we lost one of the leagues premiere Pass Rusher's ion Wake.

Every team has injuries and has to overcome. But we're just too young and don't have the depth because of all the handiwork Fatcell's did for us.

So, we go into the Saints House down our 2nd best CB and the leagues best Pass Rusher. That's a lot for a young team to overcome. Especially against Brees and Payton. They both looked Possessed by the NFL Football Demon Monday Night.

BTW-Hats off to those two, they we're READY for the Big Stage!

Lol @ LOL. I think Thomas is a drive killer, unless it's inside the 5 yd line.

What has happened to DeCastro, that great G frpm Stanford of 2 yrs ago? We dodged a bullet, odin, on that very good G that came out this year and soon broke a leg. I wanted to draft that unfortunate G first, Kenny Vaccaro 2nd and Hopkins third. We coulda been better...


You were thinking like I was.

Wake goes down and we have a 3rd overall rookie DE. This is the stuff legends are made of. I was hoping for Jordan to Breakout on the Monday Night - Big Stage!

Just the same, he's been getting reps. He's been getting acclimated to the speed and how everybody at this level is pretty good(unlike the good ole college days).

Hopefully these first four weeks prove to be a good transitioning experience and that he's now ready to give what it going to take at this level.

Lord knows he hasn't yet-LOL.

Go Jordan! Go Team! Yeeeeeeeeah(Shaking Pom-Pons vigorously)!!!!


Week 2 Vs Colts

34 Attempts
28 Different Pass Formations
2 QB sneaks on 3rd and Short.

Should I review another game?


Vaccaro was tempting. I was even trying to figure out a good plan in drafting him. But, unfortunately, I thought we just had to many holes to fill and already had a couple of decent safeties.

Now I'm second guessing everything with the advantage of hindsight.

Then Jeffy goes and trades up for another Defensive Lineman-LOL! Go Figure!


Agreed. Maybe as the Season progresses Wallace gets moved around. Hartline from time to time gets moved around this season. And he didn't at all last season.

On T-Hill and His Fumbling problem that is what I get for Ragging Turnover Moore so Much. We need to check if Tannehill has big enough hands to grip the ball. He doesn't get enough practice at home with that lil nerf booty on his wife.

Look at the Bright Side. L.Miller doesn't Fumble. It has been a while since we had someone that can protect the Ball while running.

That one left me also scratching my head(and mad as hell), odin. Another DE and a #3 overall at that with our O line in tatters? GOOH, man!

My plan at this point is to try and win as many games as possible!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

How you like my "Big Plan"....?

Seriously, I see how Martin pans out at Left Tackle. Then I try and extend Cog's on a decent 2 to 3 year deal. I pay him better per if he'll take a 2 year deal. If not, I give him 3, but less per.

Then I sign the biggest, best Free Agent Offensive Lineman on the Market.

Then I draft the Biggest, Best Offensive Lineman I can get in the first round and another in the next 2 rounds.

If all goes well, Shula and all the 72's will be toasting us in 2014 for being the last of the undefeated teams of 2014 :O

It is slowly coming to the surface that Ireland is just an average talent selector, if at that. He needs help.

I'm sorry I don't get The love for Incognito. He is an Average Linemen at Best. Plus, he is in the Twilight of his career.

Next years draft will have better skill position players at the top than this season. I expect only 1 linemen to go top 10 next season. Not 3 in the Top 4.

We can probably get 2 quality linemen with our first 2 picks next season. Either a whole new Right side or a whole new Left Side. Martin and D.Thomas on 1 side, the rookies on the other.

I expect Ireland only going after 1 or 2 Blue chip FAs next season. Doubt 1 of them will be a linemen.

I think we are all slowly coming to the conclusion that Tannehill is not the guy.

Draft Watkins, Hopkins' WR mate at Clemson last year. Infinitely better talentwise that DeAndre is or could ever be. Check him out on You Tube. Of course, he will go top 3.

D Thomas had his usual game. 5 touches(4 carries and 1 recption) and he didnt come close to ONE 1st down(6 yds). He also missed 3 blocks. I've never ever seen a worse RB.

Hard to make a call on Tannehill at this moment, Marino 13.A few things negative about him that I'm sure you and many others have noted about him. He is not sufficiently accurate to be a proto-typical elite NFL QB, and, unfortunately, will never be. He does not look like an NFL QB in pocket awareness, but that could be attributed to his few starts at the position as compared to other NFL QBs. Mind you, I said COULD. Unfortunately, IMO, QBs are born and not made. However, he is much superior to the intellect of the average population and seems to be eager to learn all that his physical talent will allow. You can count on him to, never throw into double coverage, have good enough arm to get the ball anywhere on that field and know the play-calling better than all the Coaches we have with the exception of Philbin. Then?

Nobody answered.(they're thinking about it)

Granted they're playing Cleveland tonight, but the young Bills have looked pretty fearless and high-energy all year. I think that rookie LB Alonso has made more impact plays by himself than all our linebackers combined. Amazing what good scouting, drafting, and player development can do. I think Miami is more likely to be in a battle with Buffalo and New York to stay out of the cellar than in a battle with New England for the division.

