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Some Dolphins Olinemen getting fired anyway

Richie Incognito showed his frustration Wednesday when he was asked about the sack pace the Dolphins are on. Yes, Miami is tied for the league lead in sacks allowed with 18 and there are various reasons for that.

But the offensive line is the primary culprit the Dolphins are currently on pace to give up a team-record 72 sacks this year and that is kinda freaking Incognito out.

"If we give up 72 sacks, everybody should be fired, the whole offensive line," Incognito said.

Yeah, I have news for you Richie: Significant parts of this offensive line are getting fired after this season anyway.

The truth is only two players on the Miami line -- center Mike Pouncey and left tackle Jonathan Martin -- are signed after this season so they're the only ones assured of returning next year. And only Pouncey can really be certain he'll be playing the same position in 2014 that he's playing now.

Everyone else?

Possibly playing another position.


Possibly playing for another team.


Possibly out of the league.

Think about it. Tyson Clabo, John Jerry and, yes, Incognito might indeed be fired (semantics) by the Dolphins after this season for differing reasons.

So let's take them individually starting with Incognito: He's playing very, very well. If you look at the replay of games it is clear Incognito is Miami's second best offensive lineman so far this season behind center Mike Pouncey. He has yielded two sacks, three hits on QB Ryan Tannehill and zero hurries. He is coming off his best run-blocking game of the season. And ProFootballFocus.com has him rated the No. 13 guard among 70 rated by the metrics site.

Incognito's issues, however, are that he is unsigned after this season, he is already 30 years old, he wants a raise, and high-priced but not elite guards are often easy to replace with cheaper players in the draft.

That is perhaps the reason the Dolphins have not offered Incognito a contract extension. The team will have other issues paying or adding players at positions of greater need -- right tackle, perhaps cornerback, perhaps safety, perhaps running back. Guards are rarely at the front of the line when they want more money as they get older.

So Incognito's Miami future is uncertain despite his very good play so far.

John Jerry's future is uncertain because he too is unsigned after this season and he's not nearly as good as Incognito. He has allowed two sacks, three hits on Tannehill and five hurries. Not great. And, believe it or not, Jerry's pass blocking is much better than his run blocking.

Consider that ProFootballFocus.com rates Jerry the No. 36 overall guard out of 70. Well, his run blocking rates 58th out of 70. Bad.

All you need to know about Jerry's run blocking was illustrated on Monday night's misbegotten third-and-one play call. It was a sweep. It required Jerry to block the nose tackle with a reach-block as he pulled left. Jerry didn't make the block. The nose tackle made the tackle for a 2-yard loss.

(By the way, on that play, the Dolphins put the momentum of the game in the hands of John Jerry and running back Daniel Thomas. No wonder offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he'll be haunted by that call).

Anyway, Jerry is unsigned after this season. At a time the New Orleans Saints are getting ready to pay tight end Jimmy Graham anywhere from $11-$13 million per season, the Dolphins will have no issues letting Jerry, who they drafted ahead of Graham in 2010, walk if he doesn't sign for very cheap.

So Jerry's Miami future is uncertain. I'd be shocked if he's a Dolphin in 2014.

Then there's Tyson Clabo. He's a tough guy. He's a savvy veteran. He knows his position very well. And he's not playing very well. Sorry.

Clabo this season has allowed four sacks (an average of one per game), three hits on Tannehill, and 11 hurries. He is individually on pace to give up 16 sacks. By himself.

Consider that in 2011, Marc Colombo was considered a turnstile to the quarterback and he gave up nine sacks for the season and you have perspective on how bad Clabo's pass protection is so far.

And the kicker is that, according to ProFootballFocus.com, Clabo's grade on run-blocking is worse than his pass-blocking. Clabo is rated the No. 63 out of 72 tackles in the NFL by the site. That puts him behind Eric Winston (No. 57) and Bryant McKinnie (61) who the Dolphins considered signing this spring.

Indeed, Clabo is behind Jeremy Trueblood, whom the Falcons signed as something of an afterthought backup in September when they needed depth. Trueblood was thrust into a starting role by injuries and is now rated No. 40 overall among tackles.

Only four right tackles -- Justin Pugh, Lane Johnson, Derek Newton and Jordan Mills -- are rated lower than Clabo.

Clabo is on a one-year contract. Unless he completely turns it around in the next dozen games, he will not be back in 2014.

As for the two men who definitely won't be fired after 2013 -- Pouncey and Martin -- their Miami future is brighter.

Pouncey, a former first round pick, has allowed one sack this year. He's had a plus-grade in three out of four games and three games in a row. ProFootballFocus.com rates him the No. 6 center among 33 players at the position.

He's good.