How about that sorry a s s OL COACH! Or maybe Philbin he is suppose to be a OL guru!
Maybe them two with Sherman should get fire
If they don't make the playoffs! I think my beloved Dolphins got exposed big time and thats because of Sherman play calling and Coyle sucky defense scheme...I think Buffalo is going to be in the mix for second place in our division. They playing just as good as the PHINS, let's be real they got a very good OL defense is deceit and I have them equal so far. I know one thing if the dolphins lose Sunday it's going to be a snow ball affect, I'm the only one here that said as easily they won three they can also lose three in a row! It won't surprise me because of those three clowns Coyle Sherman and what ever his name is OL coach! All that's right dont forget
Sorry a s s. JI. Other than that we be ok!
NOT. but I love my PHINS. players that is.

Get that 3.5 sec bell working on Weeden, and on Tannehill also.

Watkins is exactly what this team has been lacking for a looonnng time.

Oscar forgot to change HIS sign-in name @ 8:51...

has anyone ever seen OSCAR type more than 2 lines..lol...and usually it is 2 line of RANDOM DRIBBLE while hes ask YG to explain something to him (us)....

can you say BUSTED @ 8:51....

regardless of of how many more ties you respond to yourself....

Forget about the offensive line,thats not the problem Oscar do you know the problem the real one


Oscar the real problem is that the blocking scheme sucks.
Where the hell did Sherman think that was gonna work.When they run they open the holes too little when they pass the holes are too big.
Maybe they could trade for Sprolls he could probably get thru the little holes when they run.

Buffalo is playing like thier season is not over already.

Same o same o same o thing we get excited about and the dolphins turn around a take a
S h I t on our faces. So don't get to exited when this team stats wise are pretty bad! That's my opinion!

Cmon yu gotta be kidding me are you saying Sherman was a fat little kid that wasnt allowed to dig holes when his pets died.Maybe he didnt even have animals and now he is in the NFL you gotta be kidding me

After the Heat play one game no one will care about the Dolphins.

I got 2 Defensemen, 3 Forwards & 2 Goalies skating tonight.


I read early on this blog that Ireland has brought in great players? I like to know what great players? Only great player is Wake and Bill Parsells brought wake in, who else. Is hatline a great player no, is Wallace great player no, good yes not great! Soliai Parsell pick, good player not great, Grimes good not great! So IMO good to average players. That equals another mediocre season, no playoffs I guarantee it.

Now greatness is THE MIAMI HEAT THATS GREAT!!! dolphins losers until proven other wise!!!

Threepete that's what the Heat are all about. And if the champion HEAT stay healthy
They will win it again!!! LETS GO HEATTTTTT!

Panthers 4 Dallas 2

Cam Cameron drafted Solai.


We need to check if Tannehill has big enough hands to grip the ball. He doesn't get enough practice at home with that lil nerf booty on his wife.

Posted by: Dashi | October 03, 2013 at 08:02 PM

That's Fvcking Hilarious Bro. It could be another example of "The Truth" being stranger "Than Fiction" - LOL

I've never ever correlated the Quarterbacks "Ball Control" with the size of his Lil Hottie's Booty.

Lord knows she's pretty enough, but you're right, she could've used a little more Junk In The Trunk. Just my own personal opinion of course.

Tannehill has managed to do a pretty good job of correcting things as they come along. But if this continues, maybe he should "Practice Up" and give his hands a workout on a bigger Booty?

Dashi Is "Da Man"(I'm still laughing)!!!!

The Republicans are the new terrorists destroying the government. They need to open the government and stop their assault on the middle class.

It is slowly coming to the surface that Ireland is just an average talent selector, if at that. He needs help.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 03, 2013 at 08:12 PM

Oscar, I wouldn't argue this much, if at all.

First let em say that I think he has done a better job **Post Parcell's**. So for that, I give him a **LITTLE** Credit.

Mainly, I say take a look at 2012's draft and compare it to 2013. Ireland knows we need a QB, so he OBVIOUSLY gives Philbin and Sherman the FIRST PICK of their First Draft(I believe he gave them an A&M WR as a late rounder as well.

Then in this years Draft he goes completely away from the Prototypical Parcell's type of players altogether.

Combine this with the peek we got from Hard Knocks. It makes it pretty clear whose really in charge. The Hard Knocks episodes gave quite a few good examples of how this dynamic works. It appeared to me that Ireland pretty much runs everything through Philbin.

One day Ireland is talking to an unimpressed Philbin about how good a certain player is and will be. The next day, the players on the waiver wire. I think this happened more than once.

I said all that to say this, I think you're basically correct about Ireland. But I also think Philbin is already MORE than Helping Ireland along. From what I've seen and kept track off, I believe that Philbin pretty much has full autonomy over the Miami Dolphin's and I believe this holds true in player acquisitions as well.

It's just a hunch, I could be wrong. But to be honest, I don't think I am-LOL.

Our next RT is ?????????


Baltimore is going to let him go after Sunday game.

Our next RT should be J Martin.

It's just a hunch, I could be wrong. But to be honest, I don't think I am-LOL.

Posted by: odinseye | October 03, 2013 at 11:50 PM

Only a habitual liar uses the term 'to be honest"

Left Side. Martin and D.Thomas on 1 side, the rookies on the other.

I expect Ireland only going after 1 or 2 Blue chip FAs next season. Doubt 1 of them will be a linemen.

Posted by: Dashi | October 03, 2013 at 08:18 PM

I didn't make myself real clear on that post Dashi.

First, I should have pointed out more that Martin's progress/development will impact all of this tremendously. If he doesn't get it together, we'll be shopping for a Left Tackle and they don't come cheap. Whether draft pick(s) or Free Agent contract.

There are a lot of variables that we just don't know at this point. I would keep Cog's for the simple fact we might not have much experience and he's solid. In **MY OWN** perfect scenario, we extend him at a reasonable price and we land enough other talent, he's relegated to some VERY QUALITY DEPTH.

Still, I see no other way than for us to find one established talent in Free Agency and then Two More with High Picks. If Martin doesn't pan out(and lets be honest, as of right now, Pouncey is the ONLY Starter we have. Martin is NOT getting it done)we might be using our First Pick on a Left Tackle.

They don't come cheap. And more than ANYTHING ELSE, the ONE THING that's holding us back is the Offensive Line. If it pans out the way it's looking to me, I believe that we have to commit the off season to FINALLY solidifying our O-Line.

Just MYPO!!!!

Ireland is screwing up with his OL acquisitions, some what. He is doing better with other positions.
I don't know why the OL is so hard to configure. It may be a perception issue. But after years, we do not have one.
The talent shoot is a crap shoot; unfortunately we get the crap in the OL talent.

Oh Yeah.......sorry Dashi, I forgot........

I'm sorry as well, but I don't think Dallas Thomas has what it takes to play at this level. I am TRULY SUPER Sorry, being that they used a 3rd round pick on him.

I didn't know anything about him. I assumed that if they used a 3rd on him, that he could at least possibly CHALLENGE for starting job. I know those are long shots, but I was hoping for the best, for a steal, a sleeper. Too bad, apparently he's none of these.

I think it's safe to say that he'll never play Tackle in the NFL at this point. I know it's early too make that statement. But I went back and watched almost all of his career at Tennessee(That took a lot of work-LOL). I just didn't see it there either. I just don't know what they saw in him. They're the experts and hopefully I'm wrong. But all I saw was an average, marginal player at Tennessee.

I would like to see how he does at Guard at this level. I haven't seen much/if any of that yet.

He has a lot of time between now and next season. Hopefully he takes advantage of his situation and makes guys like me EAT MY WORDS-LOL!

I am with you on that one Odin. Thomas looks like a chump to me. The only thing that I see in him, is that he moves kinda well on his feet. Maybe they think they can make a man out of him. I don't see it.

I think Miami is more likely to be in a battle with Buffalo and New York to stay out of the cellar than in a battle with New England for the division.

Posted by: mia73 | October 03, 2013 at 09:17 PM

I just love this. Someone here likes to try having their cake and eating it too. Nothing like trying to sound relevant AS YOU'RE WATCHING THE GAME-LOL!

We beat the Browns and the Browns are ALL ALONE in FIRST place in the North. The Browns just Toyed with Buffalo REGARDLESS of which QB played. EJ Manuel played long enough to get his ass handed to HIM as well.

They say, "Any Given Sunday" and I believe in it. Having said that, I still look forward to playing the Bills TWICE this year and I don't care, time of year, which stadium or WHO plays Quarterback.

The Bills have a lot of problems this year and The Miami Dolphin's are TWO VERY BIG ONES!


can you say BUSTED @ 8:51....

regardless of of how many more ties you respond to yourself....

Posted by: Kris | October 03, 2013 at 09:43 PM

Is it just ME..........?

Or did that post at 8:51 sound a lot like "SOMEONE" we kno........ah.......used to know.......?

Whatever happened to "That Guy" anyways.....?

Dolphins should bring back Lance Louis, sign Jake Scott and get rid of that loaded diaper that is John Jerry.

Then trade for MJD.

Posted by: odinseye | October 03, 2013 at 11:50 PM

Only a habitual liar uses the term 'to be honest"

Posted by: Marino 13 | October 04, 2013 at 12:02 AM

Nice to see you're still a Sloppy Drunk Daytona.

Tell us all again how the Aliens are really Angels and God flys around in a UFO.

Remember posting all that crap? Or where you in a Blackout.

Chariots of the Gods is HILARIOUS DB, not Factual you Drunken Turd-LOL.

Drink Another you Dumb Fvck!

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

Only a habitual liar uses the term 'to be honest"

Posted by: Marino 13 | October 04, 2013 at 12:02 AM

Odin you want to know what is really hilarious. Idiot troll doesn't know difference between opinions and lies.

wh-Y G-ee Kids this is why you shouldn't do drugs.

Hi Daytona <3

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