Martin has had some issues in that he's given up four sacks, a QB hit and eight hurries. He's not exactly dominant with his run-blocking, either. Yet ProFootballFocus rates him a respectable No. 38 among the 72 tackles. And then there's this:

Martin's young (24), he's locked up on the contract front, and he's cheap ($1.08M against the cap this year and $1.3M on the cap next year). He can play left tackle and if the Dolphins upgrade at left tackle, he can move to right tackle. He is staying around in some manner.

Unlike some of his offensive line mates, Martin is not getting fired after this season.



Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/03/3664905/linebacker-austin-spitler-returns.html#storylink=cpy


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O line needs more talent and better formations and play calling. Outside of Denver every team, even the other unbeaten teams, have issues. Houston 2-2. Seattle great at home but very beatable on the road. Pats lucky to be undefeated and now have a hole in D line. Win this week and go into bye 4-1 with only loss being non conference would be sweet. Much bigger game this week than MNF.

Posted by: JD | October 03, 2013 at 11:49 PM
Too asinine to repeat you moronic comments. You and your unwashed ilk are the reason this country is in dire straights. With so many good people in this country, it's a shame the rest of us have to suffer due to your worship of a no talent, under qualified, arrogant Chicago politician with delusions of being Abraham Lincoln.

I guess it's now a forgone conclusion that not resigning Jake Long was a huge mistake....

Lookidat, Cle put 37 points on Buf WITH WEEDEN AT QB. We allowed them 10. Hmm...

Err. Obama is no oil man or peanut vendor or Hollywood actor. He is a Harvard graduate, same as John Kennedy was.

The impact of the Obama administrations will be felt long and hard through out the history of this Country same as John Kennedy's has been.

Are we 27 points better than Buffalo? Yes.

Mondo do you ever read your fans posts. What did I tell you about the OL back in August. Dolphins had the worst OL in the NFL.. The problem with sports media is they never played the game and wouldnt know a LT from a DB.

Lots of people here are fast to forget that we're 3-1 in the first quarter of football, which is pretty damn good. Yes we need to improve our team any way we can but we got the critical pieces we were looking for (and lost Keller who would have eased the pressure big time off Tannehill as a fast target option).

Next season we'll have a lot of focus on the line and a lot of chemistry in impact positional players. Coaches are going to do their job and get the most out of what they have and so far they've been doing well. Supposedly we have a pretty easy going rest of the schedule coming up for us.

It's interesting that after 3 wins everyone was anointing GM man of the decade. Now, just one game later the Dolphins are a complete disaster. AND - the decision of getting Jerry before Graham - you must be kidding me! What a mess.

The Dolphins MUST get talent on the line and second they must get better coaching. Look at the Patriots who year after year take a ragtag bunch of guys and protect Brady likes he's golden. Something else is wrong here and the Dolphins need to figure it out FAST.

What would I do. #1 - Bye bye office of line coach; #2 - Get a stud from the CFL in here ASAP.

Its time to shut down this blog, the fools have taken over, there not 5 good comments for each story, stop feeding the crazies. Bill

its Oct 5th and Mondo is not in the house, did he take a mini vacation?, is he busily writing at home in his man cave?. Where O where is the Dolphin killer? Incog probably beat the sh** out of him. Oh well, we're onto another lousy season thanks to 75 sacks, minus rushing yardage, one TD pass to Wallace in 16 games, not counting the games Wallace will miss due to injury, pulled calf, hammie, running toe displacement,,,,who knows what ailments will bugger him, but if history is correct Wallace will tweak something,,,,,its always something.. Ireland, well, better hope for the best dude, and don't buy that new house. Random thoughts from the Random mind,,,

Ireland has been trying to put together an offensive line for how many years now??? And he still hasn't been able to get it done so we will give him an extension to try again next year? What? Ireland should be fired, he keeps trying to get bargain lineman and prays they will turn into pro bowlers but that isn't reality. The reality is you are seriously risking the long term success and health of your starting QB. I could easily see Tannehill getting knocked out of the game hurt against Baltimore and all of Dolphins far fetched hopes of playoffs are done just because of Ireland's inability to get quality offensive lineman. So far Dion Jordan is a bust, we need playmakers not projects.

I truly believe that the o-line, receivers who are paid over 59 million, and the running backs should donate their paychecks to charities in the Miami area.
They haven't contributed on the field maybe they can contribute off it.
Who ever is the GM next year remember one thing when it comes to free agents and draft time...O-LINE!!!
I know a new concept...who would have thought.
One question for Ireland, How is Lane Johnson doing this season?

u guys are to much is this blog site just for dolphins fans? Then why put our team down all the time they will make the playoffs but thats about it but u never no look at the giants when they won the super bowl 9-7 whos to say we can't get a miracle like that to

Armando Salguero is it true that we are looking at Tony Gonzales? or Josh Gordon

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